Make me melt

Tie me up and blindfold me, make me wait.
Take your time building up the suspense by walking around getting things
set up.
Start slowly, maybe a graze of your finger up the arch of my foot.
then let you hand gently drift up my long legs. Skip over my pussy, and do
not touch it until I beg. Let your hand vanish from my collar bone. Leave
me in a state of wonder before you reach for that candle. Say nothing as
you pour that hot wax over my breasts and nipples. Watch me thrash against
my restraints before grabbing an ice cube to trail over the wax. See me
gasp at the drastic change in temperature. Then You start to pour wax
over my inner right thigh, while trailing an ice cube over my left. Watch
the way I shiver and flush all at once. Mark the way my hips thrust trying
to get any sort of friction.
Work me over with your Ice and hot wax, and I promise just like them, I’ll
melt under your touch too.

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