Musings of a Mindfucked pet

Musings of a Mindfucked pet
Every morning I put on my skintight yoga pants and head down to my local gym. When I enter the gym, I am exuding confidence as I feel the lululemons caress my sexy, toned legs and immaculate ass. My pert 34c tits look exquisite as they are embraced by my matching spandex sports bra. Today, I am starting my workout by stretching and I see there are only two other people in the gym – a girl lifting weights who has to be 18 and has the rock hard body of a fellow gymnast and an Adonis of man running on the treadmill while wearing a pair of super tight lycra shorts which show the entire outline of his amazing ass and his truly spectacular, what appears to be, 8 1/2″ cock.
I positioned myself for stretching and the perfect location where both the girl and the god could see me. I bent over so the girl could see right down my sports bra into my amazing cleavage knowing she would feel insecure as my breasts were so superior to her little tit buds. After a few minutes of her staring at my exquisite breasts and inviting cleavage, I could see her start to both shudder with delight and redden from embarrassment and inferiority. Next, I focused on putting my exquisite yoga pants covered ass in presentation position for the god. As I peered through my legs, I could see him ogling my ass while I could see his immense bulge grow even larger inside its spandex-encased prison. He seemed to be entranced by my ass and as I moved it up and down and from side to side, his eyes followed along.
After about 15 minutes of stretching, both the god and the gymnasts were now on treadmills with one open in between them. I moved over to the open treadmill and began the next phase of my workout. Both the gymnast and the god could not look away from my amazing body as it rhythmically intoxicated them into a deeper state of entrancement. As my pert tits bounced up and down with the rhythm of the treadmill, their eyes followed. As my tight, toned ass bounced, they became more and more mesmerized. The gymnast’s breathing was becoming more labored as if she was building toward and orgasm while the god’s cock was hard as a rock. After 45 minutes on the treadmill, I stepped off and both the god and gymnast immediately did the same. Ironically, both the gymnast and the god handed me a towel to wipe off with. I wiped the perspiration from my glistening body with the gymnast’s towel, handed it back to her and told her to do the same. She did, wiping my sweat and scent on her in the process. I gave her a kiss on the cheek and told her to wait for me naked in the shower. As for the god, I took his towel wiped myself off some more and then rubbed it against the front of his bulge. I knew he was about to explode at this point; so, I freed his cock from its spandex-encasement and began stroking his rock hard manhood until he was ready to burst. I had him explode into the towel filling it with his large quantity of cum. I kiss him on the cheek and told him to get showered because he was going to take me out to dinner and shopping and headed into the locker room.
I had the gymnast come over while she was still dripping wet and had her kneel before me. I pulled down my yoga pants and instructed her to start licking at the same time I told her I would start toweling her off. I took the god’s cum towel and began rubbing it all over her bare pussy and inside until her box was covered in the god’s cum. I wiped the rest of her body with the towel covering her body in a mixture of her and the god’s cum. She was exploding in ecstasy from the greatest orgasm of her life when she made, me, her new goddess, cum. I told her to get dressed and that she was now my property, my pet, and that she and I had a date with our new lover.

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