Intimate Moments

Every time you see me heading to the bathroom, your heart starts to race a little faster and your pathetic little cock twitches and swells.

You were scrubbing the kitchen floor, but that task is quickly abandoned as you catch the sound of movement from my office towards our bedroom. I do not have to say a word or make a gesture. You are acutely aware of my movements through our home at all times, at the ready to serve. Particularly when I move towards the bathroom.

You try to keep your footing even and soft, not to make too much noise (you know I hate that) as you follow like a hungry puppy, knowing his bowl will soon be filled. When you reach the master bathroom you pause, just at the door and you gaze at me, my back to you still, as I look in the mirror, pulling my hair up into a loose bun. You think for a moment how lucky you are. How loved you are. How amazing it is that you would do anything at all to please this wonderful woman standing in front of you.

Our eyes meet in the mirror. You see a soft smile wrinkle the corners of mine just before I turn to face you. No words are needed; you sink to your knees and crawl towards me, the three feet separating us feels like a million miles. You reach me and immediately bow your head to kiss my bare feet. I am almost always barefoot in the house and it drives you wild. You get so distracted seeing my perfect feet as you go about your chores.

You continue to worship at my feet, licking and kissing my toes, eagerly waiting what has become a beautiful and intimate routine for us.

“I need to use my toilet.” I whisper.

You swallow hard, trying to contain the excitement raging through your body. This is your favorite part of our day. You feel your balls growing heavier as your worthless cock begins to stiffen even more.

“Yes, my Goddess” you say as you lift your face from my feet.

I can feel your hands tremble as they slowly slide up my ankles, calves and then thighs. Some would think, without a direct order, this type of touch from you would anger me. Are you taking liberties? No…this is the unspoken ritual of our most intimate moments together. Your shaking hands reach my hips, gliding over the lacy material of the hot pink panties I have chosen to wear. Hooking your fingers in the waist band you slowly slide them off my ass, and down my legs, your soft, generous mouth and tongue instantly replacing where the damp crotch of my panties just were.

As you worship my pussy lips, you deftly don my wet panties. I gaze down at the site of hot pink lace covering your straining cock and I let out a delighted giggle. It always pleases me so to see you wearing my panties when you are hard.

I savor the feel of your talented mouth on my sex for a few minutes more, before pulling your head back and directing your gaze to mine. You instantly notice my pursed lips and you open your mouth for a little amuse bouche just as I let a stream of saliva escape. It hits the intended target and before you can swallow it all, you feel the sting of my hand against your cheek. Your face flushes red from the sting and the humiliation. You let out a soft groan knowing it is time to take your place as my toilet.

Putting your back to the toilet, you lean your head back so that your neck is resting on the edge of the bowl. This is not a comfortable position, but you do not even notice anymore. You are too excited, turned on, your heart swelling and pounding with love and anticipation. I lift the hem of the short robe I am wearing and turn around, my feet planting on either side of your body. I stand there; legs parted slightly, and give you a good long teasing look. I stand there so long, in fact, that you start to squirm. I watch in amusement as your legs wiggle on the cool tile floor, your hands obediently at your sides, ball into fists, and the anticipation is exquisite, almost more than you can bear. Your lips are parted, your chest is heaving as your heart pounds. A tortured breath escapes your mouth with a strangled imploring…


I smile, satisfied and lower myself down, sitting my beautiful pink pussy right over your mouth…

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