cutie with the coffee

Every morning I went to the same coffee shop before work and every morning the same barista made my coffee, Everyday I would harmlessly flirt with him. I was pretty sure he had a girlfriend but I wasn’t about to ask. I arrived at the coffee shop at 7:24am like always. pulled up to the drive through window, and Like every morning Greyson took my order, and like every morning I flirted my ass off. The banter flowed easily, Him giving me shit about how specific my order was. My response was that he should be talking shit to the one who introduced me to it. This made him laugh because it was him, He introduced me to my complicated mocha on my first trip to his stand. He handed my cup to me through the window and told me to have a great day.
What I didn’t notice until I arrived at work was that in addition to my name written on the cup was a winky face, and his phone number. I smirked as I typed in his number before starting a text that read ” I would like to submit a complaint about my drink this morning.” I didn’t wait for his response before sending another. “It was damn perfect.” I put my phone down and started sorting my work email. It dinged less than a minute later. his text read, “OH no how ever will I make it up to you? dinner on me tonight at that taco place you recommended?” My response was “see you at 6:30pm” little did he know he was in store for way more than dinner.

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