Baby, Its cold outside!!

The weather is changing, and its looking like winter is fast approaching.  I love the winter time, and so do my subs.  Homemade hot chocolate made by a pet in a frilly white apron, served right to me with a smile and a curtsy.  Standing over my wood boy as he diligently tries to build a fire, and then hearing the crackling and snapping as his wood starts to burn.  Listening to pay piggy as he snorts and grunts trying to win me over so I dont offer him up as the holiday feast.

All these things bring a grin to my face as I look forward to the upcoming winter.

Maybe you have some fond winter traditions to share with me?  Or perhaps we can begin some new winter rituals together – either way, get a hold of me so you can start warming me up, cuz baby, its cold outside!

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