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Autumn’s Thoughts

One more week, my babes! Next Wednesday I’ll be here in my birthday suit and sparkly tiara ready to celebrate me. Let’s celebrate with a cocktail, an orgasm or some spankings. Maybe even all three? I’d love to see some lovely, red asses parading in front of me all night.

I got an early birthday present today. One of my lovely pets got me a all ladies spa day. It will be a day of massages, facials, pedicures and soaking in warm tubs with my favorite women. I know you’re probably picturing naughty adventures, but I think this day will be just about giggling and gossiping. When I get home, I’ll reward my pet by sitting on his face until I pass out. I can’t wait to see what other gifts I have to look forward to.

I decided I should pop in for some surprise playtime this morning. It was totally worth me getting up early on my day off. I’ve been getting phone fucked silly since I got here. What a beautiful way to start my day. I’ll have a special spring in my step while I run some errands. Thanks to all the hard dicks that made this girl smile today.

I hope you’re getting ready! Only two more weekends until my birthday. I love, love my birthday and hope you are planning on celebrating with me. I even know a couple of subbies who can take my spankings for me.

Another wet Saturday is in the books, my dear. My day started with one of my favorite panty sniffers. Is there anything better than wet panties first thing in the morning? I promise my panties just kept getting wetter as the day went on. I got to play with so many naughty men that my head might still be spinning all weekend. I can’t wait to see what next weekend has in store for me.

I have the absolute pleasure of being a secret holder. So many people over the years have told me some hidden desires, adventures and thoughts. Mostly I keep those secrets. They are between you and me and will stay that way. However, there are times when I have to use those secrets as ammo. You know if you’re one of the unlucky ones. You know because I tell you that I can’t be trusted. I know that my sweet voice makes you think I’m only kidding, but I’m not. I just use it to get what I want. Consider this a warning, that if I tell you I love blackmail then you should believe me. If you say that you like it too then I consider that consent.

My Hump Day has already started off swimmingly. One of the many things I love about roleplays is that I get to be whoever and whatever I want to be. I just got off the phone with someone who fantasizes about sexy flight attendants. Even though I’m afraid of flying, I loved the idea of sneaking him to the back of the plane and having my way with him. Of course I had to put my own leather and lace spin on it and convinced the lucky boy to bend over the beverage cart so I could have my way with him.

Don’t you just love when sluts come crawling back? I have this poor sub who always tries to stay away, but I know it’s just a matter of time before I see an email from him in my inbox. Doesn’t he know that I’m inside his head? He doesn’t have a single thought that I didn’t put there. Lucky for him, I’m the forgiving type and will always accept him back into the fold. After his punishment of course.

Wanna know what’s better than fucking? Fucking in front of someone else. Fucking in front of another man with a much smaller dick is fun, but I love fucking in front of other women. Cuckold roleplays are some of my favorites. I can play the hot, young big titted girlfriend and we can force your wife to watch us. I know she doesn’t make you as hard as I do and I think we should show her. Do you think we should tie her up or let just let her sit and watch?

Can you imagine that there are still some people who are surprised by what a dirty bird I can be? I had someone just the other night who was didn’t realize I have a very, very filthy mouth. I love dirty talk! Especially when I’m getting pounded really hard. The harder I get fucked, the dirtier my mouth gets. I couldn’t shut up if I tried. I just want more and more and more. If you fuck me like a bitch then I’ll sure talk like one. Wanna try?

Now that Christmas and New Years are out of the way, it’s time to get ready for the real holiday. That’s right, my dears, it’s the countdown to my birthday. In a little less than a month it will be my special day. Yes, I’ll be here Wednesday and Saturdays until the magical day. And, yes, I have a wishlist. I’ll also take tributes. Can’t wait to celebrate me with you.

I hope your 2019 is off to great start. I’ve been starting the year off strong and setting the tone off right. I have a good feeling that this year is going to be full of adventures, growth, learning, fun and most of all SEX. Maybe some of those adventures can include you?

Happy 2019!

Today is my last shift of 2018 and what a great year it’s been! If you wanna ring out the old year with me then you’ve missed your chance, but I will be back on the 2nd to hear all about how you celebrated. I’m planning a low key evening, but there will be champagne and a sultry outfit. I’ve gotta end the year how I started it, tipsy and sexy. See you in 2019!

Happy New Year, my darlings! Have you thought of any resolutions for 2019? I’d be happy to help you achieve your goals. Are you hoping to have more orgasms? That’s a popular one for me. What about spending more time on the phone with me? You know my schedule and can email for appointments. Maybe working on being more submissive to the women in your life? I can think of a few tasks for you. I’d be happy to be your 2019 life coach. Let me know your goals and I’ll help you be the best slut you can be.

It’s always a bit sad when Christmas is over. There aren’t a whole lot of times when it’s appropriate to sit on a strange, older man’s lap and tell him what presents to give you. I know I can do it, but usually it’s frowned upon to do it in public. Now I have to save my stories of what a nice girl I am to the privacy of my own home. Or at least I will until next year. I’ll still be accepting presents until then though.

I hope you all had a great Christmas! I hope your stockings were stuffed and packages were full. My holiday week was relaxing and joyous just like I deserve. I’m hanging out here on a surprise Thursday in such a great mood and I can’t wait to share it with you all. Or take it out on you if that mood strikes me as well. Even my good moods can be unpredictable.

I just dropped a pretty, little package in the mail for someone. It’s a pretty pair of white panties worn by me. They were all wet from my day of playing and I’m sure they are going to smell heavenly. I can’t think of a better Christmas present. I have a pretty extensive panty collection and I love to share. If you’d like a pair of my yummy panties, just let me know and we’ll work it out.

I came today to this email reminder from one of my favorite pets. It’s always nice to know that I’m the one in charge and the only rules are the ones I make up.

“Greetings Princess Autumn,

Your ashtray will be home all day on Saturday. it has been mentally conditioned to know that You totally own it and it has to do as You wish. it serving without limits and not being allowed to waiver.

Also there can be consequences for it not performing the way that You have trained it to play for You. The black mail option is real and You have told it that You would use it if You have to. Also, it remembers the last time that You punished it. That was severe and Your nuts were almost destroyed from the shoes beating, squashing and smacking them.

We use to have a deed of ownership that it signed over to You. One of the items in the deed was that it was not allowed to ask to be dismissed. it is to play until You dismiss it. No matter how much You have burned and abused Your nuts it is to continue playing until You dismiss it for the day. You are in total control and when it waivers or asks to be dismissed, then it lessens the amount of control that You have.

Your ashtray’s only allowed desire is to be used by You and provide entertainment for You while You are working.

it is no longer a man but an object that You own. You have the right and power to use Your object / ashtray as hard and severe as You wish. its main purpose is to strive to provide the most entertainment that it can.

it can start whenever You wish. Just let it know when You wish it to start. it will also greet You on Trillian. ashtray”

I know I’m your favorite beautifully wrapped present. If you want to wish me a Merry Christmas you’ll have to either call on Saturday 22nd or you’ll have to wait until the 29th. I hope you have a merry holiday. I look forward to be showered in attention and gifts well into the new year. If anyone deserves it, it’s me.

There are many reasons for the season, but one of my favorites are sissies. Sissies are for fucking and for fucking with and this holiday we got a special sissy to fuck with. He normally only gets to play during the summers, but we got a special treat this year. Probably because we’ve been such good girls. We had him for a whole week and I know it really brightened my holiday mood. Maybe I’ll share some of that holiday cheer with you.

I decided to sneak in tonight to play with the overnight players. I was not disappointment. I love all the horny callers that need to hear my voice early in the morning. Whether they are just waking up or heading to bed I have just what they need. Sadly, I can’t make this happen more often. That just makes it more special.

I got a special treat in the mail today. I’ve been lusting after a pair of leather gloves (fake obviously, real leather isn’t really my thing) and a sweet darling got them for me as an early Christmas present. I felt so spoiled just like a deserve. Now I have to decide who’s face I’m going use them on first.

Is there anything sexier than the combination of leather and lace? I love a pretty lacy, lingerie set with a black leather harness holding my strap on. It makes me feel so feminine and powerful. It’s a combination I know you can’t resist. How could you not drop to your knees when you see me dressed like that? You can try to fight it, but I know you won’t be able to for very long. Not when I’m dressed in my finest leather and lace.

Are you looking for me? You can always find me on Saturday mornings (they don’t call them “sinful Saturdays” for nothing) from 8am-3pm or Wednesdays (hump day is my favorite day) from 6pm to 11pm. There are a couple of other ways to find me. You are always welcome to drop me an email to see if and when I may be popping up. I’m a very busy girl, but if you ask nicely I might be able to squeeze in an appointment with you. You can also look for my name on the schedule. That will also tell you which of my sexy friends are also available to play.

Hope to talk to you soon!

Can you believe it’s December already? I guess it’s time to check my own Naughty and Nice list. I like to think I’m a nice girl and my naughtiness just makes me even nicer. When I’m naughty both of us feel good and it the season of giving, right? What list do you think I’m on?

It’s getting to be cold and flu season, darlings. I hope you’re staying happy and healthy. Did you know that swallowing cum can boost your immune system? That’s probably why I’m never sick. Did you also know that a strong orgasm can help lessen cold and fly symptoms? If you’re feeling a bit under the weather, give me a call and we can try that one out.

I’m not a real doctor, but I play a very naughty nurse over the phone.

Another Hump Day and another evening full of happy humpers. Tonight was a night full of roleplays. I got to be a naughty cock tease for a horny professor, a well train physical therapist who knows just how to relieve that tension, a horny neighbor who knows she’s way hotter than your prude wife. There are so many ways to tease and please your cock. I love each and every one of them.

What’s your favorite roleplay?

It’s difficult to wake up so early on Saturdays, but these sexy ladies make it worth it. One of my favorite parts of the week is coming in and discussing our naughty adventures. I love hearing how slutty we all can be. A lot can be done in 7 days and us YD girls can prove it. I know you get joy hearing our stories so I’m sure you can imagine the joy we have sharing them with each other. It might be cold, but I promise this house is steamy on Saturdays.

Wanna join?

Tonight I got to talk to someone I hadn’t talked to you in YEARS. We used to play pretty regularly and get into some hot roleplays that had been sorely missing from my playtimes since I’ve been back. We picked up right where we left off. We did an old favorite. I got to play the naughty coworker who flirts a little too hard and he was a man who had enough of my teasing. Guess what happened when the two of us were alone in the office.

It’s 2018 so why aren’t you following me on Twitter yet? Me and most of the YD girls share little peaks of our lives over there and I know you want to be included. It’s the best place to see my schedule too. If I’m popping in for a surprise visit, that’s the first place I’ll post. If I’m changing my schedule, I let Twitter know first. Find me at SuperSexyAutumn

See you there!

I am so thankful to be surrounded by such fun, sexy and dirty women when I come in to this house. I’m also thankful for all the dirty boys and girls who call me to play. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have you all to tease, please, torture and entertain. I hope you have a fun and joyous Thanksgiving. I look forward to hearing how thankful you are for me when I come in on Saturday.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, guys! You know I love pretty much any holiday. I get very festive. I’ll be spending the day with my family eating until my tummy and heart is content. Then will be the customary nap. After that I’ll have to figure out a way to burn all those calories. Whoever I’m fucking that night will be getting the ride of their life. That’s something to be thankful for.

What are your plans?

I did a bit of shopping the other day. I was getting a bit tired of my toy selection and decided to spice it up a bit. I prefer to do my “adult” shopping in person. I need to feel the textures, sizes and weights in my hand to get a good idea of how much fun I can have with it. Seeing all of those toys and imagining how they can be used on me or by me. I’m like a kid in a candy store. I left the store with a few treats for myself, but you’re going to have to give me a ring to see what they are.

Is there anything sexier than a pair of soaking wet panties? I just love giving little peaks up my skirt when I know I have a very excited pussy. I can feel the stickiness from my sweet juices and I have to share. Wanna hear what got me so excited? Or maybe you want to be the one drench these panties? And if you REALLY want, we can discuss how you can make these panties yours.

Wanna be a panty slut with me?

Today I popped in for an afternoon visit instead of my normal evening playtimes. It was nice to touch base with some of you daytime boys and girls. It seems like some of you miss me during the weekdays so I know it’s a special treat when I come in unannounced. One of you was so excited you exploded all over yourself before I even got a finger in my pussy. You know who you are and don’t worry I finished without you.

I was just reading about this “No Nut November” challenge. I’m sure you can tell from the title, but the rules are simple. Just don’t cum for 30 days. I think I’d like to start my own No Nut November. Since I’m starting so late in the month I’ll have to adjust the rules a bit to make it more of a challenge. I’d have to add a few edging assignments to add a little spice. Maybe I’ll give myself even more orgasms to make up for all the ones you aren’t having. You’ll get bonus points if you want to call in and listen.

Wanna sign up?

Sometimes I like to play the naughty, but shy little slut. I need to be coaxed out by a more dominant and secure man. He needs to seduce me out of my clothes until I’m stripped down to my bra and panties. Of course the lingerie I’m wearing gives away what I’m thinking about all the time. A prude doesn’t wear such slutty things. After I’m more vulnerable that’s when he really starts to enjoy me. He touches and teases me knowing that with each touch my guard is coming more and more. It’s only a matter of time before my body belongs to him to use.

Do you have what it takes to make me your whore?

Can you believe October is almost over? November will be here which means it’s time to focus on giving thanks. I know what I’m thankful for, but maybe you need to reflect on what you’re grateful for. I know I’m high on that list for you because why wouldn’t I be? My sexy voice. My nice, round tits. My juicy ass. My perfect, pink pussy. I could go on and on, but I want to hear what you have to say.

Have you checked out all of the new hotties we’ve gotten? I love when we get new girls to play with. It’s so fun to have new pussies to play with and I hope you’ve been having fun with them too. Perhaps you and I can break them in together.

Halloween is a very special day for me so I will be taking that evening off to celebrate and getting really spooky/sexy. If you want to play with me, I’ll be here the 30th instead. You can help me finalize my costume and get me in the mood. I promise to come back with lots of fun stories to share with you.

It’s getting pretty spooky around here. I know I can be a bit scary and intimidating, but that just makes you work a bit harder to please me. If you’re a good boy or girl then you have no reason to be scared. Just impress me and I’ll be nice to you.

How are you going to impress me today?

It’s already time to start thinking about Halloween costumes. Have you thought about what you’re going to dress up as? I could help you pick something out. I’m imagining pink, satin and lots of lace. You’ll look so pretty and I’ll even do your makeup for you. Then we can go to my favorite dive bar. You’ll be the most popular sissy there!

Sound fun?

Happy First day of Fall! What did you do to celebrate? I took the day off so I could play the whole day. I treat it almost like my birthday most years. Yesterday I went on a beautiful hike down to a secluded beach. It was a bit chilly, but the sun was shining. When I got down the water it started raining (here in Washington it’s always on the brink of raining) so I stripped down to my bra and panties. I took a quick dip in the water. I love swimming when it’s raining. It was a beautiful day in the wilderness. Can you guess what I did when I got home?

Of course Fall is my favorite season. It’s really starting to feel like Autumn here. It’s a beautiful chilly day today. I’m wearing a soft, cozy sweater and some skin tight leggings. The sweater I’m wearing doesn’t even cover my ass so the view from the back is stunning. I plan on turning some heads when I’m out running errands later. Sexy clothes aren’t just for summer.

You probably know by now that most of us sexy ladies at YourDesires have Twitter accounts. So why aren’t you following us? I keep my updated when I’m here and it’s the best place to find out when I’ll making one of my famous surprise appearances. My handle is SuperSexyAutumn and I can’t wait to see your pop into my notifications.

It’s Labor Day Weekend, darlings! I know I’ve got big plans, do you? Some of those plans very sexy and you know how much I love teasing you with all the details.

Whatever your plans are, I hope they include me.

The weather is cooling down and my social calendar is opening up. I can’t make any promises, but it would be a good idea for you to be checking the schedule regularly. You never know when I might drop in for a sexy surprise. I know some of you late night players have REALLY missed me so pay extra close attention to the website because you never know when you might luck out. If you’ve been especially missing me, drop me an email and if I’m feeling nice I’ll let you schedule an appointment.

Do you ever wonder what my day as a phone slut looks like? One of the things I love about this house with all of these sexy ladies is that it’s relaxing and exciting at the same time. I get to wear whatever makes me feel like my sexiest self. I get to stroll in to see a bunch of glowing post orgasm faces. When I stroll in on Saturday mornings the house always smells like sexy and coffee which is just the thing I need to wake my brain and my pussy right up. I’ll bet this explains why I always sound so horny even so early on a weekend. Once I get settled in my private room the fun REALLY starts. I always have naughty emails to go through. There are usually one or two stories and pictures which gets my damp panties even wetter. Now it’s time to play!

Do you like being my first orgasm of the day or my last?

It’s been so darn hot and it’s just making me feel a bit sadistic. I’m uncomfortable so you should be even more uncomfortable. This question is, should it be physically, emotionally or financially uncomfortable? Any one of those will scratch the itch for me.

Which one would you prefer?

Does anyone ever get tired of talking about panties or sexy lingerie? I could talk about my panty collection for hours. I could also listen to cute sissies talk about their collections and fantasies for hours too.

What are your favorite pair of panties?

Today I got to talk to someone who I haven’t played with in years (literally years). I also got to play games I don’t get to play very often. It’s no secret that I’m Dominant, but I really get off on black mail and money games. For me it’s not just about draining the wallet (that is nice) but it’s about making someone feel so weak and powerless while I do it. It’s about giving you no choice but to open your wallet for me. It makes my heart flutter just thinking about the quiver in your voice as I take almost too much.

I sure do love a pool party! There’s nothing better than a cool pool on a hot day. All I need is my bikini, a pool floaty (my current one is a purple donut) and a ice cold beverage delivered by a cabana boy. Lately it’s been almost too hot to even think about fucking so I’ve been having some of my sexy friends just serve me those cool margaritas. One of the main pleasures of being a Domme is always being able to find a cutie who wants to serve.

How would you serve me?

It’s another season change which means another schedule change. My body is calling for a little more summer adventure and it’s always best to listen to my body. Starting the week of the 15th, my playtimes will look like this:

Wednesdays: 6pm-11pm
Saturdays: 8am-3:30pm

I know this limits the time some of you can spend with me so just drop me an email if these times don’t work and I’ll try my best to make sure you get your fill of me.

Happy Summer!

Can you believe June is almost over? I’m hoping July is just as naughty. Maybe we should set some slutty goals for the month together. How many times do think you can cum for me in a month? How long do you think you can go without cumming if you knew it would make me happy? Either of those would make my sweet pussy wet so I’ll let you decide which you’re going to do for me.

There’s nothing sexier than getting a call from someone letting me know that my panties have arrived at their house. I love being able to hear how excited you are as they open the envelope. I always include a sweet note with a special message just for you. It’s important that you know that my panties are special and you should be honored to have a pair. Something that close to my pink pussy deserves to be savored and us opening the package together adds to the moment. I need to hear your cock jump to attention when your fingers touch the fabric of my silky panties. I need to hear your voice change when I finally allow you to bring the panties up to your face so you can finally smell me. If you weren’t under my spell before, you certainly are now.

What’s your favorite color of panty?

It sure is heating up here! I made a special trip to my favorite (hidden) swimming hole the other day. It was so lovely. Is there anything quite like the first swim of summer? All you need is floaty, sunscreen and a frosty beverage. The sunscreen is very important, especially when you prefer to spend time in the sun naked. The warm weather and the cool water have washed those cold months right off of me and I’m ready for summer time fun.

When do you know it’s officially summer?

You never know when I’m going to pop my pretty head in to play. I had a bit of extra time this morning so I decided to have some morning adventures instead of evening. It’s always a treat to come in unexpectedly. I get to hear so many voices I normally don’t get to hear because of scheduling conflicts. It’s put a smile on my face and tingling in my panties this Wednesday morning.

What would your perfect schedule for me be?

It always such a treasure when you share your secrets, dirty desires and sexy exploits with me. It’s fun to be able to relax with you while you tell me what a dick loving slut your wife is. It’s fun to be able to tease my pussy while you describe in detail what the man fucking your wife’s cock looked like. It’s so much bigger than yours, isn’t it? You’ve never been able to make her cum like that, have you? It’s even more fun when you finally admit that you wish it was your mouth around his cock. Sure, you’ve tasted his cum as it was leaking out of her freshly fucked cunt, but you know it would taste so much better being shot down your own greedy throat.

I know this is one of your fantasies and I promise to exploit it until we make it a reality.

I hope you all have some exciting plans for this holiday weekend? My plans are a bit up in the air still, but I do know I’ll be starting it off here at YD playing with favorite boys and girls. It’s the perfect appetizer for the buffet of a weekend I’ll be having. I might put on my tiniest bathing suit and float down the river teasing all the college boys on my way. Maybe I’ll wear a cute summer dress and go to a BBQ at the park to tease all the sex starved dads. Perhaps, I’ll put on some short shorts and head to mall. I’m sure I can find someone who is just yearning to buy a cute redhead presents. There’s probably time to do all three!

How are you celebrating?

Spring must be in the air. I’ve been quite the busy bee this Saturday that I can barely keep up with the horny boys and girls who need some attention. I enjoy the challenge of jumping from one fantasy to another. It keeps my mind fresh and my panties wet. It also promises that I’ll be leaving here with a smile on my face.

How do you know it’s officially Spring?

Have you checked out the new YourDesires site? It’s looking pretty sexy AND it makes it easier for you to see when I’m here. Just look for me in pink and then pick up your phone. It couldn’t be simpler. We also have a fun Twitter feed to check out and if you want to follow me directly on Twitter my handle is SuperSexyAutumn

Let me know what you think.

Spring weather always makes me feel flirty and horny. My hair is down, my
shorts are on and I’m ready to find some trouble. I know exactly where
I’m going to start. There’s a dive bar near my home that has an outdoor
patio. It’s perfect for checking out the cute girls and boys while also
getting checked out. What’s better than having a drink, working on my tan
and shopping for someone to take home with me (if we even get that far)?
I know you sometimes might get a little nervous when you don’t see me on
the schedule when I’m supposed to be here to play. Don’t worry, darling.
On May 1st, I’m taking my sweet ass on an out of town adventure with some
of my favorite girlfriends. I’ve been looking for an excuse to let my
hair down and this is going to be perfect. I know there will be some hot
debauchery to tell you all about on Wednesday. It’s not even summer, but
I’m ready for some summer fun.
I’m sure you’ll need to spend some time relaxing now that tax season is
over. It can be a very stressful time and I know just how to help relieve
some of that pressure. We have so many options since I have so many
naughty thoughts rolling around in this pretty head of mine. Should we
play naughty or nice? Kinky or vanilla? What kind of mood are you in?
Or maybe we should leave it up to me?
As usual, the weather up here is still pretty rainy but I see hints of
Spring peaking out more each day. Spring might be one of the sexiest
times of year. There’s something about the air that makes everything feel
like sex. You can especially feel it here in the YD house. I don’t think
any of us here are getting as much sex as we want. I don’t think there’s
enough dick to satisfy us. It’s probably a lost cause, but I sure hope
some of you will to give us our fill.
Which girl should we play with first?
Can you believe I’ve been back in the sexy, YourDesires house for a year?
I have loved every minute of the past year and can’t believe how much I’ve
missed it. I was seriously lacking some serious teasing and pleasing with
all you boys and girls. Don’t get me started on how much I’ve missed being
surounded by some of the hottest women in the world. I can’t wait to see
what kind of naughty fun we’ll be getting up to in the year to come.
Can you think of a favorite call you’ve done with me?
Today was my last Sunday morning shift for a while and I went out with a
bang. Even in my two hours of playtime I had hard cocks to play with,
tease and torture. I’m not sure how I’m going to end my week properly,
but I’m sure I’ll figure something out. I guess I could always just play
even harder on Saturdays.
With the change of the seasons, comes a change in my schedule. Keep your
eyes peeled, everyone, because in a few weeks I’m moving my playtimes
around a bit. I’m adding a bit more time during the week, and if you’re
really lucky I might be adding a few more. Starting March 19th, my
schedule will look like this:

Tuesdays: 6pm-10pm
Wednesdays: 6pm-10pm
Saturdays 8am-5pm

Let me know what you think about my new hours.
The sun is shining up here in Washington. It seems like Spring and some
outdoor fun is right around the corner. It’s still a bit cold for some of
my more revealing outfits, but there are some spots around here that are
well known for quickies. I don’t need to dress to advertise why I’m here.
Sometimes a girl just needs a bit of cock and those spots are perfect. I
just show up at popular times and wait to see who shows up. It’s always a
surprise what kind of dick I’ll be getting. Variety is the spice of life,
after all. Depending on my mood, I might get a fucking. I might just
show off my cock sucking skills. Mutual masturbation is a good time too.
I wonder what mood I’ll be in this afternoon.
What’s your favorite outdoor sport?
Every Valentine’s Day I treat myself to fancy lingerie. It’s a way to
celebrate the love I have for myself. What is sexier than new silky, lacy
and naughty underthings? I lay each new piece out on the bed so I can see
all my new lovelies. Then I run myself a warm bubble bath, light some
candles and drink champagne. After I’m all relaxed and my body is all soft
it’s time for the try on. I put on a fashion show just for myself. I put
on each piece and admire myself in the mirror. I look so fucking sexy. I
choose things that will show off my body so I can admire all of my shapely
curves. The first showing is always for me and then in the days to come
I’ll be showing it off to guests. I guess you could say that I’m so much
of a tease that I even tease myself.
What did you do for Valentine’s Day? What sexy piece of lingerie do you
imagine me in?
I was gone a whole week and now I’m feeling a bit out of practice.
Teasing, torturing and pleasing do come pretty naturally for me which is
why I’m here. However, I haven’t gotten to tease or torture anyone in
over a week! Maybe you know someone who might want to help get me back in
the saddle?
My birthday is finally here! I’ve been waiting a whole year to celebrate.
I love having a special day devoted just to me! Since I’m a greedy girl,
I celebrate all month. Have you gotten a chance to celebrate with me yet?
Every woman wants to be adored and worshipped. I’m no different. I’m here
every weekend this month and most Wednesdays (always keep your eyes peeled
since I do pop in from time to time). I hope we get the chance to play
this month, but if you’d like to give me a gift besides some time on the
phone just drop me an email and I’ve got some ideas.
My birthday is coming up on February 6th. It’s coming up quick so I hope
you have some special planned. I’m around to play on Saturdays 8am-5pm,
Sundays 8am-10am and Wednesdays. Drop me an email and we can set up a
special birthday date.
The weather up here has been extra windy and stormy. It makes a girl want
to snuggle up under some cozy blankets on some sheets fresh out of the
dryer. A little extra body heat from hot, horny someone would be helpful
too. Know anyone who might want to warm me up?
Sometimes I go out for a drink or two after I leave here on Saturday
night. I’m off at 5, so it’s before the bars get busy and I can just
relax with my friends. I usually show up looking freshly fucked and
probably smelling like sex after my day here with my favorite xxx phone
girls. At least one of my not as slutty friends will ask how my day was.
It’s so difficult not to tell them all about the naughty fun I got into.
Sometimes I just have to save my stories of treating a man’s nuts like an
ashtray inside these walls. They know I’m an adventurous girl, but I
don’t think they could handle just how adventurous I can be. Luckily, I
have all you perverts to share it with. Some things should just stay a
Care to share your secret desire with me?
It’s officially the one month countdown for my birthday. Every girl loves
her birthday and I’m no exception. You have until February 6th to shower
me with attention, gifts and hot sex talk. That should give you plenty of
time to think long and hard about the best way to celebrate another year
of Autumn. I know you’d never disappoint this big titted Aquarius so
let’s see what you’ve got!
Goodbye 2017! I hope you all had as much fun playing with all of us here
at YD as much as we’ve loved playing with you. There are so many great
memories of the naughty things we’ve done. I know we will make many more in
What was your favorite thing about 2017?
There’s no better cure for the midweek hump than getting come in to
YourDesires to play. Even though it’s a pretty short day I still get to
have so much fun. Tonight I got do a little bit of sissy training which
is always such a delight. I also got to spend quite a bit of time edging
a long time darling of mine. He hadn’t cum in about a month so I’m sure
you can imagine the fun I had torturing him. I lost count of how many
times I brought him to the edge and he didn’t even get to cum! The term
“happy ending” can mean so many different things. He’s going to bed
frustrated, but I’m heading home happy.
The year is coming to an end so I know you’re getting all your ducks in a
row to make the transition to 2018 a bit easier. Make sure you have
scheduled some time between Christmas and New Years to call me to
celebrate. I’m here Wednesday evenings, Saturdays all day and Sunday
mornings. Also, make sure you’re following me on all of my social media.
I’m on Twitter @supersexyautumn and I have a semi regularly updated Tumblr

Let’s send 2017 out with a bang!
Christmas is here! I’ll be around the weekend before so you can celebrate
early with me. My holiday hours will be staying the same. I’m sure I’ll
be feeling extra festive and might want to share some of that holiday
spirit with you. I’m feeling especially giving right now, but who knows
how I’ll be feeling on the 23rd. Maybe I’ll be feeling a bit more like a
grinch and want to take it out on you. Will I be naughty or will I be
nice? You’ll just have to give me a ring a find out.
I’m sure you can remember the first time we ever played. Whether it was
last week or 7 years ago, it’s burned into your memory. You were probably
very nervous since you didn’t know what to expect. It’s ok to be nervous
your first time. We are all nervous our first times. After you got over
your initial nerves it felt good to open up and share with me, didn’t it?
It feels so much better when you allow yourself to be vulnerable and let
yourself trust me. Now you can’t possibly remember a time when you didn’t
know me and I didn’t know your secrets.
Tell me about our first time.
It’s not very often I get to play the submissive role. Sure, I’m always a
slut but my personality sways way more the dominant side than it does the
submissive side. Every once in a while I get in the mood to let someone
else do all the thinking for me. Sometimes I like the stinging of a crop
across my perfect ass and the feeling of my hard nipples getting squeezed
tight. You have to be careful though, my mood can switch quickly and I
might just turn the tables on you.
Just as expected today was a fun (but short) day on the phones. These
little mini playtimes are the perfect way to spend a Sunday morning. All
the teasing and torturing prepare me for the day and week ahead. Who
needs coffee when I have phone sex? Actually I still do very much need
What a fun day today was! I’ve been playing all day with so many
different people I don’t even know where to start. How do I pick a
favorite when I got to talk about crossdressing, teasing with panties,
fisting, scary devices and cocksucking? I also did so much cumming that
my pussy is sore and my throat is wrecked. I’m going to head home, drink
some tea and hopefully do the same thing tomorrow.
I have so many fun sluts and toys to play with. I love that they all
strive to please and entertain me. Today I was thinking about my ashtray
and how much I’ve abused him over the years. I love getting to see his
nuts and how much I’ve destroyed them just for my amusement. Mistresses
have used him as an ashtray before he came to me and I am thankful for the
training they provided since it makes him obedient and willing to serve.
This pet has no limits but mine and I’ve been trying to find my limit for
many years. I guess I’ll just have to keep burning him until I find it.
How far would you go for me?
Can you believe it’s December already? Only three more weeks until
Christmas. This time of year can be very stressful and I’ll be here to
help relieve some of that stress. You deserve to get yourself something
nice and there’s nothing nicer than time spent with me. You can’t forget
to treat yourself while you’re braving the malls and online stores. I
promise you’re going to shop better once I help you clear your head. You
might even want to get me something as a special thank you.
I love that some of you trust me so much to share your darkest desires.
Fantasies are so much more fun when you have someone to share them with.
I am happy to be that naughty girl for you. My mind is as open as my
legs. I know there is a fantasy that you think is too dirty to share, but
that’s the one I want to share. That’s the one that get my pussy wet.
What’s on your mind today?
Yesterday was such a fun day on the phones for me. I just love that every
day is something new for me. My day started by playing with a man I
hadn’t talked to since before my two year hiatus. Our schedules just
didn’t match up since my return, but luckily they did yesterday morning.
We spent some time catching up and then reminded each other how good we
can make each other feel. He hadn’t forgotten what a hot slut I can be,
but who could forget that? My day ended by talking to a gentleman who I
had never spoken to before. He knows a lot of the other ladies here, but
we hadn’t been introduced yet. We had such a fun conversation about
anything and everything. I know we are going to have a lot of fun in the
I can’t wait to see what today has in store for me.

It’s the day after Thanksgiving. I hope you all had a great day of
relaxation and abundance. Now we are officially in the holiday season!
What says holidays more than soft sweaters and sexy knee high boots. Even
when I dress for the colder weather I’m sure to turn heads while I do my
holiday shopping. It makes braving the crowds a little more bearable if I
know I’m getting men hard in their pants while they are shopping for their
wives. Cock teasing is the reason for the season.
We are officially in the holiday season. It’s time to think of all the
reasons why you’re thankful that I’m back at YourDesires. How many
erections have I given you over the years? How many loads of cum have you
shot in my honor? How many assignments and tasks have you done at my
request? How many embarrassing and humiliating things have you done for
my enjoyment? How many times have I told you no just to laugh at your
discomfort? How many sexy roleplays have we done that you replay over and
over in your head? You’re welcome for each and every one of them.
How are you going to thank me?
It’s Sunday afternoon and I’m getting ready to head out. I have a couple
of days away before coming back on Wednesday and I’m excited to see where
my week takes me. Things are pretty up in the air, but I’ve got a couple
of options. They are all fun, some are naughty and a few are downright
dirty. I wonder which ones I’ll choose! Care to guess?
Few things get my creative juices flowing more than thinking of fun
blackmail games. I don’t just want to take your money, I want you to put
in effort to give me your money. I want you to squirm while I explain the
rules to you. I want your brain to be saying no, but your cock saying
yes. I want my happiness and pleasure to mean more to you than anything.
I know not everyone likes to play like this. For those of you who do,
it’s time to open your wallet for me.
We are entering the cold, gray and wet season here in Washington. It can
take a bit of adjusting and I make sure I pamper myself so I’m prepared
for the dark season. I decided to make last night a self care night. I
opted to stay home instead of hitting the town. I bought myself some nice
bourbon. I went to my favorite store for fancy bath stuff. I even got
myself a new scented candle. After the sun went down, I went into the
bathroom to draw myself a bath. I lit my new candle. I turned off the
lights. I dropped my sparkly bath bomb into the water. It felt so nice
to strip down and slide into the warm sudsy water. I laid back, closed my
eyes and just let myself soak. I don’t know how long I was in there, but
it was just enough to renew me. I dried myself off then put on my
favorite lotion so my skin was smooth. Now I’m here feeling so sexy. It’s
been the perfect self care weekend.
How would you pamper and spoil me?
My two favorite recreational activities are sex and trivia. So I’m sure
you can imagine how excited I was when I found out that one of my favorite
watering holes hosts sex trivia every week. My years of experience here
have prepared me well. I knew what formicophilia is (sexual arousal from
being crawled on by insects), what pygophilia is (arousal from butts), and
who discovered the G-Spot (Ernst Gräfenberg) among other things. I have
proven that I am well versed in sex and I’m quite competitive. I came
home with the first prize and a strong sense of pride.
Wanna quiz me?
I think with the change in the season it’s time for me to change my
playtimes again. My Sundays are shorter, but my Saturdays and Wednesdays
are longer.
I’d try to tell you that it’s so I can get to church, but we all know
that’s not true. Starting the week of the 20th, my schedule will look
something like this:

Wednesdays: 6pm-11pm
Saturdays: 8am-5pm
Sundays: 8am-10am

I hope this gives some of you a chance to have some fun with me.
I’ve been around YourDesires for a long time now and I will never get
tired of hearing guys stroke their cocks for me. Tonight a man who I’ve
never spoken to happened upon my bio and I’m so happy he did. He was all
alone in his hotel feeling hard and horny. He needed some relief so he
could fall asleep and I am always willing to help. I gently guided him
through pulling his boxers off and taking out his cock for me. Then I
told him exactly how I wanted him to stroke it while I played with my wet
pussy. It always get me excited to hear a man’s breathing change as he
gets more and more worked up. I almost came before he did. I was able to
hold off until he made a big sticky mess all over his sheets. Guys
beating off will always be one of my favorite things.
Today I got to do a super hot roleplay. I’m a realtor showing a house.
The house is currently occupied by the owner, but she gives me the go
ahead to bring a potential buyer over while she’s home. I let her know
what time we’ll be over so she can get ready. Once we arrive everything
goes the same as it always does when I show a house. Until we get to the
master bedroom, that is. I open the door and the lady of the house is
laying on the bed with her panties pulled down to her knees. One of her
hands is on her tit and the other is rubbing her pussy. The whole room
smells like sex. She has obviously been teasing herself for quite some
time. Of course, my clients cock got instantly hard and I was starting to
get a bit wet myself. She knew exactly what she was doing and wanted us
to “catch” her in the act. Luckily for her and my client I was in the
mood for a threesome.
Guess who got to taste me first.
I know he’s been sneaking into my bedroom at night to see if I have left a
pair of dirty panties in my hamper. I think he wants me to catch him or
he’s so horny he doesn’t care if I see him. Today is the day I confront
him. It makes me so horny to know he’s jerking off to my damp panties and
now it’s time to get what I want. He most certainly doesn’t want anyone
to know his dirty secret. I’ll just promise him that it can stay between
the two of us as long as he does exactly what I say. We’ll start with his
face between my thighs getting this fresh pair of panties night and wet.
Once he has a taste then he’ll be all mine and I’ll get to use his body
for my pleasure. I’ve got some big plans for that big cock.
What would you be willing to do for a taste of these pretty panties?
One of my favorite Wednesday darlings called me this evening. He’s such a
sweet sissy to play with it. The transition is always a bit hard for him
at first, but I always get my way. It only takes a few punishment
sessions with the cane before he realizes this is the relationship he
wanted all along.
It starts with me just taking a bit more control in the bedroom. Then
before he even knows what’s happening he’s wearing pretty pink panties all
day. It’s not too long before I have him in a whole sissy uniform
performing chores and just generally making my life easier. That is a
sissy’s job, isn’t it? It’s all about me and that’s exactly how it should
What do you think the next step should be? Should I be gentle or harsh?
Halloween is almost here and most of you know it’s my favorite time of
year. For one, I love all things dark and scary. Some of my favorite
role plays and fantasies could be a little too twisted but seem right at
home during this time of year. Horror movies give me some pretty great
inspiration for what to do with all you naughty boys and girls. I’m sure
some of my dark thoughts have scared more than one of you.

I also love the sexy costumes. I dress pretty revealing most of the time,
but this time of year I get to step it up a notch. With all the pretty
girls dressing as naughty nurses and witches, I have a bit more
competition and I am always up for a challenge. I haven’t quite decided
what I’ll be this year, but I have a few ideas that will turn some heads.

Besides me, what’s your favorite Halloween treat?
Have you seen all of the new faces here at YourDesires? I love being
surrounded by all these sexy, slutty women. I love the smell of fresh
pussy in the air when I come in the front door to start my day. I know
they will all fit perfectly here and add so much flirty fun. I can’t wait
to play with them and see just how naughty they are. The toughest
decision will be which one I taste test first.
Not only are there new faces, but I was also excited to see some familiar
faces returning to play. I know from experience that’s it’s really
difficult to stay away from all of you naughty pervs so I love when other
girls get drawn back into our web.
Who do you think I should play with first?
I was going through some old emails and found this sweet love note. I
remember this note made me smile when I first read it and it still brings
me joy to read it now.

“Dear Autumn –

Thank You so much for talking today. It feels so nice to talk with You.

Which is something we’ve been doing for awhile. It must be years now. It
feels to me that there are a lot of reasons i love talking with You so
much. You have a tremendous strength and power, which i felt early on, and
of course for me that’s very appealing since i long to be submissive to
someone who is also considerate, intuitive, and empathic. And, of course,
strong. i‘m strong in ways also, but it’s different. You’re powerful. You
see things, not just here and now in the moment but in more far-ranging
terms. Not like You imagine Yourself taking over the world, though I guess
You might since we’ve never really talked about that (and if You did I’d
wish You all the luck and we’d all be better off), but that You’re far
sighted: You see things not only for what they are at a particular,
fleeting moment in time but what they are on a more far-sighted level. It
may be that at times i have glimmers of that, but I tend to be more
micro-oriented in my thinking. You’re more clear-minded. And disciplined.
i envy those things, and I admire that at times You choose to share those
things with me.

Eeek. That’s a lot. i m sorry. i shouldn’t babble on like that. Years ago,
i met a woman who was dominant in many ways. Entitled. Selfish. To me,
annoying. She was bombastic and arrogant and annoying where You are polite
and gracious and helpful.

It’s much easier for me to respond to You. With her, i simply shut down
and left. With You, it is much more comfortable. Thank You. i feel i‘m
lucky to know You.


More of Autumn’s Thoughts…