Jordans January

Ahh another year has cum and gone.  All the presents have been returned for something better, all the leftover eggnog has been dumped down the drain, and you KNOW your tree is laying in your back yard dead.

… And yet January is the best month of the year.  Its the start of new beginnings, new goals, and new adventures.  Its the time when you can say to yourself “self, I am going to be more adventurous this year.  That time when Jordan wanted me to suck and I said no, the new me is going to shut up and open my mouth for whatever Jordan wants in there”

All the goals you set for yourself this year, I know one of them is to try and deny yourself something.  Imagine being bound, gagged, and Jordan denying your release.  Can you visualize the intensity of that feeling?  Isnt that a much better way to spend your new year then trying not to eat that extra cookie? (and if dieting was on your new years resolution list, I know I can keep you to a strict protein meal plan!)

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