Jordan’s Ass back in full swing!

Mmmm My time in the sun was pretty amazing!!! I even managed to find the time to whip a few vacationing boys into shape! ¬†Catch Me this weekend, and find out all the naughty details….


2 comments to Jordan’s Ass back in full swing!

  • YourDesiresslut

    Ohh my Mistress Jordan, You are definitely back in shape. Ohh my You HAVE had fun! Your thoughts give You away Mistress.. **curtsey** orbi

  • YourDesiresslut

    Ohh and You;re not kidding about fall coming. Today was rainy and blustery… Fall is here.. **giggle** calling him a “wood boy” was a cute touch.. Wood.. Hu uh huuhhh huh huh **giggle** orbi

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