Musings of a Mindfucked Pet

Musings of a Mindfucked Pet
Goddess Finley had been prepping HER slave for his first in person meeting with a couple of months of online and phone training. He was a well-toned, single 35 year-old businessman who had always put his career ahead of any relationships. He was very dominant at work but had reached out to her looking for someone who would reprogram and reshape his beliefs, fetishes and desires.
From the pictures that he had sent to HER during the initial course of his training, Goddess Finley could tell that HER new submissive took good care of his body. SHE had commanded him to send HER a list of his daily diet and also his workout regimen. SHE was pleased that SHE only needed to make minor tweaks to his daily food intake and simple adjustments to his exercise program to get him in even better shape when he was given the supreme honor of finally meeting HER in person. Furthermore, SHE could tell from a few of his pictures in jeans and a bathing suit that he was rather well-endowed as well. Immediately, SHE knew HER final plans for him.
As part of his training, SHE began immersing him in watching videos and looking at pictures athletic men and women in shiny, tight clothes. SHE started by showing him famous male and female athletes who wore tight lycra uniforms such as speedskaters, wrestlers, weightlifters, track stars and gymnasts. Over time, SHE showed him less famous men in spandex, and less famous women in leggings, liquid leggings, spandex and yoga pants. As the time of his visit neared, SHE made him watch videos and look at pictures of submissive men and dominant women/gorgeous fetish models in skin tight latex pants, shorts and catsuits. The final few days before his visit, all he was allowed to get excited from was the site of a submissive man in latex serving a dominant woman in skintight clothes. SHE told him to imagine getting hard at just the sight and feel of latex – how it would feel caressing every curve of his body. The thought of it drove him wild.
When he arrived at the location he had been told, he was a combination of excited and apprehensive. He took a deep breath and headed for the door. He introduced himself via the intercom, he was instructed to head to the bathroom at the end of the hall and strip naked, he was then told to enter the room across from the bathroom, go to the center of the room and kneel. Fortunately for him, no one else seemed to be inside the bathroom or hallway. He did as was instructed and entered what appeared to be a gym type room, which had no lights on, and he headed to the middle of it and knelt.
After about 10 minutes of waiting, the lights to the room turned on, Goddess Finley stood before him in skin tight yoga pants and an amazing lycra sports bra. In her hands were two items a latex catsuit and a collar with a leash attached. He was amazed and how perfect Goddess Finley’s 34C-24-34 figure looked encased in skintight clothes. He knew his cock was hard as a rock as SHE approached him.
“Put on your uniform slave,” Goddess Finley said as SHE handed him the latex catsuit.
He did exactly as instructed and nearly orgasmed multiple times as the latex caressed his eager body. When the latex rubbed against his rock hard cock he felt pleasure he could have never imagined. When he was finished and demonstrating a latex covered bulge that was nearly bursting through the material, Goddess Finley attached the collar and leash to HER new pet.
“Welcome to your new world as my latex slave, pet. A life of pleasure that you could never have imagined is about to begin.”

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