Jordan’s Halloween Costume…

If you’ve been with Me for Halloween, you know I LOVE dressing up as either an angel or devil each year.  This year, I decided on a totally different route….

So everyone knows how sexy a french maid costume can be, but did you know how sexy a french toast costume can be??

I have little pasties on MY  nipples that resemble dollops of butter, MY body is barely covered in a little brown plaid skirt complete with suspenders that slide right next to My butter dollops, and I have a big sparkly headband that says “French”.

Now, who wants to add the syrup??

1 comment to Jordan’s Halloween Costume…

  • Ohh my Mistress, french toast? That’s one i’ve never seen before. But how come i just imagine those pats of butter patting all over my back as You lean over while fu*king my slut hole? i can see You standing there, hovering over, sexy and demanding as i worship Your perfection.
    **curtsey** Your slut, orbi

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