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Carmen’s Fantasies

You’ve been lonely lately. And horny. It’s a potent combination and it’s driven you to visit some websites that your mother most certainly wouldn’t approve of. Unfortunately, porn isn’t cutting it anymore. You need interaction. You need a real live girl to get you off. Someone who isn’t shy of taking your fantasies and running with them.

So you end up on the sex chat site Arousr and you’re browsing the girls there. There are several attractive candidates but you’re stingy with money, so you’re having trouble pulling the trigger.

And then you see her. This girl is the spitting image of Sara, a girl you’ve long admired but never dared approach. But it can’t be Sara, because she’s listed her name as “Bridgette.”

Of course you’d prefer to get naughty with Sara herself, but this “Bridgette” could be the next best thing. If you squint a bit you could pretend that it’s really Sara that you’re talking to. That would be really hot.

So you create an account with the user name “givemethed,” hand over your credit card details and your mobile number and wait for a text. It comes almost instantly.

“Hi want chat now? :)”

You can’t tell much from those four words but she sounds both intelligent and beguiling, so you respond in the affirmative and arrange a video chat forthwith. You settle in front of your computer and follow the instructions for hooking up.

After a few minutes “Bridgette’s” face fills the screen. You blink once, then twice. She smiles into the camera. “Hello? Can you see this?” she asks.

Holy fuck. “Bridgette” doesn’t just look like Sara. There’s no mistaking that smile and voice, despite the whorish makeup. The webcam slut you just started a session with is definitely none other than Sara herself. She must be doing this for extra cash. Either that or she’s a super-horny, kinky nympho. Or both. The third option, that she’s being forced into this work by the Russian mafia, doesn’t cross your mind.

“Uh, yeah. Hi,” you belatedly respond, putting on a deep, gruff voice. If you keep your camera switched off she won’t know it’s you. This has turned out better than you imagined it would. You’re going to be able to get Sara to do all sorts of filthy things and she won’t know it’s you!

Sara smiles wider then settles back so you can see her entire body on her bed. She’s wearing an extremely-fetishized schoolgirl outfit with a skirt so short it can’t cover her tiny white panties from any angle. Her huge tits are pushed up and practically bursting from her little blouse. She’s forgone the use of the buttons, instead tying it at her midriff.

“Hi givemethed. We’re gonna have so much fun. Turn on your camera, I want to see you!”

You freeze for a second. “Uh, um… I think I might leave it off if you don’t mind.”

Sara pouts. “C’mon. If you want a good show I’m gonna have to see your face. And your cock. I get so turned on looking at hard cocks. It makes me so fucking wet watching guys jerk off over me…”

You really want the best possible show, so you look around your room in a desperate search for something that could conceal your identity. But all you can find is your fake moustache. Sighing, you resign yourself to the fact that you’re not going to be seeing Sara at her hottest.

Suddenly you have a brainwave. Maybe you can use your fake moustache! You grab it, slap it on your face, then turn on your camera feed, beaming her an image of you from the waist up.

“That’s better!” Sara grins. “Now before we begin, I want you to get naked. And point the camera down a bit…”

You hesitate, but you’re confident in your disguise so what could possibly go wrong? You hurriedly strip off and settle in the chair, angling the camera down to include your dick in the shot.

“Mmmm, nice,” purrs Sara. “Stroke it for me, givemethed, get it nice and hard.”

“Hey, I thought I was the one who was going to get a show!” you object with a laugh.

“Oh don’t worry, babe, you will,” she replies seductively. “I can’t wait to get naked and shove all sorts of things up my pussy for you.”

Your cock twitches and instantly gains an inch. You grab it in your hand and start slowly pumping while you look at the image of Sara on your computer screen. You’ve got decent broadband, so she’s high-resolution and high-framerate, with no perceptible lag. If she was a video game, your ping time would be killer. If she was on eBay and you were sniping her, you could wait until the last two seconds. You realize that this is likely because she’s geographically very close.

“That’s a nice cock, givemethed. I wish I was there,” says Sara.

“Oh yeah?” you reply. “What would you do if you were here?”

“Mmmm, well, I think I’d have to suck it, babe.”

“You like sucking cock, er, Bridgette?” Shit, you almost called her by her real name.

“More than anything. And I swallow.”

“Can I cum on you?”

“Oh yeah, baby, you can cum on me. Wherever you like,” she purrs.

“Can I cum on your face?”

“Mmmm, sure you can. I’d love your sticky load all over my face.”

“Can I cum in your hair?”

“Well, I just washed it, but okay, why not.”

“Can I cum up your nose? Or in your ear? Like, could I squirt it right in your ear canal?” you question, eager to explore her limits.

“Babe, you can cum anywhere,” reiterates Sara. “But not too soon, okay? We’ve got a long way to go.”

Typical cam-slut, always trying to extend the time. But it’s Sara, so that’s fine with you!

Sexual Surrogate Log

Today was an unusual day. To be fair, most people would say the work I do is unusual….and for those select family members of mine who like to sit on a high horse= “just wrong.”

But forget all that mumbo jumbo. I am rambling a bit. I am trying to wrap my head around the fact that Peter, my most TIMID client, just took charge our session. In the past I was the one who initiated, which to be fair is per the par, and I also had to soothe him a lot during our encounters. Peter’s very large penis is where a lot of his anxiety around sex comes from. He is terrified of hurting someone, and has chosen to abstain. Until he came to see me, yearning to be intimate with a woman and learn how to not hurt them.

Through our last six sessions I have shown him that his large penis is a tool for pleasure, not pain as he worries. I have shown him that he can receive oral without me choking on it. I have gently rode his penis, moaning in pleasure (a lot of pleasure, if I might add.) He has always asked numerous time “is this okay?” or “Am I hurting you?”

But today, that side of Peter was absent. When I began softly kissing him while sitting astride him, rubbing myself on him, he picked me up out of nowhere and carried me to the wall.

He held my against the wall as he pulled his cock out. He ripped my panties to the side and took me against the wall like he had done this hundreds of times before. He never once asked me if he was hurting me. I orgasmed three times on him before he finally shot his load into me.

Panting in my ear, with me still squeezed between the wall and him, he smiled gloriously at me. I would like to say he doesn’t need anymore sessions…but then he peeled me off the wall and bent me over the couch.

I don’t think I am quite ready to end our sessions yet.

Nanny Diaries

I don’t have much time to write. My bf is going to be home soon and I need to hide this diary so he NEVER finds it, but I had to write as many details as possible so I will always remember.

Today, Andrew bent me over the bed and fucked me harder than he has ever fucked me. I think him and Carmen got in a fight because he seemed so fucking angry. He took out all the anger on my pussy. It is so sore, but so fucking good.

I thought he was going to fuck me for a long time, but he only used me for ten minutes. He even came in my pussy. He usually doesn’t do that.

When he pulled out he told me to clean myself off and then hopped in the shower. I laid there for awhile listening to the water run. I felt so damn high, but also a bit let down.

Right when I was about to get up and get my clothes on Carmen came into the room. For the first time ever I got nervous. She must’ve seen the disappointment on my face because she gently came to me and helped me up. She cleaned my off with a towel and loving pulled my clothes onto me.

When I was dressed she gave me a sweet, yet long, kiss on my lips and told me to go home.

For some reason my body is aching even more than it usually does. I’ve never been so thoroughly or quickly used. I am wanting more, but this time I am wanting to make love to Carmen. The way she cared for me has lit something inside me. I need to feel her.

I am going to go to her right now. Fuck Andrew. Fuck my bf. I just need to feel her.

We were laying in bed together after a long day and Carmen suddenly asks me, “How many of your friends do you think would fuck me?”

I just laid there stunned for a second thinking I must have misheard her. I manage to stutter out “What?”

She casually replies back “I was just wondering if I decided to start cheating on you, how many of your friends do you think would fuck me?”

I think about how to reply thinking it would be better to play it safe “Probably all of them you’re very hot and they know it.” She seemed satisfied with that answer and drifted off to sleep and I hoped that was the end of it.

The next few days seem to be normal with no more mention of what was asked. She did seem to be on her phone more then normal though, she was always smiling and laughing but I didn’t want to pry into who she was talking to. I noticed her taking some selfies which wasn’t unusual but it was odd when she started taking her phone into the bathroom with her.


It was a Wednesday like any other. Up, shower, breakfast, work…all the usual. I never thought for a moment that the evening would be anything but normal as well. I’d honestly kind of forgotten about the kinky question Carmen had asked me on Saturday night, I had just shrugged it off as a bit of fantasy pillow talk.

As I am driving home I hear a text message come in. While at a stop light I take a quick look at my phone. The message was from my Carmen.

Be quiet coming into the house. Come to the bedroom. Shhhh!

I stare at the message. An odd request. She had done the ‘come to the bedroom’ text before when she was feeling a little extra naughty, but never the request to be quiet. Why would she want me to be quiet? Why would she…? Just then her words from the weekend echo back in my mind. “I was just wondering if I decided to start cheating on you, how many of your friends do you think would fuck me?”

NO! No fucking way! She wouldn’t! She wouldn’t dare!


I startle as the car behind me lays on their horn. I look ahead to see the light was green. I toss the phone onto the seat beside me and I speed off for home. The traffic, the lights, everything seems determined to slow me down. By the time I am turning onto my street I had cooled down a bit. I convince myself that I must have jumped to the wrong conclusion.

However, as I round the corner and see the gray Honda parked out in front of my house, my jealousy and curiosity flare up once more. Holy…fucking…shit! She was actually doing it!

I knew that car. I only knew one gray Honda that had a Millennium Falcon bumper sticker. Gary, that was Gary’s car.

I park in behind his car and get out. I hurry to look into it just to be sure. Yeah, it was Gary’s alright.

Of course she’d go for Gary first. The lowest of low hanging fruit.

I clench my fists. I was FAR more angry at Carmen than I was Gary. He was a god damned sweet heart. I had known him since grade school. He was a hardcore geek and had severe social anxiety. The poor guy wasn’t a bad looking man but his awkwardness and low self confidence had always kept him from getting the girls. As far as I knew he was still a virgin, much to his chagrin. He was desperate to get laid. I had tried to help him a few times but it just never worked out.

Fuck, why’d she have to go for Gary. Easy pickens I guess.

I walk swiftly across my lawn and enter in through the front door. I do as she had asked and I am quiet about it. I slip my shoes off so that I could walk silently and I creep down the hallway toward our bedroom. I see the door ajar slightly and I can hear voices coming from the room. I sneak right up and peek through the space of the open door.

I don’t see Gary but I do see my girlfriend. She wore ultra short cut offs and a skimpy tank top with no bra. Her jutting dark nipples made that clear. She was sitting on the bed facing in my direction. As I peek through she spots me, then quickly pretends as if she hadn’t. I am tempted to just storm in there, but I decide to just spy in on the moment and see what was happening.

I hear Gary’s voice, he was just on the other side of the door from me.

“Um…y-y-you’re sure John said this was okay? That doesn’t sound like him. Why wouldn’t he tell me?”

My girlfriend smiles seductively. “I told you Gary, this was his idea. John is into all kinds of kinky shit you don’t know about. We have a VERY open relationship and, well, he wanted me to do his good buddy Gary a favor. Trust me, we do this all the time. You…you like girls, don’t you Gary?”

“Yes!” He sputters.

“And…” She traces a finger down her low cut tank top. “…you like me…don’t you Gary?”

“Y-yes, of course I do.”

“Your not calling me a liar, are you Gary?” She hooks her finger at the bottom of her neck line and pulls the tank top down, revealing more of her cleavage.

“N-no, of course not.” Gary was defenseless against her feminine wiles. “Ummm.”

She grins, she knew she had him. She brings it back to the question she’d asked me on Saturday. “Well then Gary…would you fuck me?” She pops her lips and looks up at him with an erotic fire in her dark eyes.

I hear him move closer to her and I see his arm come into view.

“Yes.” He whispers. “Yes I will fuck you.”

Domestic Slave Diary

Today Carmen paddled my ass for what must’ve been hours. IDK tho, because she doesn’t have a clock in her room. I cried a lot. It’s my fault though, I should’ve made sure ALL her laundry was folded the right way. I was being sloppy because I needed to get dinner started for her.

I don’t know why she keeps my employed…I mess up so much. If I keep messing up she is going to make me sleep in the dog kennel.

I have to get to bed soon, but still have lines to right….since being paddled wasn’t enough. Well, here we go…

My only job is to make Goddess Carmen’s life easier.
My only job is to make Goddess Carmen’s life easier.
My only job is to make Goddess Carmen’s life easier.
My only job is to make Goddess Carmen’s life easier.
My only job is to make Goddess Carmen’s life easier.
My only job is to make Goddess Carmen’s life easier.
My only job is to make Goddess Carmen’s life easier.
My only job is to make Goddess Carmen’s life easier.
My only job is to make Goddess Carmen’s life easier.
My only job is to make Goddess Carmen’s life easier.
My only job is to make Goddess Carmen’s life easier.
My only job is to make Goddess Carmen’s life easier.
My only job is to make Goddess Carmen’s life easier.
My only job is to make Goddess Carmen’s life easier.
My only job is to make Goddess Carmen’s life

Nanny Diaries

This afternoon the kids were picked up their grandparents, so I was let off early. As I was packing up my stuff Carmen called me up to her bedroom. My heart was thundering as I walked up the stairs.

I found her in the bathroom in her bathrobe. She was fresh out of the shower and smelled heavenly. The oil in her skin glistening as it soaked into her skin. It took everything I had to not get on my knees and worship her right there.

“What can I help you with, Carmen?” I asked knowing full well the desire etched on face was a dead giveaway of what I wanted to help her with.

“I just need you to tell me what you think of this.” She slowly peeled away her silk robe. Underneath she was wearing practically a scrap of cloth, covering her beautiful pussy. The g string was red, as I imagine my face was starting to become.

“Good. I mean…great. Like really sexy.” I stammered. She smiled at my stumbling over words.

“Thanks. I’m hoping Andrew will like it. That’s all.”

I hurried out of the bathroom and found myself in the bathroom downstairs quickly rubbing my clit for the release of pressure building up in me. I came quietly and then grabbed my stuff and left.

I know Andrew is going to love what she’s wearing, but I have to admit I’m jealous it wasn’t for me. I need to feel my face between her legs. And just like that, my desire was building again.

Nanny Diaries

Ugh….I think my boyfriend is starting to get suspicious. First he started asking me why I was always on my phone. Then he started asking me why I get my pussy waxed so often when it used to just be an occasional thing. He thinks I am not really working late nights, but instead cheating on him with some random guy. I mean…I am cheating on him AND I am at work…

It has been making me nervous so I have had to back away from fucking Andrew and Carmen as often as I was. I am taking more time to blow and fuck my bf, and I really think it’s working.

Just last night he came home to me naked and on my knees, waiting to suck his cock.

“That’s right, bitch” he murmured when he beheld me.

I tried not to lean away from his rough hands on me. God, I used to like his roughness but now its foreign to me. It’s not the same as Andrew’s, or even Carmen’s, rough handling. I never feel like an object with them, but I do with my bf.

It’s fine, I guess. I deserve to be treated like an object when I have been such a shitty partner.

He began tweaking my nipples with one hand as he used the other to pull his cock out of his jeans. In spite of it all, and how he just doesn’t compare, I can’t help but be aroused when I see his cock.

It’s a perfect cock, truly. Thick, long, and with a perfect head. As I am admired the view a little drop of precum leaked. That made my pussy wet so quickly. Without hesitation I popped his fat cock in my mouth and started showing him what a proper cock worshiping looks like. Andrew and carmen have been giving me amazing pointers and training on it, so I must say that I am REAL fucking good at it now.

As he got closer to the edge, as I wielded my talented tongue, he grabbed a hold of my hair. I could tell he was about to face fuck me, and I tried to brace myself for it. But there was no way to prepare. He was so fucking turned on that I pounded my face harder than ever before. I couldn’t breathe. I loved it and hated it.

When he shot his load all over my face I was just so grateful to be able to breathe that I didn’t even notice how much cum was all over me. When I finally did notice I looked up at him in surprise.

“Clean yourself up, slut.” He said as he walked away.

I guess he was right. I am a slut.

The cum kept sliding down my face and I kneeled there.

The Wedding Day, the Honeymoon.

I know your day will be amazing. Dedicated to Carmen and Meagan.

My cell rings out with a text. I pick it up and check it out. It reads; This is Carmen and Meagan. How are you Scott? I am great. How are you two? We are awesome. Are you doing anything tonight? Not a thing. Can you come over for a little while? Sure I am on my way. When I get there I walk in and Carmen and Meagan are sitting on the couch cuddled up in each other’s arms. The sight of these two beautiful ladies in each other’s arms start to get my cock to come alive. They both have big smiles on their faces and giggling. Hi, what’s going on? We wanted you to celebrate with us. Oh, what are we celebrating? They both hold out there hands and I see two beautiful diamond rings. NO SHIT! You two got engaged. They both smiled and shake their heads yes. I rush over to them jump on the couch and hug them both. We all sit together and drink some Champaign. Having a great time then Carmen garbs my cheek and turns my head and plants a kiss on me. As we continue to kiss I feel Meagan’s hand on my cock. Carmen and I still kissing and feel Meagan pull my zipper down and reach in and pull my cock out. Thank god I was not wearing underwear. Feeling her hand going up and down on my hard shaft gets me kissing Carmen hard and fast. She stops pulls back from me and with a smile on her face she whispers to me: Go head take Meagan and take her hard. I turn to Meagan and slide myself off the couch. Kneeing on the floor between her legs I warp my arms up under hers legs and pulls her to the edge. I hike her skirt up and pull her panties to the side. I garb my cock in my hand. Carmen tells me to give it to her hard so I slam it in hard. Carmen and Meagan are kissing. Carmen unbuttons her blouse and plays with her tits. I pump her pussy and then pull out and cum all over tight stomach. Carmen licks it up and moves up and kiss Meagan and share my cum with her. We all move to the bedroom and finish off the night together. Fast forward six months. Its wedding day for my amazing friends. The festive are at a beautiful winery estate outside of Seattle. Carmen and Meagan are getting ready is spread rooms. Meagan’s step dad will walk her down the ill. I will walk Carmen down and give her away to Meagan. I take time and stop in and see if Meagan needs anything. I knock on her door and she says come in. I open the door and walk in and when I see her I stop die in my track. She looks so beautiful in her white dress. The dress comes to just above her knees with a nice cut to her cleavage and ties around her neck. The back cuts across just above her lower back. Wearing A pair of White four inch heels. Her and Carmen are wearing the same heels that I brought for them. I walk over to her and give her a on kiss on the lips. Do you need anything Meg? Yes I do. Ok, what do you need I will get it for you? I need you. I look at her and kiss her hard. I pick her up around the waste and sit her on the table. Has I push her dress up she quickly undoes my belt and zips and push my pants down. She takes my cock and guides me into her tight wet pussy and I pump hard and fast. She is looking and me and saying GOD YES! I keep going till I am ready to cum and pull out and let flow all over her pussy. As I we catch our breath I lean and kiss her and tell to leave it there. Do not wipe it off. She giggles and says ok I will. I lift her off the table and help her with her dress and kiss her again and tell her I love her then head out. I head over to see Carmen. I open the door just enough to pop my head in. Do you need anything babe? I need help with this Zipper. I walk over to her. She is wearing this beautiful white long grown. Carmen looks so elegant. I put my hand son her waist then slide them up to her breast and cup them in my hands. Scott! That’s not my zipper! We laugh and I reach for her zipper. Then I put it down. That’s the wrong way. No its not. I pull it all the way down and slide it off her shoulders. I pull her grown down so the opening is under her ass. She says; What are you going to do? I garb her hair and pull her head back. I am going to take what I want and give you what you want. I bend her over. Her legs tight together I force my cock into her tight wet pussy and push in deep. She lets out a loud moaning YES! I pump her hard an fast. With her tits in my hands I take her hard. All I can hear is Carmen begging me to fuck her. With my hands on her hips I keep slamming her hard. When its time to cum I pull out and shoot my load right on the top of her ass. As she stands up my cum runs down between her cheeks to her pussy. From behind I tell her to leave it there. She laughs and says ok. Meagan walks down first then Carmen and I. I see Meagan lean over to Carmen and say something. They both turn to me and smile. I blow them a kiss. The ceremony was beautiful they look so happy together. The reception was great. We had fun dancing, drinking and laughing. It seems to go by so fast and now they are off on the honeymoon. They are honeymooning in Spain. I get a text from them after the first day and night and they are having a wonderful time. They tell me all about their next day plans. The next day after dinner they head back to the room for an evening of love making. As they start to relax there comes a knock on the door. They look at each other and Carmen heads for the door. She opens it and a surprise look comes over her face. What the FUCK! (it’s me at the door) I wanted to give you and Meagan my wedding present. You could not wait till we got back. Nope! I scoop Carmen up in my arms and carry her to the bed. As I work my way thought the room I hear Meagan as who’s there. As we come into view Meagan yells out; OH MY GOD! Hi Meagan. As I walk by her I reach my hand out and take hers and lead her to the bed with us. Carmen lowers her legs to the floor. I look at Carmen and we both smile at each other. I take Meagan and push her down on to the bed on her stomach. I tell Carmen to hold her down. I garb her short and rip them off. I kiss up the back of her leg up to her ass. I give them a few kiss and a nice little nibble and continue up her back. I pull her head back with her hair and whisper in her ear; I am going to take you hard! Carmen tells me to give it to her. Make her take it. I shove my cock in hard and she lets out a big moan. Carmen lays next to Meagan and kiss while I pound her pussy. I hear her moaning through their kisses. I get up on my arms put her leg together between mine. I and ramming her hard. Carmen is asking Meagan if she loves that cock. Meagan response back FUCK YES! Carmen looks at me and say; Scott please fuck me? Meagan says; yes I want to watch you fuck my girl! Come here babe. Carmen lies on her back. Meagan umps up off the bed stands between her legs garbs her shorts and pulls them off for me. She gets on her knees and starts to eat her pussy. Enjoying her juices and I know she taste amazing. Meagan turns and takes my cock into her mouth and with one hand wrapped around my hard shaft she sucks me hard. Then she looks up and tells me to fuck her hard. Meagan gets on the bed puts her hands on the inside of her tights and push her legs open. Come on take that pussy! Meagan takes my cock and helps me get inside her. Her pussy is so tight and is getting tight with every stroke. Meagan sticks her head down between her legs and licks her clit. Carmen is going crazy now and its really turning me on. I garb her hips and pound the shit out of her. Seeing my cock going deep into her tight body wants to make me explode. I slide my cock out and in to Meagan’s mouth and she sucks Carmen’s cream off of it. I slam it back into her and Carmen reaches for my ass pulls me in and she tells me to go deeper. I push in deeper and deeper. Ok its time to give you my wedding present. They both look at each other then at me. They both at the same time say What? I am going to give you two a baby I hands and make her take my cock. Squeezing her tits hard trying to get in to her pussy so deep. Feeling the head of my cock hitting the back of her pussy. I want Carmen to remember the night I got her pregnant and gave her and Meagan a baby. I look and them and ask are you ladies ready? Yes, do it! I pick my pace up and then as I cum I hold my cock in as deep as I can and shoot my load deep in Carmen’s pussy. Carmen garbs my ass and holds me in showing me she wants me to do this to her. I feel so amazing that I could do this for them. We all fall on the bed cuddling with each other kissing and hugging. I love you both. We love you. They both thank me for amazing wedding gift.

Showing Carmen my Appreciation
Carmen thank you for believing in me

For some time now I have had three people Amber, Zivia and Carmen tell me I should write my fanatics. I have always said NO! Not me. In school English was never one of my best subjects. I never read books with the expectation of Fifty Shades of Gray but who didn’t. One night Carmen and I are on this subject again and she is real pushing me telling me that I really should do this. I had been running it through my mind lately. I tell her I will think about. As I drive home that night Carmen’s voice is in my head and is really taking affect and making me feel I can do this. The next evening I sit down and say to myself; Ok I can do this. I start to guide my fingers over the keys and my first story flows out so easily. With thirteen stories under my belt and feedback from people who reads them say they love them and builds my confidences.

One night I stop by Carmen’s with my latest one. She is sitting at the end of the kitchen peninsula on one of two stools. I Walk over to her. I see she is wearing this black dress with a section of lace across her upper chest I can see through and Black sandal heels with a thin strap around her ankle. I sit on the other stool next to her and kiss her on the cheek. I push my laptop in front of her.

Here is the newest one.

Awesome, I am excited to read it.

She smiles and rubs her hands together. I have Carmen read this one back to me. As I close my eyes and listen to her amazing voice. About halfway through this overwhelming feeling comes over me listening to her read something I wrote. Tears roll down my face. Carmen finishes looks over at me and asks me

What’s wrong?

Nothing that sounds amazing and I wrote that.

Yes you did and it’s amazing!

She smiles and leans in and gives me hug. As she pulls back and her lips are next to mine I put my hand on the back of her head to stop her and we look at each other for a moment then kiss. I stand up pick her up in my arms and carry her to the bedroom. I stand her up and slowly pull the zipper down. I follow it down with kisses down her back. At the bottom I put kisses on the top of her ass cheeks through the opening of her dress and with my hands massage her ass under her dress. I work my way back up and she turns to me and says;

Please make love to me?

Oh yes my pleasure!

I reach up and pull her dress from her shoulders slide it down her body. She steps out of it and I take it over and lay it gently of the chair. I return to Carmen pick her up and place her on the bed. Over top of her but not touching her I kiss her lips move my way down her neck. Skipping over her breast I move right to her tone mid section. Kiss that flat stomach. Giving it little licks too. Working down to the top of her panties and kiss right along the top edge. I rise up , move up and on top of her. We wrap around each other and kiss. She then tells me to enjoy her body. Babe I want to make you feel like the women you are and bring that out of you. I turn her on to her stomach and unhook her bra and slide it off. I move down and have her spread her legs. I pull her panties up tight between her cheeks. I kiss her ass and then her pussy through her panties. I hear her moan so I lick harder. She lets out a louder moan and a FUCK YES! Looking at this beautiful lady with this amazing body lying there letting me touch and explore every inch of her. With my cock rock hard now I turn her onto her back. I get between her legs on my knees and very slowly I slide those black panties down her long sexy legs and over those hot high heels. I put them to my nose and smell her sweet aroma. I lay them on the bed and tell her I am taking them home with me. She laughs. I take her right ankle in my hand and kiss my way up her clave passed her knee and continue up her gorgeous thigh to her tight wet pussy. Running my tongue up between her lips to her clit. Swollen and sensitive I take it into my mouth. I play with her clit with my tongue and driving her crazy. I know Carmen and she is close to cumming. Wrap my arms around her legs so she cannot get away from me. I eat her pussy like it’s my last meal. Sticking my tongue deep in her tight hole and suck up her juices. Now she is on the edge and I bury my mouth on her clit. Now she is cumming hard and I am holding on for dear life as she is moving all over the place. Carmen arches her back off the bed and with a hand tries to push me off her pussy. She is struggling with all her strength to get away but I do not let up. I keep her cumming then I heard her say YOU BASTARD! I let her go and she and I can see cum running out of her down into her ass crack. As I move up I kiss her beautiful 34c tits and lay on top of her. She is trying to catch her breath she looks up at me and in and in a playful laughter she says;

Stay away from me you Fucker!

(Laughing) Come on this is fun.

Fuck you!

I rise up on my hands. She reaches down and takes my cock in her hand and starts to stroke it. Then pulling on my cock toward her pussy letting me know she wants me inside her. I push my hips closer she guides me in. She is so tight and warm. I push straight in till I am all the way in. She rises up to meet me and let me in deep. I feel my head touching the back of her pussy and she holds me in. I give her nice long strokes and pick speed up with each pump. Carmen tells me to go for it and I start pounding the hell out of her pussy. She yells out to take her. Still up on my hands I am pounding her hard into that bed. I see she is biting her lower lip and she looks so sexy. I tell her I am close to cumming and I want to cum with you. She says;

Yes cum inside me. I want you’re cum deep in me.

I can feel her starting to cum so I lay on top of her and pump fast. I tell her I am cumming she grabs my ass and holds me in and that makes me cum harder than I ever have. With me still in her and her legs around me I roll us onto our side. Holding each other tight and kissing her on the far head. Carmen thanks me for and amazing evening. Carmen Thank you for letting me show you my Appreciation. Love you!

Sweet Music Together
Meagan I bet you make beautiful music. To you babe.

I have been playing guitar for about four years. I play pretty good. I decided to take some classes at a loco collage. I want to learn more about music. I need to read, write and play better. I have seen this beautiful girl in two of my classes and around the school. We have said hi and smiled at each other but never spent time talking to each other. I have been thinking about asking her out but my shyness holds me back. Every time I see her I say I going to do it and every time I hold back. Then call myself every name in the book. Its late on a Wednesday I had stay after to do some extra studying. I am walking down the hall and as I pass one of the music room and hear something. I look in the window and I see a light shinning in the back room. I open the door and walk in. I hear someone trying to play the piano and I mean TRYING!I walk over to the doorway and when I look in to my eyes delight its that girl I have been wanting to ask out. I say hi. She jumps a little. I say I am sorry. I did not mean to startle you. That’s ok. I am sorry I just wanted to mess around with piano and see if I want to learn how to play. Have you played at all? No. Its all foreign to me. Can I show you some stuff. Might help you to decide. MMM yes please. As I walk over to the piano I see she is wearing a peach colored tank top. It has four buttons down the front. They are all undone and I can see the roundness of her breast as they fall into her cleavage . A pair of tight blue geans and a pair of bright peach colored 3 inches heels. I tell her to slide up to the front of the bench. I throw one leg over the bench. I ask her if she doesn’t mind. She says no, not at all. Then the other leg. I put both hands on her waist and tell her to slide back. She leans to her left turns her to look at me and she says; I am sure you do this with all the girls. Just the beautiful ones (then my mouth next to her ear) and this is the first time. She stares at me for a few seconds then starts to blush and smiles. Oh, my name is Scott I am Meagan Nice to meet you Meagan. I bet(with a smile on her face). Nice to meet you Scott. Ok Meagan You need to take of your heels . Hold on a minute. I reach down on her right and she lifts her leg and slide her shoe off. Then the same on the left. Holding both in my hands I say Love you heels. She thanks me. I sit them on a chair nearby to keep them safe. I tell to put her feet on top of mine. Then have her put her hands on mine. I start to play and she is moving with me. After about five minutes I knowns she is rubbing her feet over the top of mine. She takes her right hand and slides it up and down my arm. Meagan then lays her back against my chest. Our heads right nexts to each other. You play really well. Thank you. You can too. Just need to practices a lot, study. Will you teach me? Yes I can do that. Sure. Thank you. Now let me show you something . Meagan garbs my chin and turns my face to her and plants her lips on mine. I stop playing and put my hands on her head and cradle it and kiss her hard. I reach down and take her legs in my hand and pull them up. She is now sitting on my lap. Arms around my neck. Legs laid out across the bench. I slide my hand down her neck over her breast on that outside of her tank top and to the bottom. Without hesitation quickly slide it up under her top and right to her tit and close my hand firmly around it. Pushing my finger tips into her soft breast. As I do Meagan moans loud. She lets out God yes! That feels great. Its been so long. How long as it been? Almost seven months. Really? But there is a reason for it. With a puzzled look I ask her whats that? You(I just look at her)I was waiting for you. I smile and kiss her hard and deep. I garb her top and pull it up over her head. She is wearing a white lace bra. I see it hooks in the front and waste no time to unhook it. Letting it fall to her sides I bury my mouth on them. Giving each tit equal time. I take one of the nipples between my teeth and bite down a little. I see her body jerk and she moans. I pull up on it and she goes crazy. Her hand digs hard into my hair on the back of my head. Then I feel her hand rubbing my cock through my geans . I put one arm under her legs one around her back and I stand up and sit her ass on the keys. The piano lets out the sweet sound of ass on the keys. Meagan gets my cock out in her hands and stroking it with a firm grip. It feels so amazing and legs are feeling weak. I rip her pants off and get on my knees and bury my mouth on her pussy. I run my tongue up between her soft wet lips. She pushes my face deeper into her. I lick hard right up to her clit and suck it in. Her body is shaking uncontrollable. Then she squirts all over. I stand up and look at her in the eyes and say I guess it has been a while for you and we laugh together. I pull her up to her feet turn her around. I bend her over and she parts her legs quickly then looks over her shoulder and ask me to slam it in hard. I ask are you sure? And the overwhelming yes in her voice over takes me and I slam it in hard and deep right to my balls. She lets out a FUCK YES!. I pull back and hit her hard again. DAMN YES! That feels amazing. Meagan looks back at me and tells me to just take her and as hard as I want. I garb her waist with both hand and just lose control on her. Fucking her as hard as I can. All I hear between my body smacking on her ass is OH MY GOD YES!! Scott you are so big and so deep in my pussy. She comes on my cock with her warm juice. I take her from behind a little while longer then pull out. I turn her around and put her right on the key broad. Wrapping her legs around me she reaches down takes my cock in her hand places it right outside that tight pussy and tells me to go for it. I ram it back in and pound her sweet pussy. Meagan looks up at me and smile. She ask How do I feel? You feel amazing and I smile back. I pick her up and turn the bench long ways so it sticks out from under the piano. I put her ass right on th edge. Her upper back is leaning against it. I want her to watch my cock take her pussy. Come on Meagan watch me take your pussy. Scott it looks so hot. Love the way you are stretching it out. I pin her hips to the bench and fuck the hell out her. Meagan is yelling out; Oh Scott Yes! Fuck me Scott Fuck me! Please make me cum again. Meagan I am going to cum. Cum in my pussy. Ok, cum with me. I give her five more hard strokes and her pussy tights and she is cumming hard and loud. I let myself go and shoot deep inside her tight body. I fall on top of her and we hold each other as we come down. I rise up and look down in to her beautiful green eyes and ask her; Was I worth the wait? Oh yes you were, yes -you -were.

Going for a Walk on the Beach
Decided to an amazing lady who my never read this. For you Shannon.

Another weekend comes to an end. Trying to get myself ciked up to go back to work. I have been doing this job for thirty two years. It’s time to put this chapter of my life behind me. Things have not line up just yet for me to do that. Its 3:30am and I am dragging my butt to work. I get myself into the mode and get into my day. After about hour and half I look off in the distance and I see the only reason worth coming to work. Well the pay check would be second. Her name is Shannon and each day I so look forward to talking to her. She makes my night easier to take. Shannon is about 5’7″, blue eyes, and brown hair at lands in the middle of her back. She always wears it back in a pony trail. I have always wondered what it looks like down. She is fit and the curves of her body start at her 34B Breast work their way down to the most prefect ass I have ever seen. It is so tight and tone and I just want to get my hands on it. There is a song by One Republic call Stop & Stir and there is a line in it; every glance is killing me. That’s how I feel every time I see her. Later that week Shannon and I talking like we always do. I ask her if she is doing anything special for the weekend. I am going to the shore for the weekend. Oh, Nice. Where do you go? My family has a house at Brigantine, New jersey. My mouth drops open and look on my face must be puzzling to her. Every summer as a kid growing up we went to Brigantine for a week in the summer. She lets out and OH MY GOD! Then we laugh together. We start talking about all the different things you could do on the island. Most of those things are not there anymore. She asks if I am doing anything. No, just relaxing at home. Then she surprises me. Why don’t you come down and send the weekend with me and the family. Really, Are you sure? Yes. Ok. I have not been there in years. I have to pinch myself (Did that just happen) but I am very excited that I get to spend time with her outside of work. This way we can have more time together and not be rush to talk. Friday night I rush through my cleaning so I can get home a pack some clothes and get some sleep. I have a hard time getting some sleep. My mind is racing, I am excited. As I lay in bed she sends me a text; Sleep well. See you tomorrow. (Now I really can’t sleep) Text back; you do the same. Be there in the morning between 9 & 10. Awesome Goodnight! Goodnight. The alarm goes off. I feel like I just fell asleep. I get up hit the shower and make some breakfast. I throw my overnight bag in the car and hit the road. I see I need gas but I do not want to stop. I get gas and get back on the road. There is not much traffic so I am making good time. As I get closer the butterflies are getting bigger. My stomach feels like I just went over the top of the biggest roller coaster in the world. I take a deep breath and head up the sidewalk. When I turn to face the house Shannon comes out the front door to meet. She catches me a little off guard as she throws her arms around me gives me a hug. This is the first time we have ever touched. We walk inside and I meet everyone and talk for a bit. Shannon asks if I want to go to the beach. I say sure and she shows me where to change. As I come out of the room the door to the room across the hall opens and there is Shannon. My eyes go right to this beautiful white two piece. This is the first time I have seen her in anything other than her tight work outfit. I know she must have seen my eyes go right to here amazing body. I tried to close my mouth fast but I know It was not quick enough. I look at her face and she just smiles and says come on. Out the front door and down the street to the beach. We set up camp and hit the water for a little bit then back to the blanket. We lay and talk about a lot of different things. How we hate are jobs. Spending time at the same beach and poking fun at each other. We spend a lot of time laughing are heads off. Are stomachs are hurting. I ask her if I may take her out to dinner to the Borgata. She says yes I would love that. We head back to the house to get ready. As earlier we are getting ready in the same rooms. As earlier we both open our doors at the same time. As earlier my eyes go to her body and my mouth is on the floor. We look at each and burst out laughing. You look amazing. Her face goes a little flush and she thanks me. She is wearing beautiful Black and white strapless dress showing off her perfect curves and these gorgeous black and white four inch heels. I take a deep breath shake my head and off we go. We return from form and amazing dinner together. Shannon says lets change and go for a walk on the beach. We walk down the beach playing in the edge of the water. Watching the sun lower in the sky. I am having the best time I have ever had at the shore. Seems like we have been walking for miles when we come to its scudded area. Shannon grabs my hand and pulls me into it. She turns and plants a kiss on my lips. Now I am really stunned. I stand there paralyzed for a moment. Then I garb her and pull her in and kiss her hard. I push her back up against the large sand dune behind her. I reach down on the back of her legs and pull then up around my waist. As I pull her legs up I slide hands into the openings on shorts to finally be touching those amazing ass cheeks. With her legs still around me I drop to my knees and work to my back. With her now straddling me she raises up pulls her top off to reveal her firm tits. I reach up and put both my hands on them and squeeze firmly. Her nipples start to get hard and I rub my thumbs over them. I can see the pleasure is starting to move thought Shannon’s body. Her breathing is getting faster and her body is starting to move. She lies down on top of me and we kiss. She kisses my chest kissing my nipples. Working her way down when she gets to my shorts she starts to slowly pull them off. Kissing with every inch she slides them down. My cock gets caught on the inside of my shorts. She lifts them up till my cock comes lose and smack against my body because I am so hard. Shannon garbs my hard shaft and takes me into her mouth. This incredible sensation runs down my cock and through my body. Shannon pops to her feet and slowly push her short down till they get to the point they just fall to the sand. She falls to her knees over top of me. She reaches down between her legs takes my cock in her hand and starts to guide me in and lower her very tight body down on to me. Watching my cock disappears into her is like a dream come true. I have pictured this thousand plus time. Her pussy is tight and feels amazing. I feel like I am going to cum already but I hold back because I do not want this to end. We stand up and I turn Shannon around and she puts her hands on the dune. I garb her hips and pull her ass back to me and bend her over slightly. I take my cock and slide it back into her. As I go at a nice steady pace she starts to let out and YES! YES! YES! I ask her how does that feel she replies Oh my god amazing. I reach up under and put my hands on her tit and massage them. Going in and out she looks over her shoulder and tells me to go faster, give it to me harder. I go for it. I am losing myself in every stroke as I give her pleasure. I pull out and she yells out what are you doing? I turn her around pick her up and lower her down onto my cock as she guides me in. With my hands on her ass and sliding her up and down on my cock. Kissing and hearing her breathing in my ear and telling me to take her and enjoy her. Her tits and hard nipples rubbing on my chest feel so awesome sends an incredible sensation through my body. I tighten my arms around her. I fall to my knees. I am still deep inside her. I turn her over on to her back. Now on top of her I can take control of her. I prop myself up on my hands and give her nice long steady strokes. My cock is cover with beautiful white cream. Letting me know she must be enjoying me making love to her. Shannon runs her hands up my forearms over my biceps and shoulders and down my back. As I look down in to her eyes seeing she is totally lost in the pleasure we are making together. I feel her hands on my ass. She squeezes hard and pulls me in and holds me deep in that tight young pussy. As the head of my cock hits the back of her pussy she arches her back. She looks so unbelievable hot. Tight mid section amazing legs and breast. I lean down and get one of her tits in to my mouth hold it in for a while. Sucking and playing with her nipple with my tongue. I just want to explode now. As my strokes start to go faster and deeper I feel her pussy tight around my rock hard shaft. I have to push harder to get back in her. I look down in to her eyes. I can see the overwhelming pleasure in her face her breathing is fast and heavy. Shannon’s finger tips dig into my back legs tight around me and we cum hard together. I collapse on top of her. We wrap our arms around each other and lay there and slowly coming down for this amazing orgasm we had together. Her body is quivering and shaking and I am fighting to catch my breath. We lay there arm in arm. The ocean breeze blowing over us we look at each other. I tell her thanks for the invite. There is silence for a few seconds and we burst out laughing then hold one another in the moonlight.

An Evening with Meagan Decided to my Sweet Meagan

Saturday evening and I am sitting on my deck. I have a glass of wine and some cheese to snack on. Some of my friends invited me out for the night but decide to stay home and relax and do some writing. Meagan was heading out with her girlfriends and Carmen is out of town. I figured it would be a great night to enjoy a quiet evening alone. I start into my story and watching the sun go down and sipping wine.
It feels like I have been writing for hours. I look up and it is dark now when I hear someone call my name. At first I am not sure where it’s coming from. Then I realize it’s coming from inside the house. It hits me that it’s Meagan.

Hi Meg How are you?
I am good.
Not going out tonight?
Everybody bailed on tonight.
Sorry to hear that babe.

The doors to the deck are folded back and she walks out and the light form the fire feature lights her up. She is wearing this beautiful Pink dress. It cuts straight across her breast. I can see the roundness of her breast peeking out the top. The thin straps run up her upper chest over the shoulders and down her tone back. The skirt part is very short and showing a lot of her tight thighs and her amazing legs running down to these pink four inch heels. MMM so very hot. When I sit back and look at her I see this girl next door look but with very sexy edge to her. Long Brown hair to the middle of her back, green eyes. She wears very little make up but just enough. When Meagan and I have been alone in the pass she has always as been quiet kind of shy. I am little surprise she has stopped by without Carmen. I am glad she has so we can get to know each other better. Yes I know we have been intimate before with Carmen but we have never been alone like this before to talk. I ask her if she would like some wine. She says yes. As I get up and walk passed her she smacks me on the ass. That gets my attention. I pour her glass of Soul Sister a 2012 Pinot Noir. I return to the deck and she is standing by the fire. I hand her the glass and she looks at me and says thank you. For moment we look into each other’s eyes. I get the feeling she wants me to kiss her. She looks down. I do not hesitate to put my hand on her waste. Meagan looks up at me and I lean in and kiss her.
I put my glass down and warp my arms around her. I start kissing her hard and fast and she is giving it back. I stop and take her glass from here and sit it down. I scoop her up in my arms and carry her to the bedroom. There I stand her up. I am behind her and I push the straps of her dress off her shoulders. Then I pull the zipper down slowly. Her pink dress falls to the floor around her feet and those beautiful pink high heels. I run my finger tips down her back to her ass cheeks. Then over the curves of her tight ass and then cup them in my hands and massage them. I crouch down and work my hands down her legs massaging every inch. God they are so damn sexy and smooth and the way they meet her ass unbelievable! I slide my hands up over her ass again and up her back now standing behind her. She spins around and looks at me. I can tell she cannot take it anymore. Meagan drops to her knees. Unzips my pants and reaches in and pulls out my already hard cock. She buries her soft peach colored lips onto the head of my cock and makes it disappears into her mouth. My cock is going deeper into her mouth and now I can feel the head touching the back of her throat. If I was hard before I am rock hard now. She works my cock hard and fast. I put my hand on the back of head to feel her head going up and down. I tilt my head back and let out a moaning DAMN!
I pull her up turn her around and gently but firm I push her to the bed flat on her stomach. I lean down and start kissing her ass. Squeezing and rubbing it. Kissing and licking where her legs meet her ass cheeks. Her ass is so tight I give it a little slap. I rise up and standing by the bed. She raises up and sitting on the edge of the bed. I pull my shirt over my head and while I do Meagan is kissing my abs and running her hands all over my chest. She looks up at me and says Make love to me like you do to Carmen?

Why not?
Because I am going to make love to Meagan.

Taking one of her 34c tits in my hand and sucking on her nipple and areola. She has my cock in her hand and stroking me hard. I take my pants off and lay on the bed and Meagan is on my cock and going to town. Love watching her sweet lips wrapped around my hard shaft. I garb her hair on the back of her head and pull her up and kiss her. Then push her head back down to my cock and help her up and down on it. I reach for her bra and unhook it. I pull it off and let her beautiful tits out. They are around firm and perky and nipples hard. I am pulling her panties off she rolls up on to her knees and slide them off. I roll her back off her knees and she is lying on her back. I grab her legs spread them open and split them with my body has I pull her to me. Her legs are pulled back and her caves and feet are up alongside my body. I reach down and slide my cock into her tight young wet pussy. Her eyes widen as I push in. She just says YES! YES! YES! I ask her if she wants it. Meagan says

Please just take my pussy! Enjoy me, enjoy my body!

I give it to her harder and harder, faster and faster. She lets out loud moans with every thrust into her. I feel my balls slapping against her ass. I pull out and turn on to her side. Her legs are stacked and I am on my knees and I ram my cock into her hard. As I fuck the hell out of her pussy and her amazing body I cannot believe I could fuck her this way. Meagan always been kind of shy I would have thought of her being more of a gentle lover. A sensual lover. I would love to have an evening like that with her. But right now the look in her eyes is just take me. I put one hand on her upper back and the other on her side about mid body. I just keep giving her my seven and half inch cock deep. Her tits are balancing and are so beautiful. I lean down and kiss her. As we kiss we move to our knees and I have my arms around her. She as one hand on my ass and one on my cock stroking it. I put one hand on the back of her head and kiss her hard. Then she asks me if she can suck my cock. I lay down on my back and she takes me back in to her mouth. What a sight to see this beautiful sweet face enjoying my cock. She lays my cock flat down on me and takes her lips and cradles my shaft and runs her lips up and down the full length and rubbing my balls. I tell her to sit on me. She throws her leg over me and guides my cock into her soaking wet cunt. I wrap my arms up her back on to her shoulders and keep pulling her down onto my cock. Then taking my hips and pound my cock hard. Meagan is yelling out Yes! Give me that big dick. She rides me hard and fast then grinds her hips on my cock. Man that pussy is so tight. I garb her hips and help her work that pussy faster on my cock then reaching up onto her tits and watch the pleasure running through her body. Moving of my cock she quickly moves back on my cock with her mouth. I am starting to think she loves my cock. Her hands follow her mouth up and down each time and twisting them around my shaft each time. I start to pump my cock in and out and fucking that mouth. I roll her on to her side and cradling her in my arm and kissing passionately. Running my hands all over her ass. Meagan moves to her hands and knees I work my way behind her and push my cock in and she lets out a loud moan. I picture her eyes rolling into tne back of her head. As I am giving my cock to her she reaches up and put her hand on the back of my head. Our faces next to each other’s and I listen to her moans of ecstasy. Putting my hand on the back of her neck and pin her to the bed. Our bodies are so loud as they are slamming together. With her face and upper body flat on the bed and not believing I am fucking my sweet Meagan so hard and deep. I garb her arms and pull her up to me. Now I am so lost in Meagan and I am pounding the shit out of her pussy. Then she looks over her shoulder and yells out; Scott please just take my pussy and I do with pleasure. I move on to my side and holding myself up on my elbow Meagan leans back with her back against me. We are kissing and trying to catch our breath. She slides two fingers into her pussy and fucks herself. Then I ask her if she wants more and she shakes her head and says Yes Please! She lies on her side and she raises her top leg in the air and push my cock into her. It slides right in because she is so wet. She lies almost flat on the bed so we can look at each other in our eyes. I have my arm across her tits and my hand on the back of her head. I keep pumping in to her over and over. I can feel her tighten her pussy and grab onto my shaft and trying to hold me in. I have to keep pushing harder to get back into her. I can tell she wants to milk every drop of cum out of me. I am looking at Meagan and cannot believe we are having this incredible evening together. I ask her if I can cum in her pussy. She says Yes fill my cunt up and with that I push my cock in deep and hold it in. Her pussy tights hard and I unload this big load of cum. We both cum at the same time and let out loud deep moans with yeses buried in them. We lay there trying to caught our breath I put hand on the side of her face turn her to me and say that’s how I make Love to Meagan.

Law Office Encounter Meagan you inspire me too. Decided to you. Thank you.

It’s late in the day on a Friday and I am trying to get to my lawyer’s office before everybody is gone for the weekend. As usual traffic is heavy and people driving slow. I pull into the parking lot and I only see one car. Hoping the one person left can help me. I park the car and run for the door. When I get to the door there is this beautiful young lady coming out. I stop dead in my tracks. I am memorized by her striking light green eyes. She says Can I help you?

I kind of shake my head to bring myself back. I am trying to refocus.

Am yes. I am dropping papers off for Bart to look over. I was hoping he could do it night before the weekend.

Sorry, but he is gone for the weekend.

Ok, well I guess I am out of luck. Thank you, have a great weekend.

If you like I can take a look and see if I can help?

Really, ok thanks.

She turns and heads back in. My name is Scott. What is yours? I am Meagan. As we walk in I am behind her. She has this amazing body. I want to say she must workout with those curves censuwait her hips. Her brown hair lands about half way down her back and it’s like pointing to her nicely shaped ass. My eyes travel down a pair of legs to die for. I cannot stop looking at them and the beautiful Black four inch heel makes a perfect picture. I look up and I am pretty sure she caught me looking. I act like I didn’t noses she saw me. We walk in the conference room and sit down at the table. Meagan sits at the head of the table and I sit on the side. The black blazer she was wearing is hanging on the back of her chair. She is wearing a white skirt and a tight red blouse. Its button down enough I can see cleavage. They look like 34C breast to me.

We spend two hours going over the papers when I see that it 7 o’clock.

Oh it’s getting late and I do not want to hold you up any longer. It’s the weekend and I am sure you have places to go.

No I am not doing anything tonight. Let’s order dinner and some red wine. By time it gets here with will be done going over the papers.

Ok Sounds good. I am not doing anything tonight too.

Just as a knock comes at the door we are finished with the papers. We spread the food out and I pop the cork on the wine. It’s the Drops of Jupiter California red from the Save Me San Francisco Wine Co. She pulls out the classic clear plastic cups. We burst out laughing. As we eat we start to get to know each other. We throw out question after question. It’s turning out to be a great Friday night. I feel something touch my leg and realize it was her foot. I feel it is just accidental. Then a few minutes later I feel it again. This time I know she meant to do it. I look at her and she smiles so I smile back. So do you have a boyfriend?

No. I have a girlfriend.

Oh nice. She pulls out a picture of her. She is gorgeous. Brown hair, golden eyes and she has an amazing body like Meagan’s. What’s her name? It’s Carmen. I think you two are lucky to have each other. Thank you Scott. Do you really enjoy being with a women?

Yes I do. I love Carmen. She treats me so nice. I love the way she loves me and when we make love it is so magical. That is awesome. I can hear in your voice how much love you have for each other. You do? Yes it’s a gut feeling and my gut is never wrong. Do you ever miss being with a guy? Yes now and then. I nod and ask:

Can I use the bathroom? Yes just down the hall on the right. Ok Thanks.

I return from the bathroom and when I walk in to the room Meagan is sitting on large conference table. Her legs are straddling the corner. Her skirt is hiked up and I can see more of those amazing thighs . I walk over to her and just learn in and start kissing her. She puts her hand on the back of my head and we are kissing madly. I have my hands on each side of her body. My hands are right next to her tits. My thumbs are underneath candling her breast. I remove my hands to her tits and squeeze hard. She then puts more pressure on that back of my head. Then she tells me to rip her blouse on. I garb the opening and pull hard. Buttons go flying everywhere. I pull her bra down and bury my mouth on her breast. Sucking her nipple into my mouth and pulling up on it a little. She lets out a loud moan. I push them together and move from one to the other. Meagan is breathing heavier and moaning louder. Her legs are wrapped around me and pulling me in tight. I push her skirt up to her hips and take my hand and rub her pussy on the outside of her panties. Her body is rye thing about the table. I reach and start to slide her panties off when she puts both legs together and straight up in the air. I slowly slide them up her legs and over her black heels. I cannot resist and put her panties to my noise and take a big sniff. Meagan says: Why don’t you keep them to remember this night.

I spread her legs and get on my knees. I reach under her lower back and put my hands right on the top of her ass cheeks and pull her right to the corner. I take my tongue and run it up between those wet lips right up to her clit then suck it in to my mouth and hold it in. Then I slide two fingers in to her and push deep and she lets out a FUCK! I finger fuck her hard. She grabs my hand and stops me as she cums so hard.

I pull her up off the table and get her in the chair on her knees and she leans her upper chest on the back of the chair. I keep her legs tight together. I move in behind her. She reaches back and spreads her ass cheeks. What and amazing site. Meagan looks over her shoulder and smiles: please enjoy me. I get the head of my cock at her tight hole and begin pushing in. She says; Go on take it. I grab her waist and slam it in. Her head goes to the ceiling and she yells out; God Yes! I give it to her hard and fast. I can’t believe that fit small body is taking my big cock so deep. I pull out and I climb in to the middle of the table. Meagan follows me and get on top of me and lowers her pussy down on to my cock. The way she is riding it I can tell she has not had a cock for a long time. I run my hands over her flat stomach and up to her tits. Her tits are bouncing up and down while I watch her enjoy herself on my cock. I can tell when she cums because her pussy tightens around me so hard. It feels like she is going to rip it off. I take my arm and wrap it around her and roll her on to her back. I am on my knees with my legs slightly spread. I push back in to her. My cock slides in nice and easy. It is soaked form when she was on top. Her juices have soaked my balls and down between my legs to my ass. Meagan puts her legs up on my shoulders and I lean over top of her and just pound the hell out of her cunt. I look into her eyes and I can see so much pleasure. I take her legs off my shoulder and she spreads them with her heels flat on the table. I run my hands up her body to her tits and massage them while I fuck her. Meagan raises her hips up off the table. I hold her up and pound her pussy as hard as I can. She is taken every hard slam deep. I feel the head of my cock hitting the back of her pussy. Every time it hits the back of her pussy she lets out a loud YES! Her legs lay right over my hips and down my ass cheeks. I am so turned on and I am going crazy on her. Meagan looks at me and says Scott please put your cum deep inside me. I want to feel it covering the inside of my pussy! I am getting close. I feel like I am dreaming that I get to be inside this beautiful woman. Then that puts me over the top. I shoot my cum in to her tight young pussy. I yell out as I cum harder then I have in a long time. I lay on the table next to her. I am on my side, she is still on her back and I lay my arm across her right under breast. I say to her; I guess you will never look at this room the same way again and we start laughing hard. Meagan turns her head to me; Maybe Carmen can join us the next time.

Birthday Party flirting
Carmen, you and Meagan give me inspiration

Tonight Carmen and I have a friend’s birthday party to go to. I finish getting ready and head downstairs to wait. Sitting patiently on the couch I hear the sound of high heels on hard wood floor. I take a deep breath and cannot wait to see. As I hear her shoes hit that top step my hart skips a beat. Then she hits the first step. My eyes look to see which heels she wearing tonight. With next step they come into view. These beautiful red sandal style heels are strapped to her ankles. With each step my eyes follow up her calve and pass her knees. Then her amazing tight thighs appear. They are smooth, tone and tan. I have to take a deep breath and hope I get to run fingers over them later. As she keeps coming down I can see that she is wearing this White and black tight dress. The bottom of her dress hits on her legs about five to five and half above her knees. The dress hugs her breast and the opening between her breasts reveals the rounds of them. When she gets to the bottom of the steps and turns her back to me and the cut goes half way down her back. The ass looks fit and healthily in this dress. I get up walk over to her and give her a kiss and tell her you look amazing babe.

We head out to pick up Meagan. Driving to her house I cannot help looking over at Carmen as her dress has pulled up when she got in the car. A lot more of her beautiful legs are showing. I think she does not pull her dress on purpose. She knows I love her legs. I cannot get enough of them. We are at Meagan’s and she is ready and comes out. I watch her come out of the house and she is wearing a black dress with green trim and gorgeous mint green pumps. WOW! I get to go out with two sexy ladies tonight. I jump out and open the door for her. As she gets in I take a peek at her legs and in those heels that are so sexy. We arrive and I open the doors for both of them and we walk to the house. I cannot help walking behind to see those asses move as they walk. Yes I know I am a bad boy. I cannot help myself I love their legs and butts.

At the party some of the guys are hanging out in groups and chatting. I happen to glance over at Carmen and catch her looking at me. She has this devilish grin on her face. We start exchanging looks getting more frites. Then it hits me and I look over at Meagan and she has this pissed off look on her face. I quickie look down in shame. I raise my head just slightly to see a smile on her face. I am relieved. I walk pass Carmen and let my fingers pass over the top of her ass. I put a little pressure down so my fingers sink in. At the table I have Carmen on my right and Meagan on my left. I see something on the table I can have fun with. I put my right hand on the glass of ice water on the table. I take a few sips form the glass to not let on what I am up too. After a minute or so I take my hand and put it under the table and put in on Carmen’s leg. As I touch her she jumps and lets out a yelp. I cover my mouth and laugh. Meagan buries her face in my left side and is laughing uncontrollable. Carmen hits me on the arm and says DAMN YOU! A few minutes later Meagan screams out. I have just done the same thing to her and I get called an ASS! Then everybody starts to laugh. As we sit here and talking I take my hand and put them on each one of their legs (hands warm now). I run my hands up their legs on the inside of their thighs push their dresses up and let my pinkies rub on their panties. I stop look straight ahead with my eyes wide open. I can see both of them are looking at me and smiling. Both of them are not where panties. I swallow deep and wipe the dampness for my far head.

Everybody gets up from the table and is mingling around the house. Some of us are in the kitchen. Carmen and I are on the one side of the Island. Few of our friends are on the other side. I am standing close to Carmen and massaging her butt as we stand and talk. I run my hand up under her dress so I can feel her skin on mine. I slide my hand down over her beautifully around cheek. When my hand gets down to where her leg meets her cheek on the inside I feel that she is wet. I take her hand and lead her outside on to the deck. When we get there we start to kiss. Then I have this feeling someone is there and I knowness that Meagan is standing in the door watching us. I do not stop as I love how hot it feels having her watch us. I can tell she is enjoying watching so I turn Carmen to the side with her face on the opposite side of Meagan so she cannot see her watching. I put my hand between her legs and slide two fingers into her pussy. I real push them in hard and deep. Faster and faster and she is cumming quickly. I look over at Meagan and she has a finger running it on her lips and sucking on it. As Carmen catches her breath she tells me to take her home. I look over to the door and Meagan has left. We go find her and tell her we are going to head out.

Hey babe is it alright if we go home together?

Oh yes, go enjoy yourselves.

Would you like to come with us?

No, have a great time. Talk to you later.

Meagan gives each of us a kiss. As Carmen turns to walk to the door she slaps Carmen on the ass. We all chuckle. We drive back to Carmen’s place and we are touching each other the whole way. I take my time driving back. When we get there we walk inside. Carmen turns and kisses me hard on the lips. I garb her arms and push her back and said.

I am in control of you tonight.

I take her over to the Kitchen and bend her over the counter. I pull her dress up. I unbuckle my belt unbutton my jeans and let them fall. I take my hard cock and slam it in deep.

Is that what you wanted?


I know I wanted you just like this.

I give it to her hard. She is telling me to take her and take her as hard as I like. I pin her hips to the counter. I am so enjoying her tight wet pussy. I garb her hair and pull her head back.

Just stay there and take my cock. I am going to take what I want and you are going to let me take it.

I pull my cock out and spin her around and put her on the edge of the counter. I want you to watch me fuck her. I have her reach down and slide my cock back in her. Carmen is propping herself up on her arms to watch my cock enter covered with her white cream. I look to the living room and I see something in the dark. All of sudden a light comes on and its Meagan. She is sitting in the chair with legs spread and playing with her pussy. Carmen and I look stunned.

Meagan says I just want to watch.

I say, do you want to watch? I pick Carmen up walk her to the sofa next to Meagan. Laying her on her back spread her legs with her ankles. Meagan reaches over takes my cock and puts me back inside her. Meagan looks at me and tells me to make her take it. Carmen is screaming pleasure. Meagan is finger fucking herself so hard as she watches us. Meagan tells me to cum inside her. Put your load deep in her. Meagan takes one of Carmen’s legs and pulls it open wider. She is running her fingers faster in and out of her pussy. I yell out I am going to cum. Meagan says let her have it. As I start to cum. Meagan is cumming very hard. Her legs, her body is convolving. I fall onto Carmen and we hold each other and catch our breath. Meagan comes and joins us and we all lay together for a while. Meagan gets up and kisses us both and says

Enjoy the rest of your night.

She smiles and leaves. Carmen and I fall asleep together.

Morning After
Dedicated to my sweet Meagan…now that would a night!

Carmen and I are lying in bed. Our bodies tangled in each other and the sheets. Sun light starting to show through the window. My eyes slowly opening. I have to look and be sure this was not a dream. Yes! It really did happen. I hope I made love to her with the respect that she deserves. I have wanted one night with Carmen for the longest time. It was the most amazing night of my life.
As I start to drift off to sleep again I hear a noise. Sounds like high heels on a hard wood floor. I hear someone’s voice, Carmen why is Scott’s car still in the driveway? I realize its Meagan. I try to wake Carmen but the door to the bedroom swings open. The look of surprise on her beautiful sweet face. Meagan wants to know what is going on. Carmen In a panic tries to explain. Meagan I am sorry, I have always wanted to be with Scott. Even before we met. I love you Meagan. Sorry! Meagan stands there looking down at us in bed. I start to nodes what she is wearing. It’s a black blazer with a white tank top under and tight blue jeans. The jeans our hugging the beautiful curves of her legs down to these amazing white four inch high heels. As I focus back into Meagan she says I am not mad you slept with Scott. I am mad you did not ask me to stay and enjoy the night with you two. Carmen and I look at each other and now we have the surprise look on our faces. As we look at each other, smiles come on our faces. I look at Meagan and say do you want to be late to work? She smile and giggles at the same time.
I get up out of bed walk behind her and reach around and grab the top of her blazer and pull it off. You will not need this. Carmen walks up and kisses her on the lips. I run my hands around from her side on to her flat stomach. I kiss her on the side of the neck working my way down to her shoulder. She lets out a deep breath. Carmen takes her hands and covers both of her 34C perfectly around breasts and she massages them. I slide my hands under her tank top and slide it upward and over her head. She is not wearing a bra. Meagan does not have to with her firm tits. Carmen lets lay her on the bed on her back. After she is on the bed Carmen lies on one side and I am on the other. They are kissing and I take one her tits into my mouth. Pulling the nipple in and sucking on it and making it hard. Carmen takes her other one into her mouth and we look at each other while we enjoy her tits. I ran my hand down on to her jeans and down her leg. Moving it over on to her pussy on the outside of her jeans and slowly start rubbing on her pussy. I slide my hand up to the top of her jeans. Laying my hand flat on her stomach I push it down inside of her jeans and using two fingers and I follow the curve of the top of her pussy and right into her. She arches her mid section up as I push in deep. Meagan lets out damn that feels so good. Carmen says wait till he slides his cock into you. Oh my god that head feels unbelievable inside.
I move off the bed and remove those gorgeous white pumps and sit them on the floor next to the bed. I then unbutton her jeans and pull them down off her long legs. I have this feeling like I am back in school and removing the jeans of the girl I am going to be with for the first time. Seeing her body, her pussy just makes my hart race. Then Carmen moves down between her legs and she is enjoying her pussy. I lie on the bed and kiss Meagan. She is moaning through your kisses. Meagan looks down at Carmen and says to her come here. Meagan pushes me on to my back and they both take turns sucking my cock. I am in pour heaven now. This goes on for what seems like forever. I have Carmen lay on her back on the bed. I have Meagan get on her hands and knees so she can eat Carmen’s pussy. I get on the bed behind her and getting my cock in my hand I start to push it into Meagan. Her head pops up and I heard her say Oh My God! He is stretching me open. Carmen says I know right. I grab her hips and sliding in and out. My cock covered with her white cream. Carmen tells me to take her. Make her feel what you made me feel last night. I let my head give her pussy pleasure every time I go in her deep but I think I am giving her whole body pleasure. The way she is moving and all she can say YES over and over. The look on Carmen’s face is pour excites. I tell her to come here and I kiss her while I giving Meagan my cock. Carmen whispers in my ear to enjoy the beautiful young women. With my hands on Meagan’s waist I push her flat on her stomach and just go for it. Just driving her into the mattress. I cannot take it anymore. I have to see her faces as I go into that tight pussy. Watch her tits bounce with each stroke in to her. I take her ankles and spread her legs wide. Carmen takes my cock and guides it into her and then she learns down and is licking her clit. I am giving Meagan my cock hard now. Meagan’s body is going crazy. She is all over the bed. Carmen pulls my cock out and takes it in to her mouth. Sucking all of Meagan’s cum off my cock. She puts it back in her pussy. As I pound in to her pussy I look down at Carmen and ask if it’s ok for me to cum inside her. She smiles and says yes! I quicken my pace and let my cum explode in to Meagan’s pussy. I fall on top of her and kiss her and say thank you babe. Carmen moves up beside us and Meagan turns her head to Carmen and thanks her. I pull out and I lay between them. Both ladies in my arms, lying trying to catch our breath. Then I say out loud I am the luckiest guy in the world. I have two of the most amazing women in my life. Then kiss both of them and we all fall asleep.

My Claiming of Carmen

I take a look at the clock and see its time to jump in the shower. I am heading over to Carmen’s for dinner. I take a nice long hot shower after a long day get dress and head out door and over to her place. When I walk in the door I see her standing in the kitchen. You dirty little slut I say. She is wearing a black dress and the back is showing an amazing portion of her back. My eyes travel down to see she is wearing a pair of pink high heels. I would think she is trying to tease me because she knows I love seeing her dressed up in heels. She turns to come over and give me a hug and I feel my heart skips a beat. She is showing a genius amount of cleavage. I know now she is defiantly teasing me. I sit at the island and we talk and catch up as she finishes dinner. After we finish dinner she gets up and I watch her move around the kitchen. I take stock in her amazing body looking down her back and over her firm ass and her amazing legs. I get up from my stool and come up behind Carmen and put my hands on her waste and whisper in her ear; I hope I am not crossing the line. She pushes her ass back into my hard cock in my jeans. I take a hand and slide her hair to the other side and start kissing her neck. I kiss down to her shoulder and move to the back of her neck. She reaches back and with her hands garbs my ass and pulls me into her. I kiss down the middle of her back to her ass. I slide my hands down her body with them flat on the side of her body with my thumbs pointed in. I move down over the curves of her ass cheeks. I move down to her cheeks wear they meet her legs. I fit her cheeks between my thumb and four fingers and I start to massage and kiss down between them. I slowly move back up till I am standing up and slide my hands around over her breast and squeeze firmly. I hear breathing getting faster. I take my fingers and run them over her nipples. She throws her head back next to mine and in a deep breath and I hear her say; God yes! She spins around and kisses me hard and with her hands on my chest. She starts to slide them down as she moves down my body. I watch her move her hands over my hard cock under my jeans. She unbuttons my jeans and pulls my zipper down and garbs my cock under my underwear. Pulling my underwear down and my cock pops out right at her mouth. She slips her soft silky lips around my head and slowly slides down the length of my hard shaft. Looking down and seeing her lips move up and down looks so sweet and feels awesome. With my hands on her head I gently start fucking her mouth. As she looks up I can see in her eyes she is enjoying it. Pulling her up in front of me I pick her up in my arms and carry her to the bedroom. When we get there I put her on her feet and I move behind her and run my hands up to her shoulders to her neck. I massage her neck to relaxing her. I unzip her dress and slide it off her shoulder and let it fall to the floor. I turn her around and stand back and take a moment to enjoy the sight in front of me. I put my finger tips on her upper chest and slowly trail them down over her tits, her nipples and over her tight stomach to just above her clit and watch the goose bumps rise. I move in closer and give her a deep kiss. I pick her up again and lay her on the bed. I move on to the bed over top of her on my hands and knees. I lean my mouth down to hers and kiss her. I kiss down over her neck making my way to her chest and between her breasts. I move up over the rounds of her tits and take a turn on each one of nipples. I take time to kiss them, suck on them and bite them gently. Then I continue down the middle of her stomach and my fingers tips leading the way. Then work my way back up and when I am over top of her she reaches up and unbuttons my shirt and I take it off. I lay down on top of Carmen feeling her warm body under me. Her firm but soft tits are pressing again my chest. As I lay on top of her she wraps her legs around my hips and we kiss each other hard and fast and our tongues are entangled. I start to kiss down her body. Working my way down between her breasts, down her stomach right down to her clit. When I suck her clit in I watch her body arch off the bed. I suck harder pulling her clit in and she grabs my head and pulls it in tight. Then Carmen garbs my arms and pulls me up on top of her and says I want you inside me.

I raise myself up and she reaches down and takes my cock and guides it in. I slowly sided in making her feel every inch of me. Going all the way in my balls on her ass and my head hitting the back of her pussy. I hold myself up and watch my cock sided in and out covered in her juices. I keep working her cunt going slow then faster. Pulling almost all the way out then slam it in hard. I do the several times. After about 5 minutes I slide out garb her ankles and turn her on her stomach. I kiss up the back of her legs starting at her calves. Up pass to the back of the knees and taking my time on the back of her tights to her ass cheeks. I do the same thing on the back of her other leg. I kiss and massage her ass cheeks enjoying how smooth they look and feel. I take a moment and spread her ass open and look at her tight hole and then bury my face down between them and lick her dripping wet pussy. I kiss my way between her crack of her ass and up her back and kiss the back of her neck. Carmen spreads her legs giving me and invitation to enter her. Enjoy her for my pleasure. I sink my cock into her cunt and feeling her muscles tighten around my cock. It makes it harder for me to slide in. I feel like I am taking her virginity. I lay down on her back and with a nice steady pace I fuck her as deep as I can. She turns her head to the side and as she does I whisper in her ear. Do you like having my cock in your pussy? You like me taking your cunt? Carmen: God Yes! Take it. Enjoy it. It’s all yours. I pound her. Make her take it hard. I hear her yell out. Carmen: Fuck me harder, Please Scott fuck the hell out of me. I let loose and start pounding her into the bed. The sound of the bed and our bodies hitting together echo about the room. I am getting close so I pull out. I turn her over and pull her to the edge of the bed and plunge my cock in. I garb her hips and lift her off the bed. She wraps her legs around me and I go crazy on her. I hear Carmen say; Cum inside me. Fill me up. With that I shoot my load deep in her warm pussy. Holding her tight on my cock so that she will get every drop. I fall on top of her letting our heart rates come down. As we lay there I hear Scott, Scott are you alright? I start to realize I am sitting at the island. Carmen says: Are you ok you seem distant. Oh I am good. Would you like some dessert? And with a smile on my face I say; No I just had some.

“What’s all this about?” you ask your friends. They’ve been acting strangely all night.

“Just go on in, and have a good time,” one answers cryptically, gesturing towards the bedroom door.

You give them all a suspicious look, then open the door. It’s dark inside. One of them gives you a firm push and you stumble into the room. The door clicks shut behind you.

Blind, you fumble for the light switch. After a few seconds you find it and flip it on.

And your heart skips a beat.

There’s someone else in the room. It’s Claudia. She’s tied spread-eagled on the bed, completely naked. You stare at her, taking in every detail of her exposed body. Her big breasts, nipples hard from the cold. Her trim belly, hips and thighs.

“You? What are you doing here?” she asks, blinking as her eyes as she adjusts to the light.

“Claudia?” you respond. You still can’t believe what you’re seeing. Claudia, girl of your dreams, naked and helpless in front of you. Your eyes drop down to her pussy, shaved but with a neatly-trimmed patch of fuzz above. She instantly tries to close her legs but the ropes aren’t long enough.

You struggle to comprehend the situation. It’s inconceivable that she’s been presented to you as a gift, to do with as you please. And yet, here she is. You feel butterflies of excitement in your stomach and your cock starts to swell.

“Can you stop gawking and untie me, please?” she asks sweetly.

You snap out of your trance. “Uh.. oh yeah, sure…” you say. You haven’t worked out how to act in this situation, so it helps to be given some instructions.

“Thank God,” sighs Claudia as you sit on the bed between her feet and start untying one ankle. “When I’m free we’ll go to the police and I’ll say you had nothing to do with it.”

You stop. “Sorry? Nothing to do with what?”

“My kidnapping. Don’t worry, I’ll say you had nothing to do with it. You won’t get in trouble,” she replies kindly.

“So, I don’t get to have sex with you?” you ask, hoping you’ve misunderstood her.

“No, of course not!” she says firmly. “Look, I’m told that you’ve got the hots for me, but that doesn’t mean your friends can kidnap me, strip me naked and tie me to a bed so you can fuck me.”

Shit — that’s disappointing.

“Now hurry up and untie me. What are you waiting for?” she asks, starting to get frustrated.

You sit there, crestfallen. “It’s just that it’s a bit of a shame, that’s all.”

“A bit of a shame?” asks Claudia incredulously.

“Yeah, I mean, they’ve obviously gone to an awful lot of trouble to get you here. They’re probably expecting that you’ll let me fuck you, otherwise what’s the point?”

Claudia is momentarily dumbstruck. “But… but… but I didn’t agree to any of this!”

You think for a minute. “It’s all a bit weird. If I let you go then my friends get in trouble. But they must expect that I’ll let you go, because they know I’m not a creep who would take advantage of a girl in your position. It doesn’t make any sense. You don’t think I’m a creep, do you?”

“I’m reserving judgement,” mutters Claudia.

“You know what?” you continue. “I think you’re in on it. It’s the only explanation.”

Claudia gasps. “I can assure you that I am most definitely not ‘in on it!’ Why do you think they tied me to the bed?”

You ponder a moment before the answer appears to you like a ray of sunlight through the darkness. “There’s only one explanation. It must be a fantasy of yours to be tied up and taken advantage of!”

“Oh for fuck’s sake,” groans Claudia. “This is unbelievable, I literally can’t fucking believe this is happening…”

It’s a good act, but you’re not buying it. You suddenly notice a brightly-wrapped box on the bedside table. Ignoring Claudia for a moment you get up and collect it. “Do you know what this is?” you ask her curiously.

“No I don’t fucking know what that is!” she shouts. She sounds annoyed for some reason.

You unwrap the box and open it. There are several items inside. First, you pull out a ball-gag.

Claudia’s eyes widen. “No, not that again! They made me wear it all the way here!”

The second item is a tube of lubricant. You put it on the table next to the gag.

“Oh Jeez,” despairs Claudia. She starts struggling against her bonds but to no avail. All she achieves is making her tits wobble around in an alluring fashion.

The final item is a slim hot-pink vibrator. You twist the base experimentally and it starts buzzing so hard you almost drop it. You quickly turn it off again.

You look over at the helpless woman on the bed beside you. “Uh, I guess maybe I’m supposed to use this on you. You know, to get you in the mood…”

“You’re not going to get me in the mood with that thing! Now untie me, we’ll go to the cops, and I’ll forget about how stupid you’re being!”

You have a different idea. “Look, I’m just trying to get the best outcome for everyone. If I can get you in the mood then there’s no problem. We can both have a good time, and my friends won’t get in trouble…”

Claudia groans. “That’s the most fucked up logic I’ve ever heard in my life. What kind of moron…” Her voice trails off as she notices you eyeing the ball-gag.

“Let’s just give it a try, and if it doesn’t work, then we’ll do your plan,” you suggest reasonably.

Claudia tugs at the ropes again, her hips twisting and bucking, showing you her pussy and the base of her ass cheeks from many interesting angles.

“Besides,” you continue. “We both know you’re in on it.”

“Argh!” she replies in frustration, her whole body flexing as she pulls hard against all four ropes. Then she collapses back on the mattress, exhausted and panting heavily in exhaustion. The rapid rise and fall of her chest really shows off her big boobs to best effect.

You turn on the vibrator again, this time twisting the base only to the first position so the buzzing isn’t as loud. Claudia stares at it wide-eyed as you consider where you’ll stick it first.

You have to admit, this is a really awesome present your friends have got you. You’ve no idea how they managed to arrange it, but the chance to fuck Claudia is probably the thing you’ve most wanted in the whole world. It’s going to make it very difficult for you to return the favour. Maybe a case of beer. It would have to be the imported stuff, that’s for sure.

You start by making circles with the vibrator around one of Claudia’s nipples. She flinches initially but soon gets used to the feeling of it tickling her areola and flicking back and forth against her stiffening bud. When it’s nice and hard, you start on the other one.

“See, you’re getting turned on already,” you say smugly.

She sighs. “It’s just a localized reaction, idiot. I suppose I get turned on by a cool breeze too?”

Whatever — you’re no expert on anatomy. You bend forward and suck the first nipple into your mouth while you continue to perk up the second with the vibrator. When the second nipple becomes as erect and stiff as the one in your mouth you nestle the buzzing toy in her deep cleavage and squeeze her full breasts around it, licking and sucking on both nipples in turn.

Claudia’s boobs are so warm and soft in your hands, her buds so hard and chewable, that you find yourself going to town on them, kissing and slobbering all over them, until they’re shiny and glistening with your spit. You squeeze them together harder and the vibrator shoots out downward, leaving a wet trail down her stomach.

“Whoops,” you mutter, reaching down blindly to retrieve it. Your fingertips accidentally brush through her pubic fur and flick against her clitoral hood. She flinches again.

You forget about the vibrator for the moment and decide to give Claudia a good fingering instead. While continuing to suckle on Claudia’s breast you gently explore her delicate folds with your fingers, prying her pussy lips apart and sliding a fingertip down her groove to her tight little hole. She’s a little damp down there, but not exactly gushing. You rub your finger up and down between her labia, then tentatively try to insert your finger. She grunts uncomfortably so you withdraw.

She definitely needs a bit more warming up. You release her teat from your mouth with a wet pop.

“Think about what you’re doing,” she pleads.

She needn’t worry. You have been thinking about what you’re doing. That’s why your cock is so hard you could hammer nails with it.

“Don’t worry Claudia, we’ll get you in the mood in no time,” you reassure her. You find the vibrator and start stroking back and forth down her slit with it. She can’t suppress a moan whenever it presses against her clit.

“You bastard!” she says venomously. You find it admirable that she’s so committed to the roleplay.

Claudia tries to twist her hips away from you but the ropes are too tight, and it’s easy to keep the vibrator in place. After a while she stops struggling. Her pants of exertion are replaced by a different kind of panting altogether.

“Ohhh…” she moans involuntarily.

You shift position down to the end of the bed between Claudia’s spread legs and shuffle in close for a good view of her rapidly-moistening girly bits. Her little pink clit is now erect and poking out of its hood. Whenever you press the vibrator against it, her leg muscles tense up and she takes a sharp intake of breath. After a while, her pussy is so wet that her juices are trickling down between her ass cheeks.

You turn the base of the vibrator to the next higher speed and start rubbing it up and down her slit more rapidly. “Nnnnghhh!” she responds, bucking her hips up and down against it.

With a smile you angle the vibrator and start to slip it into her hole.

“No! Don’t!” she gasps.

You push the plastic intruder in almost to the base, then pull it out and start fucking Claudia’s pussy with it. After the initial resistance she gets used to it. It’s probably a relief that it’s no longer pressing on her clit.

You leave it deeply embedded in her cunt for a second as you shuffle up closer, her neat little labia vibrating from tight contact with the toy. Then you nestle your face between her thighs and start flicking her clit with your tongue, while resuming your pumping action with the vibrator. The taste and scent of musky, aroused woman fills your senses.

“Oh fuck fuck fuck!” she cries as you tongue-lash her stiff clit, then seal your mouth around it and suck on it hard. You keep sucking while your tongue makes rapid circles around her button. At one point you lose grip on the vibrator due to the sheer amount of pussy juice on it. As you fumble around for a better hold, you push it almost all the way in.

“Uh uh uh ohhhhhhhhhh!” cries Claudia, her whole body stiffening. You’ve never heard a woman cum so intensely. You keep sucking on her clit as her hips buck wildly, mashing her pussy into your face.

Eventually you relent, straightening up and wiping her juices from your face. “In the mood yet?” you ask smugly.

Claudia declines to comment, electing just to lie there and pant. You fish the vibrator out of her pussy and replace it with two of your fingers. This time they slide in easily, way past the second knuckle. Her tunnel is warm, snug and oh so very wet.

“It certainly feels like you’re ready,” you continue. You start fucking her with your fingers, jabbing them in and out of her pussy with a loud squelching sound.

“Please…” whispers Claudia, her voice trailing off. She turns her head to avoid looking at you.

“Please fuck you?” you ask, unzipping your pants and letting them drop to the floor, along with your underwear. Your cock juts out, stiff and proud.

She says nothing — just looks you in the eyes, bites her bottom lip, and gives you the tiniest of nods.

Nanny Diaries

It’s been a few weeks since I met with Carmen and Andrew. I remember being so nervous that they were going to let me go after they caught me watching them in the bedroom, and then invited me to join. All they wanted to do was take me out to dinner and let me know that I am a fantastic nanny, but an even better fuck. So, I guess you can say my job is secure.

Since that dinner we have fucked so many times. I can’t keep track of it all anymore. We fuck when the kids go to bed, when they are in school. Honestly, the fucking is an even better benefit than the health insurance.

Last night they hired another baby sitter to watch the kids for date night, just so I could go on the date with them. I was told to not touch myself at all before the date which was fucking excruciating. I wanted to play with my clit and cum so bad. Just getting dressed up for date night was a turn on.

But I listened and I am SO glad I did.

Luckily my bf was working a late shift, so I didn’t have to explain the tight red dress with the plunging neck line. I wrote him a letter that I would be back in the morning and turned off my phone. I didn’t want ANY distractions for the evening.

The date itself was really lovely. We went to a candle lit restaurant and ate and drank ourselves silly. Andrew and Carmen have a wicked sense of humor and I love their banter. I found myself being even more outgoing in their presence. They have a way of drawing the best out of people.

After dinner we went out to a club and danced for hours. It’s obvious these two have been together for years and are still wildly attracted to each other. The way they move with each other is so erotic. I wanted to get down on my knees on the dance floor and worship whats between their legs.

Andrew didn’t seem surprised when he snuck his hand in my skirt, while we were dancing, and found my pussy soaked. His only reaction was to slide his fingers out from between my legs and slip them into his mouth. Fuck, I am getting wet just remembering it. Then he leaned towards Carmen and kissed her. Her tongue slid into his mouth and she raised her eyebrows at the taste of me on his tongue. Then she pulled away from him and started making out with me. Andrew’s fingers were once again between my legs and pumping into my tight pussy.

I have no idea how no one saw what we were doing on the dance floor. Maybe they did, but I didn’t even care. All I wanted was more. I feel like that’s all I want with them- just more.

As Andrew worked my pussy into a frenzy I kept making out with Carmen. She pulled away at one point, looked me in the eyes, and just barely audible over the music said “Cum now.”

And that was what sent me over the edge. My pussy tightening around Andrew’s fingers I started to cum on the dance floor. I barely heard Andrew as he said “Fuck, such a tight fucking pussy.” But it sent me over the edge again.

I have NEVER came twice in a row so quickly. I also have never orgasmed on a dance floor and then kept dancing through the night like nothing happened. My knees were shaky for the rest of the night.

Before we even made it to our hotel room for the night Carmen and Andrew took me to the bathroom. Andrew’s cock was so fucking hard. Carmen helped guide him into my sore and wet pussy.

“Make it quick, Andrew.” Carmen told him.

And he fucking railed me so hard. Carmen was sucking on my tits, and his cock was penetrating deep into me. The way Andrew looked at me and his wife made me explode all over his cock again.

“Fuck,” was all Andrew whispered as right before he shot all of his cum in me.

Without hesitation Carmen pulled his cock out of me and started to lick me off of him. Her quiet, satisfied purr was so fucking delicious sounding. It was like a promise of what was to come later.

Then she licked my pussy all up. And I can’t tell who is the better lover- Carmen or Andrew. I just feel so fucking lucky to have them both.

Maria was the oldest of the group at 32 years old. She worked out often and still had a cute petite body after having three kids. Slender and lean, she wore a halter top black dress that hugged her cute petite body in all the right places. Underneath she chose a simple smooth cup underwire bra that pushed up her voluptuous tits nicely and matching purple satin panties. She knew she was a hot mom and dressed the part.

Lara and Jessica were roommates out of convenience. Both had broken up from bad relationships and found that living together to split the bills worked well. Lara was 30 years old and Jessica had just turned 31 years old. Lara was the party girl and was constantly flirting with any guy she came across. She was just a slight bit on the chubby side but still had a sexy sweet body and extremely cute and eager to please. She was wearing her usual Friday Night jeans and a button up blouse which she always left the top three buttons undone. Under that she had a red padded cup bra that made her small A cup tits look like B cups. She wore red thong panties.

Jessica was the youngest at 31 and was the quietest of the group. She tried to blend in wherever she went. She dressed conservatively in a nice pair of pants and a cotton tank top over a black sports bra. black silk panties completed her wardrobe.

All three of them worked together at Victoria Secret and they liked to go out like this at least once a month.

They met up at The Corner Pub and were having a good time over wine and the conversation came around to guys. Lara was a little drunk and was pointing out which guys she would like to take home from the bar. She even leaned over to Maria and said that she would not mind one bit if her boyfriend Greg wanted to take a shot at her. Jessica gasped as she had never heard Lara talk about Maria’s boyfriend before. Maria smiled and answered that if Lara was serious, she could arrange for some fun later at her cabin. Lara immediately said heck yeah!! for all three if us! Let’s go now cos I’m horny and could use a good fucking.

As Lara and Jessica settled up the tab, Maria called home to give Greg a heads up and to get a few things ready for their guests. Poor Lara and Jessica had no way of knowing that Greg had a sadistic streak when it came to sex. Maria enjoyed it sometimes, but she enjoyed watching him focus it on someone else too.

After a short drive, they arrived at Maria’s cabin. It was dark and on the end of cul-de-sac. It looked like no one was home, but Maria knew better. It had been a couple of days since Greg had had sex with her so she knew Lara and Jessica were in for a real treat. He met them at the door and invited them in. They all went into the kitchen for a glass of wine when Greg went over the rules with them. He told them the safe word that would make him stop whatever he was doing and asked if they all agreed. With that, the fun was just beginning.

Greg told Lara and Jessica to stand up and face each other. Then he ordered Lara to strip Jessica right there in the kitchen. Greg knew Jessica was the quietest one so he chose to break her first. Lara approached her best friend and proceeded to strip her naked. Her shirt and pants first and then her sports bra and black silk panties. Jessica stood there naked as Greg, Maria, and Lara stared at her bare very good looking body. Her double d tits were tipped with small but hard nipples that looked like they could cut glass. Her pussy was smooth shaved and her lips were not protruding at all. Her bottom lip quivered slightly as she stood uncomfortably nude in front of them.

Then Greg ordered Lara to caress and lick Jessica’s nipples and for Maria to show her the wine bottle. Maria smiled as she knew what he meant. She picked up the wine bottle and walked behind Jessica as Lara began to work on her double d tits and nipples. Jessica moaned in pleasure as Lara teased and sucked on her hard nipples. Her pleasure turned into surprise as she felt the cold hard neck to the wine bottle begin to slide across her smooth pussy lips. Maria worked the bottle harder and harder until Jessica’s pussy began to get wet and suddenly it popped past her lips and slid into her pussy. Jessica groaned as Maria shoved it into her deeper and deeper. The neck of the bottle forcing her tight pussy to spread painfully to accommodate the bottle.

Greg was enjoying this immensely and he walked over to take the bottle fucking over from Maria.

“Why don’t you strip your other friend for me and don’t be too gentle with it.”

Maria got up and grabbed Lara by her long and curly dark hair and yanked her away from Jessica’s double d tits. Lara yelped in surprise but was excited as well. Maria quickly slapped her across the face and told her to be quiet. Lara was stunned by the blow, but felt her pussy begin to get wet. She was super excited now after sucking on Jessica’s sexy double d tits and watching both Maria and Greg fuck her tight smooth shaved pussy with the wine bottle. And now this slap from Maria followed by her ripping her shirt open exposing her bra covered d cup tits made her flush with sexual energy. Maria then unbuttoned her jeans and slid them down her legs. Lara was now in just her red bra and red thong panties when Greg ordered Maria to use only her teeth to finish stripping her. Lara looked over to Jessica who had tears on her cheeks from the bottle fucking, but she seemed to be enjoying it. Then she noticed that Greg was pulling out his massive cock and she knew that Jessica was in for a world of hurt and hoped that she would get a turn to feel Greg’s cock inside too.

Maria moved around behind Lara and leaned over to undo her red bra with her teeth. It was hard to unclasp as it was a tight fitting bra, but Maria was able to get it done and then moved around in front, biting Lara’s bra directly between the cups and pulled it off of her. Lara’s nipples immediately stiffened once exposed to the cool AC and Maria flicked and licked them eagerly. Then she dropped to her knees in front of her and using only her teeth she bit the front panel of her red thong panties and began to pull them off.

Lara was thankful that she shaved her pussy so Maria didn’t pull any hair as she bit her panties.

As Lara became exposed naked, she locked eyes with Jessica who was just about to take Greg’s massive cock for the first time. Lara had seen how huge it was and she felt pity for Jessica as it was definitely going to hurt her as she was so petite. Greg pushed Jessica forward across the kitchen table and grabbed her hips. He positioned the tip of his hard cock on her soaked pussy and took a slug of wine from the bottle that he had just pulled out of Jessica’s pussy.

Jessica looked at Lara and whimpered “did you see how big he is….OMG I’ve never had anything that big before.”

Lara answered just as Maria slid her tongue into her own pussy “don’t worry Jessica, just relax and let him push it into you. If you tense up and fight it it will only hurt more.”

Lara felt her knees go weak as Maria found her clitoris With her tongue and she watched as Greg rammed his massive cock deep into Jessica’s pussy.

Jessica cried out in painful pleasure as Gregs massive cock filled her completely. She felt her pussy lips stretch to accommodate his girth and it felt like he was going to tear her. She gritted her teeth and took the painful penetration as she watched Maria lick and finger Lara directly across the table. They both were approaching orgasm when Greg suddenly stopped and pulled his massive cock out of Jessica and ordered Maria to stop working on Lara’s pussy. Greg pulled Jessica off the table and told her to kneel in front of him and clean her pussy juices off of his cock with her tongue. Then he told Lara to strip off Maria’s clothes and return the favor by sucking on her bald pussy while her roommate cleaned his cock.

Jessica obeyed, glad to have his massive cock out of her pussy and started to lick it off. She had tasted her own pussy off of her fingers before, but it tasted different on his cock and she enjoyed it. Meanwhile, Lara had pulled Maria’s dress off and her bra and purple satin panties as well. Maria sat on the table and she held Lara’s face firmly against her bald pussy. Lara licked and sucked her good and then slid her tongue into her pussy as far as she could. Maria groaned in pleasure as Greg took Jessica by the hand and walked around the table and stopped behind Lara. He told Jessica to grab his cock and guide it into Lara’s trimmed pussy. Maria told her to stroke it a few times first to make sure its good and hard.

Jessica looked at Maria as she reached over and grabbed Greg’s massive cock. She stroked his shaft with a firm grasp and rubbed his cock head against Lara’s swollen pussy lips, guiding it into her pussy. Once Lara felt him enter her pussy, he slammed the full length of his massive cock into her. Then he picked up Jessica and tossed her like a rag doll onto the table, straddling Maria and pushed her towards her face. Eat Jessica’s smooth shaved pussy Maria he said. Taste her, feel how sexy her pussy is.

Maria happily pulled Jessica to her face and started to lick her wet smooth shaved pussy. So amazing to have Lara eating her out while she tongued Jessica who pinned her to the table with her hips. She could feel Lara’s face smacking into her pussy as Greg fucked her hard. It was not long before Maria felt Jessica stiffen as she began to orgasm on her face. She felt Jessica’s pussy spasm as she tongued her clitoris and then a rush of her pussy juices filled Maria’s mouth. This in turn made Maria orgasm in Lara’s mouth and she felt her pussy just unload into her.

Greg watched Jessica and Maria orgasm and that was enough for him to let loose as well. He speared his massive cock into Lara’s trimmed pussy and dumped a massive load deep inside her pussy. Three times he shot his cum into her. Then Greg reached up and grabbed Jessica by her long straight red hair and pulled her off of Maria’s face and roughly pushed her to her knees beside Lara’s bent over round ass.

Everyone did orgasm except Lara, so when I pull my cock out of her, I want you to lick her trimmed pussy until you make her orgasm. Jessica nodded in understanding and she watched in some surprise as Greg slid inch after inch of his massive cock out of Lara’s pussy right in front of her face. As soon as his cock was completely out, Greg grabbed Jessica’s head and forced her face into Lara’s pussy.

“Lick her good Jessica. Make Lara orgasm.”

Jessica obeyed and started licking Lara’s engorged pussy. She even managed not to gag or choke as Greg’s thick cum poured out of Lara’s pussy and into Jessica’s mouth.

Lara moaned in pleasure as Jessica found and nibbled at her clitoris. Maria encouraged Jessica to work over Lara and make her orgasm.

Greg smiled his satisfaction as he watched his nude wife Maria stroking Jessica’s long straight red hair as she ate out Lara. As Lara’s sexy sweet body began to shake in orgasm, he heard Jessica gag as her mouth filled with Lara’s pussy juice and he knew that he had them. He could do whatever he wanted to them.

Maria looked at Greg knowing what he was thinking and smiled slightly as she knew that she would have fun bringing both Lara and Jessica to the next step and that she would be inflicting the punishment rather than receiving it in Greg’s dungeon in the basement.

Its a picture perfect day. A perfectly colored blue sky which has just a trace of white clouds floating by. In the state of Washington there is a secluded woods with a small clearing overlooking the Columbia River. You can’t hear a thing but the birds and leaves from the trees. All around there is nothing but wilderness.

John, an accountant, spends a lot of his time just hanging out there and tanning his long slim, muscular body. When John tans he likes to tan in the nude to avoid tan lines, naturally.

As the sun beats down on his golden skin he rotates his body from front to back and turns his sexy ass towards the sun. Eventually he rotates back to the front and turns his thick cock and shaved balls toward the sun. Slowly he begins to get hard.

John begins to move his hips around as if he trying to get comfortable. His cock is slowly starting to stand straight and turn to a erection. Each pump of his heart is visible through his hardening cock as it goes from soft to hard.

A gentle breeze blows across him as his thick cock becomes fully hard when it reaches a size of about 11″ long and two whole inches wide. John begins to move his hand from his sides to his rock hard cock as a smile starts to break from his face.

John takes his hand and starts to hold his thick cock. He squeezes it with a firm grip for about one minute and smiles. His squeezes begin to move from his cock head to the base then to his shaved balls. This action is slow and almost casual but after a while John begins to squeeze himself harder and stroke his large cock from the very top of the head all the way down to his base and balls.

John’s stroking slowly speed up until he reaches full speed. His balls are swinging to the rhythm of his stoking. He continues at this pace until suddenly he stops, and at the same moment he raises his hips high into the air, grabs his thick cock tight and yells out in a very load voice.

He can see each squirt of his cum rising from his shaved balls through the base of his thick cock and out his cock tip to shoot straight up into the air with each pump of his now racing heart. After a short while he collapses down to a sleeping position and falls fast asleep in the sun.

It had been a long day at Top, Inc. for Sarah where she is a accountant. She was just heading out when she decided to unwind a bit at a local bar called The Rendezvous Club.

After arriving she headed straight for the bar, sat down and ordered a margarita. After a few sips, Sarah began to relax and noticed Greg, a guy with a chiseled body and short dark hair, glancing at her from across the bar. She knew him and at first had no patience for flirting, but the margarita began to kick in and she began to return his flirtatious glances.

Sarah began to think about Greg more and more. He really had a chiseled body and a firm ass and that was just the type of guy that just drove her crazy. Then it happened, their eyes both glanced at the same time and locked onto each other. His green eyes looked directly into her deep sensuious eyes. With out even thinking about it Sarah puckered her luscious lips and blew Greg a kiss, then smiled.

Greg took the hint and left his stool and sat on one next to her. As they struck up small talk, they kept eyeing each other up. Sarah checked out his chest and shoulders, and his chiseled then with out trying to get caught she glanced down to the bulge in his pants.

Greg was doing the same, checking out Sarah’s voluptions tits, her little over weight body and then lower to her ass which was round. She had a skirt on, which did not offer much to see, but sure left the imagination open for what was underneath it.

Sarah was getting very horny by now and could feel pussy getting wet and tingly inside. With her whole attention now focused on Greg and getting laid, Sarah could not help but push things along. Finally she suggested to Greg that he better take her some place more private before she changes her mind.

With that Greg took Sarah’s hand and they left The Rendezvous Club and headed straight for his jeep. The bulge in his pants was now getting bigger by the second. They both hopped in the jeep and Sarah immediately reached over and grabbed at Greg’s pants.

The bulge was now undeniably noticeable. Sarah herself was getting very excited and could not help but think about what was to come. Greg reached over and teased her voluptions tits, then lightly pinched one of her nipples which were poking through her blouse. Then Greg moved lower and slid his hand up under her skirt. Sarah offered no resistance. In fact she opened her legs up to help him in his pursuit.

Greg was doing his best to drive his jeep with his free hand and get to his house, which was just a few miles away.

With Greg’s hand moving up Sarah’s skirt, he could feel her panties. Knowing exactly what she wanted, and getting hornier by the second, Sarah lifted her round ass up off the seat and pulled her skirt all the way up to her belly, exposing her silk panties.

As she again spread her legs, it became easy for Greg to slip a finger into the side of her silk panties and finally touch her pussy. He could feel how it must be neatly trimmed.

By now Sarah was so horny, she just wanted to rip Greg’s clothes off and jump onto him. But she new it would only be a few more minutes until they get to his house. Instead Sarah was pushing her hips up to his fingers, hinting for more. Greg immediately understood and moved one finger right to her pussy entrance and pushed in. Sarah let out a moan, then relaxed into the seat.

Seeing this Greg began to move his finger in and out in slow movements. With each movement Sarah would moan to show her pleasure. Greg began to increase his speed and Sarah increased her moaning.

The intensity increased and Sarah was now in another world. Greg just kept driving with one hand and moving his finger in and out as quickly as he could.

With only a few more blocks to go Sarah suddenly thrust her hips up into the air and completely lost control. Her body began to shake and tremble out of control. Greg attempted to continue moving his finger in and out, but just trying to keep his finger inside her pussy was a challenge.

After a few minutes Sarah began to relax and come back down to earth. As she opened her eyes she noticed that they were parked. She looked up and saw a small and charming house and asked if this was his place. Greg quickly responded yes.

With that Sarah sat up and said to him, “let’s go. I need to feel you inside me”. Greg didn’t waste any time.

They both headed straight for the front door. As soon as Greg opened it Sarah stepped in but was still feeling a bit shaky from what had happened in the jeep.

Greg led her to the master bedroom where she quickly noticed the bed and headed straight for it. Before sitting down she ripped all her clothes off as quickly as possible. Greg was attempting the same, but Sarah was so eager to keep the sensation going that in no time she was naked and sat at the edge of the bed and quickly spread her legs open for him. Her neatly trimmed pussy was now displayed and Sarah could not wait for Greg to enter her so she could feel something pounding into her pussy.

Greg finished getting naked and as he walked towards Sarah, she noticed his cock was massive and already hard and throbbing. She was hoping he was not going to do any foreplay, she just wanted him inside her and feel his hardness into her.

As Sarah lay there on the bed waiting for him, she closed her eyes anticipating the touch of his massive cock on her neatly trimmed pussy.

Instead what she felt was Greg’s tongue, flicking at her clitoris. At first she was disappointed, but that quickly disappeared as it was obvious he was not going to do any foreplay and his tongue was making her feel even better.

Greg’s intensity was strong, and for Sarah it was definitely continuing the experience from the jeep. Her pussy was on fire. The sensation was incredible and she didn’t know how much more she could take. Greg just kept kissing and licking her clitoris.

Sarah could feel herself close to a powerful explode. Then almost without warning she completely lost control. Her body convulsing and shaking out of control as each wave came over her body. Her legs were frozen and she could do nothing but lay there and absorb the intensity of it all.

Mean while Greg continued to lick her clitoris and enjoyed her loss of control to the moment. The waves of explode were beginning to slow down and sensing this Greg quickly stood up and before Sarah could open her eyes or even realize that he had stopped licking her clitoris, he moved his massive cock to her neatly trimmed pussy and pushed into her.

All Sarah could do was open her legs up even more to show her appreciation. Greg didn’t waste any time finding a rhythm, which was fine by her. Sarah just wanted to feel him pounding hard into her.

Sarah began to moan with pleasure, then began to beg Greg to go faster. He immediately started pumping into her as fast as he could. Sarah could feel her pussy stretch, then contract with each stroke.

Greg didn’t know how much more he could last at this pace. Moments later he thrust deep into Sarah and froze as his cock began to explode into her. She could feel each spurt from his massive cock as he spasmed within her pussy. She just lay there and enjoyed the sensation.

Moments later, Greg pulled his massive cock from Sarah’s pussy and sat down next to her. They sat there naked on the bed and made small talk until Sarah decided to get dressed and head home. They then got in is jeep and headed back to drop her off at The Rendezvous Club, but not before asking Greg to call her sometime when he was in the mood.

Carmen was on her way home from work at Acme, when she realized she had left her keys at her office. She sighed, and turned her SUV around to head back to work.

When she arrived, the office was dark and empty. Everyone had gone home. She unlocked the door and stepped inside, closing it quietly behind her. Carmen made her way over to her desk and started rummaging through the drawers searching for her keys. Finally she found them, but she was beginning to feel a bit adventurous. Here she was, all alone in her office. She could do anything she wanted.

Carmen had fantasized for a long time about what it would be like to pleasure herself in her workplace. Now was her chance.

She sat down in her chair and leaned back, smiling. She cupped her c cup tits in her palms, and began to massage them and pinch her nipples teasingly. Carmen bit her bottom lip, and unbuttoned her shirt. She unclasped her black bra and threw it on the floor. Now her tits were exposed, and she continued to fondle them. She could feel herself getting wet.

Then she snaked her hand in between her legs, and started to rub her clitoris with her finger. Her see through panties were soaked, and waves of pleasure traveled through her hot little body. She slipped a finger inside of her trimmed pussy. This was so exciting.

Suddenly the light turned on. She looked up, startled. Her boss, John, was standing in the doorway. His eyebrows were furrowed in surprise as he saw her sitting there, fingering her pussy. His green eyes dropped to her exposed c cup tits and her hard nipples, and then to her trimmed pussy and spread legs.

Carmen snapped her legs shut, and tried frantically to cover her tits.

“John,” she stammered. “I’m so sorry. I thought everyone had gone home!” Her cheeks were red with embarrassment.

Her boss took a step towards her, and she noticed something dark in his green eyes. Then she noticed the growing package in his pants. She licked her luscious lips, feeling bold, and dropped her arms so that he could see her tits. He reached out and grabbed them, squeezing her c cup tits and running his thumbs over her nipples. She let out a soft moan when he started to kiss and suck on her nipples.

Carmen reached down and grabbed his growing hard on, unzipping his pants and pulling his massive cock out. She started jacking it as he slowly ran his tongue along her nipples. The heat between them was unbearable.

John took a step back and spread her legs, pressing his lips to her trimmed pussy. He began licking her, and she couldn’t help but let out a loud moan. He sucked her clitoris into his mouth and flicked it quickly with his tongue. He slipped his tongue inside of her. She grabbed the back of his head and ran her fingers through his short dark hair.

Carmen watched as he held his massive cock to her trimmed pussy, and teased her with the tip. “Fuck me!” she cried, and he obediently slipped inside of her. He began fucking her slowly, pushing his cock in and out of her wet pussy. She moaned and he couldn’t help but let out a few moans of his own.

Carmen could feel the pleasure building up inside her, and knew that she was going to orgasm. She wrapped her legs around her boss and threw her head back as she began to orgasm. She squirmed and writhed from under him. It didn’t take long for him to orgasm himself.

They sat there, breathing heavily. Carmen smiled at John and he grinned back at her. He cleared his throat. “Did you find what you were looking for, Carmen?” he asked. It was about her house keys, but both of them knew that he was referring to something else.

“Oh, yes, John” she said. She had a feeling that going to work would be a lot different from now on.

Your workmate Carmen is training to be a masseuse in her spare time. One day she asks if you’d be willing to let her practice on you. You pretend to be reluctant but you actually feel a surge of excitement in the pit of your stomach. You’ve always liked Carmen, but you’ve never gone further than a kiss on the cheek at the office Christmas party. Now she’s going to rub her hands all over your body!

You feel a flutter of nerves as you press the doorbell. It’s like a first date! Carmen answers the door and welcomes you in. She seems genuinely happy to see you and grateful that you could help out.

As usual, she’s made an effort to look nice. Her brown hair is nicely styled and she has just enough makeup to enhance her natural good looks. Today she is wearing a short yellow summer dress with a plunging neckline and no outward signs of a bra underneath. It really shows off her slim but curvy figure.

She leads you into the spare bedroom. Walking behind her, you notice that her legs look amazing in high heels and you catch the sweet scent of her perfume.

There is a massage table in the room and Carmen bends forward to adjust some towels over it. In doing so, she unwittingly gives you a nice view of her dangling breasts.

Carmen leaves you to strip down to your underpants and lay face-down on the table. Eventually she returns with a bottle of warm massage oil.

The massage begins and you both make small talk. It soon becomes apparent that Carmen’s technique needs work. It feels more like groping and stroking than a proper massage, but she is unaware of this. As you lie there, being oiled and fondled by your sexy workmate, you start wondering what she looks like naked. Occasionally her hip or stomach presses against your hand. Before long, you have a raging erection. Luckily Carmen can’t see it because you are face down.

“Okay, turn over now and I’ll do your front” says Carmen.

You reluctantly turn over. If you had hoped that she wouldn’t notice your erection, then you were deluding yourself. Your cock is eight inches long and barely contained in your underpants, the long thick shaft aiming directly at your navel.

Carmen stifles a gasp and looks away. You both struggle to think of how to deal with the sudden elephant in the room.

Her hands are on your thighs, motionless. She bites her lip and looks down.

“Ummmm…” she says.

You look around the room and start to whistle nonchalantly in an attempt to divert attention from your massive hard-on. For some reason, this doesn’t work.

“Does that always happen when you get a massage?” asks Carmen eventually, with a coy smile on her face.

“Um, no, not usually,” you reply.

“Is it just me, then?” she asks, looking you straight in the eye. One of her hands slides further up your thigh.

You don’t reply, but your dick twitches visibly and draws her attention. She stares at it, still biting her lip.

“It’s big” she whispers, almost to herself. The hand on your thigh slides further up, the other she places on your hairy chest. You hold your breath, not wanting to break the spell.

Carmen traces a finger-tip over the front of your underpants, down to your balls, then gently up along the underside of your shaft. Your cock grows bigger and the head starts to poke out into the open. Carmen’s finger runs up and down a few more times, then she grasps your cock through your underwear and squeezes it firmly.

You groan and buck your hips involuntarily. This startles her and she draws back, suddenly aware that she has crossed a line.

You lie back and wait, desperately hoping for the magic to return.

“I think that’s enough for today,” Carmen says, eyes downcast and clearly embarrassed by what she just did. “I’ll leave now and let you get dressed.”

“Carmen, I…” you begin, not sure whether to apologize or beg for more action. All you know is that your balls are ready to explode.

“It hurts…” you cry pathetically.

Carmen sighs. “Feel free to jerk off before you leave” she says, shaking her head.

Unable to resist, and to your eternal shame, you get your cock out of your pants and start stroking it. Carmen watches, trying to disguise her interest. “You men are disgusting,” she whispers, but she can’t look away.

“Show me your tits,” you beg.

“No!” Carmen gasps, appalled at your effrontery.

“Pleeeaaaasssseeee!” you cry, squirming on the massage table, cock in hand.

Carmen shakes her head to herself, then rolls her eyes and sighs heavily. Your eyes boggle as she pulls her breasts out of the plunging neckline of her dress. They are a nice size, natural but firm and round, with suckable pink nipples poking proudly out. She squeezes and jiggles them accommodatingly while staring at your jerking cock. “Do you like what you see, you sick little perv?” she sneers.

You’ve fantasized about Carmen’s breasts for years and seeing them in the flesh sends you over the brink. You groan and shoot your load all over your chest and stomach, shuddering violently.

Carmen puts her breasts away and throws you a towel. “Happy now?” she smirks, then leaves you to get dressed.

Neither of you say a word as she shows you to the door. You head home, wondering how you can ever look her in the eye at work again.

Never let it be said that you’re not a generous lover. You decide to begin with a little cunnilingus to get Carmen in the mood.

You get Carmen to spread her legs and you make yourself comfortable between them. You press the fabric of her G-string between her pussy lips with your thumb and stroke up and down, feeling her dampness and inhaling the scent of her heat.

You grab the front of her G-string in your fist, pulling it tight up her. Tugging it from side to side you work it deeper into her cleft until it disappears between her inner labia. You place little kisses along her bulging outer lips, tugging rhythmically on the tight material. Then you pull the panties to the side. Her clit is hard now, protruding from its hood. You suck it between your lips and your tongue bathes it with spit.

“Ohhh…” sighs Carmen, running her fingers through your hair.

Carmen’s pussy lubes up rapidly as you work your magic. While continuing to torture her clit with your tongue you work your thumb into her wet, grasping tunnel and feel around for that special spot inside. That special spot that if you rub just right…

“Oh my fucking God!” shrieks Carmen, suddenly convulsing, her groin slamming into your face. You grab her cute little ass cheeks to keep her twitching pussy pressed tight against your mouth as she writhes around uncontrollably. “Ohmygodohmygodohmygod” she babbles in orgasmic rapture, clamping your head between her thighs.

When it finally ends you extract yourself and gasp for air.

“I think I will keep you around” she laughs as she observes her shaking legs.

You have a slightly difficult relationship with Carmen. This is due to the fact that you desperately want to fuck her, and she knows it. She discovered your feelings a while ago when she caught you wanking into a pair of her panties. For some reason, this did not endear you to her. These days her attitude toward you is a mixture of pity and contempt, but that doesn’t stop her prick-teasing you mercilessly when no-one else is around.

You’ve tried to suppress your feelings but you find yourself thinking about Carmen all the time. In fact, you’ve become obsessed with seeing her naked. She’s got the cutest little ass that you’d love to squeeze and spank.

One day Carmen catches you trying to sneak a peek up her skirt. She rolls her eyes.

“Did you get a good look, Steven?” she teases. She quickly checks that no one else can see, then bends over, tugging up her skirt to reveal her panty-clad bottom. She reaches around and gives one cheek a squeeze and a slap, before standing up and letting her skirt fall back into place.

“That’s the most you’ll ever see, Steven. It’s pathetic how you’re always perving on me.”

Later you go to the bathroom and jerk off, the vision of Carmen’s hot little ass still fresh in your brain. You need her sooooo bad!

Weeks go by. You find yourself tormented by fantasies of fucking Carmen. Then she gets invited to a masquerade party where everyone has to wear masks. You’ve heard that these parties can get pretty wild, and also that Carmen has developed a “reputation.”

You come up with a simple plan. You’ll crash the party, wearing a mask so no-one can recognize you, then keep an eye on Carmen until she goes off with some guy. Hopefully you can catch her in the act and get a peek at her ass or her tits. Genius!

The night of the party arrives and Carmen flaunts her costume. You almost have a heart attack when you discover she’s decided to go dressed as a prostitute. She’s wearing a skimpy red dress, with fishnet stockings and suspenders. She’s obviously wearing no bra, her nipples sticking right through the fabric.

Carmen does a little pirouette in front of you. “What do you think Steven, you horny loser? Take a good look, it’ll give you something to jerk off over when I’m gone!” Then she bends down to pick up her handbag, flashing you her sexy butt. She’s wearing a black g-string under the fishnets. You instantly tent your pants.

Carmen notices your erection. “Really Steven, is that all you’ve got?” She leans closer to you and whispers hotly in your ear. “I’m planning on getting laid tonight. Does that excite you? Do you like thinking about me getting fucked?”

Then she puts on her mask — a small one that only covers her eyes — and leaves you in an extremely flustered state.

You run to get your costume. Well, okay, not directly, you go via the bathroom to jerk off, but that doesn’t take long. Then you change into your costume, a Phantom of the Opera outfit with a cape and a mask that covers most of your face but leaves your chin and mouth exposed.

Amazingly, your plan works and they let you into the party. You guess they figure that anyone who goes to the trouble of getting a costume must have been invited. You stand in the middle of the crowded room watching all the masked strangers making out, feeling like you’re in a budget version of Eyes Wide Shut. Tom Cruise, eat your heart out.

You notice Carmen chatting with two masked guys. One of them has his hand up her dress groping her backside, the other is nibbling her ear while she laughs. Then they disappear down a corridor and into a bedroom. You glance around the room. No-one is paying you any attention, most of them are getting it on with each other. You follow Carmen down the corridor.

The bedroom door is slightly ajar. Through the gap you can see that they haven’t wasted any time. Carmen is on her hands and knees on the bed, her tits hanging out, unzipping one of the guy’s pants. You stand there, savoring your first look at Carmen’s naked boobs.

A hand grabs you and pulls you in. “Jesus, don’t just stand there gawking, you want everyone in here?” the dude hisses before shutting the door behind you. Carmen looks up from the hard cock hovering in front of her face, sees you, and smiles. Then she engulfs the engorged knob with her lips and starts bobbing her head back and forth.

Your cock is fit to burst, watching Carmen giving a stranger a blow-job, her tits jiggling as he fucks her face. The room is filled with wet, sucking sounds. She brings one of her hands up to her hard nipples and starts tweaking and tugging at them.

The second guy unzips his fly and stands beside his buddy. Carmen alternates sucking each of their cocks, and even tries to get both of them in her mouth at the same time. She’s clearly done this before. A lot. Your dick stiffens to its full length.

It’s rarely that you find yourself alone with Carmen. On this occasion, no-one else is expected for at least half an hour. You make her a cup of coffee and take advantage of the opportunity to get to know her better.

You’ve lusted after Carmen for a while now, but you’ve never made a move on her. You can’t imagine that anything good would happen if you were ever to proposition her. Instead you make small talk and wonder if she suspects the depth of your feelings.

While Carmen is talking animatedly about something that happened to her last Tuesday, your eyes involuntarily drop to her chest. Today she’s wearing a tight blouse with a couple of buttons undone, revealing the pink lace edge of her bra and some delicious cleavage. She has a truly magnificent pair of tits and you’ve fantasized about them often. You wonder how she’d react if she knew how many times you’ve shot your load while thinking about them…

“Hey, are you having a good look?” says Carmen, snapping her fingers and bringing you out of your reverie with a jolt.

“What? Sorry, what were you saying?” you stammer.

“My tits. Were you having a good look at my tits?” she asks evenly. “I can always tell when you’re sneaking a peek.”

You have no choice but to come clean. “Carmen, I’m sorry. I didn’t know I was so obvious.”

“Every time we see each other you can’t keep your eyes off my boobs. How do you think that makes me feel?” she asks quietly.

“I can’t imagine,” you admit. You feel ashamed that you’ve obviously made her feel like a piece of meat, fit only to be ogled. You have to try and fix the situation.

“I’m sorry, I’ll try to…” you begin.

“I’ll tell you how it makes me feel,” interrupts Carmen, leaning forward. “Do you want to know?”

“Um… yes?” you reply uncertainly. Whatever she’s about to say, you deserve it.

She looks into your eyes for several long seconds while you wither before her.

“I like it,” she finally says, smiling wickedly. “Every time I catch you staring at my boobs it makes me feel sexy. I love knowing that my body turns you on!”

Your heart leaps into your throat and your cock stirs in your pants as if on cue. “You do have a fantastic pair of tits, Carmen. I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks so.”

She walks around to where you are sitting, then lifts herself up on to the edge of table and looks down at you warmly. “Is it just my tits you like?”

You are quick to avoid falling into that particular trap. “Oh no, you’re the complete package, Carmen. I’ve wanted you for ages!” It feels so cathartic to finally tell her how you feel.

“Oh really?” she smiles. Then she leans forward and whispers into your ear.

“Do you want to touch them?”

This is an unexpected but very welcome invitation. You don’t have to think twice.

“Of course I do!”

Carmen sits herself on the table and slides her ass over, placing her feet on each side of your chair, trapping you between her legs. Her skirt rides up but you’re too close to get a look at her panties.

“Go on then. If you want to touch them so much, it would be cruel of me not to let you!” She puts her hands on her hips, wriggles her shoulders and giggles flirtatiously.

You reach out with one hand. Not quite believing this is happening and fearing a trap, you initially place it on the side of her chest, your thumb and forefinger just resting against the swell of her right breast.

“Now listen,” she says suddenly, twisting away from you. “Just because I’m letting you grope my tits, doesn’t mean we’re doing anything else, okay?”

You’ll take what you can get. “Whatever you say, Carmen. You’re calling the shots.”

She smiles and gives you a kiss on the cheek. “Don’t you forget it!” she replies, then places her hands behind her head and thrusts her chest forward. Her tight blouse is stretched taut over her tantalizing mounds, threatening to burst at the seams.

You slide your hand from her side on to her right breast and rest it there for a moment, feeling the shape and the warmth. When it becomes apparent that yes, she’s really letting you do this, you squeeze it firmly. There isn’t much give — her blouse and bra are holding everything in tightly.

Your other hand grabs her left breast and you squeeze that too, then you start fondling her in earnest, squishing her boobs together to maximize her exposed cleavage. But her clothing is spoiling the experience.

It appears that Carmen can read your mind. “Here, I’ll take off my top so you can get a proper feel!” she says helpfully. You stare as she undoes each button in turn, then pulls the blouse out of the waistband of her skirt and tosses it behind her.

Carmen’s bra is now revealed and you take a sharp breath. It’s tight, pink and lacy. You can clearly see her nipples through the semi-transparent material. You take her tits in your hands and rub your thumbs across her nipples. They react instantly, forming hard little bumps under the lace.

“You like?” asks Carmen coquettishly.

“Oh yeah!” You reply is half groan. You lean forward and shove your face into her cleavage, inhaling the sweet scent of her skin and kissing every inch of exposed flesh.

Carmen’s bra loosens in your hands. While you were buried in her chest she must have reached back and released the catch. You help her extricate her arms then gaze in wonder at the treasures before you. Her naked tits are every bit as awesome as you’ve imagined.

Carmen grabs you by the back of your neck and draws you in. “Suck it. Suck my nipple.”

You latch on to Carmen’s stiff teat and suck gently, flicking it with your tongue. She sighs gently and strokes your head. You release the first nipple with a wet popping sound and take the other one into your mouth. At the same time you pinch the first nipple between your fingers and gently tug on it.

“Harder. Bite me, bite my nipples!” Carmen’s voice now has an urgent tone.

You bite down as far as you dare, and then a little harder. She gasps in response. “That’s it… I like it hard… bite harder!”

You munch and slobber over Carmen’s tits, nibbling her nipples and sucking as much of her breasts into your mouth as you can. She encourages you by making sexy little whimpering sounds. Soon her boobs are slick and shiny with saliva.

One of your hands starts wandering. It slides down her side, over her hip and down her thigh to the hemline of her skirt. Your fingers slip inside and you push the skirt up to the top of her legs. With her knees on either side of you she can’t close them to protect her modesty.

Your questing fingers trace over the front of her panties, then slide between her crotch and the table. You can feel the folds of her cunt through the thin material. She sighs gently as you rub her slit back and forth, pressing her panties between her lips.

You are about to work your fingers under the gusset when she reaches down and grabs your wrist. “That’s going a little too far!” she chastises, pulling your hand back up on to her breast.

“You’re such a fucking tease, Carmen,” you groan.

“Oh yeah?” she replies. “Well, what are you going to do about it?”

Your cock instantly grows another inch in your pants upon hearing this taunt and you react without thinking. You wrap an arm around her waist and pull her close against you, then kiss her hotly on the mouth. At the same time you slide your other hand down the front of her panties. Your middle finger parts her lips and slides into her crevice, finding it hot and wet.

She returns the kiss, twisting her tongue around yours, but as your finger probes deeper she begins to resist. She breaks the kiss with a gasp.

“Stop. Wait a minute…” she pants.

You’re not a jerk. You release her and remove your hand from her knickers, then wait while she collects herself.

Carmen gently pushes you back with one hand on your chest. Her face is flushed and her breathing is heavy. “I think I’ve let you make me a little hornier than I planned,” she admits. “I think I might have to let you do one more thing…”

“Name it, Carmen” you reply, heart beating wildly and dizzy with lust.

She pauses, seeming conflicted as to whether she should continue. Then she obviously decides to throw caution to the wind. She hops back up onto the table and draws her legs up, resting her heels on the edge. She pulls her panties down past her knees then kicks them off and spreads her legs, flashing a very pretty-looking pussy at you.

“I’ve gotta cum. Are you any good with your tongue?”

You smile wickedly in response and drop to your knees, your head level with her crotch. You grab her waist and pull her toward you so that her calves dangle over your shoulders, then take a deep breath and dive in.

You lap her pussy slit up and down, working your tongue between her delicate inner lips and poking the tip into her tight opening. Then you slither upward and press hard against the hard little bud of her clitoris.

Carmen lets out a sexy whimper. Encouraged, you make a seal with your lips around her hood and suck her clit into your mouth, flicking it with your tongue. Without stopping, you insert two fingers into her pussy, just past the second joint, and start rubbing against the area where the mythical G-spot is supposed to be.

You find it. Carmen shrieks in pleasure and grabs you by the back of your head, pulling you tight against her pussy as she cums wetly in your face. Her thighs clamp against your ears, trapping you between her legs as her hips buck uncontrollably. You are lucky to avoid a neck sprain.

When you are finally released you stand up and survey the damage, wiping spit and pussy juice from your face. Carmen is splayed lewdly on the table, her tits out and skirt around her waist, looking very happy.

You’ve got to release the pressure in your pants. You unzip and let your jeans and underwear drop, taking your engorged penis in your hand.

This doesn’t escape Carmen’s attention. “Did I make it all big and hard? Okay, you can jerk yourself off. You deserve it!”

You wait at Andy’s front door, wondering why you’re there. The phone callhad been cryptic, to say the least. All you know is that this guy you barely know needs you for some kind of favor. You protested that it was late, but he said it would be worth your while, so now here you are.

He opens the door, looking nervous. “Hey man, thanks for coming.”

“No problem,” you reply, stepping inside. “Happy to help out.”

“Um, yeah, thanks for coming,” he says, forgetting that he’s thanked you already. He seems very distracted.

“You okay?” you ask, not really caring, but you feel you should ask. “Is something wrong?”

“Nah, nothing like that,” he reassures you as you make your way down to the living room. “Want a beer?”

“Sure,” you reply, crashing on the couch.

Andy returns with two beers and you clink them together. “Cheers.”


“So where’s Nicki tonight?” you ask in what you hope is an off-hand manner. One of the reasons you agreed to come out at this late hour was the chance of seeing her. You can take or leave Andy, but you really like Andy’s girlfriend. Really, really, like her.

Andy coughs. “Uh, she’s here. In the shower at the moment.”

“Uh huh,” you reply casually, picturing her naked and wet, wishing you could be her loofah.

“She’s kind of why I asked you here,” he continues, avoiding your gaze for some reason. “We need something. I just hope, uh, that it isn’t going to be too much to ask…”

You sigh. “We’re not moving furniture, are we? Because I’ve got a bad back at the moment…”

Andy takes a big swig of beer. “Nah, it’s nothing like that. Look, if I tell you something, will you keep it a secret?”

“Sure,” you agree, intrigued.

“Okay. Look, this is hard for me to say, but I trust you, okay? I trust you.” He pauses, then continues. “I can trust you, right?”

“Duuude,” you reply, your tone implying that he is silly to ask.

That seems to satisfy him. “Okay. The thing is… uh… you probably won’t believe this, but, I.. uh… I’m not that great in bed, to be honest.”

You were about to take another swig of beer, but you freeze, the bottle half lifted to your face. “Er… what?”

“I’m shit in bed, man. Can’t keep it up,” he continues, staring at the floor.

“You can’t keep it up? With Nicki?” you say incredulously.

“Yeah. It’s getting bad. Everything else is great, but I just can’t satisfy her in bed. I think she’s going to leave me,” says Andy sadly.

Your heart goes out to him. “That sucks, man.”

“I dunno what the problem is,” he continues. She’s hot, right?“

You think, all things considered, that it’s safe to agree. “Yeah, she’s pretty hot.”

“I just don’t understand. Premature ejaculation — you could understand that, right? Because she’s so hot…”


“It was good at the start, but I just can’t get it up any more. She’s definitely going to leave me.”

Your heart bleeds for him. To have a girlfriend as sexy as Nicki, and be unable to take advantage. It must really suck.

“Have you seen anyone about this?” you ask. “Perhaps if you saw a therapist, they could work out what’s going on with you…”

Andy shakes his head and comprehensively shuts you down. “I did that. I don’t want to talk about it.”

“Okay, well, there’s other things you can do to satisfy her. You know… like oral sex…”

He flinches. “Ugh, no thanks!”

You look at him disbelievingly. “Not even to save your relationship…”

“Ugh, no! I just… can’t!”

You’re taken aback at his unwillingness to go down on his lovely girlfriend. You’ve always imagined her pussy to be quite lovely and tasting of strawberries. “You do like girls, right?”

“Of course I do!” he bristles, before draining the last of his beer. There’s a long silence.

“So, is that why I’m here? You need someone to talk to?” you ask tentatively.

“Nah dude. Nicki and I talked about it, and we thought that maybe we could make it work if I let her fuck someone else occasionally. She suggested you.”

Whoa. You didn’t see that one coming. He timed it just as you were taking another sip of your beer, and it goes down the wrong way. You choke for a good ten seconds, tears streaming down your face.

Andy waits patiently for you to recover.

“She suggested me?” you finally splutter.

“Yeah. Don’t ask me why,” he replies. “So, are you up for it?”

You look around. You can’t see any cameras, but they’re pretty small these days, so who can tell? You study Andy’s face, looking for some indication that this is all a joke, or worse, a trap. He appears sincere.

“You need this to save your relationship?” you ask warily.

“Yeah. Nicki needs a good lay. It’s been a long time for her,” he replies earnestly.

You pause for what you think is enough time to convince him that you’re actually reluctant, before cautiously agreeing. “Dude, I don’t want to see you two break up. So if I can help out, then sure. I’d do anything to help you out. You know that.”

He rolls his eyes. “I know you’ve always wanted to fuck my girlfriend, so you can stop pretending!”

You grin, realizing how transparent you must be. “Yeah, but you know I’d never make a move on her, right?”

“I know. And just so we’re clear, she’s still mine. You’re just going to fuck her, okay?”

“Fine by me,” you agree. You’ve fantasized about Nicki a lot, but none of those fantasies involved picking out wallpaper patterns or having lunch with her parents.

“Let’s shake on it,” Andy proposes, reaching out his hand.

You shake, and the deal is done. “So when were you wanting me to… uh… do the deed?”

“How about now?” comes a voice from behind you. You spin in the couch to find Nicki standing in the doorway, her body wrapped to mid-thigh in a wet towel.

You look her in the eyes, trying to get a read on her expression. After a second she suffers a brief loss of confidence and diverts her gaze down, before visibly deciding “to hell with it” and straightening up proudly, looking right back at you with her hands on her hips.

“So, do you want some of this, or not?”

Nanny Diaries
Part 3

My bf woke up this morning, wanting what he always wants- morning head. Having tossed and turned all night thinking about Carmen and Andrew I wasn’t in the fucking mood to do so much work. But I told him he could fuck me, and fuck me he did.

The whole time his cock was buried inside of me I was thinking about Andrew fucking me while Carmen sat on my face. I came hard, panting heavily at the thought of her cuming all over my face. My boyfriend filled my pussy with his cum very quickly after my orgasm.

God! Will this never end? The desire seems to be unending.

What do I do now with my job? Will I have to quit as a nanny? Will it be awkward with Andrew and Carmen now? All this anxiety is killing me. And to make matters worse Carmen called me a hour ago and asked that I come over later today. She didn’t say why and I am trying not to be nervous.

Just in case though I am planning on wearing my sexiest panties. Lace, red, and perfectly see through. Already there is a wet spot on them from my incessant thoughts of what could happen later. I am imaging Carmen putting me down on the bed and slowly peeling the panties off of me. God, I want to feel her slide her fingers deep into me while she licks my clit. I want more. More. More. More.

The sound of my zipper being pulled down fills the silence. Your heart starts to beat rapidly in anticipation with what’s to come next. Your hands are tied and your eyes are blindfolded you will have to rely on your other senses.

I step closer to you, and you feel my soft lips brush against your mouth. Your mouth responds immediately and it opens just enough so your tongue can be probe the opening. I tense as your warm mouth encircles my clit and begins to suck gently. You can feel my clit beginning to swell and stretch with every movement you make. Flicking your tongue over me in long languid strokes you slide your tongue into my pussy, consuming my juices. My lips tightening around you as I draw you back and forth into me.

You take my time, paying attention to all your favorite spots; my pleasure your reward.

I am moaning and breathing fast as the feeling of your lips and tongue continue to move over me, your enthusiasm reaching a new level, working me in ways I’ve never felt before. You desperately want to touch me, but your restricted ties prevent your hands from aiding your mouth in its task to have me come undone.

You can feel me getting close and as you’re preparing to take all my cum, I abruptly end the exchange and withdraw myself from your mouth.

You wait to be directed to what I want you to do next.

You feel my presence behind your back and the deliberate action of your hands being freed. I signal for you to stand up and then lead you to a bed. You’re still blindfolded so you are relying on me to guide me; I’m in control.

I push you on the bed pressing you into the mattress. I hover above you, lowering my head enough to kiss you, I feel your tongue between my lips, seeking and meeting my own. My fingers run lightly over your chest. They then travel down over the curves of your hips, to your pulsing cock, which is ready and wanting, craving my attention. I gently brush past your cock which leaves your trembling for more. I climb on top of your face, slowly grinding on you.

My breathing changes and you can feel me getting close, feeding your desire and sending you over the edge. You stiffen, back arching, moaning my name, your hands gripping the sheets as the sounds of my orgasm break any last hold you had left. I collapse next to you, spent, flushed, inhaling deeply as we try to get our equilibrium back.

Sexual Surrogate Notes
Part One

After months of therapy sessions, your therapist has reached out to me so we can work as a team for your growth. As I read over your profile, I start to get a picture of who you are.

Male, mid thirties, average height. Your health is fair. You have been working on your lack of love life in therapy, and while your therapist has done some extraordinary work she sees the benefit of having some hands on help. As a thirty year old virgin with an extreme case of anxiety around women, you would greatly benefit from a sexual surrogate.

You walk into my office right as I finish up looking over your file. You can barely make eye contact with me. Despite what most think about my position and how I dress for work, I usually keep it pretty conservative. My clients already feel nervous or shy without my generous breasts being shoved in their face.

It is the pants I am wearing that you are staring at. As I say your name your eyes quickly dart to mine and then back down. I can tell you are going to be a challenge.

“I realize you are nervous, Johnathon. I want to assure you that nothing happens between us until you are ready. We take this at your pace. The goal is eventually to make love to each other, but that doesn’t happen until further down the road.”

With that speech out of the way your shoulders relax. You finally bring your eyes up to me, and maintain eye contact. Your eyes are a striking shade of green, it takes me back.

“If it is okay with you, Johnathon. May I rub some of that tension out of your shoulders? Just a friend giving a shoulder rub.” You nod yes.

I step behind you and begin my deep rubs through your shoulders. I can tell this touch is a little nerve wracking for you, but I also see you sit back into that touch, letting the anxiety fall away.

After 15 minutes of massaging and working out your tension I move onto the couch beside you. Your eyes are a little brighter. The smile you give me is beautiful and bright. Without quite thinking I lean into to kiss you.

Stunned, I pull back. I never move this fast with a client. But you pull me back, inviting me to your lips again. I climb on to your lap and begin moving my hips, grinding myself onto you. I can feel your hard cock pressing through your clothes and mine.

Our kissing becomes more desperate and the dry humping more frantic. I want to tear your clothes off of you and ride you. In such little time you went from an anxious man to a sex god. I want to show you how good it feels to fuck, kiss, and orgasm into a woman.

The timer rings indicating our session is coming to a close. I climb off you slowly, right my shirt and fix my hair.

“Well, Johnathon. That was a surprise. I didn’t anticipate you would be ready for contact so soon.” Your answering smile sends a shock between my legs.

“So, when would you like to schedule your next appointment?”? I ask

“Do you have an opening tomorrow?” And your mouth spreads into a wicked grin.

Nanny Diaries
Pt 2

After my threesome I went home feeling….excited, elated, nervous. All of those feelings were washing over me on my commute home. When I walked in the door my bf asked how I was doing and I quickly tried to hide the guilt that washed over my face. He didn’t seem to notice and accepted my answer of “fine” without pause.

I made an excuse of having got quite messy with the kiddos and needed to take a shower. While he cooked us dinner I was trying to wash their scents off me. Carmen and Andrew…they are so intoxicating. Everything about them makes my heart leap out of my chest and my pussy drip. But i needed to rinse them from my skin so my bf wouldn’t know what we had done.

But goodness, even as I was scrubbing my body I was thinking about Carmen’s hard nipples and the way Andrew’s cock twitched in my mouth. Without even realizing it my hand had drifted between my legs. Oh god. I started rubbing my sensitive clit even faster. Without even thinking I grabbed the removable shower head and started blasting the water right on my clit, while I imagined what it would be like to lick Carmen’s pussy while Andrew fucked me.

I came so hard that I had to grip the sides of the shower. Even with that orgasm, it wasn’t enough. I was so fucking worked up thinking about fucking them again that I plunged two fingers into my pussy, pounding hard and fast. I knew Andrew’s cock would feel even better. God, I wanted them right now.

I was getting closer to another orgasm when my bf knocked on the door. I quickly pulled my fingers outside of me as I answered his knock. He only cracked the door open a little and told me dinner was done. After he left I looked around me, gathering my senses. Did he know what I was doing?

I turned the water off, my pussy aching for more release, and quickly toweled off. My bf was ecstatic when I came out of the bathroom, naked. He bent me over and fucked me hard over the table. He didn’t even think it was weird to find my pussy dripping already.

I found the release I needed, but not quite what I wanted. I couldn’t stop thinking about the next time with Andrew and Carmen. Even as I listened to my bf talk about his day, my mind was elsewhere.

Nanny Diaries

I went to pick up my check this evening, and like two weeks ago I heard moaning noises coming from master bedroom. I quietly snuck upstairs hoping to view another show. As I peeked in the door I saw Andrew and Carmen were both completely naked this time. He was standing and she was kneeling in front of him playing with his cock. She moved her head to the side and I caught a good glimpse of his stiff and VERY big cock. I leaned against the doorway and slowly slid my hand into my pants and began fingering myself. My pants were restraining my movement, so I unbuttoned and unzipped them so my hand could move more freely. I got a bit carried away watching them, and before I knew it I orgasmed.

Then the most embarrassing thing happened as I moaned really loud and it caught their attention. They stopped immediately and stared right at me in the doorway. As I stood there frozen with fear, Carmen called me into the room and. I tried to fix my pants as I slowly sulked in the bedroom. She asked how long I had watched them and I answered, “A while.” Then she asked if I had gotten turned on by watching them and I nodded my head. Next, she told me since I had seen them both naked didn’t I think it was only fair to get naked for them? I nodded in agreement softly and slowly undressed till I was completed nude standing in front of them.

Carmen told me to give Andrew a hug and I slinked over to him and we embraced. As we embraced I felt his cock rub against my thigh and it made me smile. She slapped my butt and told me, “Touch his cock if you want.” I surprised myself and without hesitation ran my hand against his cock. His cock began to harden as I touched him and he smiled at me. Carmen took my other hand and rubbed it on her boobs and I started getting very aroused. She asked, “Do you want Andrew to go down on you like I told you about?” I nodded and she took me to the bed and sat next to my head as I laid down and he spread my thighs and ran his tongue inside me.

Omg, I don’t know how to describe how amazing his tongue felt and the spots it hit in my pussy. I had several good orgasms. Towards the end she had gotten off the bed and was stroking his cock with her hands as he stood up she told me she was going to give me a lesson in cock sucking. I got on my knees next to her and I took his cock in my mouth and slowly licked and began sucking. Each time she suggested something I followed as if it was an order. I sucked and sucked and rubbed his balls until he exploded a load of cum in my mouth. It was too much to swallow and it dripped down my chin and onto the floor. Carmen told me I was a good student and learned quickly. The whole ride home I couldn’t believe or stop thinking about what had happened. Also, I knew for sure I wouldn’t tell my boyfriend and that I wanted more with them.

Dendrophilia- Sexual attraction to trees

If you read my Thought I posted about a new challenge I am doing, to write up a Thought or Fantasy based on a fetish or term you send me, then you must remember the example I used for a fetish was dendrophilia. Once I found this fetish and used it for an example I decided I HAVE to write a fantasy ASAP, because the challenge was too great. So take a seat, get cozy, and enjoy.

The forest was slumbering. Our footsteps the only sound as we slowly weaved our way through felled trees and loose branches. Every snap of a twig underfoot seemed to echo through the silent land.

I threw a quick look over my shoulder to see you with your head bent, in intent focus. Your hands bound before you in rope, and your eyes cast downward, was the picture I imagined before we ever set foot in my sacred part of the forest.

I considered it a gift from my God when you came thrashing through my woods. Humans- so loud and careless. You came into the woods to hunt, but now it seems you have turned into the hunted.

It took you far too long to realize I wasn’t some lonely damsel in the woods. I scented your desire and intention when you first saw me. Your desire made you stupid, careless. Men- so predictable.

Your every instinct should’ve told you to run when I invited you in for warmth and food. It seems your cock got the better of you, and you laid your weapons down on my porch. Mistake number two. Goodness, it was too easy.

After that, all it took was a little potion in your coffee and you were out quicker than a baby. You looked so peaceful as I bound your hands. I wondered what your dreamt about as a made quick work of your hands. Did you have any suspicion of the nightmare you would awake to?

When you finally pulled yourself from the dream world you opened your eyes to find me in my red cloak, smiling at you like you were the meal. I smelled your fear radiate it from you, heard the hammering of your mortal heart.

“Hello again.”

“What have you done?” You whispered as you jerked at your rope.

“Oh, yes that. Im sure you’re not accustomed to being bound when you wake up, but I promise you-”

“Bitch! Untie me,” You yelled with a bravado that would convince a mortal you weren’t afraid, however I knew better. I could practically taste your fear.

“Tsk tsk. That’s not how you speak to a lady.” My answering smile had you snapping your mouth closed, calculating your next words and your surroundings. In the end it appears you opted for a softer tone.

“Miss, please. I have a family to feed. Please let me go. I don’t know what you want, but if it is money I can surely find a way to pay you.”

My answering laugh told you enough of what I thought of your offer. “Come,” I whispered as my magic snapped you to your feet and you found yourself involuntarily following me.

“Where are we going?” you stammered.

“To my spot in the woods where the trees answer to my magic. Hush now, they are listening. You wouldn’t want them to know you’re afraid, they would have too much fun with that.”

And so you listened, no magic was needed. The only noise coming from you was the sounds of nature bending and snapping under you. For hours we walked in silence.

It is with that one final look behind me, at your bowed head, that I finally came to a stop. Your eyes snapped up from the ground and you took in every piece of nature.

Your eyes seemed to snag on the trees, how their limbs appeared to be reaching for you. I saw you recoil at the wickedness. I had to stifle a laugh, because I knew how truly wicked they were. You are in for such a treat, human.

With a snap of my fingers the rope binding you was gone. It took two seconds for you to realize, and like all the others before you tried to run. Stupid fool. You made it five paces, my laughter filling your ears, before the tree branches grabbed you by the wrist and dragged you back to the center. Your eyes widened in terror.

You opened your mouth to scream and found a branch smothering your mouth instead. With the gentleness of a lover another branch came forward and started to stroke your face. Silent tears rained from your eyes.

I slowly stepped into the circle with my cloak discarded. My smooth, bare flesh grabbing your attention. You took in my nakedness, even with such terror coating your face.

Another branch snapped towards you and stripped you of your clothes. Then it lovingly began to trace the contours of your body. As if in tandem more branches came for you and began their slow taunting of your body. Your muffled surprise sent shivers down to my pussy.

The trees, feeling my arousal, began to caress my body too. Over my tight nipples they flicked their leaves. Down to my clit, they loving stroked. As the branches slowly worked me up I kept my eyes on you and what the branches were doing to your body.

A thin branch had curved itself around your cock and began stroking. Your cock was a traitor to your body, for I could still taste your fear and yet you were fully erect, shuddering at each stroke.

You were so focused on my clit and the thin branch rubbing it, you failed to notice the tree limb snaking it’s way towards you. And before you could register what had happened, your ass was being penetrated. Your prostate being tickled and teased.

Without a notice you started orgasming. Your cum shooting out on the forest floor while your muffled pants where stifled. My opened my legs in silent order, and the tree branch snaked it’s way from my clit to my pussy opening and started to fuck my slowly.

Having just orgasmed the trees didn’t stop the stroking of your cock. The trees would keep using you until I decided we were done, and it would be a long while yet.

I arched my back, feeling the smoothness of the branch stretching me open. The wetness of my pussy was loud enough for you to hear, even over my moans, you began to thrust as much as you could into the tree branches grasp.

Never taking my eyes off of you I pushed myself further into the branch in my pussy. I reached down to rub my clit in circles, your eyes glazing over as you took in the whole scene.

I started cuming in waves, over and over again. With a frenzy you began truly thrusting into the waiting branches hold. I could see the lust and desire in your eyes. I waled my way towards you. The branch smothering your mouth slowly unwound itself. Then pushed your face towards my pussy, and you began to like all my cum up.

Your desire exploded right as you reached the wettest part of me, tasting the deliciousness of my arousal. As you slowly came back from your orgasm you began to beg me to never let you go. Like all the others before you had as well.

And I smiled.

“What will it be tonight? A belt or a switch?” I purr as I glide my long fingernails down your neck. You shudder at the touch.

“Whatever please you, Goddess.” You murmur as your knees begin to shake.

“I don’t believe I should limit myself. Wouldn’t you agree?” Another fingernail along your neck. Your hesitation lingers in the air. I withdraw my fingers from your neck and lean my face close to your ear.

“I do believe I asked you a question,” I whisper as I reach my hands into your hair and pull your head back. You let out a gasp.

“Yes, Goddess. I agree you shouldn’t limit yourself,” The shaking from your knees travels up to your spine. I release your hair to circle around you.

Your eyes are glued to a spot on the ground. I watch the nervousness blossom on your cheeks and I take a seat in front of you on a suede chair. I slide my feet out of my heels, waiting.

Your body bends further to bring your face to my feet. You shift closer to me. I feel the tickle of your ragged breath on my toes. Your lips caress my feet; acknowledging your submission.

“Mmmmm,” I sigh “More.

You begin to truly worship my feet. Your lips kissing the soles, mouth pulling my toes in to be sucked, and your tongue flicking me all over. I watch you make my your altar to worship on.

“Stop.” Your head still bent, you loose a shuddered breath.

“Bend over the couch. It’s time for the main event.”

Standing in front of the bathroom mirror I apply a coat of red lipstick. Red like a freshly bloomed rose, startling against my outfit of a white lace dress that hugs my every curve. I anticipate what response my look will illicit from you upon my exit from the bathroom.

You are always waiting in the living room for my grand exit. Your eyes are always hungry as you soak in every detail of me. Tonight wont be different, but perhaps your appetite will be grander since I haven’t allowed you to serve me in a week.

A whole week since you slipped on your own ego and decided your desires were more important than mine. You have been paying for that grievous mistake since. You have looked about to shatter at my ignoring of your very existence these last seven days.

Tonight though, I plan to make you break. I plan to see you kneel at my feet, trembling. I relish in the image of you pleading and begging for any scrap of affection or attention.

With one last look in the mirror I reach for the bathroom handle. The slow glide of the door steadies my breath even further. Tonight will be a fun game indeed.

Each click of my heel sounds like a gravel in the courtroom. I am the judge about to mitigate punishment. Shall it be electric chair or by hanging, my love?

Your groan of desire fills the room. And there it is- your feverish gaze taking in every inch of me. And again, for good measure. Your chest rising quicker each tick of the clock. The sliest of smiles blossoms on my face.

You feel it, don’t you? The current of unending wrath cleaving through your hunger. Can you taste the cruelness on lips already? Are you knees shaking from possibility or fear?

My eyes penetrate through you with each step closer. You have the sense to look afraid, as if you are contemplating taking a step back. But you hold your ground, if for no other reason then to atone for your mistakes.

When I am but six inches from you, my wicked lips curved upwards slightly, I stop. I can practically feel your heart beat from here.

“On your knees.” I command.

And then it begins.

There is a part of my body that is so very sensitive. I am curious if stimulation on just that part of my body could make me cum. So I decided to try my experiment out with you.

I am going to lay on the bed, naked. I want you to see my nipples getting hard as you scan my body. Take me all in.

Now lay beside me. Run your fingers up my body; dipping into my navel, cascading up my breast. Stop right before you reach the peak. Look into my eyes. Maintain eye contact and flick your tongue softly on my nipple.

See how my body responds? See how the hips buck up so quickly in response to your tongue? Start sucking on my nipples now. I want to watch you as you suck, flick, bite, and tease them.

I will not guide you any further on what to do. I want to see how you can use just this one body part and get me over the edge. I want to see you rise to the occasion.

So tell me- what comes next in this fantasy?

I have a lovely idea, dear. How about you invite your buddies over for some fun? I have a craving for something I know you aren’t able to give.


I know it has been a long time since I’ve done this. And I am aware you thought I was done. But were you aware that I am just not getting what I need? And isn’t what I want and need important?


So call your buddies and invite them for a little fun. And after you invite them I want you to go out shopping and pick up something truly sexy for me to wear. I am going to get my nails and hair done. I want to look my absolute best for your friends.

My pussy is wet just thinking about allllllll the yummy cocks I am going to ride. My nipples are going taut with desire imagining my pussy finally being stretched open.

Tonight is going to be a night I will never forget. I am sure you wont be able to forget one juicy moment either. Now hurry along- there is no time to waste.

If you have had the pleasure of talking to me for a while then you may have heard this story, but for those of you who haven’t- gather ’round kiddies. It’s story time.

I wasn’t always a Domme, but this shouldn’t come as a surprise- a lot of Ds got their start in BDSM by being a s. During my time as a sub I served a man who was kind and also a real bitch with a belt. A true pain in my ass, if you know what I mean.

On one particular evening I was having the spanking session of my life. Was it minutes? Hours? I couldn’t tell how long the session had been going on, all I could do was go to a place in between the spankings that would allow me to keep taking more. I describe this state as almost meditative. Every spank would pull me out of that state and I had very little time to put myself back in there and breathe before I would be pulled out again.

At some point the spankings with the hand were replaced with a belt. I almost called red. I had been belted before, but this evening was something different. To this day I am still unable to pinpoint why.

The meditative space I was in before took a LOT longer to get back into…but let me tell you that when I finally got to it I found myself able to go even deeper before. It felt like ecstasy….albeit a very
searing sort of ecstasy.

By the time my session was through I felt a sense of calm. Pain and pleasure forged together and I couldn’t tell where one began and the other ended. I was panting, bent over the bed, and wanting more. So I stupidly asked:

“Is that it?”

(Feel free to laugh uncontrollably here for what you know is about to become of my sweet ass)

With a fervor I hadn’t seen my D operate with before he began belting my ass harder and faster. I couldn’t keep up. The delightfulness of before faded away into just pain. I barely held myself together. There was no digging deep into myself, there was only me and my cries. There was only my jagged breath unable to find a steady rhythm. There was me and an unending pit of pain.

When the session ended that night I had to be carried to my bed. My ass was rubbed gently and taken care of by my D. I was snuggled up and held. And I experienced a sub drop that left me shaking.

I only look back on this night with the fondest of memories. I can’t begin to wholly explain what my service taught me. HOWEVER- I learned to never ask “is that it?” ever again.

“YourDesires, this is Carmen,” I say as I answer the phone. My breath is a little out of breath as I had just been giggling with one of the other women.

There is a pause and then “Hi, yes. Ummm…is this….phone sex?” And I try not to giggle some more as he stumbles through his question. It’s kind of cute how uncomfortable he appears to be.

“Yes,” I respond.

Another beat. “So, um…we can talk dirty together?”

“Yes, we most certainly can,” I purr back.


This cycle continues through a few weeks. I recognize his voice every time he calls. He begins to sound more confident each time he calls; asking new questions about how our company works, if his wife will find out he is calling us, and what kind of kinks we do. I patiently answer his questions every time just knowing that eventually he is going to play one day.

Finally that day comes.

“I am ready to have sex on the phone. My wife is away for the weekend, Carmen and god…I just want to get nasty and wild,” are the words that tumble from his mouth when I answer.

“It’s about damn time,” I laugh into the phone.

And we cum together, for hours. He laughs at how slow he was to take the plunge into adult phone chat, and kicks himself for wasting time. I remind him that life is not a race, but a marathon. And then I tell him to get on his knees to suck my huge strap on.

You were basking in my presence today when you said something truly delightful. Out of nowhere you said “yes.” I asked you want you meant by yes, and you responded “just yes, Goddess.”

And I was transported back to a couple nights ago when I asked you if you would do anything for me. You got so quiet. I could tell that “anything” was a tall order for you, so I let the question settle and put my strap-on on.

I fucked you until you forgot your shame of not being able to answer. I fucked you until you came numerous times. I fucked you until your knees were weak and your eyelids heavy. Then I held you in my arms and cradled you.

When you said yes-

I smiled.

And we began.


A word never sounded so sweet.

Not so long ago I saw a discussion where the original poster asked if it
was possible for him to have limits and still be a good sub. On one hand I
can understand how someone would come to think that was a question he
needed to ask but on the other hand HOW IS THIS A QUESTION?!!!

Having anything even vaguely resembling a survival instinct is still in, I
promise you. Aside from really obvious limits about serious bodily harm,
what on earth is supposed to be attractive about not having the sense to
know that not every kink is your kink? Or the profound self-absorption to
think that no woman will ever be into kinks that you’re not? For god’s
sake knock that shit off.

Even leaving aside the blatant misogyny of assuming dominant women
couldn’t possibly exist for any reason other than to service your boner
and the willful and carefully maintained ignorance it takes to
deliberately avoid finding out that kinks that turn you off exist, the
idea that good s-types never say no is deeply, deeply fucked up.

First of all, it’s damaging to the people we supposedly care for as
dominants. Believing that a good sub never says no leads people to force
themselves to tolerate things that are bad for them because they want so
badly to be “good.” Now obviously that’s dumb and a dom who wouldn’t want
to know about it if they were harming their sub is trash you should run
from as fast as you can, but people don’t deserve to be harmed just for
being naive and kind of dumb.

Second, it’s insulting as hell to d-types to assume we’re such fragile
flowers we can’t ever handle being told no. I am a grownup and I want to
know if my idea is terrible or if I’m about to do something stupid. And
yes, it’s possible to disagree respectfully. If you can’t understand the
difference between telling me “Stabbity, I think that’s a bad idea because
of x and y” and “That’s stupid, do it this way,” come back when you grow
up. You’re not ready for kink if your communication skills are that bad.

Come to think of it, not understanding the difference between a respectful
and disrespectful no may be a big part of why people get the idea that
good s-types just don’t say no at all. If you don’t realise it’s possible
to say no and still be respectful, of course you’d think it’s not okay for
s-types to say no. Not recognising a respectful no or a soft no as a no
could also screw up your ideas about whether it’s okay to say no.

If you’re not sure how to say no respectfully, I recommend looking at
articles about how to say no to your boss. If you read a few of them,
you’ll see a common theme of explaining why you can’t do the thing they
want and asking how they want to handle it. The conversation part may be
another reason s-types don’t feel like they should say no. If you think of
“saying no” as a single, blunt “Nope, not gonna happen” instead of a
conversation, of course that seems disrespectful.

If there’s just one thing you take away from this post, take this: it is
always okay to say no. It doesn’t make you a bad sub, it makes you a
person who has the sense to look after their own well being.
Although each submissive has their own personality, quirks, flaws and
merits, each will usually fit into one of the following seven categories
of submissive behavior.

Please do note that these are only the most common types of submissives;
others do exist, but to much lesser degrees.

Type One: The “Little Girl” Submissive – Ever-blushing and ever-giggly,
the “little girl” type of submissive is the consummate child actor. She
will usually use every cute little hair twist and every sweet little smile
in her arsenal to make sure everyone finds her to be the sweetest little
girl in the whole community. These little girls typically ooze sweetness
and often make dominants and other submissives in the community wonder
what they’re really up to. Little girl types usually do not get along with
other little girl types at all, as they typically crave attention and one
little girl trying to muscle in on another little girl’s turf is an open
threat to the incumbent little girl’s monopoly on attention-getting. For
this same reason, little girl submissives do not usually do well in
polyamorous relationships, preferring to be the sole object of their
partner’s attention. A positive aspect of little girl types is that they
are usually unwaveringly devoted to their partners and once they find a
partner, they are unlikely to leave that person. From a purely
psychological perspective, one has to wonder if the little girl type uses
her wiles and charms and craves attention to cover up self-esteem issues.

Type Two: The “Tame Me” Submissive – The “tame me” type of submissive is
overly rebellious, overly strong-willed and overly confrontational with
dominant types. They want to find, in their own words, a strong dominant
to break their spirit and make them be the submissives these girls just
know they can be. This type of submissive doesn’t seem to realize that
most dominants enjoy a spirited submissives and don’t actually want to
attempt to train a wild pony only to have it turn into a old gray mare
once they saddle-breaking phase is completed. A submissive that shows
qualities of rebellion, will and spirit are often looked upon
appreciatively by dominants, but the tame me type of submissives tend to
take these traits to the next level. Ordinarily, once a tame me type is
actually tamed, she becomes bored with her relationship and begins looking
anew for better challenges. These submissives do not often form lasting
relationships within a BDSM community. A positive thing about the tame me
type of submissive is that they are really fun for the first couple of
months, but after they have been tamed, they tend to settle into
predictable ruts until they are ready to leave the relationship, then they
will begin to act out again in hopes that someone, who is not their
current partner, will attempt to tame them once again.. Psychologically
speaking, one wonders is a tame me type is merely playing hard to get in
order to find a partner that will put up with them and not become overly
baffled when the submissive ceases to be a challenge and then leaves for
another person that will do it all over again.
Type Three: The “SAM” Submissive – A “SAM” type submissive, also known as
a Smart-Assed Masochist, is just that, a smart-talking submissive with a
quick tongue. These submissives are usually only SAMs, or Sammie, to their
partners or people they know very well. Usually, their Sammie behavior
isn’t actually a cry for attention; it’s just their way of being playful.
In fact, most SAMs when actually threatened with punishment will back off,
saying that they were only playing and that they didn’t mean anything by
it. Occasionally, this behavior can be incredibly frustrating to their
partners who, by the time the SAM has agitated their partner into frenzy,
are looking to string the SAM submissive up by their toes and see how many
fresh red marks can be created. Interestingly enough, most SAM submissives
are not actually masochists. They actually do not want to be punished for
their actions as, to them; they were just playing around to begin with.
The positive thing about a SAM sub is that they are usually great fun and
very playful partners. Occasionally, they are playful to an infuriating
level and will occasionally push their partners until their partners are
ready to torture them just to relieve the stress. Psychologically
speaking, a SAM is probably not actually looking for punishment or
attention, but just wants to show their affection by acting the way they
do. The SAM is usually subdued by a couple of harsh words, because once
they realize they have stopped being fun, they do not enjoy the feeling
associated with causing their partner actual distress.

Type Four: The “Brat” – The “brat” is different from the tame me type and
the SAM type in the fact that they are overly-aggressive, smart-mouthed
and frequently rude, they have no intentions of submitting to anyone’s
authority or discipline, except that of their partner. This fact, however,
does not stop the brat from continuously harassing every dominant and most
submissives with which she comes into contact. Oddly enough, to their
partners, brats are, almost unanimously, not bratty. The brat knows full
well that their partner can and will punish them, and probably would if
their partner caught them acting the way they do in a community. Brats are
usually very good submissives once they find a partner, but their
confidence in knowing full well that they have a partner and no one else
can lay a finger on them typically causes their behavior. Anyone that’s
ever fallen victim to the behavior of the brat can usually stop the brat’s
behavior toward them with a well-worded email to the brat’s partner, along
with any specific bratty remarks copied and pasted into the text of the
mail. The good thing about brats is that they are, almost unanimously,
actually very good submissive. They usually behave very well to their
partners and are usually very easy to get along with in relationships.
Psychologically speaking the brat probably acts the way she does, because
of the sense of security afforded to her by the knowledge that she has a
partner and no one else is allowed to touch her. The brat, once reported
to their partners for their behavior, tend to settle down and treat the
person that has reported them quite respectfully. The brat will normally
only push the people she knows she can push.
Type Five: The “My Master is God” Submissive – Also known as they “I have
a master and you don’t! Nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah” type of submissive.
These submissives are of the opinion that their masters can do absolutely
no wrong and that their master’s word is as good as law and that their
masters know everything there is to know about everything. The “My Master
is God” type of submissive frequently spends inordinate amounts of time
talking about their masters, what their masters have done to them, or for
them, or with them in the past, or any other tidbit of assumed wisdom
their masters have ever passed along to them. Suffice it to say that
conversations with these types of submissives can get old very fast, and
most people would almost rather eat broken glass than converse at length
with this type of submissive after she has related her favorite “My Master
did this” story for the third or eighth or hundredth time. The good thing
about the “My Master is God” submissive is that they are very, very
devoted. These submissives are usually crazy about their masters and hang
on his every word. Mostly, it seems, this type of submissive is usually
very new and inexperienced, and frequently their masters are, too.
Psychologically speaking, one wonders if these submissives are under the
effects of psychoactive drugs or mind control, because most sane people
are not this devoted to their partners. This type of submissive is
frequently very new and very inexperienced, and therefore has nothing much
of value of her own to add to a BDSM-related conversation. Her master,
too, might be inexperienced, but as long as he treats her well and what he
says seems to make sense, she will hang on his every word, believing that
he knows more than anyone else possibly could. People in disagreements
with this type of submissive will often find that, unless they have at
least five documented, proven bibliographical sources to back up a claim
or opinion that differs from this submissive’s master’s claim or opinion,
then this submissive will never believe a word of it, choosing to believe
instead that anything her master says is the absolute truth.

Type Six: The “I am Slave, Hear Me Roar!” Submissive – These are absolute,
prodigious, epitome of any submissive type. Don’t call the “I am Slave”
type a submissive, though, they don’t like that very much. In these
slaves’ opinions, there is no other submissive group that can possibly
equal their level of commitment, sacrifice, talent, experience or will to
submit. To this slave archetype, submissives merely play at being slaves,
and anyone not in a 24/7 TPE-type relationship cannot possibly understand
what it really takes to be a slave. Somewhere along the way, the slaves
falling into this category forgot that the traditional, BDSM-defined slave
is supposed to be demure, servile and meant to be seen and not heard. The
good thing about the “I am Slave” type is that they are often very
committed, very talented, willing to sacrifice anything for their master
and willing to submit to any kind of torture, torment, punishment or
practice their masters desire. These slaves rarely safe word out of any
situation, and frequently don’t even have safe words. Psychologically
speaking, the level of ego required to drive a self-proclaimed slave to
this level of verbosity and fervor seems directly contrary to the actual
personality required of accepted, established slaves. It is likely that,
if an Old Guard Master ever found himself in care taking or in possession
of this type of slave, he would first begin her experience under him by
gagging her or taping her fingers together to prevent her from vocalizing
or typing exactly how great of a slave she is.

Type Seven: The “True” Submissive – The “true” submissive is often the
culmination of the desires of every dominant figure around this person.
The “true” submissive is often shy, under spoken, docile, servile and
absolutely willing to do anything asked of her. The true submissive is
usually aware first of the wants, needs and expectations of the dominant
figures around her and not concerned as much with her own wants, needs and
expectations. The true submissive is frequently inexperienced, untaught
and looking to be pleasing by being perceived as the ‘expected’ norm that
a submissive should be. The true submissive will serve anyone and allow
herself to be disciplined by anyone claiming to be dominant. The true
submissive will usually be found off to the side and out of the way of
everyone, rather than openly interacting with people. The good thing about
the “true” submissive is that they can be educated and trained out of
these types of behavior. Through training and education, these submissives
often find that they are allowed to say no to people. They find out that
they can get involved in conversations and don’t have to be wallflowers in
social situations. They also find out that they are allowed to want, need
and expect things as any other person would. All they need is some
encouragement. Psychologically speaking, there’s nothing at all wrong with
the “true” type submissive, other than they need some guidance and that
they probably got some bad advice from an online dominant or an online
submissive. With good advice and guidance, these submissives can easily
turn out to be fine submissives, or they can turn into one of the other
six types mentioned here.

There are also, of course, the “normal” submissives that enjoy carrying on
conversations, are very openly opinionated and very capable of handling
themselves in social situations. It is to these kinds of submissives that
others would do well to look to as role models and advice-givers.
Oral sex is arguably an essential part of foreplay and can make a woman
orgasm in its own right.

It’s also a great way of priming your partner and raising her arousal
levels, which then reduces the pressure on you to last for a long time
when having sex.

This article will teach you guys how to give a girl oral sex properly, as
well as helping you work out what your partner likes.

It’s really important to remember that everyone is different, and what
pleases one woman might not do it for another.

The best piece of advice is to get down to some trial and error. Remember
to communicate your desires and simply enjoy the process of getting to
know each other.

We girls love receiving oral sex, but you won’t know for sure if what you
read in a book or website will work unless you give it a go. Once you’ve
read some advice about what women want, test it out in reality.

Whatever your partner finds pleasurable is exactly what you need to be
doing. Don’t just repeat a trick or style you read, heard or found worked
on someone else.

A lot of men tend to skip past performing oral sex for their partner, or
only do so to receive some in return. But actually it’s a key ingredient
for turning a woman on.

If you keep in mind these tips for giving a girl good oral sex and take
the time to get it right, you can bring some extra spice to the bedroom
and really satisfy your partner.

Don’t rush in
You might not be the biggest fan of giving oral sex, or you may not know
exactly how to give your girl oral sex, so you tend to rush into it and
try and get it over with. What we want is for you to start slowly though.

Kiss her lips, neck and make your way down her body until you’re kissing
her inner thighs. Try and make eye contact as much as possible and
position yourself in a comfortably way that you can caress her breasts
from time to time.

The idea is to turn her on before you start the oral sex and make her
tingle. A bit of teasing works really well here.

Build up gradually
When you begin to kiss and lick during oral sex, work your way in slowly
from the outside. This will make the feelings more intense and still feel
like you’re teasing her. A slow build up creates a much better orgasm for
us women.

Most women are very sensitive to touch, including touch performed by the
tongue, so start gently and see what your woman wants. The clitoris in
particular is packed full of nerve endings so make sure you listen to her

Try not to rush into licking the clitoris but when you do, be gentle –
especially if she’s not fully aroused.

Get creative with your tongue
Diagram Of The Vagina And Clitoris for oral sexThe key to giving a woman
good oral sex is to keep moving your tongue. If you’re not sure how, keep
it flat and lick up the entire vulva and clitoris.

You can do an up and down motion or side to side, or a mixture of both.

If you keep your tongue hard and only use the tip, especially in a sharp
flicking motion, then you’re denying your girl the softest, wettest and
smoothest part of your tongue.

It’s important to use the flatter and softer part of your tongue –
especially at the start when she may not be fully aroused and not ready
for the additional pressure and speed that the tip can bring.

You can try spelling out the alphabet over different areas with your
tongue – this keeps the tongue moving in different directions. And don’t
forget to change the pace – get faster and more intense if she likes it.

The classic advice with the alphabet techniques is that if you find a
‘letter’ that she responds well to, then you can keep repeating that
letter for a while.

You might occasionally want to gently suck her clitoris, as the suction
can give a different sensation. Some women will love this, some won’t. And
even a girl that likes it one day may not the next day.

You need to be ready to change, be creative, be flexible and keep working
at finding what tongue movements, pressure and speed work on a particular
girl, on a particular day in a particular setting!

And remember it’s not just the clitoris you need to focus on. Draw that
alphabet large over the whole area, then medium and small around different
parts. Women enjoy the whole area being licked, kissed and touched, so
don’t get caught up just on the clitoris.

Don’t forget about your hands
When giving a woman oral sex, try to get yourself into a position where
your hands are free to add an extra element. If you’re able to caress her
body and breasts while giving oral, then great.

You can also use one hand to slightly lift up the ‘hood’ of the clitoris
and reveal the more sensitive part for your tongue to stimulate. Make sure
you learn where this is.

If you’re good at multi-tasking, why not add your fingers into the action
and try to stimulate her G Spot? Most women enjoy the build-up so try to
learn when she’s ready for you to use your fingers as well to intensify
the pleasure to the next level.

If you go straight in with the fingers at the start then you might ruin
the potential for an orgasm that a steady build-up brings.

Experiment with different positions
the number 69, a great position to give a woman oral sexTry different
techniques and see what works for you. Perhaps you’d like to introduce
some new positions (such as the 69 where you both perform oral sex to each
other at the same time, or the man on top and in control).

Whatever you do, mix it up and don’t make things feel like a routine. If
she doesn’t quite know what to expect, she’ll be even more turned on,
whether the oral sex is for foreplay or for orgasm.

Find the best technique and don’t stop!
It’s not always easy for you to speak to her while you perform oral sex,
but listen to the sounds she makes. We women can be a bit shy, but
generally most like to talk and say what we like.

If your girl isn’t a talker, check for signs she’s enjoying it, such as
heavier breathing or moaning. And if she’s holding the top of your head,
she may grip harder as she’s closer to climaxing.

Look for signals that tell you she’s really turned on, and don’t suddenly
stop or change what you’re doing if what you’re doing is working.

At the start it’s fine to play around and experiment with different
actions and techniques. But once you’ve teased her and gotten her warmed
up, it’s time to settle on the technique that will give her an orgasm and
not stop until she gets there.

By this point, your jaw may be aching and your tongue might feel numb, but
persistence will pay off. If she’s enjoying it, then stopping as she’s
building towards climax just because you have neck ache or a sore jaw
isn’t cool!

Nothing beats a bit of feedback so ask her afterwards if she liked it and
she might offer some tips to make next time even more intense.

Hopefully you’ll have gotten the message by now that the key to giving a
girl oral sex is to not expect any one thing to work from one time to the

You need to be flexible, creative and responsive. If she doesn’t tell you
exactly what works in words, then you need to find out yourself by trial
and error and observing her responses to what you are doing.

And perhaps most importantly, when you know what works for her, once you
decide to focus on that technique just keep doing it at the same speed,
pressure and motion until she orgasms.

Enjoy the practice, enjoy the experimenting, and enjoy the feel-good
sensation when you magically work out exactly what she needs to have
Guide to Spanking
Focus your spanking the buttocks. Always avoid impact on or above the
tailbone, outside of the buttocks, lower thighs, the back of the knees,
and where the bottom ends and the thighs begin. It’s easy to damage the
tailbone or kidneys if your spanking gets out of the safe zone. And
anyway, most people find that it feels best on their butts.

You can create different sensations by having the receiving partner in
different positions. If they’re lying flat on a bed, their butt is less
stretched out than if they’re bent over or on their hands and knees. Many
people find that the further their hips are bent, the stronger the same
impact can feel.

The Warm-Up:
When we get spanked, more blood flows to the skin, the muscles relax and
arousal builds. Warm your partner up with softer spanks. Massage the lower
back, hips, butt and thighs — the more relaxed we are, the better
spanking can feel. Watch their body language for cues that they’re
beginning to get turned on. You may want to include other stimulation such
as genital play or light scratching and tickling to heighten sensation.

When your partner is warmed up, their skin will probably feel warmer and
(depending on their skin tone) may be a bit pink. They may also relax into
the sensation or make appreciative sounds. However your partner expresses
their pleasure, make sure to linger here before taking it further —
you’ll be rewarded later.

Types of Sensation:
All spanking props whether they are a bare hand or paddle will provide
sensation along a spectrum of sting to thud. Sting is felt more on the
surface of the skin while thud is a deeper, more penetrating sensation.
Some people have strong preferences for one or the other, some like both
and some like one as part of a warm-up and the other later on.

If you’re not sure what you or your partner likes, start slow and ask. One
great way to do that is to spank once and ask them to rate it on a scale
of one to ten. Another way is to do two different strokes and ask which
one felt better. And remember that what we like changes when we’re turned
on and warmed up, so feel free to mix it up a bit.

Here are some more tips on different sensations:

A palm of the hand or thick heavy paddle can provide deep, resonating,
penetrative yet dull, deep tissue stimulation. In general, it is harder to
leave long-lasting marks with thud props, although when you do, the
bruises may last longer since they’re deeper.

A light wooden paddle, wooden spoon, and a hairbrush can provide more
shallow stimulation, a sharp biting. Try our Star Spanker or Slapper to
experiment with sting.

Different hand shapes
When spanking with a bare or leather-gloved hand, cupping the hand tends
to create more thud while holding it flat with fingers spread creates more
sting. Some people find that having the hand or paddle bounce back off the
rump after a strike to be more pleasurable for both parties, rather than
striking with solely a forward motion. Others like a “spank-and-grab”

Find a nice, steady rhythm. Some people like to time it to the music
they’ve got playing. Just change it up every so often to keep arousal up.

Change the Sensation
Work some light stroking, scratching, and rubbing into your spanking. Try
incorporating the bristle side of a hairbrush after a few strokes of the
opposing side. Some paddles will have a soft faux fur on one side and
leather on the other. Play around with different stroking patterns and
props until you and your lover find some favorites.

Be Aware of Your Partner
The spankee can give cues that particular stroke pattern or strength is
enjoyable by wiggling or squirming in your lap, or letting out a squeal.
They can also let the spanker know something was not so enjoyable by
saying things like: “no not there”, “too hard” or “that didn’t feel good.”
Discuss, prior to your spanking session, what cues or safe words will be
used and what they mean.

You may want to shift from spanking towards other sexual activity. After
all, now that you’re both turned on, there are so many other things to do!
But afterwards, it’s often a good idea to check in with each other. What
worked? What didn’t? What would you like to change? You can have those
conversations right afterwards or maybe a day or two later, but make sure
to have them. It’s one of the best ways to make sure that the next time is
If the spankee is looking a bit bruised, some arnica gel (available at
many pharmacies and natural food stores) works wonders. It also helps with
muscle aches, so it might feel good on the spanker’s arm, too!
Driving Masturbation, PT.1

I was traveling 700 miles to my aunt’s funeral in Indiana. Since my aunt
was 13 years older than my father, and she had mostly raised him, and she
had no children of her own, she had always been more like a grandmother to
me. And I had lost my dad just six months earlier. So I was in a very
strange frame of mind as I drove, alone, across country.

I had started the trip on a Thursday evening after work, and driven until
midnight and I thought I wouldn’t be able to keep my eyes open anymore.
Then I checked into a roadside Best Western, where the only room they had
left was clearly a party room mostly likely to be used by the students of
the nearby college. They only charged me the regular single-room rate,
since I was just one person and I came in so late, and would clearly not
be having any parties.

The room was cavernous, with a pull-out sofa, a California king bed, and a
Jacuzzi right in the middle of the room. A swanky hotel in Las Vegas might
have made the design work somehow, with marble floors around the tub, a
big-screen TV, and a fully stocked bar. But this was West Virginia. The
whole floor was commercial-grade, low-pile carpet. The wall art was
mass-produced pastel in white frames. The furnishings were standard cheap

I did use the Jacuzzi, because you have to, and I was in such a strange,
numb, frame of mind. I sat in the tub in the boring room, and imagined a
party of 40 or so fraternity boys and their dates. I imagined they would
be partying after a formal dance, and all the girls in their formal
dresses wouldn’t have thought to bring bikinis, so after a few shots of
tequila, they would slip out of their dresses and into the tub. The boys
would probably keep their tightie-whities on, until eventually, one thing
would lead to another.

I looked at the sad pull-out sofa and imagined a 20 year-old with a 9-inch
hard-on stretching out his jockeys until his slender young girlfriend
liberated it, and started sucking his dick right in the middle of the

That’s what this room was designed for. Not for a single 30 year-old with
an aching shoulder and a broken heart.

Maybe it was sleeping in the orgy room that got me so charged up the next
day. Or maybe it was the dread of going to the funeral and dealing with
the reality of the loss. Maybe it was just that empty sadness in my heart.

Things in my love life back home were pretty weird. I had a casual
boyfriend, but he was obsessed with recording a music CD. I tried to
support him, but I knew the odds of his musical success were pretty
limited. And he had no job. He was older than me, and it’s hard to start a
music career from scratch when you have wrinkles and gray hair. I knew it
was over; I just hadn’t told him yet.
Driving Masturbation PT.2

I started part two of the long drive early in the morning. It was a fine
fall day, with a bright blue sky and just a few high cirrus clouds. It was
warm enough to wear a skirt and sweater, and to open my car’s sunroof, and
so off I drove. I was in a strange frame of mind—sad about my aunt,
confused about my so-called boyfriend, feeling generally lonely and yet
very much alive. I still had the visuals in my head about the party room
I’d stayed in the night before, and I was reflecting a little on my own
college days, and remembering when boys seemed to have those perpetual
erections. My lover was older, and although he loved talking about sex and
looking at pictures of naked women, he had performance issues, a skinny
penis, and he didn’t like to give or receive oral. To sum it up, I had a
lot of things to fantasize about.

Long drive, beautiful day, trying to distract myself from thinking about
the funeral and my real-life issues, eventually I became aware that I was
starting to feel pretty horny. I knew that once I reached my destination,
I wouldn’t have another moment of privacy for three days. I tried to calm
myself down, but there were only a few things my brain had to focus on as
I drove and none of them were very appealing. So eventually, I settled on
fantasies as I drove down the long, straight and very boring interstate.
With about 250 miles to go on my trip, I took my right hand off the wheel
and just let it rest in my lap, between my thighs. The warmth from my hand
seemed to warm my pussy just a bit more, and then I wondered, could I do
it? Would it work? Would anyone notice? And even if they did, did I care?
I was hundreds of miles from my home and my destination, in the middle of
nowhere, where there was no one I knew.

So I started to gently massage my pussy through my skirt and underwear. I
spread my legs a little wider, keeping my right foot on the gas. And then
I slowly rubbed my clit through my clothes. I could feel the heat and
moisture already. I did have several changes of clothes in my suitcase,
but I didn’t want to get my skirt so wet that it showed through, so I slid
my hand down my thigh, finding the bottom of my hem, and then slipped a
hand under my skirt, and found the edge of my panties.

I bent my left knee and propped my left foot up on the dash, just making a
little more space. Plenty of people drive with one leg up on the dash. It
wouldn’t look that obvious, would it? It wasn’t super traficky, but the
occasional car and truck passed me. When the trucks passed, I knew they
were higher, so I’d move my hand away from my pussy until they passed on.

When there was no one in the lane next to me (or if it was another
passenger vehicle), I slid my hand back under my skirt, and up under the
elastic of my panties. I wanted to make it last, so I rubbed my clit
through my labia, slowly, up and down, up and down, just getting it nice
and warm.

A few miles passed, and I wanted more, so I took my middle finger and slid
it between my labia, finding my clit, and I started drawing circles with
my finger, feeling my clit get harder and hotter as I went.

When trucks passed, I stopped. I moved my hand away. I took my middle
finger and brought it to my mouth, and I sucked on it as the trucks
passed, sliding my finger in and out, tasting my pussy juice and thinking
about sucking on a cock. The trucks drove by, and I slid my wet middle
finger back to my clit. I imagined a big cock stretching out my pussy, and
watching it go in hard and purple and throbbing, then watching it slide
back out all wet and shiny.

I needed more space to maneuver, so I shifted my hips up and slipped my
panties off. I put my foot back on the seat, now naked under my skirt. I
was getting pretty hot and I didn’t want to come yet, so I slipped my hand
up under my sweater and slid it under my bra, pinching my nipples until
they turned hard, and imagining someone sucking and biting on them.

My pussy was not to be ignored, though. I had left her wet and hot and
ready. My brain was working on all kinds of visuals, and as soon as I
thought about getting my hair pulled as someone fucked me hard from
behind, and grabbed my hips to slam their cock deep inside, I was ready to

I moved my hand back to my pussy, and slid my first two fingers inside. I
was so wet—I pulled my dripping fingers back out and rubbed my clit a
little more, making slow, delicious circles. Then I plunged my fingers
back in, in and out, fucking myself and curling my fingers up to find my
G-spot. It was hard to do in the car’s seat. I wished I had a merciless
man with me, who would just keep finger-fucking me as fast as possible,
until I bucked and wriggled—but I had this car to drive, and there was no
one else around but me. From the position I was in, the best I could do
was to reach into my pussy and curl my fingers up, rubbing hard against
the top wall until my forearm muscles started cramping.

Pussy juice was now running all over my hand, so I brought it back to my
clit, and rubbed as fast as I could with my hot, wet, and well-lubricated
fingers. I pressed harder and faster into my clit. I wanted to throw my
head back and scream, but I had to keep driving. So I kept my eyes on the
road, but I did let myself moan and whimper until all my muscles finally
contracted into a beautiful orgasm. As I came, I kept pressing into my
clit to sustain the waves of contractions—wave after beautiful wave.

I finally relaxed and released, and started to be aware of more than just
my body and the road immediately in front of me. I looked right, saw cows,
looked left and saw a blue pickup truck in the lane next to me. Guy about
my age. Very attractive. Cowboy hat. Mustache. Blue-collar type. Big grin.
He gave me the thumbs-up and nodded enthusiastically. He drove along right
next to me until traffic wanted to pass.

We drove like that for about 20 miles. I would pass him, then he’d pass
me. As time passed, I started to get a little weirded out by it. I mean,
he was a good looking guy, and if this were a fictional story, I would
tell you about how I pulled over, and he bent me over the bed of his
pickup, and all my problems were solved by a thorough pounding from a
total stranger on the shoulder of the interstate as semi-tractors and
family sedans sped by, honking.

However, this is a true story. And for all I knew the guy could be an
ax-murderer (admittedly, a good-looking one), a thief, or rife with STDs.
So eventually, I pulled off at an exit. And I was a little startled when
he also got out at the same exit. Once I arrived in the town where I had
exited, I made a sudden turn into a Wal-Mart parking lot, and I managed to
get myself lost in the shuffle. I grabbed my bag, used the restroom,
washed my hands, changed my clothes, and went on my way.

I’m not saying everyone should masturbate in the car while driving halfway
across the country for a funeral. I mean, sometimes you will have other
people in the car. Some people just aren’t that horny, and some can’t come
that easily. (I feel sorry for the last two types). But for me, it was a
much-needed release. I often wonder what would have happened if I hadn’t
lost the guy in the blue pickup truck. We could have had anonymous sex in
a Wal-Mart parking lot, or even worse, a highly awkward conversation in
which we said things like, “Hi. How’s it going? I saw you getting off back
there. Can I have your number?”

Sometimes the fantasies are better than the reality. And I’m pretty sure
that on that day, things worked out exactly the way they were supposed to.


We need to have a little talk.

There’s something we need to discuss, something very personal, and
intimate, and sexual. Something I’ve been thinking about for a while,
something you need to do for me. And something I think we both want.

This is something that’s very important to me, and could be for us as a
couple, so I’ve written you this letter to convince you of the need, to
encourage you to accept it, to condition you to want it as much as I do.
But first I need you in the proper frame of mind. So take a bath, smoke a
joint, relax your mind, and when you’re feeling calm and ready and a
little bit aroused, come to the bed naked and read the rest of this

There, that’s better. Feeling comfortable? Good. It’s very important that
your mind is relaxed and open because I’m about to take you on a very
erotic journey…

Have you figured it out? Can you guess what you need to do for me?

I’ve been thinking about it so much… It’s finally time… So I’ll just
come out and say it… Will you suck cock for me, baby? I want to see you
sucking cock, see your mouth full of cock, worshiping cock. My lover’s
cock. I want to watch you suck my lover’s cock. I think you want it too,
don’t you? I sense it. Deep down, you feel the desire for it, just like I
do. Mmmm, ya, I want to feed it to you, and that’s what you want as well,
for me to guide my lover’s cock into your sexy mouth and watch you suck
him until he cums.

Oh yes, I think you want it too, baby. It terrifies you, but it excites
you as well, and you want it just as much as I do, maybe more. You want to
show off and prove your devotion to me. You want to show me how aroused
and submissive you can be when I command you, how horny and sexual you are
anytime I want you to be… And you’re more than just a little
bi-curious… we both know it, you feel the urge deep within you. You want
to suck cock. You want to experience what it’s like to have a cock in your
mouth, to feel that cock getting aroused and to feel yourself getting
aroused with it. And you want that cock to cum in that sweet mouth of
yours and to feel that hot, sticky cum on your face and on your tongue,
and then down the back of your throat. Yes, you want to suck my lover’s
cock, and make his cock feel good, make it feel so good that he cums in
your sexy mouth. And that’s what I want too, babe.

Oh God, it makes me so hot to think about it… Watching you suck my
lover’s cock. Worshiping his cock. I get so wet and horny just from
visualizing it… You need this, baby, and I can’t wait any longer.

To help you commit to the idea, let me walk you through the experience,
slowly and hypnotically, so you can feel it as if it were really
happening, so you can understand how excited, and aroused, you might
become. Let me inside your mind so I can help you explore your desire, so
I can help you find and liberate your true self. Let me help you shed your
inhibitions so you can fully embrace your desire for cock… your need to
suck another man’s cock… my lover’s cock… discover the pleasure of
sucking my lover’s cock under my guidance. Let me set your heart, mind and
body aflame with lust and hunger, desperate to please me and desperate to
please my lover’s cock. Let me teach you to connect obedience to ecstasy.
Submit to my instruction and be generously rewarded, my love.

Now, are you ready?

First, let me take you away from here… Relax your mind further. Clear
your thoughts. Be as calm as you can be without falling asleep. Imagine a
beach, somewhere very far away. A beautiful beach with nothing but sand
and surf as far as the eye can see in both directions. Clean air, hot sun,
cool breeze, the sounds of the waves crashing in a steady, gentle rhythm.
Lots of beautiful people walking past you. Beautiful women in their
bikinis, with their beautiful tight bodies, and some beautiful men too,
with lean, naked chests. Everyone tanned, fit, and gorgeous. You’re
feeling happy, relaxed, and aroused.

Then you see me, approaching you, with my lover at my side. I look
stunning, as usual, and my lover looks charmingly attractive and cheerful
in his swim trunks. We look at you warmly, smiling. You feel your cock
tingle and begin to stir. You know what we want. We want you to join us,
to come with us, back to the hotel room.

And so you do. The three of us walk down the beach, hand in hand in hand,
my husband on one side and my lover on the other. Both of you sporting
erections that bounce inside your swim trunks.

Clear your mind again. Deep breaths. You feel so calm and relaxed. So very
relaxed and comfortable. Now imagine a beautiful, stylish hotel room.
Clean white sheets on the king size bed, flowers on the night table,
mellow lighting, fireplace glowing, a cool breeze drifting in from the
balcony through the open sliding glass door. Soft velvety carpet
underscoring a luxurious, spacious room. That’s where you are. On the soft
floor, on your knees, naked, and facing me.

Now picture my handsome lover, lean and athletic, his naked body sitting
on the edge of the bed. Imagine my luscious and beautiful naked female
form, kneeling before him, between his legs.

Now picture his cock. Imagine his cock in my hand. Erect and flawless. You
can’t help admiring it. Imagine the most beautiful, perfect cock there
ever was. Slightly bigger than you, slightly longer, straight and smooth
with a beautiful mushroom head. Your dream cock if there ever was one.
Picture it in my hand, straight up and stiff. Imagine my lover’s beautiful
hard cock in my hand. Concentrate on his cock. Feel it entice you.

Watch me rub my hand up and down the shaft, slowly jerking him off. It
turns you on, doesn’t it, my hand on another man’s hard cock, watching my
fingers stimulate my lover’s horny erection. You feel aroused and horny
too. You want to come closer.

“Come closer, baby.”

Watch me stroke my lover’s impressive cock up close. Imagine my hand
caressing his cock to full hardness just inches from your face. Look at
the head, thick and throbbing. Feel your inhibitions drifting away. You
want it, don’t you. You want it in your mouth. You don’t understand why,
but you want my lover’s cock in your mouth.

Now, in your mind’s eye, watch me kiss and suck on the head of that cock.
Looks so delicious, doesn’t it. Focus on my lips sucking the head of that
cock. You feel the urge to join me, to suck it with me. You feel an urge
to suck cock growing inside you, growing stronger, more insistent.

Now I turn towards you, and before your realize it, I’m kissing you. Can
you taste it? Taste my lover’s cock on my lips. Kiss me. I want you to
taste his cock on my lips as I kiss you, my loving, submissive husband.
Feel you heart melt.

Again I suck and slobber all over the top of his cock. Again I turn
towards you, and we kiss. Taste him, sweetie. Taste cock. Taste his cock
on my lips while I stroke his shaft. Is it turning you on? I can tell you
want it so bad.

Once more I turn to my lover’s cock. My tongue stretches out and licks the
shaft from the base to the tip, then licking all over the cock, like a
sweet lollipop. You watch my tongue swirl all over the head, then zig zag
its way down and back up the shaft. I turn my face towards you, leaning in
for a kiss, mouth open, offering you my tongue. You understand what is
expected, and comply, sucking my tongue into your mouth. You suck on my
tongue and suck on the flavor of my lover’s cock. I’m holding his cock oh
so close to our mouths while you suck on my tongue. His hard throbbing
cock in my hand almost grazes your cheek as your lips slide up and down on
my tongue.

I pull away and look at you. You stare at the hard cock in my hand.

Yes, you want this. I know you want this. Accept this as your true nature.
Your cock is hard and throbbing, dripping with excitement, giving you
away. Your nipples are stiff and pointing off your chest. You look at this
cock in my hand and you feel so aroused. You look at my lover’s cock and
you feel so horny and aroused, and so desperate to have it in your mouth.
Yes, you want this now, baby, more then anything, and so do I.

I need to see you take my lover’s cock in your mouth. I need to see you
worship cock for me. Oh God, baby, it turns me on so much to think about
it. I want to see how devoted you are, how horny you are, and how erotic
and sexual you can be under my direction. I want to see you please that
cock, give pleasure to the cock that pleases me. Honor me by giving it the
gratification and affection it deserves. Suck my lover’s cock for me,
baby, and surrender yourself to my most sensual fantasy. Allow me to bask
in your vulnerability. Be my little cocksucker. Let me watch you suck my
lover’s cock.

I can tell you want this. Deep down, an instinctive raw desire is
awakening. I can see it in you, emerging, taking over. Submit to it. Let
me guide you. I know you’re ready for it.

Breathe deeply. Trust.

“Close your eyes,” I tell you.

You want this. You want my lover’s cock in your mouth. You can’t resist
it. You desperately want to suck cock for me.

Now imagine you have your eyes closed. Picture only darkness and
concentrate on what you feel and the sensations of contact. You feel the
soft carpet under your knees and feet. You feel the cool air breezing in
from the balcony across your naked body. You feel my hand on the back of
your neck, my fingers sliding up through your hair. You feel something
graze past your lips. You instantly realize what it was – my lover’s cock.
You feel it graze past your lips again.

Yes. Imagine his cock, baby, brushing past your lips, again and again.
Feel my hand on the back of your head. Feel his cock, ever so slightly…
so softly… kissing your lips. So good, baby. So hot. Kiss him back. Kiss
his cock. Feel your lips kissing cock for the first time.

Now open your mouth slightly and stick out your tongue. Feel his cock
touch your tongue. Feel your tongue touching cock. Lick it. Lick his juicy
cock. Feel it on the tip of your tongue. Swirl and flick your tongue
around the top. Make out with my lover’s cock. Oh God, it pleases me so
much to see you do this.

“Open your eyes.”

Imagine seeing his cock right before your eyes. Picture my lover’s
beautiful, perfect cock, glistening and moist. The cock you were kissing
and licking, hard and throbbing, practically glowing, right in front of
your eyes. Picture his wet, sexy cock in my hand. Now lick his cock from
the base where my hand is holding him, all the way up the shaft to the
little slit at the top of his head. Yes, just like that. Do it again.
Slowly. Imagine every vein, the texture of the skin, the warmth under your
tongue, feel it pulse and jump as you slide your tongue along the entire
length of his cock and then linger at the tip. Again. Slower. Push your
tongue into his opening.

“It’s time,” I whisper.

Time for you to suck cock for me, baby. Time for you to finally become a
cocksucker. Time for you set free that horny slut hiding inside you and
embrace your role as my cocksucking submissive. There’s no stopping it.
Right here, right now. The experience we crave is about to be realized.

Imagine his cock entering your mouth. This is it. My hand on the back of
your head, your lips parting, accepting him in. It’s finally happening.
You feel cock sliding along your tongue. You feel my hand on the back of
your head, gently pushing you down deeper. You feel your lips around his
smooth shaft.

“Oh God, that’s so hot, baby! You’re doing it! You’re sucking him. Suck
his cock for me, baby, this is so sexy!”

Yes, suck his cock. Suck my lover’s cock for me, baby. Be a good little
cocksucker. Feel his cock in your mouth. Feel his hard, thick cock filling
your mouth, sliding in and out, between your lips. Worship his cock, my
love. Feel my breath on your cheek. Feel my hand on the back of your head.
Inhale his scent. Feel his stiff cock between your lips and on your

“That’s it, baby! You look so hot with cock in your mouth! Keep going.
Keep sucking him. It’s so sexy, it’s makes me so wet watching you suck

Feel the fullness of his cock in your mouth. Enjoy it. Feel the heat of
his sensitive flesh in your mouth. Feel it react to your touch, feel it
grow and expand, getting bigger and even harder. Feel my hand on the back
of your head. Feel my approval. Feel my excitement. Give in to your lust.
Worship his cock. It feels so good. It feels so good to have cock in your
mouth. It feels so good to have me helping you suck cock, to have me
guiding his cock into your mouth. Feeding you cock.

What a rush of power it is to witness and receive this act of dedication
and devotion, this sweet expression of your supreme loyalty.

Suck his cock. Feel my hand on the back of your head, encouraging you to
go deeper, and faster. Deeper. Faster. Suck his cock. Suck it. Make his
cock feel pleasure with your mouth. Give your mouth pleasure with his

You love it. The more you suck, the more aroused you become. Worship his
cock. Worship it. Deeper, faster. Make yourself hot from sucking cock.

“Yes, you love sucking cock, baby! I knew it! I knew you would love it
like a horny slut. Take him all the way in. All the way down. Be a good
slut for me, baby, show me how much you love cock!”

Deeper. And deeper. Until you feel his cock at the back of your throat.
Then all the way up, then all the way back down. Again. Feel the tip of
his cock parting your lips, sliding along your tongue, until it touches
the back of your mouth. Worship his cock. Worship every inch of his cock
with your mouth. Try to touch my fingers with your lips and take his whole
cock completely inside your hot, sexy mouth. Feel yourself becoming more
and more aroused as you lose yourself on his cock.

Up and down, deeper and deeper. It feels so good. Swirl your tongue around
the underside of his cock as it slides past. Suck your lips tight as you
move up the shaft. You feel so horny, yet also content and pacified. You
love sucking cock for me. It gives you such intense pleasure. My lover’s
cock feels so good in your mouth, so right, so perfect.

The sounds of heavy breathing, moaning, and sucking fill the room. The
sexual tension is so heavy, so kinky. You feel intoxicated. This whole
scene is intoxicating, for all of us. Suck his cock for me, baby. Suck his
cock. It turns me on so much.


It makes you feel so sexy. Cock feels so good in your mouth.

Worship his cock.

Experience intense pleasure.

My hand is no longer at the back of your head. You’re on your own now,
sucking his hard cock with no inhibitions and without assistance. I let go
of his cock, allowing you to carry the full weight of it between your
lips. It’s all you now, just like I planned. I lean back and admire my
work. You’re consumed with cock lust. My fingertips find my swollen,
excited clit. Yes, you’re doing so good. So good, baby. Keep going. Make
me proud. Make me so horny for you. Suck his cock and show me what a slut
you are.

“Put on a show for me, boys.”

You wouldn’t dare to look over, but you can sense me watching you, staring
at you fiercely, as my lover’s cock slides between your lips, in and out
of your mouth, your head bobbing up and down. I feel your devotion for me,
your desire to please me, your willingness to do anything…

“Fuck, so sexy, so hot! Baby, you look so good with cock in your mouth.
Such a good cocksucker! And you love it, too! Look at the way you enjoy
sucking cock, just like I knew you would.”

I’m busy working on my tingling clit, frantically flicking that
ultra-sensitive bud, and teasing the opening of my soaking wet pussy,
masturbating openly in front of this beautifully erotic scene.

“Fuck, so sexy, baby, so hot! Suck him. Suck his cock for me, baby. I’m so
wet for you! Fuck yes, keep sucking him, oh God, it’s so hot!”

Worship his cock.

Within just minutes, my pussy quivers and convulses, and the sound of my
climax fills your ears while you continue to suck, a wildly intense orgasm
ringing in your ears, that lasts and lasts, and still you keep sucking,
until finally my rambling screams of pleasure degenerate into mild grunts
and groans that roll and fade away into deep, heavy breathing, all amidst
the sounds of my lover’s soft moaning and your relentless slurping on his
cock. One final, extended, satisfying moan escapes my lips, and still, you
keep sucking.

“Oh, baby… so amazing… so… fucking… wow… ”

I’m exhausted. And delirious.

You feel so happy. So elated. Elated for my pleasure and so proud. Your
ego jumps for joy as you feel my satisfaction wash over you. Your heart
explodes. So happy sucking cock for my pleasure. You have a cock in your
mouth and you feel so happy. Worship it. I love watching you suck cock,
and you love sucking cock for me even more. Your state of arousal is
mindblowing. My orgasm has brought you to the edge of a sensitivity

You feel yourself shaking, trembling, vibrating.

Your entire body feels amazing. Wonderful. Every sensation seems
magnified. Cosmic energy surrounds you. Everything is buzzing. The cock in
your mouth feels fantastic. Your shoulders feel relaxed and strong. Your
legs feel loose and powerful. Your nipples are bursting off your chest,
they’re so erect, like magnificent little rockets about to blast off into
space. And your cock… your throbbing cock, is stiff and rigid and
leaking pre-cum all over. And the cock in your mouth makes you feel
incredibly sexy. You feel electric.

“Stop for a moment,” I command. You seem startled by my sudden request,
and dazed, like coming out of a trance, but you obey. Your mouth feels
empty. Already you want more cock.

“Stand up.” It’s time for me to take control again. I want to play a little.

I hold my lover’s cock in my left hand and your cock in my right, gently
stroking them both, comparing them, pointing them towards each other.

Picture it in your mind.

Closer and closer they get as I work the shafts. God, you’re so wet, and
both of you are rock hard. And now, just stroking them gently, and ever so
slowly bringing them closer and closer, the heads almost touching, until
finally, just brushing past each other, just for a moment. Just for a
moment, the feeling of his cock gliding over yours. And then again. And
then again. And now finally pressing them together, rubbing the heads
together, making his cock slippery with your pre-cum. You feel his cock
against yours, and see the heads sliding over one another, and it sends a
sexual charge through your entire body.

Visualize it. My hands rubbing your hard cocks together at the tip. The
head of your cock leaking uncontrollably over his. Two wet, swollen cock
heads, under my command, sliding back and forth, tip over tip. His cock
teasing yours, and vice versa. See the fascination and joy on my face as I
use your cocks to caress each other.

Your cock is so wet. It’s leaking pre-cum all over his cock, making it
slippery and slick. It’s literally dripping out of your stiff cock like a
slow drip on a loose tap, covering my lover’s throbbing staff in your
sticky cream. Drip, drip, drip. Coating his cock with your arousal.

I stand up, get behind you, and with my hands on your shoulders, gently
guide you to your knees again. I remain standing behind you, over you, a
hand on your shoulder and another in your hair.

“Taste yourself on him. Suck your cum off his cock, sweetie.”

Your mouth descends around his cock again and you marvel at how natural it
feels all of a sudden.

Yes, imagine sucking his cock, and tasting your cum. So kinky, so sexual.
Tasting your arousal on his cock. It tastes so good. Your cum tastes so
good on his cock. Suck his delicious cock. Imagine how good his cum will
taste too. The thought excites you.

Someday, baby, you will taste my pussy on his cock. And you will love it.
You will love the taste of my pussy juice all over his cock. You will
crave the taste of my pussy on his cock and you will crave the taste of
his cum combined with mine. But for now, I want you to experience – and
appreciate – the flavor of your arousal, the taste of your cum, on my
lover’s cock, and how good it can make you feel, and how satisfying it is
for you, and for all of us.


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