Forever Daddy’s Fuck toy

This weekend daddy gave her a true treat,
Choking and dirty talk.
There we were in the dark, a mess of limbs and blankets.
Daddy’s mouth on my neck,
my body twitching in a symphony of his composition.
Oh baby girl he whispered breath heavy in my ear, tell me what you want?
I could only manage a groan as he let his hand slip into my pants.
Fuck Baby girl, he groaned as he felt how I melt under his touch.
I finally got a word out. Please daddy, I murmured it over and over again.
He was on me in an instant, hands ripping clothes from my flesh.
Right before he slid inside his hand wrapped around my throat, clamping
down. Then daddys dick was in to the hilt and I choked under his grasp,
trying so hard to moan out my appreciation.
– Forever Daddy’s Fuck toy

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