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Bella’s Thoughts

Food Porn

Have you and your lover experienced the erotica of food porn? With a little planning, you can gather the ingredients for a sultry and sweet experience you will always remember. I have visions of my lover transforming my body into a chocolate covered sundae to satisfy his sweet tooth and arouse my desires. The feeling of whipped cream ejaculating from a can onto my wet inviting mouth, around my taut nipples, trailing down my belly and filling the crevice of my belly button, piled high on top of my smooth, silken pussy, surging down my thighs, calves and ankles, and swirling around each toe. Warmed chocolate syrup can be delicately trickled along the path of whipping cream, and a juicy, succulent maraschino cherry strategically placed in my belly button.

Where would you start? Where would you end? Your goal is to lick, nibble, suck and swallow every creamy, sweet bite to satiate both your feelings of hunger and sexual desire until we cum together in sticky, sweet bliss. Afterward, we could enjoy a warm shower together and alas, share a pint of French Vanilla ice cream in bed under a warm comforter. This would be my idea of a perfect evening with my lover. Who knows……maybe pizza tomorrow night?

Lately, I’ve had a lot of phone sex calls from younger men. I’m not ashamed to tell 20-year-olds that I am twice their age. In fact, I have found they are even more turned on because of the age difference.

Women’s sexual peak is age 35 to 40 years. Men’s is between 18 – 30 years. If you consider that an older woman has more confidence and experience, and a younger man as more stamina, a cougar relationship makes a lot of sense!

Younger men are so much more eager to please and they are more teachable. If the younger guy is an adult, there is no harm in a cougar relationship. Men do it all the time! I think being a cougar is sexy – don’t you? I love being a cougar! Call me and let this wildcat tame the beast in you!

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I am looking for a man that will yield to my guidance, my influence, and my control. A man that will let my leadership strengthen him, as his submission strengthens me.

Are you ready to lay at my feet, to protect me, to serve me, to be completely devoted to me? Are you ready to create a level of intimacy far and beyond anything else imaginable? Then submit to my desire, my body, my lust, my demands. Willingly and eagerly become the instrument through which I experience bliss.

Let Me use your body and manipulate your mind. Let Me mold you, guide you, punish you, embrace you. Let Me create in you a perfect union of your strengths and Mine. You have been looking for Me…….. I’ll be waiting for you to cum play with Me. Your Desires 360-412-8211

Recently, my significant other and I discovered that we are both really turned on by pegging. We are still in that “honeymoon” stage where we are exploring each others bodies.

I love it when he brings out the dominant side of me, it is such a turn on for me! Bending him into compromising positions, spanking, digging my fingernails into him, nipple clamping, role reversal, and some solid pounding with a strap on does it for me every time.

There was a time when I thought the only sex that existed was “vanilla” sex. I encourage all couples to explore, experiment and experience a little “kink”! Add some kinky spice to your life on these cold, winter nights! A little kinkiness goes a long, long way!

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