So charged

Walking into the house tonight got me immediately worked up. All these sexy women moaning…oh my goodness, so hot! I can’t wait for what the night has in store for me. I am hoping I leave with my vibrator batteries dead, my panties soaked and my legs shaking. Are you up for the challenge? ;)

4 comments to So charged

  • gt

    Shadow of an Angel

    Your titillating beauty intimates a much closer look
    Into the penetrating eyes quietly gazing back at me
    The stillness of time allows my eyes to freely roam
    Leaving nothing untouched by my wandering thoughts
    From the handle that adorns the hands that hold my heart
    To the wood grain floor that willingly sits beneath your feet
    Nothing is far removed from the soft shadow of an angel
    And as I carefully gather more of your beauty in my mind
    It excites me to know that these words will touch your lips

    • Carmen

      What beautifully written words. :) Thank you for sharing your poem with me. The imagery it invokes is powerful.

      • gt

        Always My Pleasure

        For me, there is nothing more compelling
        Than a woman who takes time to notice
        It is much like the embers of a fire fading
        Only to be persuaded to flame once again
        And as the smoke rises and quietly clears
        There is nothing left but the naked stares

        I look forward to hearing your voice

      • gt

        For Your Eyes Only

        And just so you know Carmen
        I wrote these poems because of you
        And the picture that quietly holds my view
        It is an image that replays over inside my mind
        The way your hair gracefully flows down your body
        Covering nothing but the outer edges of your heart
        And the way you tip toe without ever making a move
        As your arms rise just high enough to enhance my urge
        And if my eyes must journey to the valley that lies below
        Then let not my hands and lips miss nothing in between

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