What Have I Been Up To?

I thought you all would like an update on all of the fun I’ve been having that past week or so

*It’s super warm in some parts of the world so one sweet slut got an ice cold glass dildo shoved into her greedy cunt.
*My ashtray got some matches hot glued to his nuts which were then lit making the most beautiful fireball on either either sides of it’s nuts.
*I got to train my new pet in proper pony etiquette. Luckily I had all of the stallions in the stables to help me teach.
*Sometimes sweet boys just need a relaxing bath and massage from Mommy. I’m always happy to deliver some soothing after a long day.
*I’ve gotten to suck so many cocks over the past few days that I’ve lost count, but my favorite is when they end in either us getting fucked in the ass. I think I prefer bending someone over after I get them nice and hard and then really plow into their tight asses.

This is just a short list of the fun I’ve had lately. Perhaps you and I could add a few things to the list for next time.

3 comments to What Have I Been Up To?

  • Mmm, I would love for you to fuck my ass while we make someone stroke their cock right up to the edge then have him cum all over your tits so I can lick it all up.

  • You forgot about how we took turns on that new double ended dildo I got the other day – that was fun to see who could fuck that the hardest!!!

  • YourDesiresslut

    Ohh my *whew* reading this for a minute i thought it was when all Three of You tried that
    Taking my weekend and leaving me feeling used

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