Jordan’s Heading Down…

The time has come babes!  your Mistress is heading to sunny Arizona for 2 weeks of sun, sex, pool parties, and kinky friends!  As most of you know, I LOVE lounging around topless in the sun, not to mention the endless supply of pets applying oil to My warm skin whenever needed.

I will be returning 3/14, and will have MANY stories to share with all of you (I DID mention 90% of the people heading down there work in the sex industry?!)

Imagine if you  were a lucky enough pet to purchase one of MY bikini bottoms upon My return – can you taste the oil and sun and sweat and sex? Mmmm



4 comments to Jordan’s Heading Down…

  • sub4YourDesires

    i will patiently await Your return, Mistress Jordan. i do hope You have fun on Your trip, but my balls will be aching, sore, and full when You return.

  • sub4YourDesires

    i miss You, Mistress

  • sub4YourDesires

    Mistress Jordan, i cannot wait for Your return and to be able to call and serve You.

  • sub4YourDesires

    Mistress Jordan, i always thought i knew how to be a good sub. You have taught me how much i still have to learn. Thank You for being an amazing Mistress. So excited to see that You are returning on Monday. You are truly incredible.

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