A great time with Lana This morning

I had such a great tie with my BFF this morning….. Our caller wanted us to take him to our room. I had such a great time biting Lana’s little ass, getting her wiggling on his knee, as he slid his fingers into my pussy. umm I loved it when he wanted to fuck me from behind while I ate Lana’s sweet tight pussy !  We moved to the bed and had me sit on his face while Lana got to sit on his big hard throbbing cock!

I got to suck and bite on Lana’s  hard nipples running my tongue around them and sucking them back into my mouth going back and forth not wanting to neglect one… It was so hot watching his big cock slide in and out of her tight pussy, his cock shinny with her juice. She’s getting wetter ad wetter with each stroke, seeing all her juices  I just couldn’t help but slip my fingers in to play with her swollen clit making her squeal and moan!
Lana throws her head back and starts to cum just as I feel his fingers slide into my pussy and suck hard on my clit make me squirt cum all over his face…… OHHH how we came!  We both get off of him and start licking her cum off when he grabbed his throbbing cock and  shoots his huge load of creamy hot cum onto our face and tongues,  we both go back to licking the cum and our juices off his throbbing cock…

Then  I and Lana start to lick  all of his cum off of each others face…and tasting our juices and his cum while he walks over to the chair to get dressed… When we look up he is sitting there stroking his cock… maybe our party isn’t over after all.. check back and see!

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