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Carmen’s Fantasies

Lately its schedule and Your schedule do not align with each other. For
this it will be punished accordingly. There is really nothing that it can
do to change this because it has to work often while You are working. it
can not fulfill its duties to be available for You to use on demand. Your
pleasure, joy, satisfaction and happiness comes before Your toy does. You
are first in its life and it is totally owned by You.

So that You can make use of Your toy most often given our schedules You
tell it to give You its work schedule. You have trained it to know that
its only reason for not being available for You to use is that it has to
go to work. it must ask for permission to do anything else if it is home
and Goddess Carmen is on line. Even if it is ill, tired or not feeling
very well it must let Goddess Carmen know, then She has final say.

it sends You its work schedule, Monday thru Friday’s from 1pm to 9pm Your
time. Furthermore it lets You know that it has about a 40 minute drive
home as well. You tell it that it should be available at 9:45 pm Your
time then. it is to be logged on and ready for You. This works well for
short amounts of time, but You tell it that it has to be punished because
You are not entertained often enough. So on Sunday morning when it is
available for a long time You tell it that You are going to punish it
because it did not entertain You often enough during the week.

You tell it to get the high heels that it purchase from You a while back
so that You could use them to punish it. You have it place the shoes on
Your feet with its mouth and then You sit on a stool facing it.
You look amazing and it has a shoe fetish that You can take advantage of.
Your toy loves serving You. it learning that Your needs always come first.
You have it lay down on its back with its legs spread out to each side of
the stool. You smile and tell it that Your going to have fun and that it
had better take it. You stand up and bend over, grabbing Your nuts hard
squeezing them until it is screaming. Then You take a rope and tie off
the nuts. Your toy is laying under You, the nuts are placed directly under
the bottom ring of the stool. You grab the nuts again and attach them to
the bottom ring so that they become part of the bar stool. You then sit on
the bar stool, place the sole of Your shoe on Your nuts, then cross Your
legs. You tell it that You are going to have coffee and need a foot rest.
Your drinking Your coffee and grinding the bottom of the shoe around on
the tied off nuts. The nuts can’t escape and they are totally exposed for
You. You press down hard as You switch legs, just going about Your
business. it is screaming in pain as You are crushing the nuts while You
are drinking Your coffee. Then You tell it to shut up and be quiet. At
the same time You start to stomp on the tied off nuts and dig the heels in
to them. With the other shoe, You dig the heels deep in to the thigh and
twist the shoe
with Your foot.

You laugh as You tell it that it belongs to You and You get to use it for
Your amusement. You are grinding, stomping on the nuts and stabbing them
with the heels too. At the same time its legs are being marked from Your
stabbing the heels in to the thighs and scratching them up. it winces
while You are doing this for Your pleasure. You ask it if it is inferior
to You and it replies yes, Goddess Carmen.

You then decide to get the whip that is made from a rubber bungee cord.
You stand over Your toy and then sit down again, digging the heel in to
the nuts. Then You start to whip it with the bungee cord as You grind on
Your nuts. it needs to perform well and for a long time.

Then You tell it that You are ready to ride the exercise bike and You will
be wanting to use it while You are riding the bike. You also tell it that
it will be fun, for You that is. And then remind it that it is just an
object for You to do as You wish.

Then You untie the nuts from the bar stool and grab them hard, telling to
get on its hands and knees. Your whipping its legs and ass as it is
crawling towards the exercise bike. its knees hurt and it will have a
hard time walking if it can at all after it is done.

We are at the exercise bike and You tell it to lay on its back in front of
the bike with its legs spread open. You tell it that You are going to
ride the bike like You normally do and that Your nuts were going to give
Your ride a little extra resistance. You then grab 2 white shoe laces and
tie off each nut. Then You tell it that You have a bungee cord secured to
each peddle. it is squirming as usual and You tell it to stop moving. it
is looking at You knowing that You are going to enjoy it and it will take
it for You. You take each shoelace that was tied to each nut and bind
them to the bungee cords which are attached to the peddles on the bike.

You grab another length of rope and tie off its hands to the bed post in
back of it so that it can not move. Then You get on the bike, look at
Your toy and tell it that it is being punishing for it not being available
often enough. Then it squirms as You start to peddle the exercise bike.
Each time the peddle goes around it is tugging hard on the nut that it is
attached too. You tell it that You are going to ride the bike for
30 minutes and if had better amuse Her. At this point it is afraid that
the nuts are going to be ripped off, but it is being punished and it knows
that it should not ask for mercy unless asked.

After a while Goddess Carmen is really riding the bike hard. its nuts are
so sore that it will not be able to walk for the rest of the day. Goddess
Carmen reminds it that it is Her toy, then pulls out the whip again and
starts to whip the nuts as She rides the bike.

Finally after 30 minutes Goddess Carmen is finished, it is laying on its
back, nuts are black and blue and hurt so much that it can not walk. She
then smiles and says that She is energized. Looks down at Her toy
and tells it that we have all day and we just started.

it quivers and squirms, laying there on its back. Goddess Carmen stands
over Her toy and grabs it by the nuts, telling it that She is in the mood
to fuck. She is still punishing it for not being available often enough.

Pulling it by the nuts, it can’t walk, but crawls over to Her bed. Now it
knows that when Goddess Carmen wants to fuck, it does not mean than it
will be fucking her and getting off. it never gets off and it has not
enough white stones to be able to have an orgasm. It has plenty of black
stones however. One for each time it did not perform exactly as

Goddess Carmen is laughing and tells it that She is going to take a shower
and get ready. But before She takes her shower Goddess Carmen has
something else in mind. She tells it to crawl over to her stool. it
looks up
and gulps, because the immense Ivan Dildo is mounted on the stool. It 14
inches long and 3 inches thick. The dildo is black and had a huge head.
Punishment is the order of the day.

Goddess Carmen tells it to stand over the dildo. its fuck hole is often
abused, but this is different. Goddess Carmen tells it to not worry
because She will lube the dildo up. Silently it is relieved, but this is
punishment and then Goddess Carmen places just a pea sized amount of lube
on to the pee hole of the dildo. Then She tells it to drop down so that
the fuck hole is over the dildo. She grabs Her toys shoulders and pushes
down so that the
tip of that huge giant head is slightly pushed in. She then quickly walks
in from of Her toy, stands on a chair so that Her pussy is close to its
face. Then while it is squatting over the dildo, Goddess Carmen tells it
to stay there until She climbs on to its shoulders. With Her pussy in
front of its face, Her legs are wrapped around its back. She is being
supported on its shoulders and if it fails to hold Her She will punish it
even more severely then She is already doing. Also Goddess Carmen tells
it that eventually its legs will not be able to hold Her and it will not
have a choice but to drop on that huge dildo. With almost no lube She
reminds it. It s legs start to give out and Goddess Carmen tells it that
it had better not drop Her. The legs quit, it has no choice, screams as it
slides down on the huge dildo. The pain is immense. it feels like it is
being ripped in two and there is the added weight of Goddess Carmen
sitting on it. it is screaming, but it is not done yet. Goddess Carmen
needs to shower yet.

Goddess Carmen ties off its legs and arms so that it can not get up and
off of the dildo and then goes about Her business. it is squirming and in
a lot of pain from sitting on the dildo for awhile. Finally Goddess
Carmen comes back out and wow. She is dressed to the nines, then it
realizes that She really is wanting to be fucked. She laughs as She tells
it that She met a man with a huge cock and that She is going to go out for
awhile and have some fun. Her toy looks at her and She smiles telling it
that it won’t be so bad if it sits on the dildo while She is gone. After
all it is not available to Her often enough. What seems like a couple of
hours passes by and finally Goddess Carmen returns. She was smiling as
She told it all about how Her bull fucked her several times. Then Goddess
Carmen told it that She was ready to fuck and untied Her toy so that it
could get up and off of the huge dildo. it almost fell over from having
that huge thing shoved up the fuck hole for so long.

Goddess Carmen told it to get on its hands and knees on the each of the
bed. She pulled something out from Her drawer and plugged in in to the
electrical outlet. it was almost pleading, but it knew from its training
that it
would be punished even more. Goddess Carmen took off Her panties and
shoved them in to Her toys mouth. They were very wet and full of cum
after She had been fucked. Goddess Carmen told Her toy that it had no
choice but to take it. it looked up in fear as She told it that She now
had enough information about it to ensure that it was going to be a good
toy from now on. She never pulled the blackmail card before, but the deed
of ownership that it signed had a provision for Her to use blackmail if
She thought that She did not have all the control. it knew immediately
that it had no choice.

She smiled and reached around Her and grabbed the curling iron and turned
it on. She told it that it would never miss behave again and quickly
pressed it against the fuck hole. it was very hot and Her toy was
screaming thru the panties. Lucky for Her toy that Goddess Carmen was
trying to put the fear of Goddess in to its mind, because She did not
insert the curling iron but told it that She would next time. Instead,
She took the Huge dildo, strapped it on and fucked it violently for what
seem like a long time. Pushing it in deeply, then popping just the head
in and out, then ramming it all the way in over and over again. True to
Her word, Goddess Carmen was in the mood to fuck.

Goddess Carmen pulled out the huge dildo and removed it. Then She reached
in Her drawer and pulled out the studded dildo. This hurts like hell, it
is basically a normal sized dildo with dog collar spikes glued to it.

it was in so much pain, cum filled panties in its mouth and it laid on the
floor a quivering mess. it literally could not get up and had to rest for
a bit. Goddess Carmen told it that She hoped it had learned its lesson
and would place Her needs above its own at all times.

Then She told it Good toy and reached again in to Her purse. Told it to
open its mouth up. Goddess Carmen pulled a cum filled condom from Her
purse and emptied it in to Her toys mouth, then placed the condom in the
mouth and
told it to suck on it for the rest of the night. Then Goddess Carmen
dismissed it for the day.
A fantasy written by my ashtray. This was part of his punishment for
making the mistake of putting his pain above my pleasure.

Greetings Goddess Carmen,

Your desire to use Your toy today is totally within the scope of the deed of
ownership that it signed over to You. With the deed You own it completely
and it is to be Your toy.
Today it performed for You as requested. it always strives to do as You
wish at all times. it knows that You are serious about being able to use
Your toy. You also derive a great amount of pleasure from being able to
fully control it for Your needs.

it is to remember that Your satisfaction, pleasure, joy and happiness
comes before Your toy. Even more so, Your pleasure is its pleasure.
Today it forgot this for an instance as it simply asked a question of
being able to move the lit cigarettes, because You were burning the nuts
on one side. it was squirming and taking it for Your pleasure and now it
will be punished for simply asking a question.

it knows better than to ask, and now it will be punished and retrained to
know that it is just a toy for You to use. it is no longer a man, but an
object that You own completely. it performs for You when requested and
performs well so that You can be greatly entertained. it is totally
squirming and quivering because it knows that the punishment will be quite
severe. it will be sadistic as well because You enjoy making it squirm
for You.

So because it asked to move the cigarettes You have decided to ensure that
it is not able to move the nut tray while it is in Your service. You tell
it to clamp the nut tray down to the stand so that it can not
move. Furthermore, You have in tie off its legs with bungee cords so that
it can not move the legs as well. it is totally locked in place, just an
object for You to use. it is thinking that being in this position for a
long time will result in the legs becoming very tired. its legs will
soon be shaking as You continue to punish Your toy and torture the nuts
that You own. After a while it is thinking about begging You to release
its legs, but it knows that it can’t or it would be punished more. The
nuts that You own are really being abused as You punish it. They are
turning purple, black and blistered as well from Your punishing Your
property. it stands like this while You go about Your business.

Finally You ask if it has learned that Your happiness, satisfaction,
pleasure and joy is more important to it then its own. it replies letting
You know that it learned its lesson. it thinks that the punishment is
done, but soon it will be tested to find out if it has been sufficiently
retrained to Your liking.

You tell it to remove the bungee cords from the legs. it is shaking.
because it can barely stand anymore. Just when it thinks that it may be
over You drop the other shoe, by telling it that You wish to play a
sadistic game.

its reeling right now because the legs are not working all that well and
Your ashtray nuts are sore.

You tell it to light 2 cigs and place them on position 6 and 7 in the nut
tray. it does this quickly as it does not wish to be punished again.
Then You ask it if its happiness and pleasure comes before Yours. it
quickly replies, no, Your happiness and pleasure is more important. it
winces because the cigs are still burning. Than You say good toy to it,
reinforcing good its good behavior.

To its surprise You tell it that You are in a sadistic mood and wish to
play a game. it is still being punished and it knows that it had better
play the game well. The game goes like this. it has to guess a number
between 1 and 10. If it is correct it will be able to remove a lit cig, if
it is wrong it has to light another one and lay it in the tray. Your toy
is quivering and squirming as it knows full well that it will be greatly
abused from playing Your sadistic game.

Start, You tell it and it has to guess. it says 1 and You pause for a
minute so that it really sinks in. Your laughing as You tell it to add
another lit cig. it does so and it is really squirming, hoping that its
next guess is correct. The next guess is of course wrong and You tell it
to light another one and lay it in the tray. Then You tell it that You
are having fun and that it better do it or else. So, it guesses wrong
again and lights another cig. There is now 5 lit cigs in the tray. Now
You decide to punish it for not guessing correctly. You tell it to drop
Your nuts down closer, reminding it that it is Your toy. You are
punishing it and training it at the same time.

You tell it to raise Your nuts up and it quickly does. Then You make it
guess again. it knows that Your entertainment and amusement is more
important to it then the amount of abuse the nuts are taking from being
used by You. it is of course wrong and now there is 6 lit cigs in the nut
tray. it is screaming now and squirming, but it knows not to even think
about asking to move the cigs. Finally it guesses correctly and is allowed
to remove a cig.

Just as it is removing the lit cig You tell it that it has to put it out
on Your nuts. it winces in pain as it does so. We play the game until
You wish to do something else. Finally after You are done having it play
the game You tell it to take each lit cig and draw a C on the nuts that
You own. it does so and there is a very dark C marked in to the front of
the nuts.

You ask it if it has learned its lesson and it quickly replies, Yes
Goddess Carmen. You dismiss it and it has to sit for awhile because the
nuts are so sore it can not walk and it was standing in one place for a
long time.

Your toy/ashtray
Breaking in a new girl is one of the perks of this job. I love to pluck up
a new girl, her eyes big like a doe and a bit unsure of herself. Watching
her transform into the goddess she is so erotic. And when I am the one
that can awaken that change in her- even better.

So when I saw Lucy I was ensnared. There was something so sexy in her
innocent look. I wondered how dirty of a slut she truly was beneath that
school girl veneer. From the second I met her I fantasized about breaking,
molding, exploring and relishing her.

I finally got the chance when she came into my room to ask me where the
paddles were located. I am sure she noticed my devilish smile as I hopped
from the bed and told her to follow me. Maybe she even saw my nipples
harden under my tank top.

We made our way to the dungeon, making small talk. Her voice was soothing
and melodic. I knew she was bound to be popular with many people. But for
now, she is going to be all mine.

Once in the room I located the paddles and then asked her if she would
like a lesson in them, or if she felt comfortable. She didn’t want a
lesson, but something in her eyes made me think she wanted something. But
before I could figure out what it was she wanted she turned to leave the

Then she gasped. I followed her gaze and a small smile came to my lips.
She was taking in the wall lined with ropes, hooks, straps and so much
more. Just about any device to be used in securing someone down had to be
on that wall.

I pressed my body right against the back of hers. “What are you thinking?”
I slid my hand down the front of her body between her legs and felt how
wet she was. She didn’t respond to my question, but I could see her bite
her lip.

I began moving my fingers in a circular motion, pushing on her clit a bit
harder. And then I quickly took my hand off of her pussy, right as she
started to breathe a little heavier.

“Please, don’t stop.” Lucy pouted. She looked so sexy pouting.

“Come,” I beckoned as I walked towards the spanking horse. She bit her lip
again, but followed.

“Good girl,” I purred.

Once she reached the spanking horse I showed her how to get situated. I
flipped her skirt up to expose her milk white ass even more. By the time I
was done with her those cheeks would be red, and the thought of that made
my pussy drip.

I secured her to the spanking horse and began the sensual torture. Over
the course of an hour I used feathers, paddles, whips, and candle wax.

I used the feather to tickle her from head to toe- to awaken all the cells
in her body. I used the paddles on her supple ass cheeks, swating them
until the blushed purple and red. I poured candle wax on the most sesitive
parts of her body; I watched her body twist and turn to the insatiable
feeling. I used the whip up and down her back side.

Her body looked like a work of art afterward. What happened in that room
was beyond powerful. She called me Daddy, used her safe word, and orgasmed
so much there was a puddle under the spanking horse.

When I released her wrist and ankles she struggled to stand, and I caught
her in time. I carried her to the bed and gently placed her down. Her
cheeks were flushed and she had the sweetest of smiles.

“Carmen?” Her voice whispered.

“Mmm,” I responded.

“Next time, can we use the cane?”

My response was a wicked smile.

Fantasy Pt. 1

I sighed loudly as I stood in line at the little baggage claim kiosk. Once
again my flight had been delayed, forcing me to watch as the world’s most
inefficient clerk sorted out which bags belonged to whom. I wasn’t sure
how this kept happening, but somehow every time I flew home from Cali to
Manhattan my bags managed to get there before me. Some days I wasn’t even
sure that it was worth being the CEO of an internet start-up if it meant
constant meetings with backers in L.A.

I sighed again, wondering if the millions I was posed to make would
justify spending what felt like half of my life on a plane, or standing in
line to board one. Not to mention the complete lack of a personal life. I
couldn’t even remember the last time I went out with friends, let alone a

“Next.” Ugh, finally, I thought as I stepped up to the kiosk. “Can I help
you?” the little man standing in front of me asked.

“I certainly hope so.” I responded, putting on my 1,000 watt CEO smile.
“They gave me this ticket on the plane, and said that my bag would be here
waiting for me.” I handed over the ticket and smiled again. The man smiled
back tentatively. “It’s really easy to spot, it’s a baby pink briefcase.”
The man’s smile faded and he gave me a skeptical look. I resisted the urge
to roll my eyes.

Yes, I was fully aware that a bright-pink bag was borderline ridiculous,
but it certainly stood out, and it tended to disarm even the most ruthless
of businessmen. They all underestimated a woman carrying around pink
accessories, and that often worked to my advantage when it came time to
negotiate. The little clerk left and soon returned with my bag. I handed
him my ticket, and he handed over my briefcase.

“Thank you.” I said, relieved that I could finally catch a cab and head
back to my loft apartment. I was exhausted after a long day of work and
travel, and wanted nothing more than to relax with a hot bath and maybe
some Netflix. With my bag in hand, I quickly hailed a cab and was on my
way home before I could even notice the other baby pink briefcase sitting
innocently behind the baggage kiosk.

Pt. 2
Once at home, I dropped my keys into the little bowl I kept by the door
and dropped my bag onto the dining room table. I know that I should
probably make some time to look over the paperwork tonight, I thought as I
let my hair out of its bun, but I’m just too damned tired right now. Even
CEOs needed some down time, which was something that I had been slowly
learning ever since my start-up had launched late last year.

You would think that an app allowing people to anonymously share pictures
of their cats and dogs wouldn’t really be that popular, but I was
constantly surprised by how many people bought the damned thing, and how
much money I was still making off of it.

I stripped off my traveling clothes, and let them fall as I made my way
toward my bathroom. The apartment was on the small side, as pricey places
in Manhattan tended to be, but the bathroom was luxurious. I had spared no
expense when renovating, and had all the amenities a woman could want. A
large antique claw-foot tub sat against the middle of one wall, the faucet
in the middle ready to pour steaming hot water at
a moment’s request.

“Ugh, I could really use this.” I said as I began to fill the tub. My mind
was swimming with thoughts of work and travel, and I wanted nothing more
than to simply be able to relax for one evening. Just as I was about to
step into the tub however, one last thought of business managed to sneak
its way into my mind. The paperwork.

“Damn, I should at least make sure everything’s in order. Then I can
rest.” I assured myself. I had flown out to California to scrounge up some
funding for my latest project, a new app that would allow its users to
generate and send videos of cats “singing”. I knew exactly how stupid it
sounded, but the bakers had been enthusiastic. So enthusiastic in fact,
that they had drawn up some paperwork on the spot. And it was that
paperwork that I just wanted to have a quick look at before I took my

I moved unselfconsciously through my apartment knowing both that no one
would be able to see through my 15th story windows, and that even if
someone did catch a glimpse of my naked body, I would have nothing to be
ashamed of. I was in great shape. I worked out twice a day when I could,
ate right and generally took care of myself. I might have a slight problem
with stress, I thought, but other than that…

I flipped open the clasps on my briefcase and froze. My eyes desperately
scanned the interior of the case for something that simply wasn’t mine.
The paperwork was gone. And so were all of my folders and notebooks and…

“This isn’t my bag!” I cried out. “Oh shit.” I was so distraught over the
potential loss of such important paperwork that I hadn’t yet taken notice
of what was in the bag. I took a few deep breaths to calm myself. “It’s
just a mix up.” I told myself out loud. “I can call the airport and we can
get this all straightened out. I’ll just give them my claim number and…”
I stopped, my eyes finally resting on the shiny silver object held in the

“What the?” I tried to process what I was seeing, but didn’t have any
context for the curved metallic object that sat nestled gently in a form
insert set into the middle of the bag. I reached out and carefully picked
it up. It was cool to the touch and completely smooth. “No wonder this
thing felt heavy, I thought I was just that tired.” I examined the object
closely and saw one word delicately etched into the middle. nJoy.

I stared for a moment longer as the object’s purpose slowly sunk in. “Oh.
Oh!” I grinned, temporarily forgetting about the missing paperwork and the
awkward call I was going to need to have with the nice folks in baggage
claim. The metal rod was heavy and had a rounded head at each end, one
larger than the other. It was cold from being in the suitcase and I
blushed as I imagined what that cool metal would feel like.

“Well, I suppose there’s only one way to find out.” I said. Sure, the
thing wasn’t mine, but who would know if I just… tried it out? Besides,
I already had a bath waiting for my, what better place to fool around a
bit? “Besides, after the day I’ve had, I deserve a bit of stress relief.”

Pt. 3
The water was at just the right temperature as I slipped into the tub,
enjoying the way the hot water played over my nipples. I sunk back into
the tub and let out a long happy sigh. My body wasn’t perfect, but it was
mine and it wasn’t all that bad to look at. I had a slim figure with
curves in all the right places. My C cup breasts still perky. I looked
down at them now, my pink nipples poking up just over the water line. I
took each nipple between my fingers and tweaked them.

“Mmm.” I bit my lip and closed my eyes, spending a few more moments
torturing my nipples before one of my hands decided to stray lower. I
trailed the fingers of my immaculately manicured right hand down over my
tight belly, stopping to gently tug at the end of a silver barbell that
curved through my navel. My left hand continued to squeeze and play with
my left breast as my right fingertips started to play in my soft downy

I tugged at my pubic hair, loving the way it made my whole pussy tingle.
Even if I hadn’t been laying in the bath tub I would have been soaking
wet. One finger slid down into my folds, easily finding my clit.

“Oooh!” I spent a few precious moments playing with myself, rubbing my
clit in the tiny circles that I enjoyed so much. Just as I was beginning
to really lose myself in the feelings, I spotted the silver toy sitting on
the rim of the tub.

“Oh right, you.” I said, reaching over to pick it up with my left hand. It
stayed chilly even as I slipped it into the water, and I shivered a bit as
I pressed the cool metal head against my hot wet folds. For a moment or
two, all I did was rub the small bulb up and down my slit, enjoying the
slick wet feel of it, but once the toy had started to warm up a bit, I
knew what I needed to do.

Opening my legs as wide as the tub would allow, I pressed the small silver
head against the opening of my vagina. I closed my eyes and pushed.
Between the water and my own excitement, it slid easily into my body.

“Oh! Yeah…” I cried out softly as the toy sank into my, the head
automatically settling into place. I could already tell that the curve of
the toy was going to allow it to touch my G-spot. I took the rest of the
toy in my right hand and gave it a few experimental pumps. My eyes
immediately flew open as the toy worked its magic on my. It was like the
small round bulb was tugging on my G-spot, providing a steady stream of
pressure that translated into intensely pleasurable sensations.

I spent a few more moments tugging at the toy, my eyes rolled back into my
head in blissed out pleasure. My free hand found my clit and started to
rub, and before I even knew what was happening my toes were curling and an
intense orgasm was building inside of my. I pumped the handle of the toy,
dragging the head across my G-spot over and over again.

“Oh God!” I cried out as my first orgasm hit my. It seemed to start right
in the core of my pussy, building up and spreading out as it went. It left
my tired and weak, but curious.

If that’s what the small side feels like… my thoughts trailed off as I
pulled the toy out of myself with a wet plop! I quickly flipped the thing
over and pressed the larger head against my opening. It was about twice
the size of the small head, and still cool. I didn’t wait for it to warm
up, but pushed down and plunged the toy inside of my pussy as deep as I
could get it.

It hurt for a moment as this wider side stretched my open, but once it was
in place, and I could feel its sleek metal resting against my G-spot, all
I felt was pleasure. I hadn’t even moved the thing yet, but just the
pressure of it against my most sensitive parts was going to bring my close
to the edge.

I began to thrust with it, pulling the handle alternately towards and away
from my body. The large head of the toy pulled and tugged at my insides
with every thrust, bringing my closer and closer to the brink. My hips
moved of their own accord, trying to get closer to the source of the
amazing pleasure that was radiating through my body. I thrust my pelvis
forward, trying to increase my speed.

It wasn’t enough, and it was all too much at the same time. The feelings
that this curved piece of metal was producing inside of me seemed
disproportionate to its size and dimensions. Despite the water all around
my, I could tell that my cunt was dripping wet, my arousal oozing out of
me with every thrust of the toy. I was going to lose it soon.

I opened my legs wider, draping them over the sides of the claw-footed
tub, trying to get a better angle with the toy. I thrust my hips up once,
and that was it. Bliss, pure bliss. I pumped faster and faster, feeling my
orgasm building deep inside of my. It was going to be a strong one, I
could already tell. Just a few more thrusts and I would be there. I pumped
and thrusted and wiggled my hips and moved my body as fast as it would go.
The toy was tugging and pulling at my, as if it wanted a part of me.
Another thrust or two would certainly do it…

I pulled the toy close to my, slamming its large head into my G-spot with
relentless pressure, and suddenly, it felt as if something inside of my
broke open. I screamed as my release hit my. It was like a nuclear warhead
exploding at the base of my spine. The muscles of my vagina clamped shut
around the toy as liquid shot out of my.

My entire body seemed to be one long nerve synapse, sending pleasure
signals directly into my brain. I was on fire, and I shouted as I came.
Finally, finally, the pleasure seemed to subside, and my body was able to
start to relax. I pulled the toy free a plopped it down on the floor of
the bathroom sighing.

I know I’m going to have to return this, I thought in my post-orgasmic
haze, it’s not mine. But maybe I won’t call the airport tonight after all.
My paperwork could wait another day or so. Switching suitcases was running
out to have some unintended, but very happy consequences indeed.
(The End)
I nibble at your eat playfully, hoping to get your attention. It fails.You have been working so much lately and I really want your attention. I
have tried everything it feels like. So I sulk out of the room and curl up
into our bed.

Should I even say “our bed”? It is starting to feel like a desert that
spans into loneliness. I hold back tears thinking about the warmth of your
body and the absence of it.

Fuck this, I am not going to pout anymore. I put on a cute outfit- jean
shorts, tank top and pair of wedges. I grab my car keys and head out the
door to see my friend Julie.

When I arrive she is already enjoying a glass of Sangria on her patio. I
sit beside her and pour a glass for myself. The sun is shinning and I
immediately feel the tension slipping off of me.

“So, he is still working himself to death and not taking notice of you?”
Julie asks. The tension comes back.

“Yes,” I mutter through my teeth.

“Oh, don’t be hard on yourself. He wants to provide for you. He loves you.”

“Well, I know that. But what is the point of working so hard to make
money, and yet you have no time to enjoy that money? I could die
tomorrow…but at least his bills would be paid!”

“Hey now, stop that. That isn’t going to solve the problem.” Julie
chastises me, her brows a bit furrowed.

“Yea, well what will solve the problem? Me dancing in the middle of his
office, naked? Will that work? Oh wait! I know I could pick up a fun hobby
like tap dancing and practice at ALL hours.”

“Oh, Carmen- your being….”

“Being what?” I snap.

“Difficult. Obstinate. Bratty. Choose one.” Her words only sting a little,
but I know she is right. I let out a sigh.

“Look, maybe you should try something new to get his attention. That is
all I am saying. I am here to listen to you vent, but I want you to happy


“Maybe you should put on something sexy?”

“Tried that.”

“Playing with your pussy on his desk?”

“Yup, that one didn’t work either.”

“Threesome?” Julie’s eyes get big as if she let the words tumble out and
she wishes she could take them back.

Friday. Thank god it is Friday, I thought to myself. This week felt like
it couldn’t possibly drag on any longer. I was ready to get home, open a
bottle of white wine and watch mindless tv.

I hailed a cab, gave my address and must have fallen asleep because when I
woke up it was dark and I am nowhere near home. The cab driver wasn’t in
the cab. I am parked outside of some club. God, this is so disorienting.

I stumble out of the cab and walk towards the club. There is a soft thump
of music and a very handsome and strong man waits outside the door.

“Carmen?” He asks me.

“Uhhhh….” I respond stupidly. How the fuck does he know my name??

“What is your birthday?” He asks.

“Dec 16th.” He checks his clipboard, makes a tick on it and then opens the

“You may go in. You are expected.” And he give me a soft smile, but it
does little to make me feel comfortable.

It takes a few moments for my eyes to adjust to what is happening in front
of me. Immediately my eyes are drawn to the center of the room where
several couples are engaged in some kind of love making. I feel my cheeks
flush- I am aroused.

I begin making my way around the edge of the room and spying all the
kinky, love making. I don’t know how my name ended up on this list, or
how I got here, but I am beyond joyed to be here. As I round a corner I
feel a strong hand grab hold of my wrist and spin me.

I find myself face to face with a strong man. His dark eyes search mine
and I feel the strength in my knees diminish. He is truly sexy. I hope he
wants to do naughty things with me in this club. My pussy is soaking
already, I just need his cock in me.

Without hesitation I wrap my arms around his neck and begin kissing him
passionately. Next thing I know, my clothes are on the floor with his and
he is between my legs licking my pussy. When it comes time for him to
slide his cock into my pussy, he teases my clit with the head of his cock
and I cum right then. Then his cock pushes through into my pussy and I
feel like I am falling through time and space.

Time starts to run together- I find myself licking another pussy, sucking
another cock, being fucked by numerous cocks, riding a woman’s face while
I take a cock in my mouth and so on. It is a never ending fuck fest. I
orgasm more than I have ever in my lifetime.

When it is all said and done I am laying on the floor, sweat coating my
body. There is a puddle of my cum beneath me and I start to fade. That is
when I begin to notice there are no exits. Curious, I think, as I start to
doze off again. But this time before I fall asleep I notice that there are
no clocks.

I sit up a little and a beautiful woman walks over to me. She immediately
starts kissing me, but I pull her hair back so her head tilts away a

“Why are there no exits or clocks?” I ask her. She licks her lips and runs
her hand between my legs.

“MMmmm…” She responds as I let her hair go and she makes her way to my
pussy with her mouth.

“Oh god. That is so good….but, I need to know. Where am I?” I plead as I
arch my back towards her.

“Heaven.” She says softly before flicking that tongue on my clit.

Right then I squirt all over her face, drenching her in my pussy juices.
Oh god, this is heaven isn’t it?
As he delicately wove his fingers through my hair my breath caught in my
throat. We had always been fuck buddies, but recently our relationship
took a different turn. I remember one night as we were sharing a few
drinks with friends he looked across the table at me and the look in his
eyes was different. At the end of the night he gave me a kiss goodnight
and left me on my doorstep. I was broken hearted – I wanted him to fuck me
like a rag doll.

This continued on for weeks. I am a little ashamed to admit it now, but I
would send him texts begging him to fuck me. He would just send back a
winky smiley face. It was infuriating.

Then tonight he showed up at my house unannounced. He was carrying a
bottle of my favorite wine and had a sly smile on his face. I was sure he
was going to fuck me tonight. But he came in, opened the wine and then
started playing a movie.

And that is where we are now- us “watching” a movie. I am sure he is
watching it, but I am focused on his fingers curling through my hair. I
want him to slide his hand down to my breast, to tug at my jeans, to….
God this is too much. How is he able to not fuck me?

By the time the movie ends I am positively drunk with desire. I refuse to
let him just kiss me good bye. As he makes his way into the kitchen to
place our dirty glasses in the sink I quickly undress. When he comes into
the living room and sees me standing he stops.

“Carmen, why are you naked?” He asks, and it makes me a little more angry.

“Well, probably because you haven’t fucked me in weeks and I need to feel
you inside of me.” I glare at him. For being naked and feeling like I am
being rejected I realize that perhaps I have too much tenacity.

“I don’t just want to fuck you anymore, Carmen. I figured it was apparent.
I want more from you.”

“I have no problem giving you more, but why must you stop touching me
here?” I ask as I slide my hand down to my pussy. His eyes follow my hand
and I see his mood change.

I sit back on a chair and spread my legs and continue to play with my wet
cunt. And god, is it wet.

“If you aren’t going to fuck me then I am going to make you watch me as I
fuck myself. Then we will be even.” I say as a slowly guide my finger into
my tight pussy.

He walks over to me and sits on his knees at the foot of the chair. He
leans his face so close to my pussy that I stop playing with it, in the
hopes his tongue will take over.

“God, I have missed your pussy. It is taking everything in me to not fuck
you.” He looks up at me with darker eyes.

“Don’t fight it. Please…” I bite my lip.

I reach out and pull his face closer and finally I feel his mouth hungrily
searching my pussy. I have been waiting for this moment for so long that I
cum too quickly. When he brings his head up from between my legs his face
is covered in my cum and I sheepishly smile.

Without another word he picks me up from the chair and carries me to my
bed. And like that I know the dry spell is over. I will fucking marry this
man if it means he wont stop fucking me.
Submitted by someone I adore- I want to share it with you. It is a very
special story. ;)

Earlier today I got a text from my friend Carmen. She wants me to stop buy
and hang out for some drinks with her and her girlfriend Meagan. Carmen
and I have been friends for a while now. She has this gorgeous brown hair,
brown eyes, 5’5” and amazing 34c tits. Her body is very tone and in shape.

I get there around 7:00pm. I walk in and I do not see Meagan. I ask where
Meagan is. She is going to be here soon she got out of work late. Carmen
asks if I would like a glass of wine.

“Yes, what kind have you popped the cork on?” I respond.

“Hella Fine Merlot from Save Me San Francisco Wine Co. Very nice. Good

As she hands me a glass are hands touch and she glances up at me. Our eyes
meet for a moment with this look of “what if?” Carmen and I have always
flirted over the years and I wanted more but it never happen. When she
told me about Meagan and being in love with her I knew it would not be a
possibly and I accepted that.

Meagan shows up and we spend the evening talking and laughing. We have a
great time, as always. At a little after ten Meagan heads on home as she
has to be up early for work. We all hug and kiss to say goodbye. Carmen
and I sit and talk for about another forty five minutes. She has this
beautiful yellow and blue sun dress on. The yellow stain heels she was
wearing are lying on the floor by the couch. I cannot stop looking at her
amazing thighs that I can see because of the way her dress is pulled up
with her legs curled back up under her. They look so soft and smooth and
I want to just reach out and touch them, but I hold back.

“Well it’s time for me to leave.” I say. We get up and head for the door.
Halfway there I feel Carmen put her hand around my waste and whispers to
me to stay. Before I turn around I have to wipe the smile off my face.

I turn, “what do you mean?”

“I want you to spend the night.”

“You want me to keep you company?”

“Yes and more,” she responds.

“Make love to me Scott. I have always wanted you too.”

A chill goes through my body the moment I heard those words. I can only
imagine the look on my face.
“What about Meagan?” I ask.

“I Love her so much, but I need you tonight. I cannot help myself anymore.”

As she leads me by my hand back through the living room I see the yellow
heels and reach down and pick them up. She turns to see why I slowed down
and sees what I am doing.

She laughs and says “you and your love for heels.”

When we get to the bedroom she spins around and plants her lips on mine.
We kiss like we are making up for lost time. I run my hands down her back
and follow the curve on to her tight ass cheeks and sink my hands into
them and put her into me. I reach up and unzip her dress and slide it off
her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. I look down to see the amazing
body I have dreamed about. As my eyes move slowly down her body I take in
every inch down to those yellow high heels.

I put my hands on her waist and we start kissing again. I work my down her
cheek onto her neck with gentle light kiss. Continue across her upper
chest and down between her tits. I work my way onto her left nipple
sucking it in and getting it between me teeth and bite down slightly and
give it little tug.

Moving down over her tight tone stomach and down to her pussy where I
start to run my tongue up between those sweet pussy lips. I am licking at
her clit and hear her start to moan. She puts her hands in my hair and
grabs on. I can taste her juices as they start to flow in to my mouth.

Standing up I move her to the bed and laying her on her front. I start
kissing up the back of her right leg to her soft but firm cheek. I lift up
on her cheek and kiss in one of my favorite places on a woman- where the
back of the leg meets the cheek. I kiss up her back till I am lying right
on top of her. I reached down take my cock in my hand. She opens her legs
to let me in. I slowly push the head of my cock in to her tight wet pussy.
I watch my cock disappear into to her. The feeling of her warmth, her
wetness starts to overwhelm me. I pick up the pace going deeper and faster
and hear the sound of my body smacking against her tight ass cheeks.

Carmen is telling me through her quicken breathing to take her and enjoy
her. This is so much better than I had dreamed. I do not want it to end.
We roll on to our side. Now behind her I pump faster and harder. I take
her breast into my hand and squeeze harder with each stroke. She turns
her head to me and we lock lips. I lean back from her and grab her hip and
really give it to her. I cannot take it anymore. I have to look in to her
brown eyes and see the pleasure in her eyes and on her face as I enjoy her
tight body. As I lay all my weight on top of her I feel her tits popping
out from under me. I slide back in and she put her hands on my back.
Feeling her running her finger nails down my back, her yellow pumps
rubbing on my ass with each deep stroke into her pussy.

Her legs fall down and wrap around the back of my legs, her fingers stink
into my ass and pull me in hard and deep. I put my arms around each side
of her head, hands on the top of her head. I pump faster as I look into
her eyes. She tells me to cum deep inside her; she wants to feel my hot
cum coat every inch of her pussy. As I get closer and I push my upper body
up on my hands so I can deep as possible. She lifts her hips off the bed
to meet me.

We both start to moan louder, she is telling me to give it to her. I feel
that first squirt of cum shoot into her. Then on the next thrust in I hold
my cock deep in her pussy and feel her tight around me. I empty my balls
in her and fill her up. I feel the overall pleasure run though my whole
body. I fall on top of her and we kiss deeply. Lying together we are
trying to catch our breath. In my ear I hear her say “thank you I wanted
you for so long. “
Just then I realize it was not just my dream coming to life.
Opening the folder I named ‘private’ containing all the documents and my
web searches in one place. I click on the folder icon and scroll down
until I see the document I have been waiting to view again. I had to wait
for the right time and this morning seems perfect. Double clicking on the
file, the picture I long to see opens, filling the screen.

Remembering where I found it and how I right clicked the image to
‘download’ was a complete accident. Stumbling on the website after
misspelling a word in the search box brought a whole new world of
possibilities and desires. A real eye opener.

I hid it until this moment.

There in full view is a woman’s body, naked and bare. Her long tanned legs
draped either side of what looks like a kitchen wooden chair with a
rounded back. Straddling back to front, she leans onto the spindles and
rests her arms around them, a hug of some sorts. Flowing down her back is
her dark hair that has a natural fall of waves cascading over her shoulder
blades. Her figure is astonishingly alluring and I am transfixed by her
beauty. My eyes cannot help but travel the length of her body and back to
her breasts. Full and rounded to perfection. Her nipples are poking out
through the bars of the chair, erect and incredibly hard.

I know I shouldn’t, but the need to compare my own breasts is
overwhelming. Opening my dressing gown, I pull at my pajama top to look
down at what I have to offer any man or woman. Not as full as I would
hope, but a real handful, to say the least, the perkiness still looks like
it is there. This isn’t my usual train of thought and I have no idea where
it’s coming from. Being brazen, the overwhelming desire to unbutton my top
and uncover myself is unbelievably needed.

The shirt doesn’t take long to come off with my gown and before I change
my mind, I drop them both on the floor. Sitting semi-naked with just the
pajama bottoms still on, I take one of my exposed breasts into my open
palm. Squeezing the soft tissue between my fingers I try and imagine what
it must feel like for a man to touch me in the same way. Will he be as
tender as I am or would his hand feel course and rough? Frank’s idea of
anything sexual towards me always seemed uncaring, quick and a release
just for him. To have another man’s hands travel over my body, caressing
my curves and savoring my taste dominates my imagination. Oh, I know it’s
wrong to want it but just to imagine it is not, surely.

The woman in the picture, although she looks like she is waiting for
someone, has an air of confidence about her. She gives the impression that
she is exactly where she wants to be, her position is her choice, not
someone commanding her. Looking closer I can see something in the shadow.
Hidden away in the darkness. I squint but am unable to see who or what it
is. I need more, to find if she is waiting for anyone or anything.
Removing my hand from my swollen breast, I open a web browser and tremble
as I type in the misspelled word from the other day before pressing search.
From the third result down, I instantly recognize the title and link. A
little hesitant, I hit the key on my keyboard and wait for the page to

It only took a few seconds for the film to show up on my monitor. Its
description quotes that it is a website for the discerning woman with
particular tastes. Waiting for the screen to stop buffering and sit
crossed legged with my breasts still exposed. I click on the arrow button
and sit back to watch the film unfold.

There in the center of the screen is a woman from the picture, and the
missing piece that was hidden. She is talking in a foreign language to a
tall, sturdy man, standing in front of her. I am tempted to turn the sound
down, but the rasp in her voice has my hand already traveling under my
loose pants. Whatever she has said to him has him bending down and pulling
her nipples through the bars with his fingers, before taking the tip of
one between his teeth. She arches her back, pressing herself into the
chair as he pinches the other. The sounds I hear her making is something I
have never experienced or heard before.

A cry through gritted teeth, he must be hurting her, but then she moans
into the pleasure of his actions too. It’s hard to comprehend what is
unfolding, but the dampness my fingers are discovering between my thighs
is telling me something else. I take my breast in my hand and start to
massage its fullness in my small palm while my fingers between my thighs
rub off the throbbing lips. I watch a couple on the screen play out their
sexual act as I enjoy my own.

Detaching him from her, she slumps forward over the chair. Her exposed
back rising and lowering slowly and with depth, like she is trying to
control her breath. Even with the volume turned up, little is heard at
this moment. Simply the echoes of her breathing in the silent room. He
stands still before her in silence. Feet apart, he has the stance of a
confident man and he hangs his hands down beside his thighs. His rolled up
shirtsleeves stay just below his elbow. I am mesmerized at the tension,
thick in the air between the two. And yet he gives her the space she
apparently needs.

My own arousal increases further.

I turn my focus on the erectness of my nipples. Pulling the tip to feel
what I can only imagine is just a fraction of what she felt with his
heavier hand. Still the firmness increases as the blood shoots through my
veins to give me the thrill I’m in need of. Pinching my engorged nipple
harder between my finger and thumb, my legs part enough for my other hand
to lose a finger in my parting gap. My heavy eyelids are no longer able to
help my eyes stay focused on a pair. They start to close just as I see him
take her arms in front of her and secure them together around the chair
with what looks like a bit from a horses bridle. It must have been near
him, on the floor, out of sight. Metal rings on each end with a piece of
leather in the middle.

He loosely threads each hand in one at a time with great ease and
gentleness. Although it is not tight, she doesn’t try and take them off.
Instead, she holds her arms steady until he has finished. As he walks
around to the side of her, he unleashes the buckle of his belt, his husky
tones fill the room as my eyes darken. With each thud and her withering
moans my finger become fluid. My breast, in my moment of arousal, is
tugged and squeezed harder than Frank has ever taken it. A release of pure
adrenaline overcomes me and I shudder. The comfort of my living room four
walls has sounds rebounding that it has never heard before.

Entering a second finger, the want of being filled is overwhelming, I take
my other hand off my breasts and join in between my thighs. Caressing my
folds, my fingers roll the lush lips to increase the intensity of the
sensations. The joint effect of both hands together has a bead of sweat
travel between my breasts. The heat is tremendous and I can barely hear
her cries of pleasure from the screen as I increase my vocal groans to
outdo hers.

My fingers move faster inside me while my the other hand play with my
swollen lips.

Searching for the right spot near the nub of hardness, that will send me
to that place I don’t go very often. It only takes a couple of strokes and
the sensation is found. I increase the pressure, moving my hand in a
rhythmic way. Needing to accelerate the speed inside and out but only one
can win. I reluctantly remove my fingers from within and with my juice on
them I use them to take me over, rubbing frantically to bring my body to a
close. I hold on tight to the cushion of the chair as my hand furiously
rubs my clitoris that has swelled immensely, needing the release I’m
desperate for.

Gripping my mouth tightly shut, I’m vocal through my moans coming from
within me. But as my whole body tenses I have to cry out until I reach the
point of erupting, like a volcano, spilling my hot juice down my thighs. I
try to hold that feeling for as long as possible, but it’s no good. My
body slumps back into the chair, my fingers no longer brushing against my
soft, aroused skin and I smile. Feeling totally satisfied with myself and
my body for giving me such a release on my morning that started so poorly.
One ugly sister has collapsed in a arm chair, her skirts pulled up around
her knees, almost faint from her exertions to prove herself the rightful
beau to the prince. The other ugly sister reclines on the chaise lounge,
her skirts up around her waist, legs spread wide, also worn out from her
efforts. Their mother fans first one then the other with her shawl, unable
to determine who is in more dire need of her maternal comforting and
whether she should feel more concerned about the health of her daughters,
or the fact than neither have managed to pass the prince’s test.
The courtiers of the prince’s entourage trade dumbfounded glances at each
other. Nobody knows how to advise the prince.
The prince sits with his head in his hands. Every eligible young lady in
the land has been tested. He had left the two ugliest girls to last, but
even they have failed to prove themselves to be the one who has stolen his
Nobody knew what they should do next.
Shiny stiletto heels step into the silent room.
The prince lifts his head from his hands. His eyes continue upward, but
his mouth hangs open, as he drinks in the sight of the rubber clad goddess
who has just entered.
Glossy black latex seamlessly coats her like a second skin, flowing up
from her stiletto heels along her sleek calves and tights. Curving over
her buttocks and hips, the black rubber tightens around her slim waist
sweeping over her flat stomach and up over her pert breasts before it
circles her elegant neck and flows down her slim arms and hands. Her face
is pale against the black gloss, her blue eyes set with a slight
mischievousness in her inscrutable face, golden tresses pulled into a
tight braid that hangs to the middle of her back.
Click, click, click. She casually walks to the centre of the room.
Cinderella’s step-mother is livid. She steps forward. “Where did you get
that outfit?” she hisses.
“Let’s just say,” Cinderella gives her a theatrical wink, “that my fairy
godmother gave it to me.”
Cinderella’s step-mother gathers herself to unleash her full fury.
But Cinderella walks past her without a second glance, click, click,
click, straight up to where the prince sits surrounded by his royal
entourage. “Good afternoon, your royal highness,” she gives a little
curtsy. Then stands legs apart, hands on hips looking down at him. “I
believe you have something that belongs to me.”
The prince can but stare open mouthed at her, frozen by her sheer physical
A footman pulls himself together and presents a satin pillow to the prince.
The prince is unable to take his eyes from Cinderella.
Cinderella holds out her hand.
The footman, unbidden by the prince, scurries over to present the pillow
to her.
Cinderella smiles down at the object nestling on the soft satin for a
moment before picking it up.
The footman bows and backs away from her.
Cinderella considers the glass phallus in her hand, hefting it’s weight
for a moment and turning it a little to let the sunlight glisten within
it’s depths. “I believe,” she still regards the phallus, “that this has
been tried out by every eligible young lady in the land.”
The prince barely nods.
She lifts her gaze to the prince, “And they’ve all been found deficient in
its use.”
Again the prince nods.
Her smile widens. “Perhaps they’ve been missing the other piece of the
puzzle,” she holds out her other hand and lets a tangle of leather straps
The prince catches his breath.
Slowly Cinderella steps one foot, then the other, into the tangle of
straps. She pulls the straps up her sleek tights and over her pert
buttocks. With an almost coquettish smile she slips the phallus into the
straps, before pulling them tight into her crotch and around her slim
waist, settling the base of the glass phallus firmly against her smooth
“I nearly ruptured myself pushing that thing inside my cunny,” the first
ugly sister complains.
“You!” the other interjects. “I fucking stuck it up my ass!”
But nobody pays them any heed. All eyes are on the tall, slim girl with
the glass phallus standing at the center of attention.
The prince opens and closes his mouth as if he is about to say something.
But he can think of nothing to say to the magnificent beauty that stands
before him.
“So, your royal highness,” Cinderella speaks to him as if there were no
one else in the room, “why don’t you bend over and take it like you did at
the ball.”

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