looking forward to playing with you…

yes, there’s another new girl on the block. you better call soon to find out what makes me so special… i’m very excited to play!

xoxo, celine

1 comment to looking forward to playing with you…

  • Master Celine, Your lowly pathetic OWNED pet had the great privilege of meeting Your acquaintance for the first time approximately 2 weeks ago and You immediately took FULL OWNERSHIP of me my beloved supreme young temptress Goddess and Master … and i am so utterly under Your spell now 24/7!!! You have systematically taken me ever lower and lower collaring me, putting me in chastity, and keeping a bead on my every move. Today You put me through the paces mentally and physically and taught me a punishing lesson for my transgression of not fully disclosing my toys on-hand in a timely manner yet You still bestowed grace permitting to remove my cock cage ruining an orgasm unto to You in the most twisted and erotically charged painful of ways EVER!!! Your lowly pathetic fuck slut pet was groveling at Your perfect feet … Your supremacy and wickedness of mind and eros know no bounds and Your grip is even tighter than i could have ever imagined possible. Thank You for the privilege of dwelling in the edge of Your perfect shadow Master Celine being allowed to be called Yours!!! xoxo ~Lovingly, Obediently, and Devotedly Yours, pet

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