Musings of a mindfucked pet

Musings of a mindfucked pet
I saw her walking along the beach in an amazing one piece swimsuit. Her perfectly plush 34C breasts were nearly bursting forth from their spandex swimsuit cocoon. Her body glistened from head to toe as the sun shone against the water droplets that remained from her recent dip into the ocean waters. Her lustrous hair looked sensually divine as it was smoothed down by the ocean water. She was truly magnificent, a sight to behold.
She came over to the empty blanket just in front of where I was sitting. I couldn’t believe my good fortune. Just seeing her majestic beauty had my cock erect against the mesh lining of my swim trunks. When she looked over in my direction, I could feel my cock actually tingle with pleasure. She waved me over as she held a small bath towel. She instructed me to wipe the water from her glistening body. I did so and felt so aroused and alive, caressing each curve of her perfect 34c-24-34 athletic body. When she was sufficiently dry, she held out some suntan lotion and instructed me to rub it all over her athletic legs and muscular arms. I did so eagerly and with great delight. I did not say a word but rather lost myself in my task.
She said her name was Finley, but in my mind I knew it would always be Goddess Finley to me. She told me how she came to the beach to work on her amazing tan that went so well with her perfect form that was the result of countless hours in the gym. When I was finished with the lotion, she bent over to get something out of her back. Her exquisite ass was just inches from my face. It took every inch of my personal will power to not kiss it or touch it. I prayed that might happen some day in the future. Oh how, I wanted to worship her perfection and do anything she commanded.
She gave me a card with an address on it. She instructed me to be there at 5PM, if I wanted to serve her. She could tell by the look in my eyes that I would be there. I never wanted something as much in my life. I needed to please her. I needed to serve her. I needed to do anything and everything she desired.

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