Im actually sad the elections are over.
I know – everyone is probably glad all of the campaigning, the advertisements, the general feelings of worry, and of course the outcome is over and has been decided…

Twisted, but I rather enjoy seeing grown men battle it out. All the talks about polls, stimulus packages, and of course the binders FULL of women – how could my little pussy NOT feel wet and excited??

MMmm one of my favorite roleplays during this election has been pretending to be a congresswoman looking for your vote – in fact begging you for your vote – think of all the candidates out there, and the lengths they would go to…

Now are you sad the elections are over??? Never fear babes – theres still time to cast your vote with me! – simply call and I will assist you in filling up your voting package, and placing it in the proper slot!!

1 comment to Election

  • david

    i could certainly use some assistance with filling out my voting package right now jordan! it might help if your wearing a sexy business suit to with your hair in a bun looking professional just like a congresswoman should when!

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