It had been too long. Far too long since His satin skin brushed up against me. It was taking over my dreams. Flashes of our naked body’s intertwined. your green eyes. Those lips and how they never seemed to stop exploring every inch of me. Too long, far too long since I had him. I had to admit that although at first the dreams seemed to take the edge off. Now they just started my mornings off aching and flushed. It wasn’t enough. Nothing would be until I felt him wrapped around me.
Soon he had promised. Soon, soon, soon. I hated the word. Patience wasn’t a virtue I possessed. All this build up… Made me irritated. I couldn’t get it under control. I rubbed my clit raw every night so that I may just get a moments release from the insurmountable need for him. I awoke from one of these feverish dreams panting. Torn from the scene of his hand tangled up in my hair and pulling as he pounded into me from behind. I blinked away the lingering flashbacks. Soon was today. I was going to make him pay for making me wait so long.
It was much later in the day when I donned my earrings, sexy burgundy lace dress. That hugged my body perfectly at every curve. I knew he loved me in this color. I finished the look off with a pair of black leather booties and a leather jacket. I was going to rip the air from his lungs when he saw me. I applied a little red lip stain to my lips, which made them ever more supple. There was a knock on the door. I sashayed over to the door, and opened it.
There he stood, His eyes tried so hard to remain on my face. I could see the struggle. He failed and then let his eyes ravage my every curve. I watched him, Indeed there was no rise and fall of his chest. He wasn’t breathing. I smiled then, which only grew wider as my eyes fell on his hands at his sides. Clenching and and relaxing momentarily as if he was actively resisting the urge to rip my clothes off and have my right here, Against the door frame.
“Well, are you going to stand there eye fucking me all night or, would you rather come in out of the cold?” I said bluntly. I didn’t wait for his response as I turned and walked further into my home and sat on the couch. He was right behind me. I thought he was moving to sit down with me, but no. He kneeled in front of me on the hard wood floors. I tried to find his eyes but they were downcasted. I knew what he was offering. His complete submission. “Look at me.” I stated cool as ice. his eyes rose to meet mine, I saw the wanton desire there… But also the guilt. The guilt of being gone for so long. He would give me this, But it wasn’t exactly what he wanted. “One day, I would love to make you come to heal, But not like this.” Tonight wasn’t for play. I wanted his submission to be out of desire not guilt for all the things he had not given me. He moved in an instant seeming to catch my unspoken words. His mouth was on mine, and just like in my dreams my skin turned hot as flame. Tonight, we would be equals. Tonight we would reconnect. Tonight we would burn this house down with out pent up passion, and I would delight in every second of it.

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