Musings of a Mindfucked pet

I woke up in a daze. My mind was cloudy and muddled. I had no idea where I was. As I looked around, I could see that I was in some kind of room that was a cross between a laboratory and a hospital room. Everything was white, antiseptic and sterile. I was alone and a bit terrified. I wondered to myself how I had gotten in this predicament.
Suddenly, a monitor turned on and I saw her image on the screen. She was the most beautiful woman that I had ever seen. She was dressed in a skintight bodysuit made of the same type of material that yoga pants are made from. Her exquisite form was intoxicating. From her muscular arms and legs which had to be the result of countless hours on the treadmill and in the weight room, to her absolutely sumptuous athletic ass and plush, yet pert, 34C tits. She was amazing. Her eyes were hypnotic as well. I couldn’t look away from them. My cock twinged with delight as I continued to watch her. She was talking to someone off screen, as the start of my night began replaying in my mind.
I remembered approaching her at a bar in town earlier in the night. She was dressed in a businesswoman’s outfit – conservative, yet still incredibly beautiful. We had exchanged pleasantries and I offered to buy her a drink. I had gotten a soda for myself but then she had asked me to get something for her that she had left on a table in the dining room. When I returned, I chugged my soda down and recall my head getting a bit fuzzy and now here I was in this room.
The sound of my acquaintance from the bar boomed through the room, I was told that her name was Finley but it would now and always be Goddess Finley to me. Her intoxicating beauty on the monitor in front of me, coupled with her hypnotic and sensual voice distracted me while another woman dressed in a latex nurse’s uniform entered the room and began injecting some liquid into me intravenously. I was told that my reprogramming would be starting soon, as would my new life as Goddess Finley’s slave. I should have been terrified. I should have tried to escape. Instead, I blissfully smiled and nodded in agreement as the mind altering drug coursed through my veins. Goddess Finley always knows what is best, I thought as I drifted into a dreamlike state while being immersed in videos of my new fetishes and desires and while my Goddess told me how much I loved being her submissive. My training was just beginning and I have never been happier. What was going to happen next? I was looking forward to finding out.

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