Jordans Schedule is Changing!

Hello sissy and sluts

As spring is here and summer right around the corner, most of you know how I DO enjoy My days and nights poolside with many poolsluts in attendance. ¬†Because of this, you will now only be able to catch ME weekend overnights, however, by the weekend I should have some pretty steamy stories to share, if you’re a deserving pet.


Overnight PST:
Friday 10pm-10am Sat
Saturday 10pm- 8am Sun
Sunday 10pm- 8am Mon

2 comments to Jordans Schedule is Changing!

  • gt

    I am not as deserving as I once was
    But then again, I am not a pet
    I simply enjoy the sound of your sweet voice
    The soft whispers that eliminate all the noise
    It saddens me though to know our time has diminished
    And it is quite apparent this to I must relinquish
    So I hope you find in your heart reason to understand
    That one day I will again call to be led to never never land

  • JW

    Am I a deserving pet? I’ll wait for an answer from you Jordan!! JW

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