Worship my ass you say?

Who wants to talk about worshiping my ass???  I’ve been trying to learn more about being dominant and keep being told that I need to pick a body part for the sake of worshipping.  I can’t think about a better body part to worship.  My ass has so many desires that I’ve yet to give it.  It is the strongest, most intenses orgasm I’ve ever had and I have certainly not had nearly enough of them.  I’m pretty greedy with orgasms and have been blessed to have partners that indulge in giving me orgasm after orgasm for hours on end sometimes.  I love that I can stay in a suspended state of orgasm sometimes.  It’s divine and the only thing comparable or that tops multiple orgasm’s is an anal orgasm.  Did I mention how intense they are??? Phew, just thinking about it gets me soooooo horny and also tired thinking of how it will drain me, but oh dear is it worth it!!!!!

I would love to be more dominant if it involves worshiping my ass!!!  I love and hate being teased.  It’s amazing but also torturous.  Worshiping my ass would definitely involve teasing me with lots of light touching, cupping, grabbing, caressing, kissing and licking.  Eventually it will lead to your cock in my ass deep and hard, but so much teasing on the way to there.  I especially love a good rim job and badly need a butt plug.  Let’s make it a vibrating butt plug because I love to have penetration and vibration there.  I’d also like to have it come in several sizes so I can start stretching my tiny little butt hole because I still have a hard time fitting cocks in there and want it so bad sometimes.  I’ve had to give up and go without anal because I couldn’t fit the cock in there.  I know the more I try, the easier it will get.  I’m working on it.  Who wants to be my hero and send me a vibrating butt plug set of varying sizes?   I’d be ecstatic to get a  remote control one where you can control it from states away.  Let me know if you’d like to tip me in the form of a butt plug set and I’ll use it during one our calls for the first time.

Call me so we can talk about worshiping my ass.  I bet you have other ideas to help with this.

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