So excited to be here.

I’m new to YourDesires and can’t wait to meet all of you. You can give me a call and get to know me. I’ll be waiting ;) xoxo, Ava

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  • Autumn

    I think I can speak for all of the sexy ladies here at YD when I tell you that we are SO excited that you are here to play with us.

  • Ava

    It’s so nice to have such a warm welcome from all the YD girls <3 I'm excited to learn lots of new things from you all. This has definitely been an amazing experience ;)

  • g

    Breathless I am

    Your natural beauty is unbelievably stunning
    And can be compared to nothing under the sun

  • g


    While you bathe in the soft light of the moon
    I find your downcast eyes sprinkled with allure
    The way your lips part moist like mornings dew
    Saturates my thoughts with a bit more of you

  • g


    You bring me to the edge of heaven
    With every breath I breathe
    And yet, not word has been spoken

  • g

    A Kiss

    A kiss is just a kiss until our lips passionately meet
    And a heart is just a heart until I feel yours beat
    Sometimes I find myself lost in thoughts of you
    Hoping to come together in a midnight rendezvous
    My love runs deeper than any darkened abyss
    Grows stronger each time I quietly reminisce
    It’s found in a moment, in a million love songs
    Etched in the memories I have carried for so long

  • g

    Soft Whispers

    I long to hear the sound of your voice
    The soft whispers that escape your lips
    My hungry heart craves your gentle touch
    And my weary soul yearns for something more

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