A little roadtrip fun

We had been driving for hours, the sun long since set. The dark and twisty road curving in its own beat. My best friend sound asleep in the back seat. Sprawled out. I would wake her up in 3 hours and she would take over. My boyfriend in the passenger seat, looked like he was fighting to stay awake with me. I turned the radio up a notch before I let my hand settle on his upper thigh. I drew random patterns on his thigh, my eyes never leaving the road. I felt his cock stiffen under my hand. I let my hand slip into his joggers. His hips thrust into my hand at its first touch. I started to stroke his cock then. My best friend asleep in the back and the endless road ahead of us. His hand came to rest on my thigh. I picked up the pace, and every time my hand would brush the head his hand would clamp down on my thigh.
I took the hint and started to palm the head. His grip was constant now. Precum coated my palm and I used it to lube up the length of him. I would draw this out as long as possible. So I stroked from base to right under his mushroom head. He was trying to hard to angle his hips in a way that would make my hand touch his head. I never once looked over at him though. my eyes seemingly glued to the road. My hand gripped down on the middle of his shaft. A silent warning to be still or he wouldn’t get what he so desperately sought. He stilled then and his hand was back to gripping my thigh. I grazed his head once with my hand before going back to just stroking the shaft. The road was not relatively straight. We were through the switch backs. I took a second to steal a glance at him. His head was thrown back, his eyes shut tightly, biting his bottom lip.
The sight of him like that nearly made me groan. My eyes went back to the road and I started to palm his head with a new found vigor. Precum came dripping out of him like a leaky faucet. He was gonna cum and hard. I let my thumb brush right over the very tip and his hips twitched as he came hard all over my hand. I smirked and pulled my cum cover hand out of his pants, I put it before his mouth in a silent order to clean up his mess. He of course obliged. Lets just say he didn’t struggle with remaining conscious for the rest of the night.

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