a bit of CBT in the morning

He lay there on the ground Smiling up at me in anticipation. His legs were spread wide, and his balls lay on the hard wood. Oh he was so vulnerable like this. I walked around him, heels clicking on the wood with every step. I stopped by his head and placed a heel covered foot in front of his face, In silent demand. He kissed from the toes of the shoe, up the arch to the heeled point, and down it. I ripped my foot away from his lips and walked around him again. This time settling between his legs. He never took his eyes off of me.
I smiled wide as I raised my left leg and then sent the heel slamming down on his scrotum. He groaned in pleasure. I called him pathetic then. Before raising my foot again and coming down hard right on the edge of one of his balls. He shouted out in a mix of pain and pleasure, throwing his head back and closing his eyes. I took this as an opportunity to come down again directly on his nut, while he was unaware. The scream that escaped him was utter music to my ears. His eyes flashed open and there were tears in them, but the rest of his face only indicated pleasure. I raise a brow in a silent question of if he was good to continue. He gave a slight nod of his head, and less then a half second later, my heel came down again on his other ball. His back arched up and his thighs tried to come together.I pushed them back apart with my heels. “Do I need to tie you up, or can you behave?” this was the only warning I would give him. His only reply was a shake of his head. This time I blatantly kicked him in the balls. He groaned and I watched his eyes roll back into his head. I kicked again 3 times hard in a row, I didn’t fail to notice how hard his cock was becoming. I took a steadying breath before I slammed my heel down between his two nuts pinching his scrotum to the floor. He screamed again and his cock twitched. I did it again, Landing in the same spot. Then I quickly kicked him again. I clicked my tongue three times. His non verbal cue that it was okay to cum the next time I kicked him. I stomped down again crushing his left nut under my heel. Then again in the middle between the two. Then again On the right ball, Each drawing a low moan from my pathetic pet. I loved making him wait. I brought my leg all the way back and then swiftly kicked him right in the nuts, which made his cock start sputtering ropes of cum all the way up his chest. One even hit his face. And all I could do was laugh, at the worthless mess in front of me.

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