Welcome to May

The beginning of the month always brings to mind the goals and wants I want for the next 31 days. My goal this month is to do as much fucking as possible. That doesn’t just mean fucking my own tight holes. I also plan on fucking every hot twat in this house. This month also brings the return of one of my favorite sissy sluts who is perfect for fucking with. We all know how much I love fucking with slutty little sissies. The end of the month will also bring my vacation so if you want to fuck or get fucked or be fucked with during May (and I know you do!) then hop on board, sweet thing.

2 comments to Welcome to May

  • slutorbi

    *gulp* Ohh Mistress did You have to go and tell everyone? *whine* i am nervous enough about cumming back into training with You and all the Ladies. Your slut orbi

    • Bryanne

      Of course she had to tell everyone, slut! Now we can plan all the wicked things we want to do with you in advance! I certainly hope Autumn and I are working together one of the times you are available for fucking with!

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