Grinding up to the day of Love

I always feel a bit more amorous when Valentines Day rolls around – the sexy new outfits that show up at Victoria’s Secret, the gifts I receive from My pets, and of course the Chocolate!!!

I know all your lonely pets out there need some love, so this weekend I intend to shower you with MY affections – call Me and perhaps you can suck on My cream filled candy while I tell you about how I prepare for Valentines Day (I’ll be in at 10pm PST)


2 comments to Grinding up to the day of Love

  • gt

    Not Forgotten

    I have not forgotten you
    But have been dealing with crucial issues
    Personal matters that lay waste to my heart
    And quietly weakens that which falls apart
    My soul knowingly cries out in the still of night
    In an effort to steady unbalanced relations in my life
    At this time I wish not to share that which defeats me
    But in time I will declare my desire to once again speak

  • gt

    Your Voice

    The soft sensual timbre of your voice
    Leaves me breathless and wanting more
    With each word soothingly whispered
    I find reason to escape to distant shores
    Your gentle touch brings me back
    And somehow emboldens me to explore
    There is not another woman like you
    And this is why I remain yours forevermore

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