Are you Afraid?

I was talking to a gentleman the other day, you know the usual…humiliation, degradation, torture. He told me that I frighten him, he actually told me I instill fear in him! How delightful! I cannot even describe in words what those words do to a woman like me. I only wish I could smell that fear on him. Knowing how his blood rushes, adrenaline coursing through his body, because of little ol’ me? Wonderful! I wonder, does flight or fight kick in for submissive men when they feel this way? I guess that is what bondage is for!

2 comments to Are you Afraid?

  • gt

    Hidden Desire

    I have never once spoken with you
    not a whisper of my hidden desire
    yet I’ve often considered morning’s dew
    the intimate reflections so often acquired
    and within each thought another can be seen
    capturing the moment you take from me the air I breathe

  • gt

    Take me There

    Take me to where the wind and melodies meet
    Somewhere far beyond the very breath I breathe
    I have long desired a small taste of your arousal
    Just enough to let me know beauty surrounds us
    Oh, to be ensnared by whispers of honeysuckle
    And quiet movements that seem soft and supple
    Take me there where the melodies melt my heart
    And softly caress my soul until you and I create art
    ~ wind whisperer

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