Bella’s Fantasies

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Bella’s Fantasies

There is a cattle rancher that caught my eye about a month ago that just
purchased the 650 acre ranch next to mine. Tall, muscular and amazingly
good looking guy in his late thirties, maybe early forties. Watching him
fix fence, herding cattle and tirelessly throwing hay bales reminded me of
my late husband who had the same unstoppable work ethic.

It’s been four years since my husband passed, I’ve been working so hard to
save my ranch that I’ve overlooked some basic needs of mine. But watching
that man has put my mind in a tail spin thinking about that hard,
beautiful, rugged body. Day dreaming about being held in those strong
arms has become a constant distraction, which made it very hard to focus
on work.

After saddling up my favorite horse to check the fence line I shared with
my new neighbor, I rode out through my pasture to begin a long, hard day
of work. There were miles and miles of fence line to check and mend.
Riding the fence line, my mare unknowingly stepped in an old badger hole,
and went down immediately to her knees, knocking me to the hard ground.
Dazed and confused, I attempted to get up off the ground when I heard the
sound of a pick up truck in the distance. I could hear the truck stop
suddenly in a cloud of dust, and a door being swung open with a husky
voice asking me if I was okay? Before I knew it, he swung under the
barbed wire and was lifting me up from the ground, dusting off my backside
which sent my imagination soaring.

I caught my breath and muttered a weak “I think so”, noticing that his
eyes were fixed on my full breasts that were exposed after four buttons on
my shirt front had popped open during the fall. I couldn’t help but notice
the large bulge that was growing in his jeans below his huge belt buckle,
as I fumbled with the buttons on my blouse. In a moment of embarrassment,
he suddenly walked toward my horse to make sure she wasn’t hurt, and told
me to get in his pick up truck to rest a minute. After discovering my
mare was uninjured, he returned to his truck and opened a bottle of water
for me. I thanked him and told him I was okay, just a little sore and
that I’d be fine as I hopped out of his truck, ducked under the fence and
mounted my horse.

“You’re sure Maam, I’d be happy to drive you back to your ranch to make
sure you’re okay”. The thought was tempting and I reached out a welcoming
hand to shake his enormous, strong hand and introduced myself. After a
quick introduction, I learned his name was Mike, and he was the new owner
of the ranch next door to mine. “Nice to meet you Maam, but I’d really
like to stop by later to make sure you’re okay” he said. I flashed him a
smile and thanked him for his thoughtfulness as I trotted back down the
fence line to finish chores for the day.

Needless to say, it was difficult concentrating on my chores that
afternoon, my mind kept fantasizing about that hard, rugged body and those
huge strong hands. After my chores were completed, a nice warm bubble
bath and a glass of wine seemed like the perfect remedy for my distracted
mind. I stepped into my warm, bubbling jacuzzi, sipped a glass of wine
and relaxed in my candlelit bathroom when all of a sudden, there was a
loud knock at my front door. Upset that my peaceful moment had been
interrupted, I grabbed a towel and reluctantly ran to the front door.
After abruptly opening the door, my mood was immediately lifted when I saw
my handsome neighbor, Mike, smiling at the front door, his cowboy hat in
his hand.

“Afternoon Maam” he muttered, trying not to notice the skimpy towel
loosely wrapped around my curvy body. “I didn’t mean to disturb you, I
came by to see if you were okay after that fall”, he said finding it
difficult to look directly at my eyes. “Won’t you come in? I was just
soaking in my jacuzzi, would you mind if I slipped into something?” I
asked. Still holding his cowboy hat, he walked in and I enjoyed knowing
that he was probably admiring my exposed shapely ass as I scurried into
the bedroom.

Moments later I reentered the living room dressed in a pair of short
cut-off jeans and a skimpy blouse tied under my shapely breasts. I
offered him a bar stool and immediately noticed the sweat on his brow as I
opened a cold beer and set it in front of him. I filled my wine glass and
sat next to him and reached over to wipe the sweat from his forehead.
Before I knew it, he grabbed my wrist and leaned forward, pulling me off
my bar stool and kissed me passionately on my open mouth as he pulled my
body close to his. As I pressed closer to him, I could feel the hardness
in his jeans and the smoldering fire in his loins. Clothes were flying to
the ground as he groped my naked body and lifted me as I wrapped my legs
around his hips, while embraced in more passionate kisses.

Within minutes we entered my bedroom and he gently placed me on the bed
and kissed my erect nipples frantically and groped my body hungrily.
Caught up in the moment of passion, he swiftly spread my legs and entered
me with his hard throbbing cock while we both reached a pounding,
breathtaking climax! Breathing irregularly, his eyes gazing at mine, we
suddenly realized what had taken place within a matter of minutes was raw,
untamed passion. What took place during the night and early morning hours
was unhurried, each one of us taking our time to explore and savor each
others bodies until we fell into a deep, exhausted sleep.

The next morning, I awoke alone, bathing in the afterglow of a night I’ll
never forget. As I entered the kitchen, I poured myself a cup of coffee
that Mike had brewed earlier and noticed a handwritten note by the coffee
pot. “Tonight, 7pm, same bed, You and I, it’s a date!” I smiled as I
gazed out the kitchen window and watched my handsome neighbor herding
cattle and I said outloud, “It’s a date cowboy, it’s going to be a wild