I am a very sexual person and I do really love my boyfriend, but his libido just does not match mine. Not to mention, he is not very gifted in the groin area, if you get my drift. It is a good thing he loves to please me though. When I suggested, after dating only a few months (I was never faithful to him in those few months), that we explore some of our mutual desires, it came out that he got very turned on when I spoke of my past experiences with other men. I tested the waters a little bit. I told him that after we had been together intimately for the first time, the very next morning, I had sex with one of my regular lovers. He asked me if I was not satisfied with our time together. I was honest with him, but gentle…I told him that he made me feel special, beautiful, loved and safe. Emotionally and intellectually we fit together so well. The thing was, I told him, I didn’t really have an orgasm. His face fell, but my eyes dropped for a moment, and I could see the outline of his cock in his slacks. He was rock hard! I gently put my hand on his groin and I asked him if he was okay. He face flushed red; he swallowed hard and raised his eyes to mine.

“I do not know why, but the idea of you being pleased turns me on so much, I hate that I didn’t please you that night…but, I have since then right?” His eyes implored me, he looked so hurt, but I could feel him under my hand, twitching.

I found myself growing very aroused. I was getting turned on by hurting him like this! I almost stopped. Part of me wanted to comfort and reassure him, but a larger part of me wanted to see what would happen if I pushed a little harder.

“Well, honey…to be honest, yes…to an extent” I replied. He looked confused, but curious. I continued “Every time I have been intimate with you since then, I have fucked another man shortly before. You always comment on how wet I am…that has been another man’s come inside of me. Surely you could taste it when you went down on me?”

He groaned, and suddenly the material beneath my palm was warm and wet. I glanced down, and back up at his flushed face.

“Did you really just come in your fucking pants, honey? Does knowing other men, men with bigger cocks keep my cunt nice and stretched and happy more than you ever could, turn you on that much?”

I couldn’t quite believe my luck. Had a really found a man I could connect with, who also would let me fuck anyone I wanted…at any time, and he would be turned on by it?


A New Bull

You love it when I get so involved in a new lover that I ignore the fact that you are in the room. I know you feel so thrilled to have the honor of watching me explore my sexuality with someone new. I am always so wet and excited by the situation; that the room just fills with the scent of my arousal. By the end of the night with a new bull our bedroom is permeated with the intoxicating aroma of my betrayal.

The nature of your devious cuckoldry is very loving, but sadistic. One time I found it amusing to blindfold you half way through a session. Although, you couldn’t object due to being bound to a chair that faced the bed, you felt that the strong trusting that we had always nurtured was still well guarded.

Once the blindfold was on; all you could focus on was the noise of my sexual ecstasy as my well-endowed lover took me to new orgasmic levels. Soon your senses drifted away from the ever present sounds and focused on the wonderful aromas of our exploits. Each scent was unique, wonderful and produced a deepening sense of jealousy and humiliation in you.

The whole night flew by as though the hours he and I were exploring each others bodies were just mere minutes. The sounds of skin on skin, explosive pleasure, eventually tapered off and were replaced by the sound of exhausted panting. Our breathing evened out, becoming deep and content and you knew I had fallen asleep on our bed, with my lover, leaving you blindfolded and bound to the chair. You stayed awake and alert all night. Tortured by the idea of the woman you love so completely full of another man’s cum and resting peacefully in his arms. You desired nothing more in that moment than to reclaim me. Try to prove your worth as a man, even though you knew you would fail.

In the morning, you were brought out of your reverie by the sound of bodies stirring, soft waking moans, and the tell tale wet sucking noises of a mouth on a cock. You groaned inwardly, knowing I was taking my lover into my mouth, and soon you were rewarded by his groans too. After a short while you felt a hand graze against your bound arm, beginning to loosen the knots. The soft touch of my lips were then felt upon yours; as we embraced one another with our mouths you noticed the faint taste of my pussy juices from the shaft of his thick cock, along with the obvious and surprising taste of his cum as well. The very flavor brought forth a sudden feeling of humiliation, as I never would dare swallow one of your loads. My lips pulled away from yours, you found your arms free, and I spoke softly with an initial giggle “I couldn’t help myself, I’m sorry. Now be a good boy and go make us breakfast”.