Vacation Play

Screaming, Scratching, and Pulling hair. The sweet sent of sex filling the midnight air. I can hear the waves crashing up against the oceans shore. I hear him let out a gasp as i slowly slide his cock deep into my mouth, and down my throat. Wet warmth sliding back and forth, I can feel him throbbing harder and harder with every fluid movement. He reaches down my body from my breast to my navel. Slowly i can feel him slide his hand into my panties, pushing the lace to the side he begins to slowly massage my clit. I know he cant help but notice how wet I’ve become with anticipation of what is about to cum. He begins to speed up his pace. I let out a sensual moan as my body begins to climb to depths of pleasure i have yet to explore. He looks me in my eyes and tells me to sit. I obey and wrap my knees around his face and take his cock back into my mouth. Together we find rhythm and we continue to work each other up to orgasm. I feel his throbbing cock begin to pulse underneath and I know hes almost there. My body starts to squirm and I let out a moan of pure ecstasy. I speed up my stroke, and keep sucking as i feel my mouth starting to fill with his hot cum. We both cum together, and we gaze at the horizon for a moment before we both give each other a look of amazement. A vacation I could never forget.
xoxo, Ava

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