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Christie’s Thoughts

Did you know I have been a phone slut at YD for almost five years? I
can’t believe how much time flies. I guess I’ve been having lots of fun.
It’s all because of you and the other YD girls that my life has been full
of so much joy over these years. Sadly, I will be leaving YD on April 4th
(that’s Saturday). I will be available from 11am to 4pm. It’s been
wonderful. I hope many new opportunities come my way and who knows? You
might see me come back one day. xoxoxoxo and Thank You from the bottom of
my heart for all the years of fun, sexy, pleasure. I will never forget
I know it isn’t quite summer yet, but this surge in warm weather has me
warm and wet in other ways. I can’t stop thinking about playing with ice
cubes. I love that cold sensation against my warm skin, turning into
beads of cold water on my naked body.

The other day, I invited a lover over to spend the afternoon with me on a
very hot, spring day. He obliged and arrived at my apartment very
quickly. Immediately, he told me he had some ideas and started to
practically rip my clothes off.

Then he unbuttoned his jeans, just to let me get a peek at how hard he was
getting. He grabbed a silky scarf from my closet and turned the music on.
Before I knew it, I was blindfolded and I was wondering what he was doing
in my kitchen. I felt him climb back onto the bed and I suddenly felt a
cold, melty sensation on my neck. “Is this ice?,” I asked, only to be met
with a “Shhhhhh.” The ice cube moved down my chest, and belly, his
fingers guiding it the entire time. I knew where this was going.

I winced as I felt the ice cube on my clit and slide into my pussy. I was
so shocked at how good it felt! After a short time, he removed what was
left of the ice cube and put it in his my mouth and then kissed me. I
could taste myself on the ice cube has I could hear him unbuttoning my
pants. The lack of sight made everything feel so much better. Before I
knew it, his huge cock was inside me and my hot spring day was so much

I always have access to ice cubes and keep finding myself wanting to rub
them all over my body. Would you like to hear me shudder and enjoy the
cold sensation? Call me for some hot adult phone sex involving lots of
ice cubes! I need to “cool” down these slutty urges. Or do I?
Hello there,

I know it has been a little while since you’ve seen an update from me.
I’m doing just fine, as naughty as ever. I’ve been really busy with all
sorts of sexxxy things. Would you like me to tell you about them? I’d
like to share my new Spring Schedule with you (all times Pacific Time

Mondays 9am to 4pm
Thursdays 11am to 4pm
Fridays 9am to 4pm
Saturdays 11am to 4pm
I’m so glad I get to use my “talents” as a naughty phone slut. I can go
from mild to wild in seconds flat! I am writing this to tell you that I
am a very experienced and versatile phone girl that can fulfill the most
specific of desires. If you’re very particular, feel free to contact me
before we talk. I promise to be attentive, warm and accommodating to all
of your needs. Phone sex doesn’t always have to be XXX
Another Holiday season has passed and I find myself thinking about what I
want in the New Year. Even though it seems like I’ve heard it all, I want
to have more surprises pop up. I’ve always been an eager girl and that
will never change! Can you think of a good way to surprise this naughty
phone sex slut? My New Year’s challenge to you is to give me something
I’ve never experienced. I’d love to take you to places you’ve never been.
I’m so exxxcited to see what you come up with. :)
Of course I enjoy elaborate fantasies and calls that make me think really
hard, but you know what’s really fun? Simply sharing sexxxy stories. A
phone slut like me has so many up my sleeve. I have a particular boy I
talk to that enjoys hearing all of my naughty stories over and over again.
It really makes for some hot phone sex. We could probably get a good
roleplay going based on all of my naughty sexploits.
One of my sweet little slaves sent me this today. In the spirit of
Thanksgiving and the upcoming holidays, I thought I’d share it with you.
I definitely love being a little phone slut with slaves to do my bidding.

Hi Master –

Thank You for letting me be so controlled by You. It seems just to extend and
extend. it feels so nice to submit to You and be taken and consumed so
It’s as if You are enveloping me and leading me at the same time. It’s so
nice –
thank You.

i am becoming Your slave. Thank You.

Are you ready for some hot, evening sex talk? I know I sure am! I will
be here to be your little night flirt on Tuesday and Thursday evenings
from 4pm to 9pm. Didn’t you miss me on these cold, late nights? This
phone slut is MORE than willing to keep you nice and warm. I’m so excited
to go home freshly fucked at night. If you still need some xxx phone sex
in the morning, I will still be around from 9am to 4pm on Mondays and
I’m here to tell you that this will be the last time you can catch me on
one of my Tuesday or Thursday morning shifts. However, I will be here to
be your little night flirt on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 4pm to
9pm. I’m so excited to go home in the late evening, freshly fucked. If
you still need some xxx phone sex in the morning, I will still be around
from 9am to 4pm on Mondays and Fridays.
Male Order Bride

I was talking with a submissive of Mine today, not a full fledged sissy
but someone who is more comfortable in the role of a femme (letting Me
take the lead, yielding, passive when I need her to be). she was
increasingly compliant, which pleases both Me and her, especially Me. she
can be almost pre-verbal when in a weakened state but comes up with the
most marvelous things at times. Tonight it was a male order bride: a man
who would commit him/herself to a strong, dominant woman out of a need
that is profound. Gracious thing that I am, I encouraged her, and will
continue to do so. Just don’t ask Me about the pre-nup.
Now that Halloween is over, it’s time for the season of giving. I love
giving you little presents. I love to give you xxx phone sex, naughty
pictures of me, and my wet, juicy panties. Phone sex is truly a gift that
keeps on giving. I’m more than ready to be your lovely phone slut into
the holiday season and into 2015. Now it’s time for you to call me and
give me your “gifts.”
I’m so excited for another Halloween. I always pick a costume where I get
to be sexy and in charge. I don’t care if it’s cold, I’m going to show
off some skin. I’m here this morning and then it’s out on the town to
find some cute boys to do whatever I tell them. Maybe you’d like to call
me for some hot phone sex to give me some ideas? Any guesses on my
costume this year? I’ll give you a hint. It involves handcuffs,
authority, and a very long, hard baton. I’m ready for some strip
We have another new girl at YD! It always excites me when I get a chance
to show a new girl the ropes. Whether it’s helping her with technical
things or teaching her a new sexxxy skill, I always find a way to help.
Ava is a very sexy girl and I’m sure her and I will have lots of fun phone
sex. I remember my first days at YD. I was so young and I admit I was a
little nervous. I was wet with anticipation before I got my first call.
After I had my first orgasm over the phone, I knew I was meant to be a
sexy phone slut. It’s crazy to think about how much I’ve learned over the
past 4-and-a-half years. Do you remember our first call? How about we
have a hot chat about it and you can refresh my memory?
There are few things I enjoy more than the fact that I can get you to
reach an intense orgasm with the sound of my voice. The truth is, I am a
total phone slut. I love the moment when both of our voices begin to get
that sexy, quieted tone when our breathing becomes more rapid we you get
closer and closer to the edge of pure ecstasy. I yearn to hear you scream
and moan to my every teasing command as you stroke for me. To hear you
lose control of your inhibitions and start to talk dirtier and dirtier to
me is enough to make my panties soaking wet.
September 23rd, 2014

The Fall season is one of the most sensual times of the year. It brings
an end to all the hot, sexy steaminess of the Summer and leads to more
cuddling up for warmth. Don’t get me wrong, I still love a good, rough
fuck and a little slut to torture but there is just something about Fall
that makes me want to get really cuddly with someone. Maybe we could work
out some Fall phone sex fantasies? I’ve got a few ideas we can work with.

Guess what? I got to go on the hottest shopping trip the other day. I
decided to treat myself and bought some sexy new lingerie and some new
toys. Would it be strange to say that I am absolutely in love with my new
dildo? It’s nice and thick and feels oh so much like a real cock. I love
sitting here, hot and wet, waiting for the phone to ring. My new dildo
sits on my desk, almost as if it’s begging for an opportunity to enter me.
I know if I brought it home I would do nothing else. I want to see how
many times it can get me off in September. That’s going to require a lot
of hot, dirty sex talk.

I’ve done all sorts of sexxxy calls at Your Desires but nothing gets me
hotter than having you under my complete control. The trembling you feel
in your loins when you hear my sensual voice commanding you is hard to
resist. I love to instruct and learn new ways to make you submit to me.
I can’t resist getting wet when I hear that little ache in your voice,
begging me to go harder and longer. I always knew I liked power, but
never knew that I’d cum so hard with you wrapped around my little finger,
giving me full control over your orgasm. There’s nothing more sexy than
your desire to please me.

This has certainly been a great summer at YD. It’s been so full of hot,
xxx phone sex I don’t know where to begin! It’s starting to get a little
colder but not too cold to wear my skimpy little outfits. I’m going to
wear them as much as possible before I have to start covering up to avoid
the cold. But don’t worry, I won’t cover up enough to hide my voluptuous
breasts! You’ll probably start noticing my nipples getting hard more
easily. I don’t know what it is about that. It must be some sort of
sixth sense. Even if my nipples harden because of a cool breeze, my pussy
still gets wet and my hand starts to wander down my panties. I just can’t
help myself.

It’s the end of another hot month of phone sex at Your Desires. I’m more
than ready to start a new month of summer. I don’t know what it is about
this weather but the hotter it gets, the hotter I get. I love having my
daytime playtimes. I get to have all the phone sex I want during the day
and it’s still warm enough to go out for some adventures after. I have
had so many sexy adventures this summer. It seems like my sexual appetite
will never be satisfied. I need someone to tame me. I have so many
naughty stories to tell.

I love love love sissies. I love spankings, panties, teasing, the works.
I’m always looking to add more and more sissies to my life. Are you
looking for a nurturing yet demanding phone slut to dominate you? It
gives me great satisfaction to get little sluts to obey my every command.
I also adore playing dress-up.

Imagine me standing over you, gently tapping my hand with my paddle while
you whimper and beg for me to make your ass as pink as your silky, little
panties. you’ll only get to cum when I give you permission, my little
pet. If you’re good, that is.

My birthday was a heap of sexy fun! First I got to hang out here and take
lots of fun phone sex calls to get me all set up for my night. Then I
went home to get nice and dolled up for the night. I left my hair a
little messy to give that “freshly fucked” look to anyone who might lay
their eyes on me.

I wore a little red cocktail dress to show off my big, beautiful tits. I
told my girlfriends to dress up so we could all go to a fancy restaurant.
After some dinner and drinks, it was time to start the hit the town! We
wandered around, dressed in our best. I can’t deny the fact that I was
hungry for some cock that night. Don’t you want to know what else
happened? Call me for some hot phone sex just to find out exactly what
happened to me on my birthday. I can assure you it was filled with the
best kind of debauchery.
I had such an amazing anniversary. I can’t believe it has been four
years! I want to thank the lovely girls at YD and all of the boys calling
me for hot phone sex over the years. It would certainly be hard to choose
a favorite memory! I’m looking forward to many more years at Your Desires
and a TON more adult phone chat. I hope to hear from you soon.
Summer Fun with Christie

In summers past, I’ve done a car wash in the summer with some of my
girlfriends. I remember how good it felt to have all these hot boys drive
by and honk at us while I stood there in my tiny bikini getting nice and
wet washing the cars. It was exhilarating! I’ve decided that this summer
I want to let you decide what sort of sexy projects I can do. I want your
ideas! The hotter the better! After I’ve completed my task, I’d love to
have some hot adult phone chat about it. Please participate in this fun
summer project with me!
Demand – May 20th 2014

Sometimes I have sexually frustrated little subbies that I have to train
to be reasonable. I know how they long for My warm voice and beautiful
breasts but they have to earn that privilege. I can hear them whine and
beg for the change to put my pink, hard nipple in between their eager,
trembling lips. But when my subbies get too frustrated and demanding, I
have to get them back in line.

I had a very frustrated subbie recently that was getting oh so demanding
and grabby while I was trying to tease him. I decided that I would take a
more sensual approach to remedy this situation, psychological if you will.
I knew I could make his brain more malleable if I used my sensual charm
and manipulation. Instead of getting angry at his grab-assing, I decided
to play on his weaknesses. Since the most recent incident was one where
he was unruly with Me and obviously embarrassed, I thought that posting an
incriminating picture of him to my blog would straighten him out. I
demanded that he call my phone sex line to talk over the issue with me or
the picture would stay up. Of course he was agreeable and obedient at
that point and I got to tease and hypnotize him for hours.
Did you know that sending panties is on my list of favorite things to do
at YD? It’s very easy to make me wet and if you know what to say (and do,
lol) it’s very easy to make me cum (hard), especially when I am touching
myself for you on a call. It’s my pleasure to send you a little memento
after we have some hot phone sex. Just ask me what my panties look like
and I will get them nice and wet for you. I wear panties of all types and
colors, my favorites are cute cotton panties, and sexy silky panties. I’m
chomping at the bit to send you the naughty evidence from our sexscapade.
I love the day when you call me back to tell me you received a sexy little
present from me. I never disappoint.
This greedy little phone slut is always up to something naughty. I have
been with YD for almost four years and I was feeling nostalgic about some
of my first calls. I remember walking through the door on my first day
wearing a mini skirt and white cotton panties. I admit I was a bit
nervous, but I was so ecstatic to get to play with my pussy while someone
else was listening. Everything was so fresh and thrilling.

I’ve had so much fun and learned a lot over these years. This morning as
I was getting dressed, I found my old outfit I wore on my first day as a
phone sex girl. Whenever I put this outfit on, I immediately start
dripping, thinking about that very first day. I’m feeling horny as ever
and also ready and willing to make many new phone sex memories.
Another winter has finally come to a close. The sun has come out and this
little phone sluts clothes are becoming skimpier and skimpier. I love the
feeling of being in control of you with the outfit I choose. The better I
look, the more you stare and the more I can make you do whatever I want.
The more I try to catch your gaze, the more I want you to rip my clothes
off of me and make me beg for your cock. Call my phone sex line if you
want to see what my hypnotic body can do for you!
Have you ever fantasized about something that is totally taboo? Trust me,
we all have. How good it must feel to be able to have sex on the phone
where girls are ready and willing to indulge these fantasies for you. I
honestly love to talk about anything! Let me know your deepest, darkest
secrets and fantasies. I’d be more than happy to be the phone slut that
takes you to that erotic level.
I recently had a great experience with a practice called “figging.” I
like to classify myself as Domme but this experience was brand new to me.
I have an amazing, dedicated sub who loves to be tortured which is more
than I could ever ask for! This little slut loves to let me get her drunk
and spank her silly, leaving bruises for days. I am such a lucky girl!
Anyway, the practice of figging was used as torture in the Victorian age.
It involves inserting a piece of peeled ginger into the ass or “pussy”
(whichever term you prefer) as a way to inflict pain. In no way am I
saying I have a desire to do this to everyone but to have a sub that
desires this makes my sex on the phone so much better! I can fulfill any
needs or desires that any man has, but I do enjoy torturing my subs!
Christie’s Thoughts on 2014 – December 31st, 2013

It’s the last day of another year. I am very excited to have met all the
great people I talked to on this sexy adult phone line.

Now it is time for me to explain some of my goals for the upcoming year.
I’d especially love more sissies to play dress-up, subs to train, pain
sluts to abuse, and boys to spoil me. I want 2014 to be a year of

Of course I am still willing to bow to the right contender. But that’s
only if you think you can handle a smart, sassy girl like me. Think of
putting me in my place as a challenge!

That’s my sign off for 2013. I hope you continue to trust me with your
desires into 2014 and beyond!
Tuesday December 17th, 2013

This post is about spankings. I love giving and receiving them, but I
mostly enjoy giving them. I love it when my little pain sluts beg me to
take that paddle over their perfectly bare little asses. I love watching
the colors change. Red to purple to blue if I get extra ruthless.

I am fairly certain I beat my record of mots spankings in one session
yesterday. I gave the little slut 1500 using a wide array of tools. I am
positive he will feel the sting for the rest of the week. I normally
don’t keep count but this day felt extra special and now I am in a mood to
break the record over and over again!

How about you? Are you interested in letting me harshly “caress” your ass
with whatever tools I have at my disposal? What if I could promise 2000
or more spankings in one session? Contact me if you think you can take
the heat.
Christie’s Trick-or-Treat Challenge

As many of you know, October is my favorite month and my favorite holiday
is Halloween. I came up with an idea for October, a trick-or-treat
challenge. The person who can come up with the most creative, fun, and
fulfilling roleplay will get a prize from me at the end of the month.
Ah, my first month back has been wonderful! I’ve talked to many regulars
and also snagged a couple of new callers. It’s been so nice to hear all
of your eager voices. I want to thank you for being so kind to me.
I just finished my first day back after a very much-needed summer
vacation. I had all sorts of sexy fun in my travels. I met many new
faces (and other parts) and have so many stories to tell. I gained a lot
more experiences and dabbled in many areas of sex and eroticism that I
hadn’t known exist. I would love to tell you all about it and if you’re a
risk-taker, try something brand new. Give it a whirl!
This is about my spanking slut Tony. One day, I was in my room, alone. I knew I was going to be alone for some time so I got all of my toys ready and started to get frisky. I was so close to orgasm when Tony burst through my door. I was startled and frustrated at the interruption and quickly became furious! I immediately demanded he get undressed and lay his naked body over my knee. I pulled out my large wooden paddle with hole in it and started spanking him ruthlessly. I saw his bottom begin to get more red and raw with each swat I gave him with the paddle.

I then told him that he needed to show me what a good little cocksucker he was. I pulled out my large dildo and made him shove it down his slutty little throat, choking and gagging with every thrust. This pleased me very much, but I was still eager to punish him for his intrusion. I gave him another series of spankings, having him pause in between to suck for me.

He proved to be very good at sucking, but I still wanted more. I buried his face in my pussy and he was force to eat me until I came all over his face. Then more spankings and more sucking. Once I felt satisfied with the spanking and saw how red his ass truly was, I brought out a vibrator.

His red little ass took the vibrator like a champ! I loved watching his little face, streaked with tears, taking it, in and out, at my hands. Now it was time for Tony to take the load he was so eager to shoot for me right in his mouth. He ate up every last drop and thanked me for everything I did. I am very proud of my baby and I will definitely have him do more naughty things for me in the future.
I want to tell all of you how I celebrated my birthday. As you know, I am a huge fan of celebrating by going out for a night on the town at my favorite dive bar. After midnight struck and I was officially a year older, my friends lined up to buy me birthday drinks, some of them obviously expecting more. I watched as each of them competed to be the first one to buy me a drink. It was such an empowering experience. I knew I could choose any one of them to fuck that night. After I started to feel light and relaxed after tossing back a few, I observed them and made my choice.

The guy I chose was tall with dark brown, wavy hair and dark eyes. He’s a bit older than me and had been making eyes at me all night. He’s an acquaintance of mine and the sexual tension between us has been thick over the past couple of months since we met.

He was at the bar, while all of my friends were sitting in a darkened booth. I walked up to him and suggested that we get out of there as soon as possible. In an instant, he grabbed his jacket and we went outside.

It was so warm outside and I was needing a bit of help walking in my high heels. Like a perfect gentleman, he put his arm out for me to grab onto. He started leading me in the direction toward his house. I would have let him take me anywhere. He led me toward a grassy spot, secluded by a bunch of trees. “Do you want to sit down and talk for a minute?” he asked. “Of course,” I said, smiling. I knew what was about to happen. I’m sure he’s heard me talk about my love for fucking outdoors.

We sat down and he immediately moved some hair behind my left ear and started stroking my neck with his fingers. I stifled a moan and put my hand on his leg as he leaned in to nibble on my earlobe. He slid his hand up my little black dress and started tickling my inner thigh. He can already feel how warm and wet I was starting to become. I felt his finger move my panties aside and into my tight, little pussy.

“We can be as loud as we want,” he said and threw me onto my back while unbuttoning his blue jeans. The only words I could manage to utter at that point were, “Fuck me.”

We fucked on the ground, mostly clothed, in the moonlight on my birthday, and I must say, it was a magical experience. His cock was the perfect size and girth and I couldn’t help but scream at the top of my lungs while he went so deep inside me. I can’t count how many times I came all over his perfect cock.

After he finished, he helped me to my feet and we walked to his house for more fun. It was a birthday to remember for sure.
Tease and denial training.

I’ve been training this little slut for some time now. He has come to realize that he is completely useless to me with a limp cock. He must always be on the edge. I haven’t let him cum on one of our calls and I don’t intend to for some time. At least not until he can execute some self-control. Sometimes he can be a bit wishy-washy. This will not do. He is slowly learning to ask me for what he needs instead of for what he wants. For example, just the other day, I had him on the edge and asked him for what he needed. He responded appropriately by saying that he needed to punish his balls so that he wouldn’t cum. He is getting much better with our training.
This birthday was the best one yet. I am sore from all of the birthday spankings (thanks Amber and Libby) and the serious pounding I got from a man last night. I can still feel his big, throbbing cock inside me. Maybe you haven’t gotten the chance to tell me how happy you are that I was born. I’d love to give you all of the juicy details.
I love it when guys ask me what my limits are, because I have none. Taboos do not exist to me. Last night, I acted as the accomplice and kidnapped two sisters and gagged them with each others’ panties. Then I fucked one of the sisters with a dildo while the guy fucked the other one in the ass. In the same night, I was forcefully coerced into sex by my older brother who was home from college for the holidays. The possibilities to my limits are
I absolutely love financial domination. I want to make you my personal ATM machine. Just the other night, I charged a guy a dollar for every grammatical error he made while we were chatting online. I take this VERY seriously. He told me I was so good that he was completely blindsided by the game I invented. I have many more games in my head for us to play that involve me taking him for everything he is worth. Try it out, you won’t even see it coming. :)
I’ve always been a little submissive. I like to be dominated, thrown around, bitten, etc. I’m a sucker for a guy who can really give it to me. Lately, I’ve been yearning to get in touch with my dominant side. All I can think about is how I want to lock cocks in cages and deny satisfaction. I want to punish, humiliate, and feminize every guy I talk to. Come on sissies, let Me tease you until you are so close to the edge it pains you. I might let you cum. Are you ready to let your ass be My property? Call Me so I can mock you when you whine and beg. I want to make you whimper and scream.