Bryanne’s Desires

It is no secret I have been with YD for a while now. Over the years I have had the pleasure of exploring many a fantasy. When I say “explore” I mean just that…delving into the deepest darkest recesses of your mind and bringing out that which truly sets you on fire. The words and descriptions that send chills up and down your spine and deliver an exquisite jolt of pleasure to your groin. It is so satisfying. What I find even more rewarding is after I have thoroughly ravaged your fantasy, bringing you over the edge time and again…is when you allow me to build on it. To bring you to new heights and incorporate new ideas into our time together. To help you find even more pleasure in trying something new and different. The evolution of sexuality, of what gets you off, is an obsession of mine. The opposite of taming the tiger…rather I want to free your beast. In more ways than one.

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