Summertime Seductress

Good Evening, boys! ♥
Does summer have you all hot and horny, like me? I know the heat has had some of us delirious with secret sexual desires. Sometimes, I get so turned on by the callers here or being around all these gorgeous girls at Your Desires that I just can’t sleep at night! I’ve been staying up late playing with my pretty little pussy all by myself. It’s not satisfying enough though! I need you to keep me cumming all night long!
So, just for July, I’m working late into the night so I can tell you all about the sweet and sinful things I want us to do together.
Temptation is in full bloom! So pick me, Rose, for all your phone sex fantasies!

Only For July
Monday-Friday 10pm-5am

Your Slutty Summertime Seductress,
Rose ?


Daddy’s Call

Day breaks through the blinds of my bedroom window, warm rays of sunshine caressing my naked form. It’s a lazy Sunday morning and before i get the chance to cover my nudity with the soft down comforter, I hear my cell phone chime from atop the table next to me. It’s cutesy girlish ringtone beckoning me to answer.
“Hello…?” I say, sleep still dripping from my sweet lips.
“Good morning my lovely Kitten.” you chuckle from the other end, “Did you sleep well Princess?”
My breath softly catches. I’m always so excited to hear from you. Especially now when we are so far apart from each other. You know it well, and chuckle a little more over the phone. The way you can tease sends a shiver down my spine and between my legs warms to the sweetness of your style.
“Oh! Yes Sir! I was just getting up!”
“Oh not yet sweety…Daddy wants you to lay back down for a bit. And, please, listen to what I have to say.” you say it idly, as if you were talking to one of your employees, but I knew far better that it was a command and no ordinary comment.
“Am I in trouble Daddy?” I squeak. I couldn’t think of anything I’d done to be a bad girl. At least, not that you would know of. My small pink nipples hardened at the thought of you spying on me, seeing me toy with myself without your permission. My hand subconsciously rose to my left breast and squeezed it hard while i tried not to moan into the phone alerting you of my bad behavior.
“No baby, not at all. You’ve been such a good little pet.” you say, “There’s just something I want you to do.” this time more sternly. The way your voice deepens as you go from a casual businessman to an overtly erotic Dom instantly makes my tight pink pussy drip with anticipation. I reach my fingers down from my tit to the fold of my lips and feel my girlish pearl throb in wanting.
“Yes, Daddy?”
“I’ll be heading home today, Kitten. I should be there in 6 hours, 8 at the latest, and until then I will have you on the phone fucking yourself silly, doing whatever I tell you to, until I can be there to do it myself. If you stop for any reason you’ll be punished. Do you understand/” the roughness of your tone could bring me to climax itself.
“Yes Sir, I do.” I moan out softly.
“Good girl.” you chuckle again, “Now listen to Daddy and do exactly as I say.”

Help me finish my story, telling me EXACTLY how you want me to fuck myself. My orgasms are completely under your control Daddy ;) I’m just a phone call away from cumming to your command.