Musings of a Mindfucked pet

Musings of a Mindfucked Pet
I entered my local mall hoping to get a few presents for my family and coworkers before the full on rush of the holiday season was upon us. Even though everyone else it seemed was ordering online these days, I still like being able to touch and feel a product before I purchase it. For this reason, I was especially intrigued with a small shop near the door that I entered with a sign reading “Virtual Reality Demo – Come in and try it!”. I entered the shop and was surprised by its simplicity – there was a single table with a virtual reality headset on it and a curtain leading to a back room. In front of the headset was a sign that said, “Try me!”.
As I approached the headset a beautiful woman came out from behind the curtain wearing a white lab coat over black yoga pants and a matching lycra compression top. She was an incredible beauty with perfect athletic form. In fact, she was the most beautiful woman that I had ever laid eyes on. Her hair was lustrous and perfect in every way. I imagined that it must smell as beautiful as it looked. Her eyes were hypnotic, powerful yet made me feel incredibly at ease in her presence. On her jacket, the name G. Finley was stitched. She motioned for me to sit down at the chair near the headset. I complied and she placed the headset on my head. For the first time, she spoke and her voice was as rich and creamy as the most decadent dessert. She could have said anything and I would have been instantly hard. However, in this case, she said, “Just relax and enjoy what you see, my pet.”
Had she said, “My pet?”. I thought to myself but that thought faded away as I was taken to a virtual world of what appeared to be some sort of BDSM dungeon. Suddenly, I saw a man, a naked man, strapped to a Saint Andrew’s Cross. Next, a woman entered, she was dressed from head to toe in a shiny black bodysuit, she had incredible knee-high leather boots. In her right hand was a flogger. She approached the man and began teasing his cock with the strands of the flogger. Each time that she touched his cock, I could feel my being to grow. As he grew harder and harder, so did I. Suddenly, the woman turned toward me, it was Finley, the woman from the store. At the same time, I heard her voice in real-time asking me if I liked what I was seeing. I nodded my head as I heard her whisper that I needed to do whatever I must to make myself more comfortable. Without thinking about where I was, I took my now raging hard on out of my pants.
Just as suddenly as I got my hard on out of my pants in real-time, the scene in my virtual world changed. We were in a secluded park and Finley, the woman from the store was now dressed in a leather skater skirt and matching sports bra while she was stroking the hard cock of the man who was being flogged before. As the man writhed in delight, she removed her skirt and sports bra revealing the most perfect 34c-24-34 body that I had ever seen. The vision delighted the man too as he began exploding stream of hot white cum into a bowl. I was amazed at the volume of cum that her perfection elicited from him. As I watched I was now harder than ever, in my virtual world Finley approached me with a syringe that she had just filled with the bowl of cum. She injected the cum into rock hard cock and at the same time I felt a prick in my cock in real-time. Finley’s voice softly told me, “You belong to me now, my pet. You will do anything I desire. You are mine.” I responded, “Yes, Goddess Finley, YOU own me!”.
Immediately, I exploded with torrents of my own cum in both worlds. It was the most amazing orgasm of my life. My mind went completely blank. I passed out. When I awoke the VR headset was gone, I was in a room just like I had seen. I was naked and strapped to a Saint Andrew’s Cross. When my Goddess Finley appeared I knew what my new reality was going to be.

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