The sound of your voice

I am so auditory. There is something about the deep timbre of a man’s voice that affects every part of my body. Hearing that voice talk sex on the phone makes it even more exciting.

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  • gt

    Honeysuckle Whispers

    If the promises of honeysuckle whispers caught my attention
    And somehow found me vulnerable in a quaint moonlit kitchen
    Then perhaps the deliberate spreading of your soft floral petals
    Would naturally reveal the measured pace of my aching vessel
    Oh how the slow methodical dispensing of both pleasure and pain
    Would soon elicit a simultaneous liberation of unimaginable things
    Breathe; breathe in the aroma of the sensational images now seen
    And tell me of every lucid moment of your most intimate dreams

  • I’ve been seeking a milf that looks elegant and sluty at the same time. Think uwill show that fat puffy shit hole & say luck my streamy ass box and I’ll pump thusly .

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