Cum tell me your fantasies & desires…..

Happy sexy Friday!!  It is cold and windy, warm me up by telling me your fantasies & desires they make me hot!

1 comment to Cum tell me your fantasies & desires…..


    my desire and fantasy is to belong to You. To do EXXXACTLY as You tell me in public or private. When W/we’re with friends and You cuntradict me to meekly admit to all that You are right, even if You tell me that the sky is mauve. To always serve You whenever W/we are out to the point that women look jealously at You and men nervously at me for my utter submission to You. To draw a hot bath for You and attend to Your Whims. To take pleasure in serving You in all ways and making certain that even if they never see it personally that anyone who meets U/us knows a) that You are my Master and b) that nothing any woman can do can break my Love for You.

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