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Likes: Control (having it and losing it), the mental, emotional and physical aspects of everything BDSM. Water sports. Knots that hold and ties that bind. Creativity and intelligence. Oh, yes...and big, thick, throbbing cock.
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Bryanne’s Thoughts

I need a harem of young, toned studs to attend to my bath time. Run the water for me, add my oils, light some candles, put my hair up. Slowly undress me and help me into the hot, scented water. Lift my feet from the water and dote on them lovingly, wash my back. Stand at attention, quietly while I soak, relax, admire your young tight bodies in the soft candle light. Perhaps I will invite one of you in for a treat. To nestle into your strong body as I drift off for a little nap. Then when I awake, refreshed and relaxed, I will use each and every one of you to my hearts content, wearing you all out before collapsing in the midst of long strong limbs and soft smooth sheets.

I wore the softest sweater to work today. I left off the bra so I could feel the suppleness caressing my nipples. I probably do not need to tell you how hard my nipples have been all morning. Yes, it is cold outside, but this sweater is brushing against them with every move, softer than any touch, any kiss. If only your hands were over the sweater, increasing the tactile experience. My panties are wet, just here with my sweater. It is making me squirm.

Your girlfriend is so sweet to you. She lavishes you with attention. She caters to your emotional needs. She submits to you physically, in bed. She seems perfect. But is she really? Is she, when you need to come to me to take control and show you how you really need to take it? Does she know how after you have made love to her, and are seemingly satisfied, you sneak into the bathroom and call me on the phone. You beg me to take you. Bend you over and thrust into your body like an animal, to treat you like my filthy little fuck hole. You could never ask her to do that. She is too sweet. Too docile. Maybe I should come over, show her a thing or two about how to treat a man.

Laying quietly on the floor, while I sit above you, comfortable in my plush chair. My feet, warm and cozy in thick, soft socks, rest gently on your face. You breathe in, the heady aroma of a long day enveloping you. Your chest expands as your pulse races. The stirring in your groin is a tell-tale sign of what my closeness does to you. I see this, I laugh inwardly, not wanting to give you the pleasure of hearing my amusement. I gingerly move the soles of my feet across your face, you gasp and then groan. I have instructed you not to touch yourself and I bear witness to your struggle. Your fingers twitch, curling your hands into fists. You ache for me. Constantly. I will spend hours upon hours, reading a book, watching some television or even entertaining other men on the phone, while you lay, supine and helpless under my glorious arches.

I have seen the other creative women of YD posting sexual parodies of songs. Little do they know that I was a filthy minded whore from a very young age. I wrote the following…well, back when the song was popular…I won’t give it a number.

Feel free to sing along. :)

Want It (Dead or Alive)

It’s all the same, only the dicks will change.
Everyday, it seems I’m fucking away.
Another screw where the cum is so warm.
I fuck all night, just to get some bone.

I’m a nympho, on a steel dick I ride
And I want it (want it)
Dead or Alive.

I’m a nympho, on a steel dick I ride
And I want it (want it)
Dead or Alive.

Sometimes I fuck, sometimes it’s not for days.
The guys I meet, they all fuck their different ways.
Sometimes I tell the day by the cock that I screw
I never can tell, someday baby, it might be you.

I’m a nympho, on a steel dick I ride
And I want it (want it)
Dead or Alive.

I’m a nympho, on a steel dick I ride
And I want it (want it)
Dead or Alive.

Oh and I ride…

I walk these streets, a loaded dildo on my side
I fuck for keeps, ‘cuz I have nothing to hide
I’ve been in every bed, still I’m tight and small
I’ve seen a million cocks
And I’ve fucked them all!

I’m a nympho, on a steel dick I ride
And I want it (want it)
Dead or Alive.

I’m a nympho, on a steel dick I ride
And I want it (want it)
Dead or Alive.

Perhaps some of you bitches have the wrong idea. Just because I have met a truly alpha male who is very knowledgeable about the female body and what to do with it, does not mean I would ever allow any one of you beta bitches to have your way with me. Not a single one of you could even hope to compete with this man and his sexual wizardry. In fact, my meeting him has only made you more pathetic in my estimation. You may continue to prostrate yourselves before me and off up your worship, but I will be honest…I will always find you sorely lacking.

I cannot stop thinking about how your mouth feels on my pussy. So many times I hear women say that most men simply do not know how to eat pussy. They need so much instruction. I honestly never felt that way, it always felt good. Okay, so maybe I did not come every single time, I always thought it was just more of a challenge for me to have an orgasm through oral stimulation alone. Until the first (and every) time you put your mouth on me. I seriously could not believe how quickly you brought me to orgasm. I did not have to give you one bit of direction, your mouth just instinctively knows its way around my honey hole. Your mouth has become a serious addiction for me. I simply cannot get enough. I think about it constantly and I ache for it like you could not imagine. All my friends, all my previous lovers, all the bitches that kneel in abject worship at my feet, none of them have ever seen me taken to my knees quite like you have done. That is some powerful stuff, my love.

I just returned from the most decadent vacation. I spent 9 days relaxing in the sun, by the water, with constant tongue, finger, and cock action at my whim.

You would think I would be all sexed out, but not Bryannimal. I think the more I fuck, the more I want to fuck. I seriously have a one track mind. Thank goodness for all the naughty boys that want to call and tell me all about how they long to worship my body.

Why don’t you call me and tell me all about it. Where would you start? When would you stop? How would you make sure my insatiable libido and thirst for orgasms be quenched? Could you?

All this hot new pussy in the house is really getting things steamy around here. So many different types of girls to choose from. Makes me want to try them all together and each one individually.

I want you to be sobbing, wailing, drooling with shame and embarrassment. So dumb, so pathetic, so weak. I want you to hear the laughter of a crowd around you, witnessing each piercing moment of degradation. Watching you sink lower and lower until you are not a man, not even a human. Barely an animal. A brainless collection of fat, trash covered body parts waddling around the place to be used as a freakish beast for the entertainment of others.

I am so wet. I bet your dick would love to be inside this tight wet cunt, so wet. I bet you want to feel my tight pussy walls squeeze around your perverted little dick don’t you?

That’s right…your tiny little dick. You couldn’t even fuck me if I let you, you couldn’t please my pussy with that pathetic little prick.

That’s right, you know you’ve got a little baby dick, I bet it’s so hard for my tight pussy right now, I bet even hard, it’s still so very, very small. I bet your little dick needs to be in a pussy so fucking bad, but nobody will let you fuck them, because it’s so small.

Keep watching me rub this pussy you little fucking bitch boy.

I love humiliating men, and they love paying me to do it.

You’re never going to fuck this pussy you know why? Because I only fuck men with big dicks. You’re not even a man are you, with that tiny little dick?

You’re just a boy, you can’t even grow a proper dick.

At least your hands are big, now massage my tits while I rub my pussy, and make your tiny little dick cum in your pants!

“I have a really weird fetish…”

Your voice is so tentative, so shy…you do not want to tell me, you are embarrassed. Will I laugh at you? (maybe!) Will I think you are weird? (never!). I can tell in the past, when you have confessed, people have judged you. Not me, I promise…

“Go ahead, darling, tell me what it is…”

I am encouraging, gentle, coaxing. I do want to hear your secrets, how else can I get into your head and drive you into ecstasy?

“It is just so perverse…”

Oh this must be good, you really are quite embarrassed, it must be really dark, really depraved. This excites me! I love truly wicked boys, I love how creative we can get together. I also like helping you to embrace your sexual fantasies.

“Oh, good! Tell me!”

You are fairly shaking as you whisper to me

“I like wearing women’s panties”

Oh, for fucks sake! Seriously? So do I!

I absolutely adore all you panty wearing sissies out there, but panties are the last thing you should be embarrassed about. I know I am not! :)

What is the kinkiest thing you have ever done?

I get asked this question a lot. I have the hardest time answering it. After 14 years of adult phone sex, I do not think I know what qualifies as kinky to most people. I guess my mind has become so twisted and so depraved that even the darkest fantasies seem “normal” to me. That can’t be true though, can it?

So, I try to answer the best I can, wracking my brain for the definition of “kinky”, really I discover the definition lies with the person who is asking…

So…how do YOU define kinky. Based on that definition, I will tell you what the kinkiest thing I have done is. :)

I have a great deal of sexual experience, it is true, so in the past when
asked if there were any fantasies I have had left unfulfilled I could
never think of any. That was of course before I started indulging myself
in a little cuckold relationship and I wanted to up the ante on the games
we would play. When he watches me get fucked by a man, he gets so worked
up when I tell him how much bigger they are than him. Usually this is
true, his dick is not very big at all. One time as I was getting railed by
a delightfully aggressive young man with a slightly larger than average
cock, he asked me if I wanted my cucky to join. I laughed. I laughed so
hard I had to stop him from fucking me so I could recover. I asked the
cuck to take out his tiny penis and show my lover what he was suggesting I
subject myself to. Of course, cucky had a very hard little cock and he
more than happily obliged me. I looked at my cucky’s dick and then at my
lover’s. I laughed again. I told my lover, the only way I would even be
able to feel that tiny cock was if they both put their cocks in my pussy
at the same time. My lover grinned wickedly and my cucky’s eyebrows shot
up. We didn’t do anything that night, but I have been fantasizing about it
since, and I have been teasing the little cuck mercilessly over it.
The feel of soft leather against the shaft of your cock drives you wild.
As you lay prone over my thighs, your hard cock trapped between my leather
clad legs and I spank your naughty bottom, you grow harder and harder. It
won’t be long before you are begging me to open you up and fuck your tight
little ass until you are screaming for release. Just don’t get it on my
boots, bitch…you wouldn’t want to have to lick them clean, would you?
I love reaching over in bed and brushing my hand against your cock in the
middle of the night. I love how instantly you react to just the slightest
touch of my fingers. Those soft little moans that escape your lips in your
sleep. I wonder if those touches trigger dreams. Dreams of the way my soft
warm mouth feels when it wraps around the head of your big beautiful cock.
Dreams of me riding you until my tight, wet pussy is spasming with
pleasure and my orgasm is dripping down your balls. Dreams of you flipping
me over onto my stomach and plunging your thick, throbbing cock deep
inside me until your balls tighten up and you shoot your fat, hot load
deep into my womb. I hope they do.
Sometimes I have to do things around YD that don’t involve fantastic adult
phone sex…they are boring things, but they often times offer me the
opportunity to tease you mercilessly. You call, you beg for me to do a
call with you. I tell you how busy I am, you whine and whimper and beg me.
My fake empathy drives you wild, you poor thing. You offer to “sweeten the
pot”. This is how I know you are addicted to me. So even when I am not
busy, you pay me double. You horny little pervert!
One day you were scrubbing the toilet in the guest bathroom, when in
walked my lover, Danny. You knew he was fresh from fucking me as he was
stark naked and his not yet flaccid cock was dripping with my juices.

Acting like you were not even there, he stood over you, aimed his thick
cock and started to piss with your hand still in the bowl. You were so
shocked that at first you did not react. Then, as you tried to get
out-of-the-way Danny just grabbed you by the neck pushed your head down
with one hand, so that you were kneeling in front of the toilet, your
cheek on the bowl, his piss stream pouring out above you. Hot piss
splattered off the top of your head and into the bowl.

As he finished, the remainder of his piss fell from his waning cock and
onto your cheek, dribbling down towards your mouth and neck. Danny reached
down and yanked your face up by the hair, shaking the last drops of piss
from the head of his cock directly into your mouth. He left the bathroom
and rejoined me in the Master bedroom.

He didn’t even laugh at what he just did, let alone acknowledge it. He
just exerted his authority naturally, without even trying to be an
alpha-male. You had never felt more inferior to anyone than at that
When you first saw my picture on the xxx phone sex site, you were
immediately mesmerized by the perfection of my size 36D plush tits. Your
eyes covered every inch of them. You feel under a near trance as you
looked at my cavernous cleavage. You dreamed of what it would be like to
caress them in your hands, to experience their plush perfection in your
mouth. You dreamed of suckling on my nipples. What plushly perfect tits,
I have, don’t I? You were afraid to call. Intimidated by the sheer beauty
of my breasts – you had never called a phone sex line and couldn’t imagine
discussing your sexual desires with someone who had breasts as perfect as

First, a day went by, then a week without calling, but you were always a
breast man and you spent hours a day looking at my plushly perfect breasts
online. You needed to see more pictures of them. You were becoming
addicted. You contacted me via e-mail and instant messaging begging for
more pictures of my plushly perfect tits. You were so needy. You craved
them so much. Each time, you got the same reply from me. “If you don’t
call, you don’t get any other pictures and we both know how much you want
to see them don’t you?”

My plush tits were all you could think about. You hadn’t masturbated to
anything else the entire week. Every time you saw another woman when you
were out, you subconsciously compared her breasts to mine and she always
came up on the short end. Your shyness about calling was being replaced by
a desperate desire to see more of my breasts. You needed my plushly
perfect breasts like a drug. You craved them more than anything else you
could ever imagine. You couldn’t stop thinking about them. Finally, you
called. I had you talk about my plushly perfect breasts for over an hour
while you stroked your engorged cock. I brought you to the brink of
ecstasy and then sent you a new picture of their plush perfection.

There was no need to ask you when you opened up the picture because I
heard you scream, “Bryanne, I love your plushly perfect tits!” as you

I said, “You know how to earn more of them. You just have to call,” as I
ended our first one-on-one phone chat.

You’ve been calling regularly for over a year now. My breasts are plushly
perfect, aren’t they?
We finish our daily Goddess worship call at 7:30AM. Sure I run one of the
most successful phone sex lines in the country but our calls have gone
from sex talk and fantasy talk to pure worship. You admire me from the
guest house as I enjoy pleasure and pampering from my three servant girls.
Once a week, if you have been very good, I let you masturbate while
watching servant girl #2 lick my pussy after I have fucked her on the
balcony with a strap-on. Nothing excites you more. In fact our daily
worship sessions and watching my weekly fuck of my servant girl are all
the sex that you get or desire. In fact, it is all you crave. However,
servant girl #2 is just any servant girl, she’s your girlfriend. She was
your live-in girlfriend before you were banished to the guest house when I
took over the main house. As for your girlfriend, as one of my servant
girls, she still lives in the main house with me, while your pathetic ass
lusts after each of us from the guest house.

Now, never let it be said that I don’t have a heart. I still let you and
your “girlfriend” spend quality time together. In addition to you paying
to call and watch me fuck her, I am sure that you have fun doing the
yard work and other chores around the house together. Additionally, in
order to keep up appearances for others you know outside of our special
world, I allow you to go on business dinners, small play dates to the
movies, a concert, or a sporting event together with one of my other
servant girls as a chaperone of course. You’re just not allowed to kiss
her (other than a peck on the cheek) or fuck her any more. The kissing and
fucking is for me and my servant girls to do with her. Once a month, on
the same day of the month as your birthday, I allow you to come into the
master bedroom and spend the night kneeling naked at the foot of my bed as
I bring your girlfriend pleasure that she never could have imagined with
you before. The good news is that I can see it brings you pleasure too, as
your cock is rock hard throughout the evening until I allow you to excuse
yourself to the bathroom where you can release into the toilet putting
that cum in the only receptacle that it deserves. It’s fun being my little
cuckold pet, isn’t it?
My phone sex line rings and I pick up. You tell me that you are into in
verbal degradation and that you love cumming while someone tells you how
pathetic you are.

I respond, “What the fuck is wrong with you? Who the hell do you think you
are? Do you think you can just call me, a beautiful goddess, who is more
woman that you could ever dream of pleasing, and tell me what you want?
Take a look at my picture. Do you see how amazing my plush 36D breasts
are? Do you see how perfectly shaped and immensely kissable that my
immaculate ass is? Have you looked into my eyes? Are you intoxicated by
them yet? So again, I ask, ‘Who the fuck do you think you are?’” I can
hear you hesitating briefly, which is followed by stuttering and
sputtering as you try to put together a reply. Next, there is nothing but

“Just as I thought, you talk a big game until you are faced with someone
as powerful, beautiful and intelligent as me. You are nothing but a
pathetic weakling. If you have a girlfriend, which I seriously doubt, I am
sure she is entirely unsatisfied. You must have to spend a fortune to keep
her happy. What a total loser you are. Such nerve calling someone like me
telling me what you want and need. You are fucking amazing. I’ll bet that
puny little cock of yours is getting hard right now knowing how little I
think of you. If this wasn’t an xxx phone sex line, I’d have hung up on
you already. What do you have to say for yourself?”

I hear the sound of you stroking your cock which must be rock hard by now.
You try to put together some words as your mind races in ecstasy. All that
can come out is a stifled moan.

“Man, you are pathetic. You might be the most pathetic person that I’ve
talked to all year. Although I must say you don’t do much talking. I’m
glad to see you are doing the only thing you are good at, you fucking
jerk-off addicted wanker. Stroke that dick for your Goddess. You love
being treated like this don’t you? Don’t answer. I’ll have my answer soon.
Cum for me NOW, my pathetic cum slut.”

“YESSSSS! Thank you, Goddess Bryanne! Thank you so much,” you reply as you
shoot your load.

“Fine my perverted toy. You won’t be able to cum any more until you are
listening to my voice telling me how pathetic your sorry ass is. Is that
understood? I’ll expect another call to my phone sex line tomorrow.”

“Yes, Goddess Bryanne.”

“Now, go cumslut. I’ve had enough of your fucking stupidity for one day.”
I guess it seems like a good idea for so many of you men at the time. Look
up a sex on the phone site. Find a raven haired, plush breasted goddess
like me that you could only fantasize about by never have and e-mail or
tweet a picture of your dick to her. That’s how we first met a few months
ago. You had the pleasure of worshiping my amazing body in all its glory,
while I had the misfortune of getting a close-up view of your tiny
prick. The funny part is until we first spoke, you actually had the
misconception that little dicklet was actually impressive. I guess the
fact that you and your wife had only been with each other might have had
something to do with it. She was adorable and innocent-minded and didn’t
know any better. You, on the other hand, should have been at least humbled
in a common shower area at one point in your life.

I played along when you contacted me and said that you should call me for
some one-on-one phone sex. I told you that after seeing a cock like that
how could I resist. I have to admit that I almost fell over laughing as I
wrote to you. Of course, you called, and I said that I had some porn to
show you that we could talk about as we called. I made sure to send you
montage of pictures of women with huge strap-ons and men with huge members
fucking women that were receiving pleasure that your poor girlfriend could
only dream about. In the montage that I sent you, I made sure to
intermingle your little pee pee into the mix. After a few sessions of
this, I could see that you were starting to get the point that your cock
was not just small but pretty minuscule. I told you that if you were going
to continue to be allowed to call me after subjecting me to that little
pickle, you were going to have to accept that you were nothing more than a
small dicked little boy. I also said you needed to tell me your wife’s
name, email, and address, or I was going to find it on my own and let her
know that her husband likes to send pics of his dick to other women. You
obliged and unbeknownst to you, I began sending random e-mails from random
accounts to your wife – all of which included pictures and video links of
men with enormous dicks, goddesses with huge strap-ons and the women that
they were bringing incredible pleasure as they fucked them. Furthermore,
when she clicked on them, it installed a program that allowed me to track
her search history. When I was convinced, that she was really becoming as
obsessed with big cocks as you were humiliated by your small one, I sent
her a few random packages with huge dildos and vibrators. I could tell by
your calls how it was all impacting you. You were meeker and weaker than
ever and now were getting aroused only the more I humiliated you about
your small cock. In fact, you only could cum while I ordered you to stroke
that puny thing while I humiliated you. Furthermore, you mentioned that
your wife was getting less and less interested in you sexually. Yet, you
could hear her moaning ever night as she headed off to the bathroom or the
bedroom while you stayed in the living room watching TV or talking to me.
I chuckled and told you to take that little peeny in your hands and stroke
while you listened to your wife fuck herself with a plastic replacement
for your small cock that brings her more pleasure than you ever could.
Small cock humiliation is just what you need.
When you first started calling me for sex talk, you were so
self-confident. You told me that you picked me because you liked my
smoldering hot sensuality and the fact that I appeared to be dominant.
You said that you were going to enjoy controlling me and having me suck
your cock. I just went along with your ridiculous machismo and waited for
my opportunity. You said that you would be calling me when you wanted and
when you had time and that I would be happy to wait for you. You said that
you would teach me my place. So the first few calls went, you bragging
about how you were going to control me, while I used the power of my
sensual voice, amazing beauty and superior intelligence to subtly control
the pleasure that you were receiving on each call. Furthermore, in between
your rants and self-induced grandeur, I began to gain more and more
insights to your real lack of confidence and hidden sexual desires. Each
call I began planting new thoughts, fetishes and desires into your mind,
while all the while you held on to your fantasy that you were in control.

Finally, when I could hear from the tone of your voice that your false
bravado was starting to fade, I made my move. I told you that you would
not be allowed to cum, nor would you desire to cum, until you were certain
I was pleased with you. I told you that you were done making claims about
your superiority to me. I simultaneously sent you pictures of my body to
worship. I had you tell me what you liked most about me. I told you what I
thought made you weak. I could hear you starting to cower with my words. I
told you that you would be allowed to stroke only if you told me what made
me superior to you and what made you weak. You started to list all the
things you liked most about me. All the things you adored about me. All
the things that made you worship me as you stroked your cock. Next, you
told me how weak you really were and how you used false bravado to hide
your insecurities as you stroked. You told me how truly superior I was to
you as your cock was as hard as a rock. I said that you would be only
allowed to cum if you were truly willing to surrender to your Goddess. I
mentioned how you needed to surrender to my plush breasts, my sensual
voice, my unrivaled power, my superior intelligence. Surrendering is the
only thing that would make you hard. You fell to your knees nearly in
tears of joy lavishing praise over my true perfection. You told me that
you would always serve and worship me and treat me as the Goddess that I
am, as you continued to stroke your rock hard cock.

I told you, “If you cum, you will be mine. Totally, irreversibly mine.
It’s what you want, isn’t it, pet?”

“Yes, Goddess Bryanne. I want to be yours and only yours.”

“You will no longer date. You will no longer have any friends or
interactions that I do not approve of. You will no longer look at porn or
fantasize over any woman but me. I will control your fetishes, desires,
social interactions and beliefs. Is that understood, pet?”

“Yes, Goddess Bryanne.”

“Good, then cum now and surrender totally to your Goddess.”

Isn’t total surrender, great?
I knocked on your door, the day that I moved into your neighborhood. I
was wearing skintight black leather pants and a black latex bustier that
showed off the sheer amazingness of the cleavage generated by my size 36D
tits. Your girlfriend boxed you out from answering the door and said with
disgust, “What can I do for you?”.

“Hi, I am Bryanne, I moved in next door. I was wondering if I could borrow
your computer for a few minutes. The wi-fi hasn’t been installed yet in my
home, my smartphone is charging and I really need to check my work
“Sure. It’s my boyfriend’s house. He’ll have to show you,” your girlfriend
said with contempt.

You took me to your laptop and started it up. You said that you would be
in the living room if I needed anything else. I proceeded to do a little
snooping on your browser history to learn a bit about you. A woman doesn’t
have one of the most successful xxx phone sex businesses without
understanding how men click. Based on the fetish sites that you had been
checking recently, I imagine you liked my outfit a bit more than you had
shown before and that you were probably secretly craving a woman who was a
bit more dominant than your ice queen girlfriend. After digging a bit
deeper, I saw that both of you had left your emails open. I wrote down the
addresses for later use. Even more surprising were some of the emails that
the ice queen had saved on her email. It looks like she is into watching
women on women action and had a bit of a latex and leather fetish of her
own. As I checked my work email, I also inserted a thumb drive and found
the ideal program to install. This program that would launch when either
of you started up the computer or launched the a browser for the first
time would seem like a quick blip to your conscious mind while your
subconscious mind would be bombarded with subliminal images of women in a
variety of sexual adventures with other women all wearing latex and
leather. Furthermore, I sent you both an email that when you clicked it
would make me my website page the default page of your browsers.

It didn’t take long for both of you to start calling my phone sex line to
discuss your sexual desires. You both mentioned how much you loved seeing
women in formfitting clothes, especially latex and leather. It took you
both a bit longer to discuss how while you still enjoyed being together,
you only got really sexually excited when you thought about women having
sex with other women. As we talked, I sent you both more pictures and
videos of lesbian women fucking each other in tight, beautiful outfits. I
could tell with each call that you craved it more and more. I asked you
both if you had ever discussed your fetish with each other and you were
embarrassed. I decided it was time to pay you another visit. I was dressed
in a latex dominatrix dress and leather boots when I rang your doorbell. I
could see your girlfriend physically quiver when she answered the door and
I saw you get excited when she opened the gift I had brought over and it
was a latex catsuit for her. I had her put it on and she could barely
contain her excitement. She gave me a passionate hug and kiss before she
realized what she had done. By the pup tent forming in your jeans, I could
tell that you didn’t mind.

It was less than a week later, when the brainwashing was complete. I have
to admit I was a bit surprised that she was the one of you that instigated
the request for me to fuck her in front of you while we both wore latex
but I happily obliged. I enjoy having her as a lover and one of my newest
phone sex girls. I enjoy having you a dutiful caller and submissive.
Brainwashing is so much fun.
When you work on a phone sex line, you get a lot of different callers.
Some know what they want. Some want to get off. Some just aren’t really
sure what they want. One of my favorite type of calls is behavior
modification. Now, behavior modification can take a lot of forms and
varieties; so, I like to use my beauty and sensual voice to get inside
your head.

“You will do anything for me, won’t you, pet?”

“Do you remember our first call together?”

You called saying that you wanted more than just sex talk. When you heard
my lustrous voice, you said you felt like you could tell me anything. Tell
me anything you did. You mentioned how you loved seeing women in tight
form fitting clothes – latex, leather, yoga pants, spandex, athletic body
suits and most of all liquid leggings. We spent some of our calls talking
about how beautiful I would look in liquid leggings. My immaculate ass
caressed by the material. My strong, athletic legs would feel so good
against the smooth shiny material. I sent you pictures of women in liquid
leggings and links to liquid leggings sites as you stroked your cock while
telling me how badly you wanted to feel my body encased in liquid leggings
– to caress them, to kiss them, to worship them. During the next couple of
months, you were given a number of assignments to honor me by completing.
You were only allowed to masturbate to pictures of women in liquid
leggings. You were to fantasize about how liquid leggings must feel
against the body. You bought pairs of liquid leggings for me and my
friends to wear. You couldn’t get enough of me, my voice, my beauty, my
power and liquid leggings. You associated liquid leggings with the
pleasure that I brought to your life and your cock. Finally, I had you buy
a pair of liquid leggings just like the one that you bought me; so that
you could feel them and kiss them as if they were on me. One call after
you were very excited at doing just that, I ordered you to put them on, to
see how they must feel on my body. You said that you had never done
anything like that and that you didn’t like wearing women’s clothes but
when I said it was important for you to feel what I feel in liquid
leggings. You complied. You mentioned that you were surprised how soft
they felt and the pleasure you felt as they caressed your body. I had you
start stroking your cock under the liquid leggings as you wore them and as
I sent you pictures of women wearing them. Your cock got even more
engorged as the bulge brushed against leggings. You exploded with cum and
an amazingly intense orgasm. I told you that from now on you would need to
wear the liquid leggings any time you worshiped women in liquid leggings
or talked to me. Since then you’ve added to your leggings collection and
you couldn’t imagine masturbating without them on could you? Isn’t
behavior modification fun?
The first time you called me for some one-on-one phone sex. You mentioned
that you had a serious girlfriend who was exactly your type. She was more
the Eastern European model type – long, light hair, thin legs, small but
firm round ass and pert tits. You chose me because I was different – 36D
tits, immaculate ass, touchably soft dark hair and curves in all the right
places. You had never called a phone sex line before but you were just
feeling so horny with your girlfriend out of town for the next two weeks.
I remember when you first heard my voice, you seemed almost mesmerized
like you were falling into a trance. I was not going to let that go to
waste. We talked for quite awhile that day as sent you links via instant
message of a variety of women. Every time, I sent you a picture of a woman
that was built and looked like me, I let you stroke your hard cock and
reminded you how much pleasure I could bring you. Every time, I sent a
picture of a woman that was like your girlfriend, you were not allowed to
stroke your cock and I had you talk about things that had embarrassed you
in your sexual and dating relationships over the years. At the end of that
first call, I had you release while you were worshipping my picture. You
mentioned it was the best orgasm you could ever remember having.
That’s how it went those seven times that you called me during the two
weeks that your girlfriend was away. Pictures of me or someone that looked
like me and you got pleasure. Pictures of someone who looked like your
girlfriend (and eventually actually pictures of your girlfriend, when you
worked up the courage to send them to me for me to use them on you) and
you got embarrassment or disappointing thoughts and your hard cock
remained neglected. Finally, the day that your girlfriend was coming home,
you called me for what you said was a final time. I chuckled at that
thought. You said you wouldn’t have any need for sex talk on the phone
when she returned. Yet, later that night, whose number should appear on my
caller ID but you. You sounded very frantic and confused. You said you
needed someone to talk to. You mentioned that you had just been over your
girlfriend’s apartment and while she was filled with passion and lust
after being away for the past couple of weeks, you just could not get hard
or excited. It made you feel embarrassed and ashamed. You didn’t know what
to do so you faked an illness and headed back home. You knew that you
needed someone to talk to it about and I was the only one you could think
of. As we talked, I started sending you instant messages with pictures of
your girlfriend. I asked. “Doesn’t she excite you anymore?”. Your silence
said more than words. After we had been talking for 30 minutes on the
phone, I began sending you pictures of women who looked like me. I could
tell by your breathing that you had begun stroking your cock. When I
finally sent you a picture of me and my perfect 36D breasts and dark hair,
you came saying my name, “Bryanne!”.

I said, “Have you heard of the term mind fucked, my pet?”

You said ,”No.”

I said, “Well, you are. You will be continuing to call me because you will
need me for your releases. As for your girlfriend, I don’t expect her to
be in that role very much longer. Tomorrow, you can break up with her and
we’ll talk about girls that you know that look like me. Head off to bed,
pet. You’ve had a long day.”
Don’t let my touchably soft hair, immaculate ass and plush 36D breasts,
which look amazing squeezed perfectly into my trademark pencil dress fool
you, I am a tigress. As CEO of a major corporation, I am always looking
for young female co-eds that I can mold through our college intern
program. Some of my best managers started out as my interns; however,
there are others that I find that are more suited to an entirely different
position. This year, I was intrigued by a candidate named Alex. She was a
bookish, yet busty, mathematics major with a 4.0 GPA. From her resume and
some follow-up with her professors, Alex was a classic overachiever who
kept to herself and immersed herself in her studies. In fact, I bet she
didn’t have any friends and I am fairly certain that she had never even
kissed a man, or a woman for that matter. I decided to do a video
interview with Alex myself.

The moment the call started I knew that I had a special position for Alex.
She had so much potential even if it was hidden under that unflattering
sweater and baggy jeans. She was clearly in awe of my power and presence.
Her voice quivered with near orgasmic delight any time I complemented her.
At times, I felt her seeing my beauty and hearing my lush, sensual voice
must have seemed like xxx phone sex to her. I offered her a position as my
personal assistant. I told her that she needed to fully immerse herself in
the job and would need to spend the summer living in my house; so that we
could spend more time together. I also told her that I would provide her
clothes to wear, as well. I bought her designer business suits and dresses
to wear during the business day as I taught her the ins and outs of being
an executive with a major corporation. However, at night, I told her that
she needed to perform tasks around the house in order to earn her free
room and board. She was to do the housework – cooking the meals, doing the
laundry, cleaning the dishes, etc. For those chores, I provided her with
two sets of uniforms – during the week she would wear skintight yoga pants
and a sports bra, while during the weekend she would wear a latex maid
outfit. I could tell she was hesitant at first but she was so susceptible
to my power and my beauty that it didn’t take much convincing. I
personally made sure that she got a chance to see my perfect body in as
many varieties of form fitting outfits as I could devise while we were at
home. When I found out she had no boyfriend or girlfriend, I added
bathing me to the list of daily chores. I could see the lust in her eyes
as she washed my plush breasts and smooth perfect pussy. I asked her what
she was thinking. She said that I was the most beautiful woman that she
had ever seen and she had feelings that she wasn’t sure about. I asked her
if she wanted to kiss me. She said that she did. I told her that she
needed to start by kissing my ass and pussy before I would allow it. After
a little cute shyness, she did just that. By the time, she made it to my
lips. I knew that she was mine. I told her that the day time training was
over, as was her college career. She would be my full-time domestic
servant. In return, I would give her the honor of being my lover. She fell
to her knees and thanked me. All her bottled up sexual desires have been
released since then. Alex, the 4.0 student, is the best domestic servant
and lover that a woman could ever desire.
It is 7AM on a magic summer morning, as I walk out onto balcony of my
palatial home in order to provide my plush, bare 36D breasts with the
opportunity to soak in the early morning sun. The same sun reflects off my
shiny blue latex skating skirt and matching knee-high boots making them
look even more spectacular than they already do. Kneeling before me are
three beautiful, young blonde servant girls dressed in their handcrafted
French maid uniforms. I scan slowly to the right and see the small guest
house that you are now living in. I chuckle with amusement knowing that
you are there as you are each and every morning on your knees with your
cock in hand meekly peering out of the window in the hope of catching a
glimpse of my divine beauty. I point down to servant girl #1 and she
begins worshiping my boots with her eager tongue. I point down to servant
girl #2 and she immediately starts showing my divine pussy the attention
it not only desires but deserves. Servant girl #3 doesn’t need any
direction, she hands me my smartphone. I look at the time on the lock
screen, 7:15AM, the phone rings. You are such a well-trained slave boy
aren’t you.

When you first called my phone sex line, you thought you would be having
xxx phone sex with me but that was months ago, when you lived in the main
house and the guest house was empty. It didn’t take long for me to figure
out that you wanted, no needed, a Goddess to worship. Now, you have one.
Each morning, I show off my divine body on the balcony and you watch from
a distance in awe of my beauty and power over you. Each morning, my
servant girls pleasure and pamper me, as you attend to that feeble cock
and recite your mantra of worship to me. Each morning, at precisely
7:15AM, you call me to tell me how perfect I am and how you would do
anything for me. What started off as an innocent call some months ago to a
phone sex line when you were feeling horny and in need of a release, has
become a daily necessity for you. I may not let you cum today. I may just
make you stay hard staring at me, the woman of your dreams while you tell
me how much you worship and adore me. You are so addicted to me. It’s
great to have a Goddess to worship isn’t it.
The question came up with a few of my friends…”you are giving a man head
and he tells you he is about to come…what do you do?”

Friend 1: “Swallow it, of course! I love when my man shoots his fat load
right down my throat!”

Friend 2: “Spit it out…ugh, I cannot stand it, it is so salty!”

Friend 3: “I would pull my mouth off it and get out of the way!”

Friend 4: “I would pull my mouth off, but ask him to shoot his hot sticky
load all over my slutty face!”

Me: “I would squeeze his balls hard until his dick goes limp and tell him
he doesn’t come unless I say so!”
“You have reached the department of Big Drains, how much will you lose
today?” One of my very favorite things to do is get this guy on the line.
We have SO much dirt on him and he cannot help but call up and ask if we
are going to tell on him. Thing is, the minute he gets on the phone with
one of us, he is done for. He knows he will be passed around from woman to
woman until his bank account is run dry and he is jerking his stupid
little cock furiously hoping to come before his card declines and we hang
up on hm. He begs us not to rat him out…please don’t tell everyone what a
pervert he is, how he calls phone sex and just throws all his money at us
while we all laugh and laugh. His voice sounds so weak and helpless as he
asks us how we can do this to him. Silly little rabbit, you are the one
that picks up the phone and dials our number, knowing what will happen.
You will keep on calling because you are addicted to it. You cannot help
yourself and well…we certainly aren’t going to help you either.
There is something so incredibly sexy and empowering about controlling a
man and his orgasm. I get to decide when and if you get to release. Do I
feel you have deserved to release? Have you waited long enough, been
tortured long enough? Have you paid proper tribute and adoration to me in
order for me even to consider it? Probably not.

I love though, getting you to that edge…so close, begging me for mercy
(haha!) and then hearing me tell you to let me know just how terrible it
would feel to orgasm right now. How it would be the absolute worst feeling
in the world to let your balls release and send ropes of come up your
shaft and out your cock. That would just be awful! Beg me NOT to let you
come. Beg me to ruin your orgasm!

You pathetic little loads are worthless, disgusting and boring.
I won’t say it was easy, the first time I cheated on you. I did not know
if you were serious when you told me you wanted to know that I was
unfaithful, that you did not think you could stay in a relationship with a
woman who could not cheat. I wondered, for a long time, what was driving
this. Did you want an excuse to cheat on me too? You swore you would
remain faithful…and you kept that promise. Our long, late into the
night/early morning talks as we lay prone, tangled up in one another;
those are what gave me the courage to finally take that step. You told me
I had free reign, that I could tell you about it, or lie to you. That I
could keep it a secret to use as ammunition at a later date. Anything. I
just wanted to see if I could do it. So…I did. I slept with someone else,
and when I came back to you early the next morning, and you were wrought
with worry for my absence, I knew you could tell. You were so hard when I
crawled into bed and you wrapped me up in your arms. I know you sniffed my
hair and could smell him on me. My heart pounded hard when your fingers
slipped between my legs and you could feel how hot and swollen my pussy
was. I felt your breathing hitch in your chest as you pushed one finger
inside and you whispered “you are so wet, honey” knowing it was his come
inside of me. When you pressed your lips to my ear and said “I love you,
my Queen, thank you…” I knew everything was going to be perfect.
I want you jerking that pathetic cock for me right now. I want you to do
it when I say and how. You can’t say no, you can’t stop. How can you
resist? I mean…look at me. You worship and adore every inch of my Goddess
frame. Your cock swells to its unimpressive length whenever you see me or
hear my voice. Can you come? Fuck no! Why would I ever let you make that
kind of disrespectful mess in my presence? I do not care if it has been
day, weeks, months or years. You and your nasty little penis NEVER
deserve to come, loser.
Yesterday, I went on a blind lunch date set up by one of my girlfriends.
When I got to the café we had agreed to meet at, he was already there,
sitting at a small table in the corner. He was as she described…tall, from
what I could tell with him sitting, muscular, but not obnoxiously so and a
very handsome face with dark hair, and bright blue eyes. The kind you just
want to let yourself drown in. My friend had told me we would get on very
well, and as the date progressed, this proved to be true. We had a great
deal in common, he had a wonderful sense of humor, and the chemistry was
electric. His finger tips brushed mine as we both reached for the cream
for our coffee. It was like a bolt of lightning went through me. Our eyes
locked and a knowing smile formed on his handsome face. The conversation
turned more flirtatious. I am not a shy girl, I like to lay the cards on
the table for any potential suitors, so it was not long before we both
were getting a little worked up by the conversation. I was undeniably
attracted to this man. So much so my hand trembled a little when I reached
for my napkin and accidentally dropped it. I leaned down to grab it from
underneath the table and as I did…you know, of course I am going to take a
peek. Good God, the sight that greeted my well timed peek was enough to
make me gasp. This smart, funny, handsome man was packing some serious
heat. His slacks, a light grey color, we well tailored, but they did
nothing to hide the massive bulge in them. I could clearly see the outline
of his shaft and the head of his cock on his left thigh. I came back up
quickly, hoping I had not stayed down too long, taking in the glorious
sight. My eyes met his and that smile returned to his face. I leaned back
slightly in my chair and steadied my breathing. There was no doubt in my
mind…I was going to fuck this man. Give me a call and I will tell you all
about it.
I am everything to you. You spend your free time kneeling and praying to
my picture, for Bryannism is your new religion and I am your Goddess.
Before each decision that you make or thought that you have, you ask what
would Goddess Bryanne want you to do or think. Your life only has meaning
when you are serving, obeying and pleasing your Goddess Bryanne. As an
offering to me, you have rid yourself of all your false friends and you
will no longer date. Your time is better spent revering your Goddess. You
will give up all your current desires, fetishes and beliefs; so, that I
may reprogram them. Your life serving me and the fantasy world that I spin
for you will be all the pleasure you need. I am perfection.
Yes, you pathetic loser…I am going to take all of your money. What? You
don’t want me to tell your wife? You will do ANYTHING if I just don’t tell
your wife? Oh…no, did I just drain your wallet? Don’t you have any more
to give? All the other women at YourDesires need to know what a small cock
you have and how fucking cheap you are. You are addicted to it. You call
in, begging me not to transfer you to another girl, begging me not to take
advantage of you. But that is why I am here, loser… to take everything
from you. Leave you with nothing…that is what you need from me and I am
more than happy to provide it.
To be my slave, you must be committed to keeping yourself in good shape
through proper diet and exercise. You work out for a few hours a day and
you submit to the proper diet I have chosen for you. You are honored to
learn that I have been pleased with your recent progress and offer to
conduct a workout session for you. You are dressed in your workout shorts
and t-shirt, when you see me enter the gym. I am more beautiful in workout
gear than actresses in an evening gown. I am wearing a black sleeveless
vest top with bright lime green stripes and no bra underneath. I am also
wearing the most gloriously tight, form-fitting lime yoga pants that you
have ever seen. Every curve of my ass is accentuated. You are so honored
to be able to workout with someone who is so beautiful, powerful and
athletic. You will workout for as long as I command. I am everything to
You are amazed as I enter the room in a shiny silver bodysuit. It hugs
every part of my amazing and athletic body. You are entranced as your eyes
scan every curve of my perfect being from head to toe. You are amazed at
how plush my perfect tits look incased in the silver. You are in awe of
how exquisite my ass is as it is hugged by the soft material. You fall to
your knees and pray that I will be your everything and allow you to
worship and serve me as I deserve in all my glory.

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