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Jesse’s Thoughts

We are having our Winter party next month! Oh if the walls could talk! I’ve been with YD for a year and a half now and have had the pleasure of
attending a few of these parties and each one gets more…….. sexy, racy, naughty, FUN!

If you saw the lovely props and furniture and toys that we have all for pleasure, or pleasurable pain (we talked about that) you would never leave
the YD house!

Last party was pajama themed. Girls were in nighties, onesies, negligees, panties,next to nothing and boobs were everywhere! It’s funny the moments
we can find ourselves in when at a YD party! At one point I looked up and one lovely lady was being flogged on a bench, some were playing sexy
games, others were drinking and dancing. We came, we saw, we came again
and we left.

If you are ever invited to a YD party, you are in for quite the treat!

Isn’t it a contradiction to love pain and pleasure at the same time? I mean, physically I get it and I LOVE it but logically it doesn’t make

Pleasure is something enjoyable, feels good, and is positive. Pain is not to be enjoyed, feels bad and is negative. How can these two coincide so
beautifully together when naked bodies are involved?

Do you enjoy a little biting? Hair pulling? How about deep scratches down your back? Do you like to spank a little or get spanked a lot? Gawd, just
thinking about it is getting me hot and wet. I need someone to twist my nipples until I beg you to stop, and then DO NOT STOP!

I’ve been a bad girl and I need some discipline. Can you help me?

Merry Christmas! It’s getting closer and closer!

(Ok I don’t want to offend anyone, so please extend the sentiment with the appropriate greeting for you).

All of this sensitivity and having to be politically correct has left me feeling horny and reckless. How do you cure horny and reckless in one
swoop? I’ve got it!

I wanna fuck you while we are speeding down the freeway. My skirt hiked up, thong pulled to the side, me straddling you with the seat slid back.
You trying to see around me, my tits shoved in your face. You are shifting gears and I am right there with you……

Oh how I love an afternoon joyride!


When I first started at YD, there was a guy, I’ll call him Nick, who thought he was so special that he all but demanded that I set up a
separate email account, a private Skype account, spend CONSTANT IM time, and continuously asked for my cell phone number.

LET ME BE VERY CLEAR: I WILL NOT break protocol for you. Stop emailing me and asking for things that you know are wrong. It’s a major turn off for
me. You are ONLY special to me WHEN I say you are, not when you try to force it.

I LOVE MY JOB! It’s the best job in the world! I get to fuck everyday, cum hard, over and over, explore my fantasies with you, and vise versa. I WILL
NOT compromise all of this for you. DON’T ASK ME TO. DON’T BE A NICK.

Thank you,

You’ve been begging and pleading you pathetic pet. I told you not to. I warned you that it will come when I say and not sooner. You send emails,
you beg, you whimper, I can hear your little sissy voice, whining, whimpering.


I am Mistress. you are pathetic. MY pet. MY toy. MY plaything. you worship ME and live only to please ME.

I will tolerate you when I want to play. I will play with you when I am bored. I will only continue to play with you if you do not bore me
further. Make ME happy. You are here for MY pleasure. MY sex slave, MY plaything, MY doll, MY pet.

Stop begging or I will give you something to beg for.

Oh my pathetic pet, you don’t seem to get it. You do not tell ME what you need. I TELL YOU WHAT YOU NEED. The more you ask, beg, plead, cry for me
to do things your way, the more disappointed you will be. Buck up you little sissy and remind yourself of who knows best and who is in charge.
It will make your life much more simple.

When are you going to call me? When are you going to kiss me hard, pulling me into you so I can feel your hard cock through your pants? Pushing me down on the bed, ripping my clothes off of me, unzipping your pants and shoving your cock in my mouth? Pulling my hair, forcing me to engulf your throbbing unit entirely. When are you going to fuck me from behind, sticking your thumb in my ass and making me beg for more? I think about you all the time. When will you call?

You know what to do.

You’re naked, except the blindfold. You assume the position, down on all fours, cock hard, head down.

And wait.

You wait, wondering how long I will keep you waiting. It’s always different depending on my mood.

You perk when I enter. You are familiar with the sound of the heels of my boots clicking on the hard wood floor. You are also familiar with the taste of my boots. And the floor. Oh the things I have made you lick.

I stand before you, legs spread apart. My flogger traces your spine. You anticipate the strokes but never know when they’ll come. Or how many. That too, depends on my mood. You wait, both excited and frightened.

Am I in a good mood today? Were you a good pet this week? Did you worship me enough? So many thoughts running through your head when the first strike hits. The sting and the sound together are almost enough to make you cum, you pathetic pet.

You cringe, I laugh.

Yes my pet, we have a lot of work to do.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I am thankful for so many blessings. I am thankful for YOU! I am appreciative of your time, your energy, your passion, your steamy fantasies, your tongue, your lips, your hands, your chest, your touch, your sweet ass, your cock, your emails and thoughtfulness. But not necessarily in that order! Thank you. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

One of my very favorite things is a two-hour bath. It’s not JUST a bath, it’s an ordeal! There are fragrant bubbles, candles, wine, music and just like a bath when I was little, there are toys!!!

The bubbles fall down the slippery slope of my tits, drop down to my belly and extend to the promised land, waiting for play time!

The candle light flickers and illuminates by curves. My head is light from the hot water and the wine and I feel a lazy comfort come over me. It’s play time! I grab a toy and call you into the room.

I look up at you, my eyes wide with anticipation……

If you would ever like to be on the other end of my bubbles, let me know and I will have a special bath drawn just for you!

Ok, this is just one of my pet peeves but it needs to be said!

EMAIL IS NOT FOR ONE WORD EXCHANGES. This is what Instant Message apps are for! I LOVE getting email from you, I love chatting with you via Trillian. But when you send me an email that simply says, “Hey” and nothing else, I am guessing that you are about twelve years old or have the intelligence and manners of a twelve year old.

There is NO need to be shy here. We are all adults or you shouldn’t be calling in the first place! Please continue to email, chat and call me, I love you, just don’t be shy!

To chat with me via instant message, please download the app, “Trillian” (it is free!) and say hello to jessesjuicyforyou and of course, call me at 360-412-8211 during my biz hours or by appointment!

Thanks lover,

Beginners Sissy List:

* Red Lipstick
* 2 Soft negligee’s; one short, one long and flowing with a matching robe
* a fragrance that is soft and subtle
* a garter belt, with a minimum of three hose; black, red and fishnet.
* A minimum: one pair of heels, at least 2 inches but the higher the better!
* Ample sized butt plug
* Cock shaped dildo with vibrating options
* Nipple clamps
* Read “Eat, Pray, Love.” No, watching the movie does not count.
* Favorite lady jam. ie: I am Woman, Single Ladies, etc, pick one, know it.

You little sissy. I should kick your ass. How dare you.

How do you ever expect to make someone happy when you can’t even handle my demands? As simple and small as they were, you couldn’t handle it. YOU couldn’t handle it. YOU can’t handle ME. I make you feel something. That scares you and it scares her. It amuses me.

CLEARLY you need a whole lot more training.

People are interesting creatures aren’t they? Add sexuality to the mixture and all hell can break loose!!!

Prior to becoming a XXX phone sex girl, I thought I was pretty damn kinky. I love being naughty in public, I have a swing in my closet, a drawer full of toys, for both girls and boys, I love to fuck, hard, I fantasize about being your sex slave, I could go on but you get it. I had NO idea how
kinky kink can get!

Oh and the fantasies! The fantasies I get to play out with you…YUMMY! And oh so interesting, but one can’t kiss and tell, can they? or CAN THEY? (*insert evil Mistress laugh)

If you could only have sex in ONE position for the rest of your life, could you pick just one?

The variety, the sweaty bodies moving and exchanging places, riding high, slowing down, turning over, bucking up, heads together, heads at opposite ends, criss-cross legs, licking, sucking, fucking, mmmmmmmm…it’s all so good. How do you ever pick just one?

Of course missionary brings your faces, lips and tongues together but you’re ass-down, how can you play with my ass in this position? Next.

Reverse cowboy is great, you can play with my ass as I ride your cock, and even reach around and grab my tits or clit but you couldn’t suck my beautiful tits or even kiss me and sometimes I want your kiss. Next.

It’s a little easier with XXX phone sex, of course when we play, it’s based on reality but gravity isn’t an issue so sometimes things just naturally fit even if they wouldn’t in real life!

That’s it! I know which position I would pick! Can you guess? What would yours be? Don’t worry about your small penis, this will please me every time!

What do you do when you are sooooo horny and it is the most inconvenient time? Maybe you are at the mall or visiting your parents and the itch just won’t go away? Do you rub one out or wait until you are alone? Do you have sex in the bathroom stall, behind the bush, in the parking lot in the car? Do you like public sex? Does the idea of possibly getting caught excite you even more? It does me! Tell me your public sex story and maybe we can recreate it!

Blue skies, sunshine, lotion…

I love this time of year! The sun is shining, not too hot. My windows are open, a cool breeze blows through the house. The front door is open, allowing the fur-babies to go in and out at will and also lends a chance at being seen.

Pandora is playing all my favorites. I’m dancing around in cut-offs and a tank with a slit down the collar, allowing my girls to bounce and flirt, small beads of sweat are starting to form at my cleavage. A nice tall beverage against my neck drips down to my tit, it’s instantly alert.

I step out onto the patio, I remove the tank and pick up the SPF, depositing a large, creamy, protective blanket into the palm of my hand. Rubbing my hands together, I start at my shoulders, rounding down to my
arms and back up the center of my stomach. I reach and squeeze another squirt of warm goo directly on to one tit and then another. It looks like I’ve been covered in cum and turns me on.

I start to rub it into my tits, circular motions, and then cupping my tits in each hand, I rub my nipples between my thumbs and index fingers. They slide easily between the tips of my fingers. Both tits are standing at full attention, my fingers are now nice and lubed with lotion, the sun is beaming at me and my body glistens, are you watching? Where can we go from here?

I can’t wait to see where you take us. Call me for XXX phone sex, fantasies- to-go!


I often find myself wondering what causes the ebb and flow of XXX phone sex calls. When times are a little more quiet, is it money? The time of year? What is happening in the world?

And when EVERYONE is horny as hell and wants real phone girls to act out their phone sex fantasies, and my pussy is wet as Niagra Falls, and my clit feels like I broke it and my body is trembling, what is going on then? Is it the position of the moon? Do all men have the same payday? (LOL).

I guess it might be like a relationship, some times you cannot get enough of each other. You wanna fuck all the time and when you aren’t fucking, you are thinking about the next time you can fuck. And other times, you’re in the dog house without a bone…

Let’s pretend we are new lovers and we are in the “I can’t get enough of you stage” and fuck until we’re sweaty and glistening, sucking and kissing and touching and probing and licking and fucking all damn day, we don’t even bother to get dressed, and we get ice cream stuck in places that ice cream should never be… MMMMM.

This month marks my 36th birthday! I am thoroughly enjoying my life at this stage and age. My career as an Adult Phone Sex Operator has brought a lot of new friends into my life and has certainly brought many surprises!

I love talking dirty and having sex on the phone. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for me; my pussy, my mouth, my asshole. I want to act out your phone sex fantasies with you, please you, be your phone sex slave…

Take good care of me, Master.

I was reading an article titled, “11 Things you should definitely have on your sex ‘bucket list’.” It listed things I have done and some that I have yet to cross off. But all of which I agree with!

I wonder if we could try to cross a few off the next time you call me for a little adult phone chat?! Some could be just fun, dirty-talk, phone sex while others were definitely XXX phone sex!

Do you have a sex bucket list? Why don’t we share our lists and see how many items we can cross off together? I will make all of your phone fantasies come true!

I was thinking about the word “Rendezvous.” Since becoming your Phone-Sex Mistress, Girlfriend, Sex Slave, Nurse, Teacher, Office Assistant, Neighbor, Model, Submissive, Aunt, and even Mother-in-law (to name a few), in your phone fantasies, I find myself thinking in more sexual terms and speaking with sexier words or dirty talk in my outside life. Hence “Rendezvous.”

I always thought it was a sexy way to say, “let’s get together and have naughty adult fun!” I asked Google today for the definition and it said, “A meeting at an agreed time and place, typically between two people.” That’s not sexy at all. It LITERALLY said as an example, to go ahead and use it for your next appointment, ie: I have a rendezvous with my dentist on Thursday at 1:00.

I like my way definition much better. Especially the scandalous rendezvous I had with my Dentist!

Call me, let’s RENDEZVOUS my way!

One of my many hobbies is interior design. I’ve developed a pretty good eye at selecting very modern and unique furniture, as well as beautiful pieces from yesteryear. Each piece must serve the intended purposes also. You know, a decent place to have a meal or do some computer work, couches and chairs that allow myself and a few good friends to comfortably watch a movie or Sunday Night Football.

And then there are times when I need, actually crave, a different kind of furniture. For instance when I’m feeling decidedly Domme and horny. Then only a young stud’s face will do for a proper place to rest must tight, pert ass. The serious look in my eyes along with a clearly authoritative tone in my voice has the unsuspecting pet naked and laying on the floor in seconds. Often I’ll leave my sweater on but always remove my skin tight jeans or mini skirt to heighten both my pleasure and his torment.

I’ve learned that full-back nylon or satin panties have several advantages. The soft material allows me to easily slide my panty covered ass and pussy back and forth across his nose and mouth. His nose can act
as a guide when it fits perfectly into my ass crack – I don’t even have to pay attention, just move forward and back knowing his nose and mouth are perfectly aligned with my mound. The sweet smell of my sex making him try even harder to taste me through the panties.

I always sip at a glass of wine and flip through a magazine at the same time to fully enjoy the moment, and to ensure my chair-pet understands it’s all about me. He’s in a bit of trouble if I stumble upon and
interesting article; I’ve been know to become so engrossed in reading that I stop moving, resting all my weight over his nose and mouth, the poor little pet can’t breath! Only the desperate wiggling and ministrations of his nose and tongue probing my asshole and pussy remind me to allow the boy a second or two for a quick breath.

There’s a 50-50 chance the current pet will move to the next round. If he’s played nice so far I’ll move my panties to the side so he have direct connect with kissing and licking my pussy. By that time my glass of wine is usually finished and his tongue inside me has proved more interesting than any magazine article. But he better know what he’s doing with that tongue and have stamina that will outlast my orgasm.

Let this be a reminder to all you wannabes: Don’t forget your tongue exercises every night! Stick your tongue out as far as possible 50 times, each time trying to extend it a bit further than the time before. Then wiggle then end for a minimum of 5 minutes, increasing time each week. You never know, this workout might allow you too, to move to round 2 someday. But probably not. You can always hope.

What is it about a man in lingerie that is so fun? Is it the total
submission, willingness to do anything to get off and cum? Or is it the
conflicting emotions; excitement, hesitancy, vulnerability, curiosity, and
even humiliation, yet still yearning to dress for me? Regardless, it’s a
wickedly perverted and fun time for me, which is all I really care about.

I find I get more turned on by those that resist the most, but they all
cave sooner or later. Sometimes it’s just a smile, my hand touching their
arm, or a stern word while looking them directly in the eye – their dicks
get hard, and the boring male clothing starts coming off. Occasionally a
fake promise they can fuck me, along with a light kiss on the lips, is
required for them to agree to change into the matching pink satin and lace
bra and panties. Once the little sissies are wearing the dainties, a
playful pat on the ass helps to encourages the garter belt, stockings, and
5 inch heels.

The fashion show follows. Hard cocks tenting the panties, (even small
cocks make a nice tent in pink satin), asses wiggling and swaying, as I
make them do their best cat walk while talking dirty to me. Gets my pussy
soaking wet every time. Many are so enthralled and sexually charged they
actually beg to do it again. Only the select few, very creative subs,
that are willing to go above and beyond dressing and sex talk, are granted
a repeat session.

Act Two usually involves a very short, tight cocktail dress, the back of a
couch, and my 8 inch strap-on.

Hmmmm….your adorable erection and wide-eyed expression leads me to
believe I’ve found must next volunteer.

Whether you call it adult phone sex or xxx phone sex, I am one of the
best. Are you good enough for me? How will you look in my pink satin panties?
Taking calls at an adult phone sex line has taught me a lot about people.
Everyone is different, everyone is the same. People want to connect.
People want intimacy. People like to share fantasies, explore limits, and
can be a bit more open when it comes to phone sex. People tend to tell you
EXACTLY what they want; dirty talk, mutual masturbation, feet fetishes,
mommy talk, role play, age play and even want to talk about poop! There is
NOTHING you can’t tell me. I am yours. I am here to make you cum, give you
advice, listen to your dreams, share your explorations, punish you,
protect you, teach you and learn from you. I am all of that, rolled into
one horny, naughty, mistress waiting at the end of the phone line…..