Punctually punished

She lay there, legs spread, my Hitachi wand between her legs. I nearly drop all of the things I just walked in the door with. I schooled myself into a facade of being cool calm and collected, All though I was anything but. My skin felt flush and hot, I was aching and trying desperately hard not to jump over the couch and dive in Face first. She stared me down. From the conviction in her eyes I knew exactly what this was. A punishment for being 15 minutes late. her moans grew louder as she started to stretch and fuck her tiny cunt with the head of the toy. my mouth dropped, and I’ll have to admit I drooled a little. I was helpless too her tricks. And then she came hard, squirting all over the toy and her hand and the couch. I wanted to go lick it all up. Fuck she was so sexy when she came. “Next time Fin, Don’t be late and maybe you’ll get the honor of doing that too me. ” she smirked and walked off too her room.

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