all twitch and ache

Your fingers trail down my arm in a feather light graze. You stall there, as if you don’t know which path to take across my body. I can see it on your face, you searching for the one that will turn my skin into that of goose flesh. The one that will make my eyes roll into the abyss. You decide to take the road less traveled up my neck, then down across my collar bone. Goose bumps left in your feather light touches wake. Your hot breath follows down my neck and I can’t breath. the you bite down and I thrash. Fire building in my gut. your teeth release my throat and then your lips are on my collar bone and your fingers are on my nipples as you toy with them gently.
I’m all twitch, and ache. The word more falls off my lips in a plea but you have no intention of giving in. You kiss down between the valley of my breasts. Over my rib cage. Across my stomach. All the while your fingers unrelenting on my nipples. My eyes long since rolled back into my head. My hands gripping the sheets. My body is burning. I want more. I need more. Then your tongue is lapping over my lips and I cant stop my hips from rising to grind against you. You groan at the taste of me and then loose control.
Your hands move from my breasts with lighting speed to find my hips and hold them in place as you let your tongue part my lips and start your aching assault on my clit. My hand fists in your hair, and I’m gasping. A second later and one of your fingers is inside of me, Curling up at precisely the right angle to graze my gspot. I cry out. Your finger is gone then and I whimper, Actually whimper out loud. The loss of contact to much to bare. Seconds later your back inside me this time with two finger, both feverishly working that yummy spot on my upper wall. You suck my clit into your mouth then and start flicking the tip of your tongue on it as you softly nibble. It throws me over the edge with out warning and I cum gushing all over your face, and you stay down there lapping up every last drop.

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