Musings of a Mindfucked Pet

Musings of a Mindfucked Pet
I had been away from my goddess for awhile. I had let the distractions of the so-called real world get in the way of my submission. It wasn’t as if I hadn’t been thinking about Goddess Finley night and day, I just hadn’t been kneeling hanging on her every word, her every command and doing and thinking anything to please her. Truth be told, she had been in my mind the whole time. Every thought I had, opinion I had or decision I needed to make, I had been thinking what would Goddess Finley want me to do.
Even when I dated or tried to serve others, I could only get aroused thinking about my one true goddess – what she would want me to get hard to was all I could get hard to, what she wanted my fetishes and beliefs to be were all I could think or feel excited about. Dating had proved useless as no woman could excite me the way Goddess Finley could. I found myself fantasizing about the crushes goddess wanted me to have when I was with others. Kissing a date made me limp, in fact any intimacy did. In fact, the only time I got hard with any of them was when I accidentally referred to them by the name of one of the crushes Goddess Finley had chosen for me, I would just go home and masturbate to what I knew Goddess Finley would approve of.
Trying to serve others was useless. Their voices, commands, beauty and power did not excite me. I kept topping from the bottom, trying to get them to train me like Goddess Finley but it never was the same. I longed for my goddess night and day.
Now, I am back kneeling before the most perfect 34c.24.34, 21 year-old goddess in the world. I love her voice, it is like listening to birds sing or hearing a beautiful symphony. I love her athletic, gymnast body and only crave obsessions that are perfect and toned like her. I am addicted to her power over me. I want to do all she says and wants. I want to be trained, mindfucked, reprogrammed and changed to be as she alone desires. I treat any men that are her lovers or subs as my gods and superiors. I worship their superiority over me too.
I am owned. I am broken. I belong completely to Goddess Finley. I am back and I missed her so much.

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