Devilish fun coming soon!

To all you feeble submissives and curious brave souls,

The Women of your Desires are always dreaming of exciting ways to tickle and torture our pets.  THIS MONDAY, October 19th,  we will be offering a special treat just for you!  Sharing is caring; we want to share your pleasure and your pain, so we may revel in it and laugh together at our power over you.

For just $60, you can speak with 3 women for 10 minutes each!  We will pass you off from one to the next, building up the intensity until you can’t hold your composure any longer.  This is a great opportunity to get to know someone you haven’t spoken with before, or to experience the distinctive flavors of our dominance in one delicious package.

Just imagine all the fun you can have with three women in one night!  Email us your role plays ahead of time, or just jump into the ring and taste the fire.

5 comments to Devilish fun coming soon!

  • Felicia

    Amber, Lana, Skylar, Bryanne, Perci, Zivia, Madison, Angie and Felicia will be on the menu for your 3 course meal!

  • Zivia

    awww, sounds like those that love to be tortured, humiliated, and abused, then nurtured. let the domms tear them apart and pass them to us subs to lick their poor wounds and get thrown in the lions den again :)

  • Perci

    Oh, this is going to be so much fun! I’m going to enjoy taking the reins from another Domme and then licking wounds and creating new ones… my goodness. You’ll enjoy it to, I promise!

    • Felicia

      Mmm you know the only licks I’ll be taking are with my whip! MY fingers wrapped tightly around you, suffocating, caressing, controlling.. your whimpers tell me I’m doing something right

  • Amber

    Ahhh I so can’t wait..so many ways to tease and please.. after those bad bad girls have their licks in- come play with the wickedest witch of the west baby.. You know you so want to …

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