a little bath time fun

There we were in the steamy hot water of our hotel rooms Jacuzzi tub, the water was frothy with bubbles and smelled of Japanese cherry blossoms. It was deep and had two built in seats across from each other. My feet rest on his lap under the water, that feels more like silk. He gently massaged the soles of my feet and then the arches. Before starting to move up and work at the base of my calves. My head leaned back to rest against the edge of the tub eyes closed and lips parted. His hands slowly crept up to my upper calves, his touch was glorious. I hadn’t felt so relaxed in ages. His hands found my thighs and I twitched, the water sloshed around us. I could feel his eyes on me but I didn’t meet his gaze. He worked his way up my thighs massaging attentively tell he found my hips and I groaned. My hips were always tight, and felt like they needed to pop. he worked them out until I was putty in his hands.
He pulled my hips up to the surface for what I thought was a better angle to massage them. But then I felt his beard pricking at my inner thighs and then his tongue parted my lower lips and I thrashed and moaned grabbing the edge of the tub. My eyes flashed open and just like I thought his eyes were boring into my face. Fuck those sexy green eyes a light with flecks of molten gold. I couldn’t keep eye contact it was too much. my head fell back again as I growled and moaned. I needed more. I needed him.
I slipped free and was instantly pushing him back into his seat, the water splashing around us. In an instant I was straddling him and sliding his cock into home. I started to ride him with wild and utter abandon. It was harder to get leverage in the water. He was watching me like I was a fucking goddess who held the key to all his pleasure. Like he was utterly mesmerized by me. It only encouraged me to ride him harder and faster, my mouth finding his neck and biting down hard, before sucking and pulling on it. His hands found my hips again then and his growl echoed off the tile.
Fuck the sounds he makes make me ache. He starts to slam me down hard and fast, and I know we’re both about to find our endings as he starts to thrust up. Holy fuck I cant stand it and I loose my self all over his hard cock, the dirtiest talk coming out of my mouth as I rip into his back with my nails, and his hot cum, erupts inside me. I collapse on his lap after and let him wash me up and carry me to bed.

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