A Goddesses Rage

Your fucking weak, and just when I thought you could be trusted you reminded me of the shit I stepped in at the dog park over the weekend. Your nothing more then a silly, lying, little piece of shit. If anyone knows how to suck a cock I know it’s you dip shit. Access denied, do not pass go do not collect $200.00. Yes you remind me of a board game, I’m going to roll the dice and hopefully (snake eyes) two needles deep in your (you know what)

I’m done!!!!!!!

On a lighter note I just got a new kitty! I named him Summer

3 comments to A Goddesses Rage

  • Amber

    Ok, and now my Sadistic little sub side wants to come out and play with you one of these nights! damn girl..

    • Casey

      I’d grab you by your neck and show you how a young girl pulls hair and fucks a pussy. I see how you watch me around the house. One day im gong to sneak up behind you with my strap on bend you over rip a hold in your stockings and fuck you like the sadistic little sub you are

  • Amber

    Yes Please….

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