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Age: 49
Cup Size: 36d
Trillian: Bryannimal
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Likes: Control (having it and losing it), the mental, emotional and physical aspects of everything BDSM. Water sports. Knots that hold and ties that bind. Creativity and intelligence. Oh, yes...and big, thick, throbbing cock.
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It is no secret; I have been with YourDesires for over a decade now.

It is my passion, my joy, to bring men to their knees using only my voice and my imagination. Let me take you on a journey; explore your boundaries and desires. I can and will be the dominant Goddess you need to worship. Your confidant, your friend, your lover. You do not have to be shy or hesitant with me. Tell me all your secrets, and let me use them to lead you on a path to the ultimate high. Follow me.

Imagine: You. Sitting. Blindfolded. Bound. Vulnerable. A whisper of honeysuckle. I am with you. The caress of silky thighs on your legs. The heat of my satin covered sex so close, warming you in that special place. Continue...if you dare.

Imagine: The feathery tumble of my hair against your chest. My breath, hot, moist, fanning over your nipple. Ripe lips so close to your body. A bite. Pain, sharp, fluid, coursing down your torso. A dull ache as I release, and blood comes pounding back. Throbbing. My tongue, wet, soothing, pressing over your wound. Pleasure or pain? Continue...if you dare.

Imagine: Nails raking over your chest. Down. Down. Ribbons of sensation tattooed into your body. Stop? No? Yes? Hands, taking hold of your cock, cradling your balls. Cool. Strong. Powerful. Twisting. Squeezing. Hurting. Your mind explodes from it. Release. Relief. Then calm. Breathe now. Breathe. Continue...if you dare.

Imagine: You. Bound. Bent over. The sound of metal slipping into place. Snap. Leather straps against silky skin. Quiet. Hold still. Hands smoothing over your ass cheeks. Spreading. Opened. God. No. Not that. Cold, impersonal silicone pushing into you. Thick. Unyielding. Slicing in. Filling you up. Feel it. Rape. Does it hurt? Moan for me. Suffer for me. Struggle as I pound into you. You are mine. Mine. Continue...if you dare.

Imagine: You. After. Breathing. Recovering. Holding me. Looking into my eyes. Released. Still hungry. Anticipation. Promises. Your turn now. Take me until the hunger is gone. Make me pay. Make me your whore. Your slut. Your babygirl. I want you. Continue...if you dare.

Imagine: In the mail. A package. Silky panties. My arousal. Shoved into your mouth. Sucked clean. Remembering. Aching. Touch yourself. Continue...if you dare.

Dare to imagine. Dare to dream. Dare to call. I am waiting.


Where to find me on Trillian: Bryannimal

You can reach my direct line; 360-709-0100. You can also contact me by email at