Because blow jobs need to come with a with a gentle reminder of who is really in charge.

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  • gt

    Intimate Desires

    With the fragrance of honeysuckle on the morning breeze
    Your scent quietly awakens the intimate desires within me

    Gentle Reminders

    I often look into your eyes so I can find you in my dreams
    Taking your hand and walking with you out near the sea
    Listening to every word whispered beneath your breath
    Reminds me of the warm winds that gently lift your dress
    Somehow the day lingers into night and the stars appear
    And that is when I notice the smile that draws me near
    Beneath the moon your silhouette captivates my heart
    But the night is yet still young; this is just the start

  • gt

    Mindless Chatter

    I sometimes wonder if the words I write
    Are worth the slumber I miss late at night
    I often question the reality of yesterday
    Obscured by the mere existence of today
    But yet I sit and quietly wait for tomorrow
    Never quite understanding my own sorrow
    Perhaps your silence clouds my thoughts
    Blurring the memories I still try to unlock
    There comes a time when nothing matters
    Yet I struggle to repress this mindless chatter
    I never know when you will be bound by time
    Or if the light simply shines to confound the wise

  • Larry

    Nothing wrong with a few teeth, or a bite now and then.

  • Nibble

    I think i can’t stand much teeth. But the thrill and dare to ask for them and trust a sexy mouth to use them on me turns me so on.
    So i love the dare letting a woman that likes to use teeth go down on me *nibble*
    Let me play with fire when it’s in the mouth ;-)

  • Connor

    Can you give me one and where do you live because you look like a hot babe because of your ass

  • Connor

    And mabe we can sex and you can give me a blow job and I will bring sex book for the moves

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